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dehumanization: JaeSu. Passion. Jae to top.

dehumanization: JaeSu. Passion. Jae to top.

Junsu yawned, stretching his arms up over his head. Padding into the living room of the hotel room, he stared out at the city below. The details of the streets were fuzzy, hidden behind a veil of rain. If he thought hard, he might remember where they were but for the life of him, he didn’t really want to. For now, all he could think about was the few days he would have doing nothing but sleeping and possibly eating. Standing in front of the partially open windows, Junsu closed his eyes, listening to the rain as it fell.

“Susu-ah,” Jaejoong wrapped his arms around the tenor’s waist, resting his chin on the other’s bare shoulder. “What are you staring at?”

“The rain, I think,” Junsu replied, leaning into the other’s embrace. He welcomed the quiet in Jae’s manner, a very rare event in their lives. A contemplative Jaejoong was to be enjoyed, a soft voiced sensual creature that made Junsu smile.

“You don’t know?”

“No, not really.” If he stepped back, Junsu wondered if he would fall into the velvet of Jaejoong’s soul. It wrapped around him, a caress along the rough edges of his mind. “The water’s like a curtain we can hide behind.”

“Well, since no one can see us,” Jaejoong dipped his head down, kissing at the line of Junsu’s neck.

The tenor stiffened for a moment, shy at the touch. Forcing himself to relax, Junsu reminded himself that this was what he wanted, what he’d encouraged since he’d first convinced Jaejoong that he was interested in the play the others indulged in. Shut away from a normal life, his body burned with need, needing someone to touch him, however briefly. He’d stayed out of the casual physical relationships the others formed, each moving in and out of one another’s beds. Yunho and Jaejoong were the most stable of pairings, often spending long hours alone and Junsu knew that Yoochun wanted more than the friendship they now shared.

“Are you sure?” Jae’s lips stilled, pressed against the other man’s pulse point. “About this I mean?”

“More than sure,” Junsu whispered. “I’m too lonely. I don’t want to be lonely any more, Joongie.”

“Aw, Susu-ah, you’re never alone.” Another kiss, this time touching the edge of Junsu’s mouth. “We’ll never let you be alone.”

He moaned when Jaejoong’s hands roamed over his stomach, the thin fabric of his t-shirt heating with the other man’s touch. When Jae’s tongue lapped at the flat of his upper lip, he couldn’t stop the mewling whimper that escaped his throat. Reaching behind him, Junsu clutched at the back of the other man’s thighs, instinctively urging Jae forward into his body.

“Junsu, just let go and feel,” Jae murmured into the other’s ear. “Relax and just feel.”

The tenor let his eyes drift close and willed a languor to take over his body. Resting against the other man’s frame, Junsu sighed when Jae’s hands stroked at his chest, plucking the desire threading up from his belly. The singer rubbed his cheek on Junsu’s jaw, letting his emotions wash over the other man.

An intuitive lover, Jaejoong curled Junsu into the curve of his legs, coaxing him to walk a few steps to the couch. When the seat cushions hit the back of his legs, Junsu’s eyes flew open, startled at the sudden contact. Pushing at Jae’s chest in alarm, he stared up into the other man’s face.

“Stop?” Jaejoong asked softly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, no, Joongie.” Junsu shook his head. “I was just surprised. I didn’t even know we’d moved.”

“Okay,” The singer leaned into the younger man’s arms, letting himself be embraced. Junsu’s hands were trembling, his fingers cold against the small of Jae’s back.

“Just stay here, maybe,” Junsu said. “I want to explore. I want to know what you feel like. You always look so cold but there’s so much fire inside of you. I want the fire inside of me. I want you inside of me.”

“I can do that,” Jae replied. “But only if you’re sure that you want me to be there. First, I mean.”

“Yeah, you.” Nodding, the tenor ran the back of his hand over Jae’s soft cheek. “You’re here because you’re the heart of our group. I want that part of us inside of me first.”

Daringly, Junsu licked at his mouth, taking a deep breath before he began to run his hands over Jae’s chest. He’d felt another man before, a casual touch during dancing or sometimes a more lengthy skim of one of the member’s legs or arms when salve needed to be rubbed into a sore muscle but this cautious exploration of another man’s body thrilled and scared him.

Jaejoong’s shirt was a barrier, something Junsu took care of nearly immediately. If he was going to join in on what the others were sharing, he would have to know what turned another man on. Suddenly his tongue was parched and he guessed that the taste of Jaejoong’s mouth would be the only way he could quench his thirst.

A storm lay behind Jae’s lips, Junsu was sure of it. Lightning coursed between their tongues, a flicker of electricity that surged down Junsu’s chest and curled down around the root of his sex. Gasping, the tenor dove in, cupping Jae’s face with hands. He wanted to keep the other man close, drinking down the nectar offered from the singer’s mouth.

The singer’s body was lean, a slender pale angel against the shadowed darkness of the room. The stretch of muscles along his shoulders were tight, Jae’s arms supported him, holding him still as Junsu’s hands investigated the other’s belly, twisting at the small dot of gold he found there. There was a diamond piercing Jaejoong preferred to wear, a bauble given to him by Yunho. He appreciated that Jaejoong didn’t come to him with the mark of another man. Junsu was touched by the courtesy.

“I want more,” Junsu whispered, his breath sweet from the hot kiss. “Show me more, Jae. Do more to me.”

Jaejoong smiled, encouraged by the fingers stroking at the inside of his leg. The buttons on Junsu’s clothes were undone quickly, his nimble fingers making short work of peeling the shirt off. Tossing it to the floor, he bent over, pressing his mouth on the V on Junsu’s throat. The startling feel of another man’s lips on his untouched skin let loose the gasp Junsu held in his chest, his body arching in surprise.

“I hated you, you know,” Junsu whispered, stroking at Jae’s temple. “In the beginning, I was so jealous of you. I was going to be the golden boy of the group and you walked in, stealing everyone’s breath.”

“I didn’t mean to.” Jae stopped his laving, looking up at the other man through his lashes. “I just wanted to sing.”

“I know,” Nodding, the tenor bent his neck down, kissing the older man on the mouth. “And see, that pissed me off even more. I wanted to be famous and to be adored but you just wanted to sing. And I wanted to hate you so much but you wouldn’t let me.”

“You’re silly, Susu-ah,” Jaejoong’s golden laughter rolled over Junsu’s tortured soul.

“No no, listen to me,” Junsu gripped the tops of Jae’s ears, lightly shaking the other’s head back and forth. “I hated you and then you kept smiling at me, making me a part of the group even when I tried to pull myself away. You made me realize that we were stronger as five because we all fit into each other.”

“Is that when you decided you wanted to do this?” Licking at Junsu’s chin, Jae smiled widely. “I can’t believe that. You’ve been one of us for so long.”

“No, that was when I decided to be a part of our group. That was a long time ago.” The tenor smiled back. “I decided to do this because I finally got over my fear of your love. That’s what scared me the most about you, that’s what I hated the most. You could love better than I could. And I hated myself for being jealous of that.”

“So,” Junsu laughed when Jae bit at his belly, blowing a raspberry on the sensitive skin. “Show me how to love, Joongie-ah.”

They started slowly then the air between them heated, scorching away Junsu’s fears. Jae’s hands were slow, gliding over stretches of untouched skin. Junsu’s sex curled upward, pressing against the thickness of his jeans. The denim restricted his growth, and the tip of his shaft rubbed against its fabric cage.

A low moan erupted from Junsu’s core, a hot storm of his own making. It raged once it hit the chilled rain air, a thundering sound shattering the silence between their panting breaths. Lifting his hips, Junsu let Jaejoong strip him naked, the heat of his body escaping from under the now too-tight clothing. Capturing Jae’s mouth with his own, Junsu sucked at the other man’s breath, stealing the warmth back into his lungs.

“We need oil to do this right,” Jaejoong murmured, lifting his head from his contemplation of the other’s sex. “But I think, we can just sort of start here. Do you mind?”

“No, don’t mind at all,” Junsu’s hips raised, jerking upward when Jae’s tongue wrapped around his head. His mouth opened around the whimpers he heard crawling out of his throat. “God, Jae, you’re making me crazy.”

“Hold on, Susu-ah,” Jaejoong licked again, cresting over the ridge of Junsu’s head. “I’m going to show you what crazy’s really like.”
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