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Bel_Chan's Minsu: Secrets

Author: Wedspawn
Pairing: MinSu
Title: Secrets
Rating: NC-17. LEMON
Prompt: Bel-Chan's MinSu Plea

bel honey, no more kicking me for MinSu. here's your smut :::grins::: i needed a break. so here is my sabbatical piece and i'm back to writing the other project. i'll be back in a few weeks. maybe. yes. of course. unless i'm back sooner with something else.


Their lives were full of them. Behind the smiles, the laughing and the endless interviews, there were secrets that were kept. In the middle of waves of cheering and chanting their names, there were secrets. Closely held and barely touched in the open. The others knew. How could they not? They had their own silent mis-truths that they kept.

After the lights fell and the screams were silent, Changmin was left with a familiar fatigue. His body ached, the muscles in his thighs throbbing from the hours spent dancing on a hard stage or maneuvering around the others, trying to make their synchronous movements seem seamless. Panting, he bent over, gripping his knees as he struggled to regain his breath. Sweat ran down his back, spreading over his skin, the fabric of his costume resistant to any moisture.

The trip home seemed to last forever. The others were in fine spirits, more laughter than he could absorb into his mind. There were gestures, small touches that drove him wild. Jaejoong made certain he didn’t notice but how could he not, Min thought. He flushed every time he felt the soft brush of skin on his arm or when fingers casually wiped at a line of sweat along his brow. The door to their place was too far away when he got off the elevator and then, as he passed through the threshold, Min stood still, letting the others flow around him.

“Come along,” Junsu whispered, hotter than Min’s too-warm body.

The tenor’s breath sent shivers into Min’s core, goosebumps crawling down his neck and over his shoulders. He nodded mutely, unable to speak around the thick lump in his throat. Their fingers touched, a fire spreading up from their groins and over their palms, arcing between them in a flash.

Changmin glanced at the others in the group. Two were slouched against each other on the couch, Yunho’s arms around Jaejoong’s waist and their oldest resting his head against his lover’s chest. Jae spoke softly, too soft for Min to hear from where he stood but he could see the leader nodding as they watched Yoochun pace over the tile floor, the baritone’s limitless energy fueling him as he told the older men a story.

He followed, going through the hallway door without a second thought.

The shower had already been turned on by the time Changmin got to the bathroom door. He stood there, framed in the threshold, the rising steam clouds rolling over the tile floor. The stone felt cold on the soles of his feet, like walking on an ice floe as he approached the shower door.

Fog covered the glass pane with a milky opaqueness, obscuring the man standing under the shower’s pounding spray. Min’s fingers trailed over the pebbled pane, an ache broiling in his gut. A hint of the golden body beyond the glass swam into view, filtered through the mist and the pungent scent of lemongrass soap hit him, a fluidly masculine and wholly sensual wave that made Changmin’s mouth water.

He swallowed, hoping to find the strength to either step into the shower or flee from the bathroom. Trembling, he wondered if he could do either before he choked on the numbness in his throat. The heat of his want fought with the iciness under his feet.

The shower door opened with a snick when Junsu’s hand pushed at it. He stood in the fall of water, sleek and nearly too beautiful for Min to look at. The spray darkened his hair, plastering it down around Junsu’s face and as Min watched with his breath caught in his chest, the tenor licked at his upper lip, dabbing away the stream of water at the corner of his mouth.

It was the flick of Junsu’s pink tongue that did in Changmin’s control and he stepped into the steaming heaven offered to him behind the open glass door. When the shower spray hit his body, he shivered, leaning forward to brush away the taste of Junsu he was certain remained behind on the other’s mouth.

The other man’s hands moved over him, slow despite the fire raging between them. Junsu’s fingers lifted the edge of Min’s shirt, caressing at the younger man’s spine. A delicate down tickled Junsu’s palm, and he luxuriated in the feel of Changmin’s body, taking his time to explore the strength in Min’s back.

Min bent his head down, his mouth seeking out the water pooling in the crux of Junsu’s collarbone. Sensations ran over him, blocking out his thoughts until all he could hear in his mind was the want of the other man. Unable to comprehend the needs roiling inside of him, Changmin nestled his face against the shorter man’s neck, letting Junsu strip him naked.

Stepping out of his soaking wet sweatpants, Min heard them hit the far wall with a splat as Junsu flung them aside, the other man’s hands spreading over the firmness of his ass, resting against his fevered skin. A small push brought them against the tiled wall, Junsu cradled by Min’s long body.

Changmin didn’t entertain any thoughts that he had any control over the situation. He stammered as he breathed out, his mouth a butterfly of desire flitting over Junsu’s succulent lips. The water hitting them seemed cold compared to the heat under his skin and Min briefly wondered if his blood would boil him alive. He wanted Junsu’s touch so much it felt as if he would cry before he could slake his thirst for the other man’s mouth.

They’d not come close to touching, not like this. A few brief kisses, lingering and slow behind shadowed curtains or sometimes just the delicate brush of their hands as they traveled in a van. Not this searing turbulent storm of confusion nor the exploratory touch of each other’s hands on their bodies.

Min didn’t dare look at Junsu’s compact body. He’d seen glimpses of the other man’s perfection through the steam and blushed, nearly ashamed at the too slender state of his younger body. Junsu’s eyes were on his face when the shorter man leaned against the shower wall and bent his head down to suckle at Min’s nipple.

Gasping, Changmin nearly pulled away but Junsu’s hands were firm against his back, his arms holding the younger man still. His teeth raked at the sensitive tip, teasing it until it peaked and plumped. A flick of his tongue melted Min’s control and he gripped Junsu’s hair with his numb fingers, writhing against the onslaught of Junsu’s hot mouth.

“I want to suck on you,” Junsu whispered, his fingers sliding around to Min’s front, stroking at the hardening length he found between the other’s legs. The whorls of his tips were met with a weep of salt from Min’s shaft and he slid his index finger around the rim then brought it up to his mouth, sliding his finger tip past his lips and licking it clean. Growling, Junsu bit a mouthful of hot skin around Min’s already turgid nipple, mumbling around his prize. “Need you in me. Or in you.”

“Here?” Min heard the squeak in his voice and his thoughts raced, wondering how they were going to sneak across the hall and into a bedroom when Junsu stroked at his sex again. “Susu-ah…”

“It’s too much,” Junsu muttered, nibbling on Min’s lower lip. “I hate waiting and wanting. You do too. We both know this is what we want, yes?”

He couldn’t deny it. His body raged against Junsu’s nakedness, his sex seeking the other’s heat. Min nodded, reaching for the other’s hardened flesh. He’d fondled Junsu once, a secretive little dip of his fingers into the other man’s waistband while the others slept as they traveled. His throat closed up, remembering the salty sweet taste of his almost-lover’s seed on his tongue. He’d licked his hand clean after he’d brought Junsu to his peak, the older man biting down hard on his mouth, his head thrown back against the seat’s cushions as the tenor fought to keep his moans from attracting the driver’s attention.

Changmin wanted that taste in his mouth again.

“Come on.” Junsu’s hard kiss left no room in Min’s mind for argument. “The others know I want you. They’re going to stay busy in the living room. Yunho promised me that.”

“You told leader-sshi?” Changmin gulped. The thought horrified him. Then every thought he might have had about Yunho’s involvement slid from his mind when Junsu stepped free of the obscuring shower mists and turned, nude and golden under the bathroom’s soft lights.

Graceful, Junsu turned to look over his shoulder at Min, the tautness of his buttocks firming still as he twisted around. Changmin couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than the line of Junsu’s body, the sleekness of his back that ripened out into the most enticing ass he’d ever seen. He’d never imagined being with a man before Junsu and when the tenor sweetly approached him a few months ago, he never wanted to be with anyone else but Junsu.

His calves were strong and masculine and power resonated in Junsu’s thighs, muscles developed into strong lines from dancing and playing soccer. Those gorgeous legs were still on display after Junsu wrapped a towel around his hips, knotting the lush cloth at his waist.

Holding another towel up, he offered it up to Changmin. The younger man stepped out of the spray, turning off the water before he let himself be enveloped. Junsu hugged his arms around Min’s waist, closing the towel and tucking the ends in. His tongue laved at the beads of water in the other’s chest, smiling against Min’s skin when the young man moaned in response to Junsu’s tongue roughly ran over Changmin’s nipple.

“Still want this?” Junsu’s eyes showed a flicker of doubt, chased by a spark of hope when Changmin nodded. Pulling back, he studied the younger man’s face, tracing the line of the other’s jaw with the back of his hand. His nervous laugh was at odds with his erotic seductiveness. “Good, because I think I’m as scared as you are.”

“You don’t seem scared,” Min replied, his voice cracking. “Why do I do that when I’m nervous? It’s like I’m a little kid.”

Junsu’s laughter was a distinct echo against the bathroom walls. They both began to giggle, hugging one another in a loose embrace. Changmin’s breath returned to his chest and he nuzzled against Junsu’s cheek, rubbing at the other man’s face with his jaw.

“Come on, before those three come in and tell us what we’re doing wrong,” Junsu muttered darkly. “And you know they will too.”

The bedroom seemed so far away in Min’s mind, the hallway stretching out before him. When the door clicked behind them, his legs nearly gave out. His body then changed its mind and hardened nearly painfully when Junsu dropped the towel from his waist and stood before him, his hand extended out in welcome.

Their mouths touched, a flittering caress of passion. It was the smallest of touches, a brush of lips then the flick of a tongue then another, a tasting of their desire. Junsu let out a whimper and his mouth opened to let Changmin in.

Changmin ached, wanting Junsu’s hands on him then gasping when those clever fingers found the cleft of his bare ass. It was a sweet spot for him, that delicate stroking brought a flush of want into the weeping head of his sex. He returned the favour, clasping around Junsu’s shaft and cradling both of their hard lengths together. The heat of his palm closed in on them, binding them together as he worked his hand up and down, a slow friction that drove Junsu insane.

It was intoxicating, a swirl of sensations Min let wash over him. Their mouths fought for more, tongues tangled and Junsu pushed them towards one of the wide beds. The mattress squeaked under their weight, a small protest that was soon lost under Min’s panting pleas.

“What do you want first?” Junsu whispered into Min’s open mouth. “Me in you or the other way around?”

“I don’t know,” Changmin admitted. “I’ve not… ever done this.”

“I know,” The other man’s response was soft, a comforting murmur between their heat. “What do you want?”

“You in me first,” Junsu cocked his head to the side, watching the flush of red rise over Min’s cheeks. “One of us has to make a decision. We’re both…”

“Shy,” Min grinned then kissed the side of Junsu’s mouth.

They fumbled, trying to fit into one another. Junsu muttered that they were thinking too much and Min agreed, capturing Junsu’s mouth again. The tenor straddled Min, placing both hands on the younger man’s shoulder and shoving him back into the pillows.

A tube of lubricant, hastily procured from a nearby drugstore, was difficult to open, a thin plastic membrane under the cap defeating them until Changmin removed it with his teeth. Its almond aroma was sweet, made sweeter when the oil slickened Junsu’s fingers. He worked them into himself, rolling his hips over Min’s sex, watching his younger lover fist the sheets in an attempt to maintain some control.

Changmin’s dark eyes were nearly swallowed by the black of his pupils and he swallowed hard at the sight of Junsu’s nearly wanton display. The other man’s knees rested on either side of his hips and the drip of the oil against his thighs drove him wild, its heat splashing over his sex when Junsu’s fingers roamed down from his now lubed tight passage.

Junsu lowered himself down, watching Min’s face open up under the passion he’d invoked. The young man’s long lashes dropped, fluttering as he arched his back, straining to plunge deeper into Junsu’s heat. Min’s hands lifted, instinctively clasping the other’s hips, slowly forcing him down his long hardness until the rise of Junsu’s ass rested on his thighs.

Panting, the tenor shifted, trying to take in the heft of the younger man’s length, letting his body adjust to the penetrating push of Min’s body. He moved and stars burst against the back of his brain, Min’s head brushing against the sweet hidden spot of Junsu’s yearning.

“There,” he gasped, moving his hips in a slow circle. Each stroke brought Min against that hot kernel, sending tingles of electricity along Junsu’s sac and up to the tips of his nipples. “More,” he ordered, thrusting down until Min growled with the pace he set.

Their bodies met, parting then plunging back together, a rough dance that drove them both wild with want. Grabbing a hold of Junsu’s hips, Min forced himself up deep into the velvet of the other’s passage, reveling in the slap-slap of their sweaty thighs meeting and then smiling when Junsu’s gasping, jagged breaths turned into whimpering moans, his body surrendering to the emotion of his need.

Min felt the hot splash of Junsu’s seed hit his stomach, and the tight spiral of his now-lover’s body when Junsu came. The whorled rosebud clenched down on Changmin’s length, pushing him over the edge of his own control and he let go of what little control he had left, forcing himself in deep as he filled Junsu with his release.

Panting, the older man collapsed onto Changmin’s chest, his shoulders heaving with the effort to breathe. They lay there, cradled against each other, smelling one another on their skin. The mingled scents were intimate, as much of a secret as their passion, and Changmin couldn’t help but smile when Junsu’s fingers brushed at his hair, pushing back the sweat-matted fringe along his cheek.

“Love this,” Junsu murmured into the low-lit shadows of Changmin’s throat, his tongue laving at the dew of his lover’s sweat. “Love you.”

“Love you too, Susu-ah,” Changmin whispered. “I like being your secret.”

Junsu’s laughter was husky, so unlike the peal of uncontrollable glee he normally let loose. His face grew serious, as solemn as Min’s. “I like being yours too.”

“Good. Now flip over, it’s my turn to be on top. And I think we need to find the cap to the lube,” Min said, preparing to be smacked. “Because either it spread all over my arm or you made a bigger mess than I imagined your short little body could even hold.”
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