wedspawn ♥ (wedspawn) wrote,
wedspawn ♥

Cords and HoSu

Author: Wedspawn
Pairing: HoSu
Prompt: Cords
Rating: R
Done for: hosu_yongwonhi

The day was hiding behind a veil of clouds, mimicking the edge of twilight when Junsu stirred. For a moment, he wondered where he was, disoriented by the shadows stretching out over the unfamiliar bed. He moved, shifting his legs against the rich sheets, the slither of fine cotton soft on his skin.

Last night lay on him, a heady cream of desire and memories that left him breathless just in remembering the times he rode the waves of pleasure Yunho gave him. They’d loved behind a veil of secrecy, each kiss tantalizing with the taboo of what they were doing. He’d gripped at Yunho’s shoulders, feeling the man’s strength as his muscles moved, rocking their bodies together until his mind finally burst into a starry field of bliss.

His back hurt. A good hurt. One he wouldn’t trade for anything. When he moved again, there was a twinge and then the scent of his lover rose from the bedding, that masculine green tea tinted cologne he knew so well. Turning his head, Junsu inhaled deeply, closing his burnt cinnamon eyes against the watery sunlight coming through the sheer curtains.


His body thickened with the thought of the older man. There were memories in that scent; the quirk of a cocky smile, those knowing hands that explored every inch of his body, the nip of his teeth along Junsu’s inner thighs. He felt those nips still, small aching bruises throbbing on his skin. Yunho’s mouth left behind more than the sensual burn of the time they’d spent together.

Junsu moved, stretching his body out. Reaching for the ceiling, he was jerked short a few feet away from the headboard. Twisting, he tugged at the ties that bound him to the slats, long rich purple satin cords wrapped carefully around his delicate wrists. The knots were elaborate, woven hearts looped into hugs along his forearms.

He struggled, testing the strength of his bondage. Glancing up, he studied the cords, the dangling vermillion ends bringing out the faint blue of his veins. His hips slid over the sheets, the covers gliding over his nakedness. The aches traveled up his back and he still could feel the press of Yunho’s hand on the small of his spine, the older man’s fingers leaving bruises along the lush rise of his ass.

Junsu jumped when he felt a hand on his calf, another man’s warm fingers running up the tendons behind his knee. A flick of the sheets sent them settling over his face, hiding his tormentor from him. Teeth followed those fingers, then a lick of a tongue found the bruised nips on the inside of his leg.

The hot tip of the man’s tongue circled a spot, drawing back and returning until Junsu practically screamed in frustration when his lover’s cheekbone brushed up against his hard length. Growling in frustration, Junsu hitched his breath into his lungs, holding himself still as Yunho’s mouth suckled at him, leaving him in a panting mess.

“Yunho,” Junsu heard the torment in his voice, his throat unable to contain the rush of need in his belly. The two syllables fell from his mouth, his panting rising as the other man’s teeth nibbled up over his waist, Yunho’s lips suckling out along the jutting bone of his hip.

Hands lifted him from the bed, splaying his legs apart and leaving Junsu vulnerable to Yunho’s explorations. Wrapping his hands into the slack of the violet cords, Junsu arched his back, driving himself against Yunho’s mouth, begging the other man to reach every bit of skin, wanting the man to touch every inch of his body until he couldn’t take it any more.

He was covered in kisses, wet rounded hearts left from Yunho’s lips. The cords bit into his palms, leaving lines along his hands that Yunho kissed away as he undid the knots, releasing Junsu from his satin prison. Yunho traced over the pulse points he found under Junsu’s creamy skin.

The cotton sheets were red, a vivid pomegranate shade that framed Junsu’s glowing body. Yunho straddled his young lover’s hips, settling his knees on either side of Junsu’s legs and lifted his hips, keeping his weight off of the other’s thighs.

Staring down into the innocent-faced singer, Yunho felt a rush of pride at the swollen pink of Junsu’s lips, knowing that he’d been the one to ravage that blush into that perfect butterfly pout. Bending down, Yunho kissed the dark beauty spot above Junsu’s upper lip, letting his mouth roam down to the dip of Junsu’s neck, nestling his face into the fragrant warmth he found there.

“Morning,” Junsu whispered, rubbing his cheek against the older man’s temple. He loved the feel of Yunho’s hair against his mouth and jaw, pressing his lips together to catch strands between his teeth and tugging lightly to tease his lover.

“Good morning,” There were more kisses, tasting of the morning and a hint of cinnamon bubblegum from Yunho’s toothpaste.

“Let me up,” Junsu pushed lightly at Yunho’s chest, sliding out from under the man’s heavier body. “I’ll be right back.”

He made quick work of washing his face and brushing his teeth, relieving himself of the night left on his skin. Prowling back into the hotel bedroom, he was startled to find it empty. Wondering where the older man went, he reached for a pair of sweat pants, tugging them over his slender hips. A knock on the door brought his head up then he laughed, hearing Yunho beg to be let in.

“I left the key on the desk, Susu,” Yunho chuckled, carrying a tray of food into the room. Stealing a kiss from Junsu’s open mouth, he worked past the younger man and deposited his burden on the dresser. “Go lie down. I’m going to feed you breakfast.”

Yunho did as he promised, biting into a slice of melon and then leaning over to slide the tidbit into Junsu’s mouth. His tongue licked at the back of Junsu’s front teeth, tickling him before withdrawing. Laughing softly, the younger man chewed, leaning into the pillows and waited for another bite of food.

The fruit was easy enough, succulent strawberries dripping with juice that Yunho licked off of Junsu’s chin. He bit, leaving a soft pink imprint behind. Drawing back, Junsu smacked Yunho’s shoulder, pushing him lightly away and rubbing at his smarting skin.

“Teeth! Watch your teeth,” Junsu complained, stealing a blueberry from the tray and popping it into Yunho’s mouth. “Chew this. Not me.”

“I like chewing on you. You taste good,” Yunho replied, his voice husky and deep in his throat. Placing his hand on the headboard, he pushed forward, trapping Junsu against the wooden slats. “I want to chew on you some more. I think there are places I missed last night.”

Junsu surrendered, writhing on the pillows as Yunho licked at the downy brush of hair along the edge of Junsu’s ear. His legs wrapped around the older man’s calves, his ankles hooked into Yunho’s. He ran his hands over the singer’s shoulders, hooking his fingers behind Yunho’s neck and drawing the man closer. His caress traveled down Yunho’s arms, and then to his wrists, tangling into the other man’s fingers in a tight clenching hold.

Yunho forgot about Junsu’s strength until the young man’s powerful legs flipped him over, and he bounced on the bed’s dark red sheets. He yelped in surprise and then shock when he reached for the younger singer and discovered he couldn’t move his arms more than a foot.

“Let me go,” Yunho growled, snapping his teeth as he tried to nip at Junsu’s shoulder.

“Oh no, Yunnie,” Junsu said, shaking his head as he wrapped another loop of cord around his lover’s wrist. Chewing off the top of a large strawberry, he gauged the opening he made. It wasn’t wide enough, he decided, examining the growing heft of his lover’s body. Nibbling off a bit more, Junsu smiled, satisfied that he’d be able to slip the strawberry onto his lover. Kissing Yunho hard, he grinned when the other man gasped as the cold fruit slid over his nearly too-hot body. “Relax, baby. I’m going to take my time eating breakfast. And you know how much I love strawberries.”
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