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bel_chan: jaesu. su tops.

bel_chan: jaesu. su tops. su!hipthrusts plz

Junsu pondered his options. There were many things that he wanted to do in his life, some more immediate than others. He wanted to see Venice at some point, maybe travel to Brazil to see a soccer game and walk on the beach but most of all, he wanted to be nestled into Jaejoong’s warmth, preferably more than once.

“Changmin,” Leaning over the booth they’d found at the club, Junsu whispered into the youngest’s ear. “Do you know what Jaejoong planned for tonight?”

“Planned?” Min looked up from his glass, mournfully staring at the beer foam. His cheeks were already flushed red, despite having only a few mouthfuls. Sighing, he rested his head against Junsu’s shoulder, smiling beatifically at the older man. “No plans. I think I’m already drunk.”

“I know, Min-min,” Junsu said, taking the beer from the young man’s hands. Replacing it with a glass of soda, he urged the other to thin out the alcohol in his stomach. “You really shouldn’t drink. You don’t handle it well.”

“What plans are you talking about?” He took a tentative sip of the diet soda, making a face at its funny taste. “Ah, this is yours. Can’t I have a real soda? With sugar?”

“Hold on.” Junsu flagged down one of the servers. They’d found the booth in the back, far enough away from the dance floor that they could hold a conversation but still watch the action happening around them. “She’ll get you one.”

“Good,” Changmin murmured. “I don’t like diet sodas.”

“Focus, dongsaeng.” Sighing, Junsu snapped his fingers in front of Min’s eyes. “Did Jaejoong say anything about spending time with Yoochun or Yunho tonight?”

“If you have a question about me, Susu,” Jae licked at the tenor’s ear, nuzzling him from behind. “You can just ask me.”

“Ah, you scared me.” Patting his chest, Junsu feigned a heart attack. “No sneaking up on me.”

“Hard to sneak up on you when we’re in a loud club.” Sliding into the booth, Jae pushed Junsu over, bumping him with his hip. “Move over.”

“You should have joined us out there, Junsu.” Yoochun tumbled across the vinyl seats, wrapping his arms around their youngest. “You too, Minnie-ah. The music is sweet.”

“Where’s Yunho?” Junsu asked, peering out onto the dance floor to look for their leader. “Is he still showing off?”

“No, leader-sshi went to get the car so we can go home.” Picking up Min’s abandoned beer, he drained the glass in a single gulp, ignoring the young man’s protests. “Min, you’re already drunk. Your face is bright red. It’s brighter than the lights. Yunho says it’s time to go home.”

“Ah, such a spoilsport,” Changmin muttered, bowing a thank you at the server placing his soda in front of him. Jae handed a few won from his pocket, waving off the change with a smile. “Fine, time to go home. But if I pass out in the car, someone has to carry me in.”

In the end, Yoochun lost the Kawi Bawi Bo match the four conscious members of the group played. As the loser, he hefted Changmin’s gangly body across his shoulders, trying to hold onto the young man’s seemingly rubber legs as he piggy backed Min up the stairs and into the elevator. Complaining softly as he trotted down the hall to their apartment, Yoochun managed to extract the promise of a massage from Yunho.

Sighing at the thought of their leader’s strong hands working deep into his sore muscles, the baritone waited patiently as the door was opened for him then headed swiftly for Changmin’s room to dump his burden. Yunho followed, rolling his eyes at the other’s haste. Jaejoong closed the door behind them, locking it then reaching for Junsu’s hand.

“Did you want to spend some time with me, Susu?” Jae tugged at the other man’s fingers, stroking at Junsu’s flat palm. “I don’t think we’re seeing Chunnie and Yunho for a while.”

“Let me get something to eat,” Stepping towards the older man, Junsu leaned in close, stealing a quick kiss from Jaejoong’s pout.

The singer tasted of sugar and sex, a dash of soju mingled into his masculine scent. A dart of Jae’s tongue touched Junsu’s upper lip, dabbing at the softness of his mouth. Smiling in anticipation, Jaejoong sauntered down the hall, unbuttoning his shirt as he headed into the room Junsu shared with Yoochun.

Junsu walked into the room, a small snack folded into a paper towel. He wasn’t sure what he’d find when he came in, certainly not the older man sprawled on the queen-sized bed that dominated the far wall, his jeans partially unbuttoned and Jae’s shirt no where to be seen.

Lazily, Jaejoong looked up from the book he’d found on the night stand, a Korean manga he’d loaned to Yoochun earlier that week. In the soft light from the nearby lamp, the shadows blended down into his face, softening the sensual curves into golden lines. He watched Junsu through the brush of his lashes, dark eyes following the young man’s progress into the room.

“I got us something,” Junsu held up the towel, cradling the cold treat. “Ice cream mochi.”

“There was some left?” Jae sat up, surprised. “How did you keep it hidden?”

“I put them in an empty bag of frozen carrots.” Grinning, Junsu slid onto the bed, unfolding the paper square. “They hate carrots and I knew I could trust you to put them back if you found them.”

“Ah, you are sneaky.” Opening his mouth, Jaejoong closed his eyes, waiting for Junsu to hold the mochi round so he could bite into it.

Biting lightly into one side, Junsu bent over, placing the mochi against Jaejoong’s parted pout. Taking a bit, the older man’s eyes fluttered open when he felt Junsu’s lips against his, the ice cream treat trapped between their clenched teeth. Bringing his hand up, Jae bit down further then angled, chewing the mochi while capturing Junsu in a light kiss, licking at the powdery rice flour sprinkled over his mouth and chin.

The remaining mochi fell, the cold frozen ball hitting Junsu’s hand. Laughing, he bobbled it, catching it up in his fingers. Offering it to Jaejoong, Junsu fed it to the other man, wiping at Jae’s mouth with the ball of his thumb where a dollop of melting green tea ice cream dripped.

“You’re sexy, Joongie-ah,” Junsu sighed, sliding his hand behind Jae’s head. He tangled his fingers into the other man’s hair, stroking at the soft silky mane.

“Ah, no. I look too much like a girl sometimes.” With a shake of his head, the singer refused the compliment. “When I was younger, I worried that my parents wouldn’t buy me boy clothes and would dress me in my sisters’ hand-me-downs. It would have been cheaper. I did get some t-shirts that way but nobody could tell.”

“You definitely aren’t a girl,” Junsu said, letting his other hand skim over the small of Jaejoong’s back. “No way.”

They kissed again, deeper this time. The mochi was melted between them, a sting of green tea on their tongues as they tasted one another’s mouths. Junsu’s clothes were shed as quickly as he could get them off, discarded and forgotten on the carpeted floor.

“I like doing this with you,” Jae murmured against the other man’s mouth, rolling onto his back as Junsu guided him down.

“Can I ask you something?” Junsu brushed his fingers on the softness of Jae’s cheek. He liked seeing the other man’s body move on the bed, a feline grace to every movement. At times goofy, Jaejoong’s distracted airs were often as sexy as the silly grins he affected, a teasing soul in a cold-faced body. It was something Junsu adored about the older man. He envied Jae’s easy happiness.

“Sure, Susu.”

“Will you let me make love to you?” Junsu was nervous, his tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. He’d shared that intimacy with Yoochun but never with the mercurial man laying under him. “Will you let me be inside of you?”

Jaejoong pondered the question, staring up into Junsu’s light brown eyes. The tenor had become Yoochun’s primary lover, and one of Yunho’s favourite friends. The times that they spent together alone were rare, more often one or both of them were with the others, sharing pleasures in threes. What Junsu was asking for was trust, a level of familiarity that Jae had not yet given.

He stood by this young man through countless hours, teasing out a laugh or a smile when things became tense. They argued sometimes, fighting over Yoochun’s time or past jealousies but eventually, they both circled back to the easy, comfortable relationship they enjoyed. Seeing the days he spent with Junsu, Jaejoong could only think of one thing to say.


Things were never rushed between them. This time was no different. Lacking the fiery passion of Yunho’s relationship with Jaejoong, they moved instead with a liquid affection, giving and taking easily rather than consuming need set alight with desire.

Junsu spent his time exploring and kissing, inhaling the musky sweetness of Jae’s inner thighs, licking the soft velvety skin he found there. Jaejoong returned the affection, biting softly into the other’s muscled rear, laughing when he got an outraged gasp from Junsu, the other playfully slapping him on the shoulder. When Junsu reached for the lubricant he kept in the nightstand drawer, he stopped, meeting the other man’s eyes for a moment.

“Are you sure, hyung?”

“Now’s not the time to call me that, Susu-ah,” Jae teased, settling back on the pillows. “And yeah, I’m sure.”

The shock of the cool oil against the heated whorl of his body made Jae clench down, the tenor’s finger pressed up on the ring. Willing himself to relax, Jaejoong wrapped his arms around Junsu’s neck, pulling the other man down into a kiss. Falling into one another’s mouths, they spent minutes suckling on each other’s tongues and lips, letting a sensual languor to work between them.

Sighing, Jaejoong’s body opened for Junsu’s oil-moistened fingers, drawing the lengthy digits into his heat and accepting the intrusion. Working the lubricant in deeply, Junsu waited until a familiar glazed look took over Jaejoong’s eyes, his pupils nearly swallowing the brown around them. Positioning himself at the edge of Jae’s centre, he applied more oil and then removed his fingers, smiling at the whimpering protest that slithered from the other man’s panting mouth.

“No…” Jae frowned then gasped as Junsu worked himself past the tightness of Jaejoong’s body. “Oh… yes.”

He drew back an inch, then plunged in deeper, all the while striving to hit the sweet spot he knew was hidden in the singer’s core. His hips moved back and forth, pistoning further into Jae’s body as he held up the other’s knees on his shoulders. Junsu worked hard to bring each shuddering gasp that he could to Jae’s sensual mouth, watching with a sated glee at the beads of sweat dotting the other man’s face.

Slowing, he changed the rhythm of his thrusts, alternating between long strokes that brushed against Jae’s tangle of nerves and short bursts of circular motions, stretching the other man out further while teasing at the desire he knew was pent up in Jae’s sex.

Finally, the older man gripped at the sheets, howling loudly as his hips worked against Junsu’s, driving the tenor deeper and deeper until the sounds of their bodies slamming against one another drowned out their tortured moans of pleasure.

Junsu felt himself go, a swirling darkness filling his vision, its edges deep red with passion. A splash of hot liquid on his stomach told him Jae had spilled himself as well, the soft jerks of the other man’s body and the rippling clenches on his own sex a final kiss of joining between them.

He was reluctant to pull out but he knew his weight would be too much for the singer’s knees to hold up so Junsu slid free, cradling Jaejoong against him, trying to catch their breath. Jae’s arms reached for Junsu, wrapping tight around his waist, his face buried into the tenor’s neck as he panted, a hot wash of satisfaction over Junsu’s sensitive skin.

“That was nice,” Junsu kissed the other man’s temple, wondering why he waited so long to press the issue. “God, that was so nice.”

“It was,” Jaejoong said, his words punctuated with short pants. “You want to go again soon? I think there might be one spot that you haven’t quite reached.”

“Really?” Pretending to think the matter over, Junsu stroked at his own chin. “So I probably need more practice then?”

“Oh yes.” The singer agreed, a sly smile on his pretty face. “It’s not quite right and I think I’m the perfect one to practice on until it’s perfect. You might need more ice cream, Susu. It’s going to be another very long night.”
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