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ravenlock_3: JaeChun - SoulMates

thisistony: JaeChun - SoulMates

They shared everything. Secrets, hopes, dreams and nightmares. They loved other men, people that both frustrated and completed them but the truth remained, they were two halves of the same whole. Who ever loved them had to acknowledge that oddity. Friends that were brothers, lovers of the soul but not of the body.

Yunho was the first to come up against the curiosity of Jaejoong’s and Yoochun’s friendship. He raged around its corners, seeking an entrance into the hidden recesses of his lover’s soul and became frustrated to find it closed off to him. Acceptance came reluctantly. Jaejoong was his and his alone but another lounged in his lover’s heart. Monogamy of the body was all Jaejoong had to offer. There would always be another that shared his soul, Yunho was welcome but they would never be alone. Jaejoong, for all of his distracted ways, was firm in that.

Junsu was more accustomed to sharing Yoochun although he liked it even less than Yunho. Resigned to the presence of Jaejoong in Yoochun’s life, he sometimes growled under his breath when he came into his bedroom and found the lanky singer sprawled across of Yoochun’s bed, a place Junsu claimed as his own. Tight smiles and sighs usually went unnoticed, the friends laughing at private jokes and whispered secrets.

Junsu and Yunho were off together, the older man dragging the tenor off to the store. Their pantry was bare, and the few things in the fridge had long since gone black with mold during their tour of Southern Asia. Changmin was long-gone, spending the night with the lover he kept hidden someplace in Tokyo, much to the other members’ disgust.

“Who do you think it is? Someone we know?” Yoochun lay back against his friend, tangling his legs around Jae’s shins. The singer brought something goofy out in the American-raised Korean, an inner light that bubbled quickly to the surface and spread about the room. “I just can’t imagine Changmin having sex. Can he disconnect his brain long enough to feel that kind of lust?”

“I hope so,” Jae chewed on the end of a pretzel, nibbling away a chunk of rock salt. “I would think it would be difficult. He’d have to get drunk maybe?”

“Aish, he passes out after one beer,” Scoffing, the baritone reached over his friend’s bare belly for the bag of snacks, digging out a pretzel piece. “His lover would be better off with a Real Doll.”

“You’re horrible.” Slapping at his friend’s shoulder, Jae bit down into the pretzel, careful to wrap his mouth around the bite. Junsu complained if there were crumbs in the bed and Yoochun had warned him that they would have to shake out the bedding before the other man came home. “Besides, those are expensive. Our Min is very cheap. He wouldn’t pay for it.”

“How did we end up talking about Changmin?” Yoochun asked, resting his chin on Jae’s shoulder. Wrapping his arm around his friend’s waist, he spooned against the singer, watching the traffic outside of the window. The familiar smell of Jae’s body now was mingled with another layer of scent, Yunho’s masculine touch left a strong mark on the singer’s skin.

“I think we’re just curious,” Jae finished his snack, sliding further down on the bed until his back rested against Yoochun’s chest. His arms curved over his best friend’s embrace, his hands cupping Yoochun’s muscled forearms.

“Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we were lovers?” He turned his head, staring into Jae’s light brown eyes. Contemplating the pretty features of his friend, Yoochun pondered the question himself.

“Sometimes,” The other man admitted softly. “There are times when I wonder if I’ve fallen in love with the wrong person but ah, Yunho just does something to me inside…”

“I know,” Yoochun teased. “I hear you through the walls sometimes.”

“Still, horrible!” Jaejoong bit down into Yoochun’s upper arm, leaving a red mark where his teeth dimpled the other man’s skin. “I’m serious and you’re goofing around.”

“I am serious,” Yoochun protested, biting back. He slathered his tongue over Jae’s neck before pulling away, moving his chin back to the dip on his friend’s shoulder. “You’re loud sometimes. I’m surprised Yunho doesn’t cover your mouth because you hurt his ears.”

“Aish, I give up,” Shaking his head, the singer cuddled back against his friend.

“I’ve wondered,” The baritone murmured. “I got jealous of Yunho in the beginning because he had you for so long and then decided that you were his. He had lots of time before I came along. He should have moved in then.”

“I’m not a box of ice cream,” Jae grumbled. “Maybe I didn’t want him then.”

“You wanted him as soon as you saw him. Don’t lie.” Shaking his head, he smirked at Jae’s wrinkled nose. “You are a horrible liar. But yeah, I wondered how things would have been if you and I were meant to be lovers.”

“Junsu is for you,” Sighing, Jae turned his head, rubbing his nose against Yoochun’s. “But I wondered too.”

“We shouldn’t wonder,” Cuddling Jae close, Yoochun turned his friend over until the singer’s back lay against the bed. “We’re friends. Closer than friends. I can’t think of anyone that I love more than you.”

Yoochun lowered his mouth, tasting at the salty sweetness of his friend’s lips. With a soft murmur, Jaejoong opened up, sliding his tongue against the upper ridge of his friend’s palate. It tickled Yoochun for a moment, a butterfly skimming over the sensitive pinkness then the touch deepened, growing harder. Their hands tangled together, fingers working into a knot as Yoochun covered his friend’s body with his own.

They kissed, slowly at first then harder, taking pleasure in the joy they found in one another’s bodies and souls. Yoochun’s hands moved, caressing over Jae’s sides, feeling along the tender soft skin of his friend’s hips. He reached under the hem of Jae’s shirt, running his fingertips up until they found one of the pebbled nipples on Jaejoong’s chest.

The shocked gasp from Jae’s throat echoed in Yoochun’s mouth, a panting thrust of sound that entered into the baritone’s lungs. He struggled for a moment under the rasp of Yoochun’s nails, wanting the other man to either stop teasing or make the contact harder. The ridge of pain increased, shivering along Jae’s shoulder and working down his back.

“I told you we couldn’t leave them alone,” Junsu’s voice was a splash of cold water on their kiss. Yunho dropped the bags he was holding onto the floor, shaking his head at the sight of the two friends embracing.

Yoochun lifted his head up, giving his lover a goofy grin. “Wanna come join me? I’m not doing anything with the backside.”

“That’s mine, brat,” Yunho slid onto the bed, hooking his hands under Jae’s shoulder and lifting him up, moving Yoochun down the singer’s body. “You were right, Susu. It was too dangerous to leave them alone. You take that one. I’m going to teach this one that he’s mine.”

“We should just leave them where they are,” Junsu crawled across Yoochun’s body, trapping him against his friend. Sinking his teeth into the inked words on Yoochun’s back where his shirt rode up over his spine. “Trapped between us while we fuck them. It’s the least they can do for starting without us.”

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