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Riding the Darkness: JaeHo

this has already been posted on Jaeho_Exchange. please head over there and read the other fics and admire the art. it's all very splendid!

Author/Artist: wedspawn
For: pinkelatta
Title: Riding the Darkness
Note: It was originally titled Riding Shotgun (you know... i have no idea where that title came from)
Pairing(s): Jaeho
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A teasing Jaejoong finds flirtation has a price.

Warnings: Aggressive sex.

The steel catwalk around the edges of the club’s upper level trembled under the weight of the dancers’ writhing bodies. A thundering beat shivered the air, filling the interior with a storm of sound. Rainbow bursts of lights scattered across the ceiling, bright lines streaking across the high darkness. Spotlights caught on the faces below, touching one young man in particular.

His features are lean with more than a dash of fey in the slant of his cheekbones. The floodlights run silver bands over his eyes, their darkness turned to blue by the contacts he favoured. His shoulders sway to the music, dipping to the beat coming off of the people around him. Running his fingers through his hair, Jaejoong peels back strands of damp hair from his face, the toffee blond turned caramel from the sweat on his brow.

Jae felt someone’s eyes on him and he shifted slowly, leading with his hips. Rolling into a turn, he undulated and bowed his head, dropping his gaze to the floor. Staring down through the mesh grate floor, he kept his smile to himself, satisfied at the assessing exhale he’d seen on the other man’s mouth.

It was a nice mouth, as mouths went. Sensual. It had a deep bow whose corners lifted up at the side. Jaejoong noticed those things about other men, although he kept such things to himself. He liked the face he saw and more than approved of the tight body that went with the cocky slow grin he’d been given. He wondered how the young man’s long fingers would feel running over his chin and down his throat. With luck, that strong mouth would follow.

He ran his hand under his shirt, lifting its edge. Tilting his head back, Jae imagined how the bowed mouth would feel against his stomach, licking at the diamond stud piercing his navel. The other man wasn’t far from him, just a few yards but the distance was stretched long with other bodies and the damning stigma of loving another man.

The club went dark, lights dimming as the music slowed to an erotic beat. Hands moved over Jae’s hips, running down his thighs and then back up to touch his flat stomach. Moving under his shirt, the other man’s skin was rough, calloused along his palms. Jae leaned back against the other dancer, his hips sliding into the space between the man’s legs. Grinding back, he used the darkness to his advantage, slowing his movements and rubbing against the other man’s jeans.

His breath was hot on Jae’s neck, smelling of peppers and mint toothpaste. Their scents were intertwined, unfamiliar but not unpleasant. Heated, Jae’s flesh sizzled, drawn tight against his bones and muscles, aware of the danger they were courting by dancing so close.

There was no mistaking that they were two men. If the lights were on, Jae wouldn’t have risked the closeness of their bodies. No sane man would. Not in the society they lived in. But in the darkness, the boundaries of their lives became fragile and people crossed over lines that they normally would avoid. It was one of the reasons Jaejoong enjoyed the darkness. It held so many possibilities to explore.

The other man’s shoulders were broad, and although shorter than Jaejoong, his bulkiness nearly overpowered the singer’s lithe body. Daringly, the man’s hands moved down, pressing against Jae’s thighs until he was cupped against the man’s hard sex, its length pushing into the seat of Jae’s pants. The heat of their bodies seared away reason, the forbidden intimacy of their touch exciting the singer. He liked pushing at the walls that kept him constrained. What he liked even more was breaking the rules and not getting caught.

“How much?” The raspy voice in his ear was barely heard but the intent was unmistakable. “What will you do for 100 won?”

Jae grinned slyly, amused that the man didn’t know who he was or that he couldn’t be bought. Resting his head back on the man’s shoulders, Jaejoong bit lightly into the man’s earlobe, tugging on the round bit with his sharp teeth. Hissing, the man tried to pull back but Jae’s grip was too tight. The singer was unwilling to let go, half-amused and mostly offended by the implication that he was a whore. Releasing the lobe, Jae hissed, wondering if the man could even hear him over the rush of the music.

“If I were for sale, I wouldn’t go that cheap,” He nearly shouted into the man’s ear, taking one final bite of the ear that lay against his mouth. “You can’t afford me. Even if you had all of the money in the world, I’m too much for you.”

Jaejoong pushed off of the man’s body as the lights came on, separating himself with a few steps. The rejection was telling. He didn’t give the other man another look as he stalked off of the catwalk. The burn of the man’s hands on his body cooled as he left behind what he saw as a harmless flirtation.

Seeking the relative comfort of the bathrooms, Jae turned on the cold-water faucet, cupping his hand under the icy flow. The thick porcelain sink bowl was freezing but it felt good against his too hot body. Lifting his shirt, he leaned into the ceramic counter, letting its chill seep into his flesh.

He didn’t look up when the door opened. Jaejoong didn’t have to look. He knew who it was.

The footsteps were familiar as was the hot anger boiling in the air. Bending over further, Jae splashed his face, washing the feel of the other man from his skin. The click of the door’s lock sliding into place made him freeze momentarily, butterflies scraping the inside of his belly as he pondered what would happen when he stood up. He forced his hands to cover his face instead, letting the water seep down cheeks.

“What the hell was that?” Yunho flung his anger, his ire as fluid as the water pouring over Jae’s cupped palms.

“What the hell was what?” The singer met his lover’s eyes in the mirror, amusement playing at his full mouth. Reaching for a paper towel, Jae patted the drops from his neck, dabbing carefully.

“That thing. With that guy.” Grabbing Jae’s arms, Yunho turned him around, pressing the slender singer against the counter.

“It was a dance.” Jaejoong shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant and uncaring. “It’s not like we had sex.”

“It looked like it could have been sex,” Yunho said, digging his fingers into Jae’s tender flesh. “Even in the dark, I could see there wasn’t any air between the two of you.”

“I left him there, didn’t I?” The singer’s response was cool, his mouth set into a small snarl. “He wasn’t anything.”

“You come here and do that to irritate me on purpose,” Yunho accused. His eyes were narrow slits, the edge of his lip curled up in distaste. “You let him touch you knowing that I was watching.”

The space between them slimmed when Yunho moved in against his lover’s body. They were evenly matched, nearly of the same height but Yunho’s heavier frame firmly trapped the singer in place. Jae’s pout only infuriated the leader more, making his belly burn. Defiant, Jaejoong tilted his chin up as if to dare the other man to do something to stop him.

“The problem with you, Jaejoong,” Yunho’s teeth nipped at the other’s lower lip, sucking the plump meat until it rested against the tip of his tongue. He was satisfied to hear the soft moan coming from Jae’s throat, a sign that the small pain was working a trail of desire through the singer’s lithe body. “You are a tease. You’re a flirt even when you don’t know you’re doing it but when you put your mind to it, you can tease someone until they’re out of their mind with wanting you.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” Jae’s soft words slithered around Yunho’s heavy sigh, the singer ghosting a kiss over his lover’s strong chin. “Is it so bad when you know how much it turns you on to see me against another man? You know that I’m yours. That I’d never stray. Don’t you like it when I walk away from them and come looking for you?”

“But see, baby,” Yunho corrected. “You didn’t come looking for me.”

“That’s because I wanted you to be the one to come to me for a change.” The look Jaejoong gave Yunho smoldered through the remainder of control the leader had over his passions. “I knew you’d come.”

There was more than a little heat burning in the singer’s gaze, a come-hither glance filtered through kohl-darkened lashes. When the tip of Jae’s tongue slid around the corner of his mouth, wetting the full of his lips, Yunho tossed aside any hope of having a say in what he did next. All he knew is that he wanted to be buried deep inside of the young man he held prisoner against the counter. The world could burn down around them and he wouldn’t care. All that mattered in that moment was the quenching of want in Jae’s velvety body.

“There are times when I want you so much that you make my teeth ache,” The leader said. His hands ran up over Jae’s shoulders, skimming over the young man’s shirt sleeves. “And sometimes, I want to choke the life out of you because you make me so crazy.”

Yunho claimed what was his. A mouthful at a time. His teeth scraped at Jae’s birthmark, circling the wine-stained spot under his jaw. There was a line of beauty marks running up Jae’s right cheek. It led to the corner of his eye; the flutter of lashes against Yunho’s lips seared a line of desire in the leader’s belly. It would lead back down to the singer’s mouth where his tongue left a dot of moisture.

The spot tasted of sin. Of cloves and sex, everything that defined Jaejoong in Yunho’s mind. A mouth made for wicked things opened for Yunho’s tongue. There was masculinity in the curve of the young man’s neck, sensual and strong under the leader’s fingers.

“We can’t do anything here,” Jae pushed against Yunho’s chest, unable to move the other man away. “Someone will hear.”

“You think anyone’s going to hear you screaming my name over the music?” Yunho bit hard into Jaejoong’s neck, rolling the skin between his teeth. “Baby, I could be killing you in here and no one would hear.”

The doorknob rattled behind them then the door itself shook with the blows from an angry fist. Through the thick frame, they could hear someone yelling profanities through the seam, ordering whoever was inside to let him in to pee. Smiling, Jae quirked a knowing look up at his lover then gasped when Yunho grabbed his wrist, jerking him towards the door.

Jaejoong hurried to keep up with the stronger man, shooting an apologetic look at the thin man standing by the bathroom door. The club blurred in his eyes, its sounds rolling hard beats as he was dragged from the back corridors out to the musty air of a side alley.

Outside, the night assaulted Jae’s senses. There was too much to absorb, plunging out into the cold wind from the womb of techno music and pressed bodies. Under his feet, the asphalt was slippery, made wet from bodily fluids left behind from other people. He yelped when his shin struck the edge of a dumpster, its lid flipped over the back, piles of refuge nearly spilling over the opening and onto ground. Spoiled food from a nearby restaurant mingled with cast off condoms and cigarette butts, a familiar scent to the street urchin lurking inside of Jaejoong’s polished urban exterior.

“Yunho! Slow down!” Jae dug his heels in then flailed with his free arm, trying to regain his balance when his foot hit a heap of rotten cabbage spilled from an open garbage bag.

“Get in.” A chirp unlocked the low-slung sedan Yunho drove to the club. Its sleek grey skin rippled under the scant moonlight as clouds moved across the night sky. The air was pregnant with the heavy scent of rain; a threatening moisture hanging in the misty canopy above.

Opening the door of the car with his free hand, Yunho shoved his lover in, nearly slamming the door on Jaejoong’s legs. The tightness in the leader’s face encouraged no arguments. Stubborn, Jae leaned forward to undo the door latch as Yunho slid into the driver’s side. Grabbing Jaejoong’s shoulder, Yunho pushed his lover back into the upholstered seat.

“Don’t push me, Boo,” Yunho’s growl rumbled alongside of the powerful engine as he started the car. “Sometimes you just push, push and push until I can’t stand it anymore. Just sit there and shut up.”

They passed through the city, a war of silence raged in the tight space between them. Jaejoong contemplated what to say when the car stopped, unable to gather his thoughts past the stern visage of his lover seated next to him. Yunho’s mouth was set into a line, and his hard eyes stared straight ahead. Rain splattered across the windshield, turning the night soft with a weeping deluge. Street lights shined down on the man’s handsome face, dark shadows playing over the strong hands gripping the car’s steering wheel.

Jaejoong looked about curiously when Yunho pulled off of the freeway, guiding the car into the prefecture’s park. Long stretches of trees dotted a winding road that led to the river. They’d driven to the jogging paths along the cement-lined riverbanks, sometimes spending a stolen hour walking together and talking. Stealing a look at Yunho’s face, Jae guessed they wouldn’t be doing much talking.

The leader parked the car near a copse and leaned forward, unlatching his seat lock until it slid back to strike the leather upholstery behind him. Reaching over, he grabbed Jaejoong’s shoulders and hauled him over, ignoring the singer’s hiss of discomfort when the stick shift struck his hip.

“God, I’m sloppy in love with you,” Yunho nearly spat the words as an accusation. “Sometimes I think you’re a demon sent to drive me insane.”


“Shut up, Joongie,” The leader rumbled, slanting his mouth over his lover’s. “Just shut up for once.”

Their tongues warred against one another, hot and angry with a passionate fury. Jaejoong shifted in Yunho’s lap, moving his long legs until he straddled the other’s waist, his knees pressing into the seat on either side of his lover’s body. Long fingers tugged at his shirt, nearly tearing the fabric when Yunho’s hunger nearly overtook him. Groaning, the leader impatiently pulled the t-shirt up and off of the singer’s slender body.

With his shoulders bare, Jae shivered when the cold air hit the warm skin on his back. He opened his mouth to complain but found it filled with Yunho’s pressing tongue, silencing him from making anything other than the most guttural of noises. His upper lip burned where the rasp of Yunho’s stubble left a stinging burn behind. The other man rubbed his face against Jae’s, marking his territory before returning to seal his mouth over Jae’s lips once again.

Yunho stole Jae’s breath, leaving the singer panting against his lover’s chest. The man worked at loosening the button of Jaejoong’s jeans, hooking his fingers into the waistband and pulling it down over the rise of the singer’s rounded ass.


The single word was chilling. Yunho was intent on having him. Jae could feel the solid length of his lover’s shaft pressing against his inner thigh. The jeans were pulled down until Yunho could slide his hand under Jae’s thigh. Lifting his lover’s leg, he gripped the denim and worked it free of the other man’s ankle, leaving the other leg nearly fully clothed. Jae gasped when Yunho’s fingers pressed against his tongue, his throat nearly closing over the intrusion.

“Make them very wet, Joongie, because it’s all you’re going to get.”

The threat made Jae shiver and he slathered his tongue over the digits, working down the lengths until he hit the webbing. He worked quickly, feeling the rasp of elastic slide down his hips as his underwear was pulled away from his body.

His mouth was suddenly empty and the wetness from his tongue dried when Jae felt the push of Yunho’s fingers against his tight entrance. Gasping, he leaned forward, instinctively trying to relieve himself of the burning discomfort. The pressing intrusion followed, sliding past the muscled ring and into the soft, wet channel beyond.

“Yunnie-ah,” Jae moaned into his lover’s ear, his fingers dug down into the hardness of Yunho’s shoulders. The other man worked his fingers in deep, spreading as much of the moisture from Jae’s tongue as he could into the dry skin surrounding the man’s entrance. “Please. Need you.”

“Lift up.”

Another order, followed by a kiss that ravaged his mouth. Jae complied, leaving his lips against Yunho’s as he tilted his hips up. Yunho gripped himself, sliding up the length of his sex until his thumb rested against the flare. Guiding his shaft head until he felt the kiss of wet around Jae’s entrance, Yunho stilled and lifted his head, watching his lover’s heat-flushed face.

“You’re mine, Boo,” Yunho whispered, a sliver of tenderness working into the firmness of his voice. “I don’t know what to do to make you remember that. I don’t mind sharing your heart with the other members. I get that. They’re our brothers but this…doing this… this is all mine. No one comes between us in this. Remember that, Joongie.”

He plunged in, half-reveling in the gasps of pain spilling from his lover’s open pout. Yunho hated himself in that instant and slowed, pulling himself halfway out then stopping when Jaejoong growled. Rocking his hips up, Yunho dipped back up into his lover’s hot tightness, drawing out each stroke until the other man whimpered with need. With Yunho’s hands firm on his hips, Jae was held in place while his lover worked himself in and out. Frustrated, he tried rolling his body so he could reach the sweet spot of desire hidden inside of him but Yunho’s thrusts brushed against the tingle of nerves without fully drawing against the area.

“Yunnie, you’re driving me crazy,” Jaejoong wept, dropping his head down. Resting against Yunho’s throat, Jae sobbed with half-choked desire. “I need. Please. God, I need.”

“This is how you make me feel when I see you out on that floor, Joongie,” Yunho said, his breaths coming in hard pants as he worked to keep himself under control. “It’s maddening and at the same time erotic, because I know that just beyond reach, there’s something so very sweet there.”

Yunho pushed deeper, driving up into Jaejoong until he felt the other man’s body surrender to him. The tightness clung to him as he dug further into his lover’s warmth, pulling out only long enough to hear the whisper of want mewl out of Jae’s panting mouth. Each thrust struck the nerve centre of Jae’s body and the singer gasped, leaning back until he nearly lay against the steering wheel.

Gripping the dashboard, Jae kept himself slightly forward, trying not to hit the horn with his back. The angle forced him to tilt his hips up and open himself wide for Yunho’s short jabs into his body. Struggling to retain his balance, Jae placed one hand on the car’s ceiling, hooking his hand into the overhead light. His fingers slipped against the slick plastic and he fought hard to hold onto his senses while Yunho powered deeper into him.

The first splash of liquid surprised him, a jetting spurt of gelled seed from the tip of his trapped sex. Reaching down, Jae freed himself from his underwear, running his fingers over the tip. Yunho’s eyes narrowed, hard and glittering with his need.

“Do yourself. Let me see your face when you let go,” Yunho’s body rocked harder, pushing his length into Jae. The passage was nearly dry, the spit from his fingers almost gone from the friction between them. He would lose control soon and he wanted to watch Jae’s pleasure come to him before his own sex spilled.

Jae’s hand closed over the head of his sex, running the liquid down over the shaft. He held his breath as he worked the sliding skin down over the heft of his sex. Slowing when he reached the root, he pulled harder, drawing out each pass as Yunho watched. His other hand made long swipes in the fogged up windows, leaving trails of clear glass that were quickly clouding up again from the heat of their tortured breaths.

A trail of sparks worked up from Jae’s belly, tingling along his sex and circling around the core of his soul. Riding his lover’s body, Jaejoong’s breath grew jagged as he fought the wave of sensations spilling over him. Everything in him wanted to release but the tightness of his entrance being pushed apart by Yunho’s incessant thrusts worked him back and forth, twisting his hips as they moved.

Unable to hold back any longer, Yunho’s hard plunges deepened, shattering Jaejoong’s hold on his desire. The singer spilled first, leaning back with an arch of his back as his seed splattered Yunho’s shirt, staining it wet with his fluids. A warm river filled Jae’s core, threatening to overwhelm the heat inside of his body. Clutching around Yunho’s length, Jae milked his lover’s shaft until the other man’s thrusts slowed then finally stopped, the width of his shaft keeping his seed from seeping from Jae’s entrance.

Falling forward, Jae lay exhausted against Yunho’s heaving chest, the other man panting hard as he struggled to regain his breath. The muggy air in the car reeked of their passion and the windows were opaque from the efforts of their hard breathing. They lay against one another for a minute, both too worn to move.

A rap against the window made Jae jump, his body spasming around Yunho’s length. Holding a finger to his lover’s mouth, Yunho grabbed at Jae’s discarded shirt, covering their laps with. Rolling down the driver’s side window, Yunho stared up into a flash of light beaming through the crack. The light moved over Jae’s partially hidden face, the singer turning away from the open window.

“You can’t park here,” The police man said, peering into the car. “This isn’t a love hotel.”

“Sorry,” Yunho remarked, running his hand up Jae’s thigh. “He pissed me off at the club. I finally had to stop and deal with it.”

“Ah,” Stumbling back from the frank honesty in Yunho’s set face, the police man motioned towards the road with his flashlight. “Take it home then.”

“Thank you,” Yunho bowed his head, chuckling at the shame filling Jaejoong’s face. Kissing his lover, he used Jae’s shirt to clean his lover, wiping carefully at the tenderness he left behind. “Pull on your jeans so we can go home. I won’t be able to drive with you half-dressed.”

“I can’t believe you said that to him,” Jae felt the burn creep across his face. “God, Yunho, what were you thinking?”

“Truth?” Yunho started the car and pulled back onto the road, a satisfied smile across his handsome face. “I was thinking that I agree with him. Wait till you get home, Boo. I’ve not even started doing what I want to do to you tonight. With any luck, you won’t even think about walking much less dancing with another man for a very long time.”


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Dec. 29th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
Dec. 29th, 2007 09:38 pm (UTC)
yours! im heading to a nap! i am sssoo tired :D
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Oh god, Yunho, OMG. *dead* skjhalhglkajsfk!! He's so possessive and RAWR! 8D And Jae, and the car sex and asljhlsgkgioauetgsajgkvhsazkga!

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I loved the possesive Yunho ^-^ And he got jealous so easily just by watching Jae dance with another guy. Then again I doubt we can blame him, the view of Jae dancing all sweaty and hot must've definitely been a sight to see ^-^ *drools at the thought* And then with the policeman and Yunho being so honest and blunt just made me laugh ^-^ I bet Yunho can't wait to get home now ^-^ And the policeman probably needed some tissues as well after witnessing Jae on top pf Yunho and hearing the comment Yunho made ^-^ <333
Dec. 29th, 2007 10:47 pm (UTC)
:::grins::: poor policeman... just doing his job and then... ooooff.. having to deal with masculine yunho and his equally masculine lover.

:::grins::: smooches i'm glad you liked it honey! thank you
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thank you honey. prompts are a bitch :D
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aw, thank you! :::hugs::
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OMO~ you never cease to amaze me with your writing.
Yunnie, all jealous and possessive is pretty much a turn-on for me.
Gods, I love your writing.
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heh. yunho is well.. a major turn on. :::grins::: thank you and snookies. i'm so glad you liked it!
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Ahhh I read this the other day as a secret santa entry and I thought, I bet this is Reece's! <3 Very hot, and Jae is a very naughty boy, teasing his Yunnie that way. =D
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heh :D ♥♥♥ yeah, i think i'm pretty transparent :D

thank you baby. and you know my fondness of jaeho.
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A-HA! so it was you. :PPP

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♥♥♥♥ heh. well yeah. but hey! that bathroom sees a LOT of action :) smooches

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*offers tissue*

*resurrects with cookies*

here, jae made them. :::hugs::: hugs :D smooches and snookies.
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that was hot! *dies*
possessive yunho is always good... and lucky policeman too lol
Dec. 30th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
heh. thank you! :::fans::: here, have some cookies. :D

smooches and yunho is always good when possessive. that poor policeman.

thank you!
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ahhh~although i've read this at jaeho_exchange..leaving a comment here won't be a crime ne?~*wink*

i really love this one coz possessive!yunnie is just damn sexy!!~♥
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thank you! ♥♥♥♥ yunnie is so jealous sometimes. he's probably evened out lately but still... he does love his jaejoong :) ♥
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heh... well yes, that way he can control how jae moves :::winks:::smooooooches. D
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adskadjakldjkadjakdjadja *dies*

ne wed-chan, i think you killed me. Aggressive!Yunho is just way too sexy and Jae, being his flirty self was yum yum.

“You think anyone’s going to hear you screaming my name over the music?” Yunho bit hard into Jaejoong’s neck, rolling the skin between his teeth. “Baby, I could be killing you in here and no one would hear.” this line killed me. and and

“God, I’m sloppy in love with you,” Yunho nearly spat the words as an accusation. “Sometimes I think you’re a demon sent to drive me insane.” i think i fell in love with you all over again here.

honestly i think this is how their relationship goes, kinda. Jae is such a flirt, a tease and i think Yunho would get crazy sometimes, specially with how playful Jae is ne?

god people talk about my stories being good. i have nothing when it comes to you. you're stories are always just so awesome, and you're smuts, they're erotic and beautiful and.. adjksadjskla. i rambled alot to you... but seriously this is one of my favorites from you. i save in memories. write more soon♥
Dec. 30th, 2007 08:38 am (UTC)
aggressive!yunho rocks~ you rock more though~. *steals* XD

okay okay.. i think im done.
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That was SO hot!!! *nosebleed*
Yunho is honest ahahah I can see the expression of the cop XD
the sex scene, and the scene in the club was hot and erotic *O*

but I think what killed me is the last sentence!!! My pervert mind is working hard to imagine what he will do to Jae *;;*
Dec. 31st, 2007 12:08 am (UTC)
hah. thank you! ♥♥♥ heh... i shall leave you there with your imagination. :::grins wickedly:::: ♥♥♥♥

car sex is always hot. for some reason, no? snookies.
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ahem..an angry green eyes monster Yunho is scary man...but somehow..Jae give sme the feeling that he liked to bait Yunho to the brink of his insanity....
Dec. 31st, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
heh :) ♥♥♥♥ yunho is very... passionate when he's angry. i think jae likes him that way. ♥
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