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velcro_undies: YunJae. Slutty.

velcro_undies: YunJae. Slutty.

He stood at a corner, watching people passing by. Like many of the young men in the district, he was dressed almost sloppily, an artful presentation of long legs and beauty. Worn jeans hung low on his slender hips, exposing the branded waistband of his briefs. The shirt he’d pulled on before going out was too short to cover his torso but he’d chosen it on purpose. Jaejoong knew what he looked like. He’d spent enough time on the street to know how to bait a hook with something pretty enough to eat.

Before he’d left his room, he’d run his hands through his hair, pulling at the ends with bits of wax pomade. Jae liked the way it looked edging around his face. A practice pout in the mirror told him he looked decent enough, certainly enough to score a bit of money before the evening was through with him.

The district was cluttered with young men like him, loitering around the edges of the crowd, looking for prey while all the time, pretending not to be a predator. He’d already turned off a few of the men who approached him, uninterested in the cheap pick up lines and even cheaper offers for his ass.

Under the flashing colourful lights, Jae’s skin bled to cotton candy hues, falling back to snow when he passed into the shadows, a fallen piece of the moon wandering the soiled streets. He turned, listening to chatter of the crowd as he passed through groups of men. Several turned to watch him walk by, whistling low at the ripeness of the young man’s body. He ignored them too, searching for someone worthwhile to spend the evening with.

“Hey,” A man called out to him, a youthful voice deep and promising. The man’s face was strong, a masculine beauty Jaejoong envied and then lusted for. “You got time?”

Yunho stepped free of the shadows, pushing off of the brick dividing wall next to a busy club. He’d been waiting for someone to come by, someone who could take the night and wrap it around him, a velvet snugness caressing his body. The slender young man sauntering towards him seemed to be liquid sex, a primal urge made flesh and bone.

“I might have time for you,” Jaejoong replied, his words a purring slither that touched the root of Yunho’s sex. He turned as he spoke, passing the waiting young man as he began to slow-step backwards. Giving the young man a smile, Jae pursed his mouth into a sensual pout, catching the man’s desire with a teasing moue. “What’s your name and how much time do you need?”

“Yunho,” He brushed at the growing bulge in his jeans, vulgarly sliding his fingers down the zippered front. “And I’ve got a lot of time to spend.”

“I’m not cheap,” Slowing even more, Jaejoong nearly came to a stop, creeping backwards while keeping his eyes on the other man. “How much do you have?”

“How much do you cost?” Yunho mentally calculated the money he had in his wallet. He’d hit the bank before he’d gotten onto the train leading down to the red light district but looking at the lean, feline he’d found, he wondered if he’d pulled out enough.

“Probably more than you have,” Jae finally stopped, then moved forward, his long legs eating up the distance between them. Reaching out with his fingers, he trailed the back of his hand along the young man’s jaw, feeling the soft rasp of freshly shaved skin. Leaning in, Jaejoong closed his eyes, inhaling the smoldering green tea cologne the man wore to pick up a whore. “I like how you smell. I could give you a deal.”

“I like the sound of that,” Softly, Yunho met Jaejoong’s hand with his own, stroking at the inside of the other man’s wrist with his callused fingers. “I have a lot, but definitely not enough for someone like you. You have a name?”

“Jaejoong. You can call me Jae.” Teasingly, he let his fingers drop, stroking along the centre of the other man’s chest, daringly allowing himself to touch the buckle fastening Yunho’s belt. “You should never come down here expecting anything. This place always has something unexpected lurking where you least expect it.”

“I definitely wasn’t expecting this,” Cupping the back of the young man’s head, Yunho drew Jaejoong into a kiss, a tentative taste of what he was going to buy. The other man’s eyes flashed a warning and he nearly stepped back, pulling out of Yunho’s grip.

“No tasting. I’m not a store sample.”

“How much for a kiss then?” Yunho unfolded several bills from his pocket. He’d tucked most of his money into his wallet, safely keeping it in his jacket’s chest pocket. “This enough?”

“Barely,” Jae snorted, but he lithely snagged the won from the other man’s fingers. “No tongue.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Grinning, Yunho stroked at Jae’s chin. He would of course use his tongue. Watching the young man walking towards him made him thirsty. He imagined stealing more than a chaste kiss would drive him either insane or quench the parched tightness in his brain.

The embrace was fierce, their mouths meeting with a furious hunger. Yunho drank down the young man’s sweetness, working his thumbs across Jae’s jawbone, forcing the other to open his mouth wider. Mewling, Jaejoong momentarily fought the subtle pressure then surrendered, tucking himself into the curve of the other man’s body. His hands found the warmth of Yunho’s chest, his fingers spreading over the hard muscle hidden beneath the man’s t-shirt.

Jae felt the bite of bricks on his back as he was shoved into the wall they were standing near. Hidden from prying eyes, they continued to kiss, standing in the darkness with their arms wrapped around one another. Yunho gripped at Jae’s hair, mussing the artfully arranged mane. The young man murmured a protest, his noises lost amid the moans Yunho was stroking out of his over-heated body.

“Turn around,” He gripped the young man’s shoulders, twisting Jaejoong around. “God, I want you.”

They fumbled at undressing, the buckle of Yunho’s belt clanging loudly as he worked the tang loose. Impatient, he pulled his zipper down, spreading apart the opening of his jeans. His sex was hard, dripping wet with want. The young man he’d pushed into the wall had already flattened one hand on the brick, the other busy with working his own pants loose from his hips.

Reaching forward, Yunho undid a few buttons of the other man’s fly, loosening the jeans enough to pull them down over Jae’s rear. Nearly translucent, Jae’s skin glowed, a sleek ivory plumpness Yunho longed to sink his teeth into. The young man growled, grinding his hips back into Yunho’s thighs, all but daring the other man to plunge deep inside of him. Denying himself that simple pleasure, the young man spat into his hand. Jae stiffened at the sound, turning his head to look at Yunho from over his shoulder.

“There’s lube in my jeans.” Jae twisted, trying to reach down into his pockets.

“For what I’m paying you, I think you can take it with spit,” Yunho grumbled. Leaning in, he bit the back of Jae’s neck, holding the young man still with a fierce grip of his teeth.

His fingers weren’t wet enough, not nearly enough for him to spread into the young man’s warmth. The rush of heat on the tips nearly made him release, the tight whorl sucking at the digit he’d managed to work in. Using his other hand, he slid his free fingers into Jae’s panting mouth.

“Come on, make them really wet,” Keeping his voice down, he pushed past Jae’s lips. “I really want to have your spit on me when I push into you.”

When he was finally nestled against the young man’s rear, Yunho knew he’d found heaven. Reluctant to drag himself out, he pushed in further, keeping his strokes shallow. Unwilling to take much of himself out of Jae’s tightness, he rocked up into the heat, shoving harder with each thrust of his hips.

“God, come on.” Jae gritted his teeth, canting his back to take Yunho’s driving plunges. Bending his head down, he rode the raking pleasure tearing apart his stomach. Every press of the young man’s sex rubbed on his core, spilling out sparks that set his blood on fire. “Harder. Come on, just a bit harder.”

Yunho bit down again, firming his grip on the young man’s neck. He let go after a few thrusts, fixing instead on the jut of shoulder bone rising up from under Jae’s thin shirt. Nibbling around the hard edge, he smiled with satisfaction when Jaejoong mewled and twisted around, tightening himself even further around Yunho’s sex.

“There you go.” Panting, Yunho gasped, finding the wet tip of the other man’s shaft with the palm of his hand. Stroking at the rigidity in his grip, “Come on, baby. Let it go for me.”

They spilled into one another nearly at the same time, Jaejoong’s body clenching down around Yunho, bringing the young man over the edge. Gripping at the wall, Jae luxuriated in the feel of the brick biting into his skin, roiling in the soft pain and the hard pleasure rocking his body. Biting his lip to keep from screaming, Yunho drove up a few times more, letting the heat of the other man’s insides milk him dry.

Laying against one another, the men panted, trying to catch their breath. The sounds of the street life filtered down over them, the shouts of rent boys looking to score and the beep of cars trying to wind down the crowded streets. Jaejoong inhaled hard, letting Yunho slide free from his body. Stepping away from the other man, he tugged up his jeans, not meeting Yunho’s eyes as he buttoned up.

“You got the money?” He asked, holding his hand out as he kept an eye out for anyone coming down the alley.

“Yeah,” Yunho answered, digging out the bills as he tried to pull his pants up. After placing the wad in Jae’s outstretched hand, he grabbed at the young man’s wrist, holding Jae in place. “Am I going to see you again?”

“Maybe,” Jae met the other man’s eyes, the dark lust he found there warming his belly. “If you’ve got enough cash, you might find me here again sometime.”

Jaejoong left the alley, not looking behind him. Pushing the money deep into his pockets, he walked off, not looking behind him.

Opening the door to his hotel room, Yunho stopped short at the slinky young man lounging in the bed. Grinning widely, he tossed the room keys onto the dresser, closing the door behind him. Throwing the latch over, Yunho turned and crossed his arms, staring at a shirtless Jaejoong.

“You could have left me enough money for a taxi, Boo,” He said, sliding his shoes off. Kneeling on the mattress, he grabbed at Jae’s bare ankle, chewing on the other man’s shin. “I had to take the train!”

“Oh come on,” Jaejoong laughed, giggling when Yunho’s tongue reached his belly button. “It was only a few stops. Maybe two.”

“Okay two stops but I’m sure an auntie pinched my ass. I can’t be certain but I saw her smirking.” He reached Jae’s mouth, stealing a kiss. “Do you have it?”

“Yeah,” Jae said, holding up the diamond stud. “I left it here before I went to meet you.”

“Good,” Yunho took the navel piercing from Jae’s fingers, unscrewing the end cap. Bending over his lover’s body, he worked the blunt end through the hole, licking at the stud before he twisted the diamond end into place. “It doesn’t feel right if I touch you and it’s not there.”

“Baby, it’s just a rock,” Jae murmured, cupping his hands and cradling his lover’s face. “The only thing I need to make me complete is you. As long as you’re here, then I feel right.”

“Love you, Boo.” Sliding his arms around Jaejoong, Yunho pulled the singer towards him.

“Love you too, Yunnie,” Jae sighed, resting against his lover’s chest.

“But next time,” Rubbing his nose against Jae’s, Yunho grinned and tweaked at the piercing he just threaded through his lover’s body. “If you don’t leave me enough money for a taxi, I’m going to spread word that you’re the worst lay on that street.”

“Next time, Yunho,” Jae smiled back, a wicked gleam in his eye. “Maybe you should be the one walking the streets and I’ll be the one with the wallet. If you want, we can start that right now. Let’s see how much money you can earn back. I’ve got enough to last the night.”

“I’m not that cheap!” Yunho protested playfully.

“Baby,” Jae wrapped his legs around Yunho’s waist, sitting up and placing his hands on either side of the man’s head. “When I’m done with you, you will be.”

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