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One Beach Road (OT5, bel_chan)

Title: One Beach Road
Author: wedspawn
Recipient of nuna_fanworks: bel_chan

Pairing: OT 5
Summary: A visit to the island. Pretty Korean boys. You know the rest of it.

this is the first OT5 i've done. smooches to the bel. ot5 is very difficult. where do you put all the legs? pish. :D

They flew into the island city as individuals. These days, it was far easier to pass as just another dark haired young man getting off of a plane. There was a danger if they traveled in pairs. Asian women appeared to have the keenest eyes, the older ones moaned with regret. Of course, their youngest reminded them, who did they think grew up to be the mothers that nagged them and caught every little bad thing that they did?

Changmin was arrived at the coffee shop inside of the airport, a lean young man growing into his manhood. The trip over nearly gave him hives from nervousness. Each time they slipped away, his body twitched and jerked at every sideways glance he was given. Moving from cute to handsome, the glances were more frequent and he’d yet to understand the measuring looks he got were admiring assessments rather than suspicious wonderings.

A hand on his shoulder made him jump and he gasped, turning to find Jaejoong about to slide into the chair next to him. He’d been sure to sit someplace that he could see the others when they came in and Min was more than a bit pissed off that the honey-haired singer had snuck up on him.

“I thought I was first.” Frowning at the eldest, he made a comical face and drained the dregs of his coffee. “Where were you all hiding?”

“Come on,” Jae tugged at his ear, twisting at the unpierced lobe. “Change of plans. The others got earlier flights. They’re waiting for us at the hotel.”

“You hung out for me?” Min picked up his laptop bag, slinging it over his shoulder. The distance to the sidewalk wasn’t long enough for him to get the strap settled and he jostled with the door before Jae stepped in to hold it open for him. “That doesn’t sound like you. There’s food waiting and Yunho. How did they talk you into waiting?”

“I lost the round of paper-scissors-stone.” Jae laughed and sidestepped Min’s fist. “No hitting me or no kisses for you.”

“Huh.” The damp air of an impending storm hit Min full in the face as did the sweet perfume of the island. He’d only been here once before but the exotic rush of its breeze felt like home against his soul. Breathing in deep, he held the sugary heat in, exhaling before replying to Jaejoong’s threat. “Like you could even remember that you said that once we move more than five feet from the curb. How are you going to recall that in the hotel?”

“I don’t need to wait until the hotel.” Jaejoong stepped up to the edge of the sidewalk, smiling sweetly at a liveried driver. “Here he is. We can go now.”

“Let me take your bags, sir.” The cool-faced man took Min’s heavy suitcase from him, swinging it into the trunk of a long, black town car. Its windows were tinted dark, opaque under the dreary greying skies.

Min saw himself reflected in those glass panes, Jaejoong standing in profile behind him. The golden shimmer of the other man made his heart ache. Changmin saw the worried circles under his hyung’s eyes and the tightness along the edges of his mouth. All of them were tired and the brief escape to Singapore was only going to be a small patch of Heaven before they returned to the grinding routine of their lives.

Still, Min scolded himself, they would have time with one another. Time spent away from prying eyes and probing questions. He would make the most of it, carrying the peace he would gain in his mind. Their brief sanctuary would be filled with laughter and silliness, long hours spent lazing about. It would be a welcome respite to the weariness in his bones.

“Wow, this is…” He searched for a word that could express how he felt not to be riding with a crazy taxi driver or an open windowed van. The town car was practically a shadow hammered out of steel. No one would see a thing as they traveled in style. “This is nice. Thank you.”

“I’ve forgiven you,” Jaejoong whispered, licking at the edges of Min’s ear. “I might be okay with making your mouth a little bit wet. You might even earn a nibble.”

Jaejoong’s resolve didn’t last long. It never did, reasoned Min. The resulting trip was filled with kisses and soft shushed words, the older man pointing out things that captured his attention as the town car slipped through onto the roadway. Their kisses became long sensual explorations of each other’s mouths and Jaejoong sipped at the peppermint tea he tasted on Min’s tongue, laving at the back of the young man’s teeth and making him laugh when Jae’s tongue tip raked across the roof of his mouth. For Min, Jae’s mouth was definitely sinful. It held promises and sugars, and sex. He couldn’t look at the eldest’s face without thinking of times he’d had those lips wrapped around the length of him.

“I like your thoughts,” Jae said softly, letting his fingers trail down Changmin’s thigh. A lined edge pressed up into the fabric of the other’s jeans, a jutting prideful arc that he could stroke into a weeping hardness. He could always tell when he’d teased the youngest into arousal. The flush on the young man’s face broke a peach glow under his skin and the darkness of his pupils ate at the cinnamon hue of his eyes.

“Stop that.” Min glanced at the tinted barrier between them and the driver. It had been raised since the moment they stepped into the car. The man’s placid face nearly blank of emotion as he closed the door behind the laughing young men. “Suppose he can hear through that? You know I make a lot of noise.”

“Not as much as Susu-ah,” He teased, licking at the line of Min’s jaw. “Besides, I have to stop. I think we’re here.”

Looming over them, the hotel’s spread of white antique colonial-style walls and elaborate columns made Changmin’s breath go still in his mouth. History stood in front of him, rich and lush amid the tepid damp air. Rounding the circular drive, the car stopped in front of a doorman, his white-gloved hand quick to open the vehicle’s door. He didn’t want to get out, memorizing the emotion of arriving someplace so steeped in the lore of the island country. Events happened here, both small and large. His heart pounded with the knowledge that behind one of the building’s arched French windows, the others waited for them to arrive, and he wanted to savor every moment of experience.

“Welcome to Raffles, sir.” Smiling, the older man motioned for the young men to walk up a length of carpet, their heads protected from the drizzle of rain by a wide patio entrance. “I’ll see to your luggage.”

An expanse of old leather couches and rattan tables greeted as Changmin first passed through the entrance. A drawing room, he realized suddenly. He’d walked from the world he knew into an old English drawing room. The shush-shush noise of palm-leaf ceiling fans captivated. If he closed his eyes he could almost hear the cut glass tones of Victorian-age Brits who once lounged in the lobby and puffed on blue-smoke cigars. The rattle of a tea cup’s ghost echoed in his mind, a staunch civility embedded in the hotel’s very walls.

Aghast at the expanse of the hotel, he stood breathless on the woven carpet, jerked from his reverie only when Jaejoong shook his arm. Turning, Min grumbled darkly under his breath, reluctant to leave the main room where he could imagine himself watching people for hours while sipping at a fine porcelain cup filled with Darjeeling tea.

“Come on,” Jae poked at Min’s ribs. “I checked at the desk. I’ve got our room number. I’ve got our bags.”

It was too short of a walk up a flight of stairs and then over a stretch of carpeted floor. Changmin’s stomach fluttered with anticipation as they approached the closed door at the end of the hall. He was being silly, he scolded himself. These were his lovers, his brothers, his family that protected him in the middle of the storm of their lives. He had nothing to fear from them. He had nothing but love and comfort from the men that waited for them on the other side of that door.

Yet, he stopped, pressing his hand on the thickly painted wood. There was so much promise and treasure waiting in the unknown. He wanted to savour it. Roll the maybe of their time spent together on his tongue and taste what might happen on the back of his throat. It was all there, the possibilities to be explored.

Or would have been if Jaejoong hadn’t thrown open the door and called out for the others in a loud sing-song voice that rattled his soul.

There was laughter. He expected that. What he didn’t expect was Junsu’s warm hands on his hips before the door even shut behind him, clever long fingers unzipping his jacket and moving the fabric from his shoulders. A broad bed dominated one side of the room, the sheer wealth of its bedding weighted by numerous soft feather pillows. Yoochun lay sprawled on the bed, motioning for Junsu to bring their youngest over.

He was definitely loved, Min whispered to himself, now as much as any other time in his life.

Junsu led their bemused younger member over to the mattress, pushing lightly on his wide shoulders and sitting Min down. Nearly bouncing from the edge, he broke into a hard laugh, falling back onto his side and nearly hitting Yoochun’s temple. Yelping, the baritone growled in mock offense, tackling the younger man and stripping him clean of his jacket, tossing it to the floor.

“Are the two of you going to stand there making moon eyes at each other or are you going to come over here?” Junsu called out to the two older members standing nose to nose besides one of the large windows. Their fingers were tangled, and they were rocking back and forth, lost in a music only they could hear.

Of the five of them, the older two were clearly a couple, a firm marriage of souls as well as bodies. While they all shared one another, Jaejoong and Yunho were two halves of a beating heart. The other three would have it no other way. The singers’ intense love gave them a foundation, something to build their relationships on.

It also provided the start of their experimental couplings.

“Ah, they’re lost in each other again,” Yoochun scoffed, looping one leg over their youngest’s waist. “I’ll hold him down. You get the rest of his clothes off of him.”

“Hey!” Changmin protested. “You’re both still wearing clothes! I’m not going to be the only one naked!”

“I’m wearing sweat pants.” Junsu regarded the squirming legs and flailing arms as if it were an experiment that could blow up in his face. “I’ll need more help than that, Chunnie. He’s still very wiggly.”

“I am always doing the work,” The baritone complained, shifting to cover Min with his body. “You get his pants off. I’ll pull off his shirt.”

“They’re going to piss him off,” Jae murmured into Yunho’s throat, pulling his sidelong gaze from the three young men on the spacious bed. “Or hurt him.”

“No, I think they’re just going to make him laugh.” He wrapped his arms around the slender singer, reluctantly letting go of the other’s hands. “He needs to laugh more.”

The rise of Jae’s buttocks fit neatly into his hands, firm and muscular from the seemingly endless dancing they did. He too didn’t care for the tired circles under Jaejoong’s eyes or the faded spirit dwelling behind those long dark lashes. The pace of their lifestyle had begun to wear on the eldest, tearing down at the fragile reserves of strength he stored up in his body.

“You’re still not eating enough, Boo,” Yunho licked at the corner of his lover’s mouth, tasting the sun and rain on the other’s lips. “I had them bring up something to eat.”

“You just want me fat so you can burn it off of me,” Jae accused with a smile. He’d wink but the contortions he had to go through to do it always made him feel awkward. “But I’ll eat something for you, if you want.”

Half of a blood-fleshed purple fig was offered up to him, Yunho holding up the fruit to tempt him. The succulent juicy tendrils burst on his tongue, nearly too sugary for his tastes before the tartness of the membrane pulp kicked in. Closing his eyes, he sucked the juice from Yunho’s fingers, laving out the flesh from the fig’s rind with his tongue. The nuttiness of the flavour soothed his throat, the tissues there still raw from the previous night’s singing.

“That’s good,” Jae mumbled around a mouthful of the fruit.

“Not as good as watching you eat it,” Yunho responded. He leaned forward, flicking at a stray drop of fig juice trembling on Jaejoong’s lip. “Why are we so far away from the bed?”

“Because you wanted to feed me,” He reminded his lover. Pursing his mouth, Jae suckled out the remainder of the fig’s flesh, drawing it through his teeth before he pulled away, chewing on the pulp.

“I’ve got a few things I’d rather you feed on.” Yunho clamped his hands behind Jae’s back, lifting him up and duck walking him towards the mattress.

“Hey! Watch your back!” Jaejoong protested, wiggling to get free. “If you get hurt again, how are we going to explain a stay in the hospital?”

“Yunnie! No, don’t be silly.” Junsu shouted in alarm, reaching for the eldest’s legs and swinging them up onto the mattress, scolding Yunho as he fought with Jae’s flailing limbs. Yoochun looked up from his struggling captive, Changmin nearly nude save for a pair of bright red boxers haphazardly askew on his hips.

“And you’ve brought another victim to our lair!” Shouting with glee, the baritone grabbed at Jaejoong’s shirt, dragging it upwards. “Rawr! I shall gnaw off the moistest parts of your body.”

“Hey, I like the moistest parts of my body,” Jae said, kicking lightly at his best friend as he tried to get away. Trapped, he wiggled half-heartedly, succumbing to Yoochun’s quick hands.

“Don’t forget the other one!” Junsu poked at Yoochun as he pounced on the youngest, grabbing at the elastic waistband and pulling it free from his legs. “Ah, I almost have this one ready for you, leader-sshi.”

“You’re a good dongsaeng,” Yunho kissed the back of Junsu’s neck, leaving a small wet mark on the tenor’s smooth skin. “Here, you get this one undressed. I’ll pick up where Yoochun left off.”

“Aw, I just got him unwrapped!” The middle member wrinkled his nose and grabbed at his best friend’s wrists. “Hold still, Joongie. Junsu and I have work to do.”

“No, don’t go limp!” Swearing, Junsu let out a hard breath as the eldest’s weight suddenly went dead. Lying prone on the bed, Jaejoong feigned being a rag doll, letting his arms flop about boneless and heavy as the two men tried to get him undressed. “Ah, Yunho knew he was going to do this. Leader-sshi hates us. Leaving us with such a burden!”

“Aish! He’s so heavy!” Yoochun grabbed at Jae’s waist, trying to maneuver him around the bed. “You’re too skinny to be this heavy!”

“It’s his hard head,” Junsu retorted, letting out a small yelp as Jae’s teeth sank into the sensitive skin under his arm. “Ouch, and he bites! We’ll need to tie this one down.”

Yunho laughed, leaving the others to their play as he began to trail his fingers over Min’s stomach, feeling the youngest’s abdominal muscles jump in response to the light touch. Purring in his throat, he bent over to trace the dark line leading down from Min’s navel. Yunho smiled when a small gasp broke from Changmin’s open mouth, a garbled half-protest when he trailed his tongue around the strong vein running over the younger man’s sex.

“Stop, too soon!” Min pushed at Yunho’s shoulders with trembling hands. “You’ll make me lose control before I even get started.”

“Oh, we don’t want that.” A wicked grin covered Yunho’s face and he rested his chin on the young man’s thigh, staring up past Min’s jutting erection to his warm brown eyes. “But I can think of a few things to do with this.”

Covering the tip with his mouth, Yunho left a trail of wet along the rim then pursed his mouth, blowing on the head until shivers ran up Min’s stomach and down his legs. Trembling, Changmin fisted his fingers into Yunho’s hair, gripping the back of the older man’s neck and dropping his own head back onto the bed. He rode the sensations, allowing himself to fall into the pleasure rocking his body.

Fingers soon joined Yunho’s mouth, testing and probing at Min’s body. He turned, finding Jaejoong’s mouth a few centimeters away. Straining slightly, he shifted and he found he could reach the succulent pout tempting him. A sugary pungency lay on Jae’s tongue, a nutty sweetness he couldn’t identify. It blended with the singer’s innate sensual flavour, that unique masculine tang that lingered on Min’s tongue.

Yoochun slithered around Jae’s body, kissing the base of the eldest’s spine. Junsu’s fingers were under his mouth suddenly, pressing against his lips. They slid past his teeth, pressing against his tongue. His mouth soon joined his on Jae’s soft skin, running a kiss over the spot Yoochun just left. They mingled on Jaejoong, a slow tingling moisture tasting of their mouths.

Yunho felt the heat of one of the others around him first, a slow push into a welcoming body. The others soon joined him, their limbs wrapped tight around one another, loosening only to make it easier for the one closest to reach. Jae’s mind was filled with the dizzying scents of the men who supported and loved him. His centre swelled with the heft of someone. He didn’t care which of the others it was. As long as it was one of them.

Junsu surged against someone, letting the heft of the man’s sex fill him. Another surrounded him, a casual touch of a mouth and then the flick of a tongue, experienced at drawing out his soft moans. He wondered briefly, before he lost his mind in the passion of his body, if the person sucking on his pearled tip was Jaejoong or Yoochun then the thought escaped him, forgotten in the swirl of wonder that overtook his mind.

The room’s air grew thick with passion and sweat, their voices rising in a primal song. This was a stage that no one else saw, where their true music wove together and soared. Junsu’s voice broke into the higher ranges, his head thrown back and his mouth wide open as he rode Yoochun’s body. Min joined him, a descant of melody asking for more of his older lover’s body and mouth.

Yunho’s hand reached out, finding his beloved Jaejoong’s. Wrapping his fingers around the young man’s, he moved in close, hips roiling and driving his passion deep into his lover’s warmth. A kiss would have to wait until Jaejoong’s mouth was free, Yoochun’s length filling the young man’s pout with a milky burst.

Panting, Changmin struggled to find where his pleasure began and where on his body it ended. Goosebumps crawled over his back, and a throbbing poignant itch grew where Junsu’s teeth sank in when he’d reached his climax. Yunho’s breath on his shoulder left a searing run before the leader leaned forward to steal possession of Jaejoong’s mouth.

The rain broke from the skies, chasing off the lingering swelter of the island’s mugginess. Cool air wafted in from the open French doors, caressing their heated bodies with a soft chilled kiss. Sighing nearly as one, they collapsed and shifted around one another’s legs, hands lingering for long touches and soft strokes on sensitive flesh.

Cuddled together, they dropped off one by one, until only Jaejoong and Yunho remained partially awake. Murmuring with pleasure, the eldest curved around his lover’s legs, resting his head on Yunho’s shoulder. His legs remained tangled in Min’s, his foot held in Yoochun’s loose grip. Junsu lay just beyond, a fingerbreadth away from Jae’s reach. Sighing, he drifted, hearing Yunho’s heart beat beneath him.

“Sleep now, baby.” Yunho said, tucking a sheet around them. “Before I attack you again.”

“Hah,” The singer mumbled, waving his free hand around in the air. “I have my minions that I’ve seduced. They will defend me against your wanton ways.”

“I’ve subverted your minions, Joongie. They answer to me now.” Yunho’s teeth found the tip of Jae’s ear, rolling the lobe against his lip. “Sleep. When you wake up, I’ll show you just how wicked I am. If you’re nice to me, I’ll let you dominate my minions.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jae agreed with a nod, nearly lolling his head to the side. “We’ll start with Junsu. He’s been snobbish. Then Min or maybe Yoochun. It depends on how I feel.”

“Maybe I’ll just start with you,” Yunho laughed, his mouth on Jae’s. He knew Jaejoong was beginning to slip away, falling off into a state of mind not so very different from the dreamy fugue that he slipped into during conversations. “I’ve conquered you and lured away your minions. You’re mine.”

“Hah. I own your heart,” The other man said as he ran his hand over Yunho’s chest, clenching a fist over his nipple. “It’s mine.”

“My heart is definitely yours,” He replied. “You have to share with the others. As hard as that is for you.”

“Don’t mind sharing you with them.” Jaejoong nodded once, letting sleep take him. Yunho relaxed, falling into the comfort of his lovers around him and listening to the eldest’s breathing. Taking one last look out of the French doors and white walls that now made up their world.

It was a nice place to be, he decided, their sanctuary from the outside. Singapore was their home now, for however long it lasted. It was a small bit of fantasy made real, and he would enjoy every single second he could spend there. Turning slightly, Yunho watched the others sleep, resting his cheek on Jae’s shoulder. Their breaths rose and fell, content and happy but most of all, safe.

A final plaintive whisper broke the hush of their room, Jaejoong’s voice dusky with fatigue. “Yunnie?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“Love you,” Jae’s voice was a soft burr, his mind drifting away.

“I love you too, Boo,” Yunho said, settling down into the pillows, snuggling into the warmth of his lover’s body. “Now get some sleep. We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us and I don’t want you to miss one minute of it.”
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