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Lavhire: YunJae (nerdy Yunho and smexy Jae)

Author: Wedspawn
Rec-Lister: lavhire
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Theme: Nerd Ho/Smexy Jae
Rating: PG-ish

lavhire: yunjae; nerdy ho ho. smexy jae

Fatigue watered Yunho’s eyes. They ached, an impossible stretch of pain that refused to be rubbed out not matter how many times he ran the tips of his fingers over his eyelids. Black scrawls of numbers ran into a muddied wash on the page he’d been staring at for five minutes, trying to make some sense of mathematical equations in his text book. His notes were making even less sense, the letters becoming handwriting increasingly cramped and tight as the evening wore on. He couldn’t make heads or tails of what he wrote over the last half page.

Leaning back in his chair, the young student looked out at the busy street beyond the café’s sidewalk patio. Seoul lay beyond the area’s French-style wrought iron fence, adding a splash of far-off Paris to the loud, garish district near the University. Students gathered in its coffee and tea houses, looking for a quiet place to study while at the same time, longing to fall into the decadence of the surrounding night clubs and dance halls.

Yunho was no exception. His attention wandered freely, captured by the sights and sounds of the streets’ activities. Shifting in his seat, he struck his backpack with his foot, the heavy weight falling forward and striking his ankle. Wincing, he leaned forward, gritting his teeth together as he rubbed at the sore spot.

A flash of blue leather caught his eye, supple and buckled bright with silver latches. The rubber sole of the boot squeaked as its owner stepped off of the curb, splashing through the run-off from the light rain that fell on the city earlier that evening. Startled by the sound, Yunho straightened up, too quickly to avoid the edge of the metal table.

“Ouch!” Yunho exclaimed, the sharp rap of his skull on the edge echoed, a dark thrum under the rush of sound from the street. The boot’s twin stopped on the cement edge, turning for a moment before heading on. Sitting up fully, Yunho caught sight of the boots’ owner’s back, a lean supple young man dressed in club clothes.

He’d never stopped and looked at another man before, not in the way that he looked at this one. There was something that drew him to the youth’s body. Long legs quickly distanced them, working the young man through the Friday night throng. It wasn’t grace that held his attention. If anything, the man’s movements were a fluid curiosity, loose-boned and supple, the clumsy beauty of a kitten just exploring its world. The traffic nearly swallowed the young man in a sea of flesh then he stopped at the corner and turned his head, waiting for the street to clear of vehicles.

There was a chill to his features, a haughty iciness that kept a casual observer at bay but beneath the porcelain frigidity, Yunho saw something warm. Dreams were spun behind the beautiful mask of the lean young man, a moon-soaked fragility protected by a street-tough exterior. An overhead light chased the shadows from the man’s features as he turned to watch the cars go by, and Yunho’s mouth dried, his tongue pasted to the roof of his mouth.

A blush of wine and snow curved into a sensual pout over a strong chin, his masculine features made delicate by high cheekbones and kohl rimmed almond eyes. The wind picked up and lifted a fringe of dark hair from around the man’s neck, more than likely chilling the rings set into the curve of his exposed ear. Reaching up, the young man tugged down the grey beanie covering the back of his head. Taking one last glance at the traffic, he stepped into the sidewalk, mingling into the sea of people around him.

Rubbing at the back of his head, Yunho felt a pressure building up in his chest. Confused, he gulped, taking in a mouthful of air. Desperate, his body stilled its trembling, thankful for the rush of oxygen. In the rapture of watching the young man walk away from him, he’d forgotten to breathe.

“This is silly, Yunho,” He scolded himself, reaching for his cooling mug of coffee. “It’s a boy. What’s going through your head?”

“That was more than just a boy.” A sultry purr startled him and Yunho turned, astonished to find a strong-faced woman smirking at him from the next table. “That was Temptation and Sin rolled into a very pretty package.”

Artfully applied make-up hid the small creases of time on her café au-lait skin, powered lightly to smooth over her almost pretty features. Dark slashes of ebony liner ran nearly horizontal across her hooded eyes, making them appear catlike. Thick lashes flirted with Yunho, a flicker of knowing glances hidden behind their sooty lengths. Her body ran to lush, rounded breasts nearly spilling from a low-cut maroon t-shirt, the lacy tops of a black bra peeking up as she moved. A flick of her wrist tapped out a long pastel cigarette from the pack in her hand, her crimson nails bright under the street lights. Pursing her mouth, she placed the cigarette in her mouth and leaned forward, looking up at the young man sitting next to her with an expectant stare.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to treat a lady?” She cocked her head, pressing a lighter into his hands.

“Oh!” Fumbling with the metal square, he opened the Zippo, clicking the spin-wheel until the flint caught a spark, lighting the wick. Cupping his hand around the flame, he held the lighter up for her. The tip of the cigarette flared red and a whiff of sweet pungent smoke caught on the breeze as she exhaled and leaned back, savouring the taste of the blended cherry tobacco.

“Thank you, darling boy.” Reaching for the lighter, her fingers brushed against Yunho’s, curving around his hand for a brief moment. “Do you have a name, baby?”

“I’m sorry.” Passing the lighter back, he introduced himself. “I’m Jung Yunho.”

The woman’s hand dwarfed his, her broad palm and long fingers slightly callused along the edges. Rough lines wrinkled her thick knuckles and a wide wrist bone jutted around a nearly too delicate gold wrist watch, its face sparkling with inset diamonds. Astonished, Yunho looked up and stared at the full-figured woman, finally spotting the rise of an Adam’s apple on her throat.

“You’re a man!” Yunho heard his voice echo against the building and the almost-woman burst into a hearty laugh, throwing her head back and running her free hand through the length of her blonde-streaked brown hair.

“Oh, you’re precious,” She touched at the sides of her eyes with a napkin, wiping away a dot of moisture. “Don’t make me laugh so hard. A girl shouldn’t ruin her make-up before the night’s even begun.”

“I’m sorry.” Yunho bowed slightly, still bewildered. “I just wasn’t expecting…”

“Life is never what you expect, pretty boy.” She leaned forward, patting his thigh. “Sometimes it throws the most interesting rocks in your path and you have to decide whether to step over them or pick them up. The question is, little honey, is if you pick up the right rock and discover that it’s really a diamond. Ah, and look, there’s my little wildcat coming back from the store. I was on my last cigarette and that just won’t last on a night out.”

Yunho turned to see the young man climbing over the shin-high iron fence, his fingers gripping the top bar. He slid a pack of cigarettes onto the table near the woman’s elbow, shifting his weight to vault over the rest of the way. Neither saw the woman move the chair he rested his hand against for balance, her foot sliding the leg to the right. The chair nearly toppled, catching on an uneven line of grout and the young man pitched forward, crying out as he fell. Landing sideways, he lay sprawled on the pavement, trying to regain the breath knocked out of him.

“Oh, baby,” The woman was off of the chair in an instant, reaching for his arm. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Smiling up at the transvestite, the warm of his mouth melted away the ice Yunho had seen earlier. “I’m just clumsy.”

“No, it was my fault.” Motioning to Yunho, she urged the other young man forward. “Here, help me get Jaejoong up. I’ll just mark up that lovely skin of his with my nails. I just had them done and they’re sharp.”

“Of course, um…” Yunho slid his hands under the young man’s arms, carefully lifting him up and placing him in the relative safety of the high backed settee next to his table. Wondering how he ended up behind the young man, Yunho was about to move out from under the other’s weight when he spoke, a soft whisper of a secret.

“I call her Auntie,” Jaejoong’s honeyed breath tickled Yunho’s ear. “It’s just easier and she likes it.”

“You two wait here. I’ll see about some ice.” She was gone before Jaejoong could protest, a blur of maroon and black.

Yunho cradled the young man’s long frame against him, unsure if he should let go. There was a sweetness in the soft smile he’d been given and his heart pounded at the silken feel of Jaejoong’s arms sliding over his own. Leaning forward, he shifted, trying to get Jaejoong comfortable.

“I can sit in a chair if this is odd for you.” Jae cocked his head, taking a good look at the other man’s face. His features were masculine, handsome lines with the promise of security and passion. It was a face that held strength and the young man’s heart twisted into a knotty argument, unsure of what to do with the flare of attraction flushing his face.

“No, I’m fine,” He responded, shaking his head. “I…um…”

“You’re blushing,” Jae teased. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” Yunho fell into the darkness of the other man’s eyes, letting the cinnamon fire he found there consume him. The transvestite’s words echoed in his mind, bouncing around until all he could hear were the possibilities of icy diamonds and the fiery sunrises he found in the other man’s gaze. “What the hell. I’m going to hate myself if I don’t do this.”

Bending over, Yunho captured Jaejoong’s mouth with his lip, cupping his fingers along the other man’s jaw. Jae lay against him, still with shock then turned, sliding around in Yunho’s lap until he could return the passionate caress. The sounds of street traffic faded and Yunho could swear he heard only the sound of the young man’s breathing then the rasp of his tongue against the fullness of a moist pout, a succulent and wanton treasure.

There was a forever in their kiss, a storm that lay beneath the surfaces of their lips. Throwing caution to the whirlwinds buffeting them, Yunho increased the pressure on the other man’s mouth, not caring who saw him. If he’d known that when he woke that morning, he would lose his heart, Yunho would have taken more care with what he chose to wear and let happiness make his steps lighter. With the taste of the other man on his tongue, he groaned, losing his heart in the simplest of pleasures.

Yunho knew his downfall would be the other’s mouth. It was a blush of pink against his pale skin, burnished and sensual. The heat of their kiss worked the pout into a wide streak of promised sex and Yunho was lost. There would be no going back from this madness, Yunho said to himself. His soul would wander the earth if he die with the sweetness of Jaejoong’s mouth in his throat.

From her vantage point at the café’s entrance, Scarlet watched the two young men lose themselves in one another. The gentle touch of a man’s hand on her bare elbow made her turn and she smiled, the joy at seeing her solemn lover lighting up her face. He frowned, staring at the young man wrapped around Scarlet’s favourite cast-off kitten. Raising his eyebrows in question, he glanced first at Scarlet then menacingly at Yunho.

“No, darling. They’re fine. I think my feral cat has finally found someone who’ll rub his belly and keep him warm.” She tucked her arm into the crook of her lover’s elbow, resting her head against his solid shoulder. “And from what I can see, our little Yunho has finally met someone who can pull the stars down from the sky for him. Now, my love, let’s go to dinner and celebrate.”
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