wedspawn ♥ (wedspawn) wrote,
wedspawn ♥

Tarnished Angels Release

several of you have asked when the paperback for Tarnished Angels will be released. i am pleased to say that it is now live and ready to be ordered if you would like a copy. i have gotten the proof and it is much shiny.

info behind cut

first off, thank you all who have read and supported Tarnished Angels. i can't express how much gratitude i have for all of you and how touched i am by your comments. thank you really isn't enough. so... thanks to everyone who has embraced changmin's story and his self-exploration... well and his exploration of se7en. i was so glad to have you along with me.

i am NOT making any money on this and other SMM books. nor do i have any connection to the publishers. i just provide the text and the cover. all monies and orders are handled by lulu press.( here is a screen capture of the base costs of SMM.)

the link to purchase the book is: (clickable link)

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