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shinjiaeru: YooSu; "Susu, it's too early for this."

shinjiaeru: YooSu; "Susu, it's too early for this."

“Susu-ah, do you know what time it is?”

Yoochun blearily looked at the clock, not seeing the glowing numbers. Unable to focus, he covered his face with a pillow. The linens smelled of Junsu and his body reacted as it usually did when the tenor was around. Shifting his hips, he tried to give his sex a bit more room but the press of his body against the mattress was interfering with his need to sleep.

“Does it matter?” Junsu’s tongue moved over Yoochun’s bare back, tracing over the inked words at the base of the other’s spine.

“I need some sleep,” His complaints trailed off, replaced by a sigh of pleasure when Junsu’s mouth moved further down, laving at the dip of his buttocks. Moaning, he moved, canting his rear up. “You’re making this very hard to sleep.”

“I’m making something very hard,” The tenor said, smiling at the response he could provoke just by his tongue. His thumb moved along the rigid flesh between his lover’s legs, stroking along the vein standing out along Yoochun’s sex. “It’s been too long since we’ve done this.”

“We did this a couple of hours ago,” Yoochun gulped when his lover’s finger tip pressed against the moist slit at the head of his shaft. “You’re driving me nuts, you know.”

“I keep telling you, Junsu. Jun-Su,” The tenor bent his head down, pulling Yoochun’s sex down until he could kiss its tip, licking at the salty sweetness dewing the soft flesh. “Not Yunho, Junsu.”

“Does that joke ever get old?” Yoochun groaned, enveloped fully in Junsu’s mouth. The edge of his lover’s tongue lapped at the ridge, circling around his hardness.

“Nope, never,” Junsu laughed around the heft in his mouth.

A pounding at the door froze the lovers in place, their bodies turned to stone with the shock of the outside world. Yoochun was the first to move, grabbing at the sheets at the end of the bed. Pulling the linens up, he covered Junsu’s naked body, walking to the door and peering through the eyehole.

“It’s manager-sshi,” Desperate for something to wear, he grabbed one of the hotel’s bathrobes, sliding it over his shoulders. The hem brushed at the tip of his sex and Yoochun grimaced, realizing it was much to short for his long body. Holding down the front, he opened the door cautiously, careful to stay behind the frame.

“Are both of you awake?” The man asked, running his hand through his rumpled hair. “They’ve moved our flights up. We’re leaving in an hour.”

“No problem.” Yoochun glanced down at his wilting arousal. “I’ll tell Junsu. We’ll be ready.”

Closing the door, he sighed and turned to his lover. “Come on, we’re going already.”

“But…!” Junsu gritted his teeth, holding up the tube of lubricant he’d hidden in his luggage. “This is so not fair.”

Yoochun swatted Junsu’s hip as he walked by, grabbing clothes to wear after a quick shower. “Our lives aren’t fair. You can wake me up another time.”

Weeks passed before Junsu could collapse in his own bed, the soft give of a familiar mattress cradling his sore body. His bones hurt, the joints run nearly worn from too much dancing and long hours spent on his feet. Running his hands over his face, he felt the sparseness of his cheekbones, nearly gaunt from burning off energy that he didn’t have. Sighing in pleasure, he stretched out, inhaling deeply the scents of the space he shared with Yoochun.
When a tongue covers his mouth and Junsu purrs with pleasure which turns into a full giggle as Yoochun’s low laugh rumbles up his throat and along his lips. Lifting his arms, the tenor held his lover in a tight embrace, placing the flat of his hands on Yoochun’s shoulders.

“We just got home,” Junsu said softly, moving his lips around Yoochun’s deep kiss. “We haven’t even had dinner yet.”

“I don’t think we’re expected for dinner.” The buttons on Junsu’s shirt prove to be a problem and Yoochun leaned back, working loose the small white fastenings. “I think YunJae are already locked behind a closed door. Changmin’s made a call to his Shichi. We’re going to be the only ones at that dinner table if you insist on eating there.”

“You shouldn’t call them YunJae.” Teasing, Junsu stuck his tongue out at the baritone. “Here, if you’re going to undress me, at least let me do it so you don’t tear this shirt. I like it.”

“You should. It’s mine.”

Junsu stared down at the garment and grinned widely. “Oh, yeah. It is. Well, you’ve got nice taste. In shirts and boyfriends. I still like it. I’ll take it off myself. You just stay there.”

He was the most sheltered of the five, the youngest boy of a middle-class family. Junsu didn’t have the innate sensuality that Jaejoong seemed to be born with nor the masculinity that Yunho and Changmin seemed to ooze out of every pore. He didn’t even have the sweet-goofiness Yoochun was famous for, a silly smile and come-hither look that melted people’s hearts. He knew he was cute. Not handsome or beautiful but firmly cute.

But it was a cute that Yoochun adored. He would use that to his best advantage, especially to bring the wanton smile to Yoochun’s lips.

He didn’t know what music was cued up on the player but Junsu was willing to take a chance. Pressing the play button, he waited a moment for the beat to start. It was a gamble, given Yoochun’s eclectic tastes in music but he thanked God when Nikka Costa’s Like a Feather began to play.

“I can work with this,” He murmured, working his shoes and socks off of his feet with a couple of swift movements. The music wove through the room, a melodic low beat growling a promise of a sensual time. A pair of almond eyes followed him across the room, Yoochun’s irrepressible smile wicked with delight.

“Work with what?” Yoochun watched, curious about what Junsu was up to.

Junsu rolled his hips with the crackle of the beat, sliding his shoulders around into a weave. The singer’s voice grunted and he dipped, catching at the buttons on his chest. Stepping forward, he reeled his hips back, canting them from side to side in a molasses slow bob.

He’d stolen the shirt from Yoochun’s suitcase before they left the hotel and wore it to have something of his lover’s on his body. Standing in front of the baritone, Junsu worked the garment free of his shoulders, letting the partially opened shirt drape back to expose his chest before pulling it back up, a slow tease before pursing his mouth and cornering the bed.

Closing his eyes, Junsu let the beat flow through him, the funky catch of the woman’s voice against the steady drive of the music. He could hear the baritone’s breathing go shallow when the shirt finally slithered to the floor. The music shifted, something less sensual and onto something stronger, a melody that suited his personality.

When Junsu opened his eyes, he found Yoochun staring at him, a quirky grin on his face. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his pants, he gyrated around, bumping his hips from side to side. He roamed down, letting his knees do most of the work in dropping him nearly to the floor and then back up, his ass a smooth line arching up and down. Popping the top button loose, he peeled the zipper down, exposing the bright red briefs he wore underneath.

“Come here, Susu-ah,” Yoochun pleaded, reaching for his lover.

“I’m not done yet,” Junsu yelped, thrown off balance when Yoochun grabbed his wrist and yanked him onto the bed. Bouncing on the mattress, he burst out laughing, nearly hitting the other man with his elbow, his partially discarded jeans tangling around his knees. “Chunnie, you’re heavy.”

Stretching out over the man’s torso, the baritone bit at the jut of collarbone that teased him during Junsu’s dance. He nibbling up until he reached the man’s jaw, stopping only to shove his hands at the jeans that were tangled around Junsu’s legs. Returning to his chewing, he ignored his lover’s rising giggles, taking his time to lave at every inch of the other man’s throat.

“Do you still have that tube of lube you got in Thailand?” Yoochun asked, taking hold of Junsu’s earlobe.

“Yeah,” His laughter bubbled up again when Yoochun’s fingers found the ticklish spot at his ribs. “Don’t touch there. Chunnie, come on! You know…”

“Tell you what, Junnie,” Yoochun growled. “You turn over right now and I’ll put those fingers some place else. Just don’t expect to get any sleep tonight. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. And that tube looks big enough to keep us busy for a long long time.”

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