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smellsliketheta: Yoosu

smellsliketheta: Yoosu and a rubik's cube

“I can’t solve this thing,” Junsu tossed the Rubik’s cube onto the bed, sharply exhaling with a tense exasperation.

His rejection of the cube lasted only a few moments before his fingers circled around the toy, further wrinkling the crumpled sheets. Sighing, he grabbed the cube, folding his legs underneath him. It frustrated him and at the same time, challenged him. Mostly because Changmin solved it while on the phone with his mother then scrambled it again before handing it over to Junsu to solve.

“God, I hate him sometimes,” The tenor grumbled, turning the sides again. He’d only been able to get one side and was forced to admit that he probably was going about it wrong. “Always bragging about how smart he is.”

“Who are you muttering about, Susu-ah?” Yoochun bounced onto the bed next to him, an apple in his hand. He nipped off a small mouthful, chewing the fresh crunchy meat. The smile Yoochun offered his friend was sweetly fragrant. “Ah, you’ve got Minnie’s toy. Figured it out yet?”

“I hate you too,” Junsu wagged the cube under his friend’s nose. “Don’t talk to me unless you can figure it out.”

“You could just peel the stickers off and put them back on,” He suggested, wincing playfully when Junsu punched him on the arm. “Ouch! It was just a suggestion!”

“He is annoying,” Complaining, he turned back to the cube, flipping it over a few times. “I don’t know why I am even doing this. I’m not going to get anything if I solve it.”

“I can give you something,” Yoochun offered.

“What?” Giving the baritone a sidelong glance, Junsu worked at another side, wondering if he could watch Yoochun eat his apple as well as pay attention to the toy. The red skin was dimpled with bites, small curved divots exposing the white flesh underneath. It was hell to see the bright crimson against Yoochun’s pale golden skin. Swallowing, Junsu wondered if he was getting sick again. He couldn’t seem to keep any moisture in his mouth.

“How about some apple?” Yoochun held up the fruit, its skin slick where his tongue lapped off the sugary juice. “Every time you get a row right, I’ll let you have a bite.”

“How are you going to know if I have a row right?”

“We used to do these when I was a kid. A lot of the kids in America played with those,” Shrugging, Yoochun stretched out on the bed and leaned against the headboard. “My brother can probably do it in his sleep. He’s crazy mad smart.”

“Not like you, huh?” Junsu grumbled, unwilling to be swayed into a good humour when Yoochun burst into giggles. “Don’t laugh at me. This is hard.”

“There! You got a row right.” Yoochun reached out, holding the apple for Junsu to bite into. “Here.”

He couldn’t help but close his eyes, especially when he tasted Yoochun on the waxy surface of the apple’s skin. Cinnamon burst onto his tongue, the remnants of the baritone’s favourite toothpaste then the powdery meatiness of the peel tingled his taste buds. When he crunched into the meat splattered sugary juice into his mouth, the liquid running down his throat. The bites on the skin felt like Yoochun’s teeth on his lips and Junsu swallowed hard, nearly choking on the apple meat pressed up against the roof of his mouth.

“Now try for another row,” Yoochun had moved closer, a lean stretch of heat curved up against Junsu’s thigh.

Hitching his breath, Junsu steadied his hands, trying to concentrate on the instructions Yoochun was whispering into his ear. The click of the toy’s turns chattered through the baritone’s smooth tones, stilling only when Yoochun’s hand slid down Junsu’s forearm, his fingers stroking at bone rising up along his wrist.

“There,” Yoochun curved his other arm around Junsu’s shoulders, offering the bitten apple. “Take a bite.”

Junsu was prepared for the sweetness this time and he bit delicately, sucking the juice from the fruit before taking a bite. The apple still tasted of Yoochun and something more primal, a heady drunkenness he didn’t want to examine. When the baritone’s hand slid up his arm and moved over to stroke at his belly, the apple in Junsu’s mouth turned to paste, losing any flavour coming from the tender meat.

He froze, his body stiffening tightly in Yoochun’s casual embrace. The apple was now firmly clenched in the baritone’s mouth, its bitten side turned towards Junsu’s mouth. Angling his head, Yoochun tilted his chin up, murmuring in low senseless tones when he brushed the fruit against the pout of Junsu’s full lips.

Not daring to breathe, Junsu bite again, taking a small chunk of apple into his mouth. Yoochun pulled away, dropping the fruit and catching it in the palm of his hand. Chewing slowly, Junsu was unsure if he should swallow or hold the meat in his mouth until it turned into liquid. The lump in his throat would block anything larger than cornmeal and the sweetness of the fruit had long since fled under the moisture Yoochun left on the offered side of the apple.

“You’ve only got a few more rows to go,” Yoochun withdrew, leaving behind the searing feel of his hands after they roamed over Junsu’s chest and shoulders. “There’s only so much apple and then after that, I’ll have to think of something else to give you.”

Junsu’s lungs struggled to even out his breathing, a flutter of nerves crawling down his belly and nesting between the heat growing along the inside of his thighs. The cube had been forgotten, resting against the hollow of his hip. Torn between wanting another bite of Yoochun-flavoured apple or fleeing the too warm confines of the bedroom. He half guessed that even if he plunged deep into the icy waters of Tokyo Bay, the simmering lava that seemed to have replaced his blood would merely continue to smoke through his veins.

Another click and Junsu stared at the cube, wondering what turn was next. He couldn’t remember anything beyond the sugar liquid on his tongue and the feel of Yoochun’s hands on his body. Inhaling to cleanse his mind, he twisted the Rubik then stopped, turning it in amazement.

The sides were perfectly aligned. Two more twists would bring him to its resolution. Triumphant, he glanced up and smiled at Yoochun, the baritone’s grin beaming approval at him. The apple in Yoochun’s hand was an hourglass core, only the spine and ends remaining.

“Looks like I ate all the apple,” Yoochun tossed the apple core into the trash can by the night stand, sucking on his fingers to get rid of the juice. “But I owe you something for solving the cube.”

Crawling across Junsu’s prone body, he straddled the smaller man’s legs. Placing his hands on the headboard, he trapped Junsu against the padded wood. His mouth brushed on Junsu’s, slowly moving over the young man’s broad upper lip. Licking at the creased bow, Yoochun pressed his tongue against the soft flesh, pushing Junsu’s mouth open.

“Yep,” Yoochun’s wet fingers traced over Junsu’s chin, cupping his jaw. “Let’s see if I can make it up to you some other way. Lean back, Susu-ah. I’ll need a lot of time to show you how proud I am of you.”

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