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kakkobean: Yun7en

kakkobean: Yun7en! Burdens! Burdens; the conflict that exists between what they should do.

okay, this was a hard one to do. and well, this is what came out. :::smooches the kakkobean:::: i tried! they're so argumentative!

“Great. I didn’t know they let circus acts use this space.”

Se7en smirked at Yunho’s greeting and continued stretching out his legs. The rented-out practice rooms were numerous enough that they shouldn’t have seen one another but the rivals often met, clandestine hours spent in one another’s company. He’d arrived first, knowing the deep-voiced singer would amble along at some point. Yunho, unlike his lover, was predictable.

“The only shit you’ll be stepping in is your own, Kuma.” He stood, holding his hands high above his head and working the tightness out of his shoulders. “There’s some newspapers out in the hall. Maybe we should spread them on the floor so you don’t make that much of a mess. Hell, you sliding around on them might even make you a better dancer.”

“If you’re what I’m judged against, then I should be fine, even on newspaper,” Yunho snorted as he shed his jacket, tossing it over a long bench. “Did you bring actual music or just what you howl over bad ring tones?”

“Nice.” Se7en shook out his arms, walking over to the sound system. “Did you have Minku write that down for you so you could remember it that long? Oh wait, I forgot, you can’t read. You must have repeated it over and over until you got here.”

“I’m going to close the door so no one can see me kicking your ass,” Yunho shut the room off then walked to the centre of the floor. Resting his foot on his heel, he leaned sideways, feeling the pull of his muscles along the inside of his thighs and shins. “Try to find something with a good beat. That should be easy since you can only count up to four anyway.”

Se7en waited until Yunho limbered up, clicking on the CD he brought in. It was his turn to bring in the music and he’d been challenged last time by the oddly syncopated rhythms Yunho found from an American band. This time around, they’d be free-styling to remixes he found of dance music, the electronic beats chopped up to an increased speed.

The music started with a steady beat, easily picked up by their fluid bodies. Se7en stepped out first, challenging Yunho with a complicated series of footwork. Responding with a grin and a flourish, Yunho matched the other man step for step, jerking his chin up to dismiss the effort as simplistic at best.

Beneath their feet, the wooden floor reverberated with their dancing, the waxy patina beading with drops of sweat as the first hour wore onto the second. Se7en shed his shirt, the soaked through cotton landing with a wet sound in the corner of the room. Yunho kept his one for a few minutes, then it followed, the back clinging too tight against his body.

The second hour hit the third and the music stopped abruptly, leaving the room in silence save for the hard panting of the men walking off the heat of their bodies. Yunho shook out his leg, trying to ease the cramping along his thigh. Looking over at Se7en, he was satisfied to see the other man kneading at a balled knot on his lower back. They’d pushed one another hard, each unwilling to give the other the slightest slack. Yunho knew he’d pay for it in the morning but for now, he ached in every limb and it felt good.

“You clomped less than you normally do,” Se7en said as he bent over, stretching out his long legs. “You’ve improved a lot for someone with lead feet.”

“Ah, I was just mimicking you,” Yunho replied, rolling his head around. The burn in his shoulders began anew, working up from his spine and outward to his wing muscles. “I didn’t want you to feel totally graceless.”

“Do you want a beer?” Reaching for towels, Se7en tossed one at Yunho then dabbed at the sweat on his face and neck. “I got a cooler. We can go up to the roof and cool off.”

“Yeah, that sound good.” Yunho grabbed his shirt, wrinkling his nose at the smell. “Shower first or after?”

“First.” Se7en grunted. “I don’t think I can stand your manly smell.”

“Really, you think that smell is from me?” Yunho grabbed at his bag. “Hate to tell you but that’s your breath.”

Se7en handed Yunho an open beer when the young man joined him on the roof top. They often ended their dance sessions there, sitting on a pair of old plastic chairs with a wooden crate set between them. The singer opened his duffel, passing over a bag of nori arare to the other man, taking the small bottle with a nod of thanks.

They sat quietly for a few minutes, enjoying the sounds of the city in the late afternoon. Birds flew overhead, heading to the ocean to the east. Yunho watched them fly, taking a sip at the potent brew. Pointing to the flock, he sighed and turned his head towards Se7en. “You ever used to sit and wish you were a bird?”

“Oh yeah,” Se7en murmured, crunching into a piece of rice cracker. “Then I became a singer and now all I want is to be one place for more than a week. Preferably with Changmin underneath me.”

“You just had to say that, didn’t you?” Yunho gave Se7en a filthy look.

“Yep,” The other man replied, rooting around the snack package until he found a chili half-moon. “Did you drive here?”

“Nope, took a cab. You?”

“Driver. He can take us both home.” Se7en clinked his bottle against Yunho’s upraised beer. “Not that I’m going to get you drunk. If you fell off the roof because you couldn’t walk any more, Jaejoong would kill me.”

“You’re just scared that with me dead, Min will go to his one true love, Joongie and you’ll be left all alone,” Yunho laughed at Se7en’s grimace. “What? You’ve never seen Min making moon-calf eyes at Jaejoong? Sometimes it’s all I can do not to tackle both of them into bed.”

“You’re taping this so Minnie-ah will get mad at me and kill me.” Shaking his finger at Yunho, the other man sighed. “You know how our Changmin is. Bloodthirsty little bastard. With Jaejoong, you’re lucky. He’ll kill you quickly. Min, he’d want to take his time with me. He’s very imaginative, our Changmin.”

“Nope,” Yunho said. “You’ve got it wrong. Min’s not as imaginative as Joongie. Where do you think your Minku learned his wicked ways? Right at Jaejoong’s knee.”

“Ah, so we’re both screwed.”


“Guess anything we say or do then should be between us then,” Se7en said, taking a long sip. “Because I’ve got to tell you, that image of Jaejoong and Changmin just made me ache.”

“You don’t live with them. I do.” Another bird winged over head and Yunho’s eyes followed it for a moment, watching it as it circled around the building. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in to find them cuddled on the bed together.”

“You really want to kill me, don’t you? Why are we talking about this?”

“You started it.”

“Nope, I didn’t take us down the Jaejoong and Changmin road. That was all your doing, Yunnie.” Se7en pointed out. “I just said something about wanting Changmin and you took it over that line. Now it’s going to be bothering me the whole night and I’m going to end up blurting something guilty out to Min next time I see him.”

“Glad to help.”

“I’m so dead.” Swallowing, Se7en exhaled, trying to wash away the image of his lover and Jaejoong wrapped around one another on a rumpled bed. “Yep, I’m dead. Well, when I confess, I’m going to take you with me.”

“Go right ahead. I’m pretty sure they already know I have wicked naughty thoughts when I see them sleeping on my bed together. I think they do it on purpose.” Yunho admitted. “They want to drive me insane. It’s revenge for something I did a past life.”

“Well at least you’ll die happy,” the other man said in return. “I’m going to be killed horribly. Probably by a cheese grater or maybe even apple corer.”

“What the hell is that?”

“You put it over an apple and shove it down. It splits it into wedges. And you know what he’d use it for.” Nodding at Yunho’s wince and grinned when the other man covered his crotch with his hand. “Yeah, that’s something Min said once.”

“You talk about that kind of shit with Changmin?” Yunho whistled under his breath, unable to shake the quivers running out of his belly. “Never ever give him ideas. He comes up with enough crap on his own.”

“Yeah, I found that out.” Se7en reached for another beer, offering one to Yunho. He took it, tucking the empty bottle into the cooler. “He’s got a candle wax fetish. Just so you know.”

“Thanks. Was that payback for the Min and Jae thing?”

“Yep. Did it work?”

“Oh yeah,” Yunho grinned at Se7en’s lifted bottle salute. “Thanks for that. I’ll do the favour back to you later.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will. You’re a dick that way.” The dancer leaned forward, resting his elbows on his bent knees. “Hey, I got a question.”

“Nope, I’ve only had one beer. You’re still ugly.” Yunho said, finding a package of shrimp chips and opening them. “It’ll take at least seven or eight before you look even halfway decent.”

“You know what’s scary?” Se7en laughed. “You and I are too much alike. I was going to ask you if they thought about us together the way that we think of them.”

“Shit, that would be funny.” Contemplating the image, Yunho burst out in a fit of rough giggles. “God, that would be funny, if they both came home to find us asleep on the bed together.”

“I don’t think they could handle it. Probably pass out in shock.” His cheeks were beginning to hurt but the joy felt good. “Wouldn’t that be hilarious?”

Jaejoong closed the apartment door, sliding off his shoes and leaving them in the hallway niche. Changmin followed, juggling a few of the packages they’d gotten from the store. Picking up a bag of groceries, Jae walked into the living room and stopped dead in his tracks, barely moving when the youngest slammed into his back.

The lights were on, splashing gold over the wide red couch they all sprawled on to play video games. Se7en lay across its length, Yunho tucked between his legs. Laying on his stomach, the leader growled, resting his hands on the couch arm behind Se7en’s head. The dancer’s fingers stroked along Yunho’s neck and then roamed up, gripping into the wealth of hair at the base of the man’s skull.

Drawing Yunho down, Se7en’s mouth opened in invitation, daring and sensual. Their tongues met, a darting flicker of taste then another. When their lips brushed, electricity arced between them, a sizzling slow dance as they moved closer still. Yunho’s hesitation lasted no more than a blink of an eye then he pushed in, taking the kiss as it was offered.

There was no surrender between them. It was a melding of two men, rough and pleasurable. Their husky moans rose, a descant of blended tones. Their mouths met, slanting to fit. Se7en’s white teeth dimpled the other’s upper lip then faded back into the kiss. Time slowed, their hands pushing at the other’s body, roaming over unknown landscapes.

Breaking the embrace, Yunho schooled his face and looked up at his lover, hoping for a hot smoldering look. “Hey baby, want to join us?”

“Minku?” Se7en patted his thigh. “There’s room here for you.”

“Huh,” Jaejoong placed one of the bags on the coffee table, working his fingers through the plastic loops of another. “What makes you think I want to put my mouth someplace that Min’s dick has been? Go brush your teeth, Yunnie-ah. I’m going to make dinner.”

The singer sighed, sliding off of Se7en’s prone body and headed down the hall, shaking his head at his lover’s words. He passed Changmin, bumping the young man with his shoulder. “Don’t get mad at him. I suggested we do this.”

“Oh, I’m not mad,” Min grinned, his teeth glistening in the lamp light. “Not mad at all.”

Se7en moved his legs aside, making room for Changmin to sit down. When the other man joined him on the couch, he eyed Min suspiciously and said, “So you’re not pissed? Not even a little?”

“Nope,” Min replied, shaking his head as he dug through one of the bags. “I did however pick something up at the store. And now, I think I’ve got the perfect excuse to try it out.”

“Let’s go into my room, Shichi.” Brandishing an egg whisk, Changmin whooshed it through the air a few times under Se7en’s nose. “Come on, I’m going to remind you that there’s no one for you but me.”
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