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tea_biscuit: JaeMin.

tea_biscuit: JaeMin. catholic school girl ensemble!Min and a very bemused, turned on Jaebear.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,” Changmin stepped out from behind the dressing screen, tugging at the plaid skirt he’d been given to put on. “I am not going to wear this.”

“What are you complaining about?” Jaejoong called out, wiggling into his costume. “I’m a bear. What are you?”

The singer struggled to keep a straight face when he saw the younger man but it lasted for a moment then he burst out laughing, doubling over under the force of his giggles. “Oh god, who are you supposed to be?”

“I think Goldilocks.” Changmin held up a long wig, its golden blonde curls nearly a foot long. “And you’re one of the bears. Is there an apron you’re supposed to put on? I’m guessing you’re Momma Bear.”

“No apron,” Jaejoong waddled around, the plump stomach on his bear costume jiggling as he walked. “How are we supposed to pose in these?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Min stalked back behind the screen. “I’m not wearing this. I’ll do a lot of things. We’ve all done some insane things but this is something I refuse to do.”

“Manager-sshi will be mad.” The older man called out. Jae tried to sit down in a chair but the rear of the costume proved to be too large to fit in the seat and he toppled backwards. Reeling, he tried to hold his hands out, hoping the padded paws would absorb most of the shock. The momentum of his fall rolled him over onto his back and he lay there, partially embarrassed and somewhat stunned by the fall.

“Jaejoong, what are you doing out there?” Calling out to the older man, Min frowned as he tugged off the ensemble, pulling on his jeans.

“Minnie-ah, I need some help,” Jae flailed, trying to right himself. The heaviness of the costume’s belly made it impossible to get enough traction to flip over and the paws he’d strapped on his feet slipped under him as he tried to regain his footing.

“Is the zipper stuck?” Min took one step out from behind the screen then he burst into a deep laughter.

Jaejoong’s legs windmilled on the floor, moving him around in circles as he tried to get onto his stomach. Unable to reach around the costume’s girth, he inched over the clean tile floor, then circled back around as his arms failed to make purchase beneath him. The honey gold of the fur matched Jae’s caramel hair, the flush of his pale skin a light pink under the fluorescent lights.

“Oh god, hold on,” Changmin wiped his eyes, trying to get the tears out of his lashes.

“Good, come help me,” Jae reached out with one hand for the youngest. “At least turn me over so I can get up. This is stupid.”

“No no, don’t move!”

Jaejoong heard the click-click-click of Min’s cellphone camera and he sighed, resting his head back against the tiled floor. Going limp, he lay spread eagled, waiting for the younger man to finish capturing the moment. Lifting his head, he waited still for the second burst of insane laughter to die down, hoping Min’s cheeks would ache for hours with the exertion of his giggles.

“Min, help me!” Gritting his teeth, Jae attempted to right himself again, only to end up wedging himself against one of the side tables.

“Okay, wait. Let me see what I can do,” Changmin sniffed, tucking his phone back into his bag. Reaching under the costume, the young man searched for the zipper tag, finding it tucked under a fabric flap. Leaning over Jaejoong, he tugged at the metal fastener, slowing moving it down the track.

Wiggling, Jae tried to tug at the sleeves, then clenched his teeth into one of the gloves, working it free from his fingers. Min’s fingers under the collar of the bear suit made it easier to breath and the itchiness of the backing on his bare stomach eased somewhat.

“What are you wearing under this?” Pulling at the closure, Min lifted the collar and peeked down. “Are you naked?”

“I’m wearing underwear!” Jae snorted. “It was too tight with the shirt I had on and forget about wearing my jeans underneath. It wouldn’t have fit over.”

“You know, I’m going about this all wrong,” Changmin mused, sitting back on his haunches.

“What? It’s stuck?”

“No, but I’m doing this for free,” The youngest reflected, stroking at the costume’s fur. “You’re stuck and I could be getting something more out of it besides your gratitude.”

“You want me to do dishes for a week?” Jae slanted his eyes, suspicious of the young man’s contemplations. “Your laundry?”

“Nope,” Min shook his head. “I want a kiss. Maybe more than one. It depends on how difficult it will be to get you out of this.”

He claimed his first one, tasting at the pout that he saw on Jaejoong’s face in pictures and in the shadows of the older man’s thoughts. To Min, Jae tasted of a hot summer night, wild and open, The wind was on his tongue, unbridled passion scented with a hint of cinnamon and cloves. Under Changmin’s teeth, the rise of Jae’s plump lower lip swelled, filling up against the tip of Min’s tongue, a sweet nectar of flesh tingling his nerves. Nearly breathless, he broke free of the kiss, wanting to fall into it further but knowing the floor of a dressing room would not be the place to sate his desires.

“You need to get me out of this, Min,” Jaejoong panted, his open mouth wet from Changmin’s tongue. “I can’t touch you with this thing on me.”

“Maybe that’s good?” Cocking his head, the younger man studied the singer then dipped down closer to his face. “You can’t get away from me if you’re on your back like this. I can take my time making you pay.”

His hands slid under the collar, finding Jae’s bare chest beneath the bear suit. Plucking at the curl of nipple he found pearling under his fingers, Min stole another kiss, a gentle brush of his lips on the other’s, tasting the desire he stroked to an ember then to a raging flame. Jae’s hands rose, his naked fingers barely able to brush through Min’s long dark hair, the overstuffed arms of the costume keeping him nearly immobile.

“Minnie, I can’t touch you like this,” Jae growled. “If you’re going to tease me like this, I’m going to explode.”

“Never knew I could do this to you,” Changmin’s hands left the other’s chest, roaming over the costume until he came to the V of the legs. Stroking at the furred inner thigh, he watched Jae’s face tighten. “So you can feel me through this?”

“Yes,” Leaning his head back, Jae gritted his teeth. “This is very unfair.”

“Life’s not fair, hyung,” Grinning, Min then pouted at the older man, licking his mouth in anticipation of what he could do next. “If I get you loose, what can you promise me?”

“I’m going to kill you,” The clutch of Min’s fingers on the heaviness between his legs made Jae gasp. “I’m going to kill you as slowly as you’re killing me right now.”

“Hah!” Bending over, Min licked at the stretch of skin he could reach as he peeled back the collar of the suit, exposing Jae’s collarbone. “I could take a long time doing this. If you were nicer to me, you could be doing this with me instead of just lying here like an overturned turtle.”

Changmin held down Jae’s shoulders, pinning the older man to the ground. His long legs easily straddled the bear costume, his knees resting on the floor, giving him enough support to lean into a kiss. It smoldered between them, the contact of their lips slow and drawn out. Min found the edge of Jae’s teeth and ran his tongue tip along the enamel, flicking against the roof of the older man’s mouth in between suckles.

“Get me out of this, and I’ll do anything you want me to do to you,” Jae’s voice was deep, a rough purr filled with want.

“I am going to get you out of this,” Changmin promised. “And then, hyung, you’re going to let me do whatever I want to do to you. Not the other way around. Agreed?”

Smiling softly at Jae’s nod, Min reached under the other man’s shoulder and pushed him up, reaching for the zipper he’d left partially undone. The rasp of the fastening coming loose hardened Jae’s sex and he inhaled sharply at the feel of the bear costume rolling down his shoulders.

“Sit still for a moment, Joongie-ah,” Changmin licked at Jae’s mouth, mumbling the words into the part of his lips. “I’m going to get this off of you and then, we can see what else I can get off of you.”

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