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Wedspawn: Ume Rain (Min7en)

Title: Ume Rain
Pairing: Min7en (SMM Universe)
Rating: Rish

Summary: Loneliness and rain sometimes lead to sweet nothings.

Sabishii, lonely,” Changmin chewed on the end of his pen, dimpling its blue plastic cap. The kanji he’d written boldly slashed across the line. A blue statement against the white paper. It felt incorrect and he tried again.

Hitorimakura, lonely in bed,” The next line of kanji seemed more appropriate, darker and foreboding. It suited how he felt and the itching solitude of his body.

Is that all Shichi is to you? His inner voice sniffed, disapproval colouring its tone. A piece of meat for you to crawl on top of?

“No,’ Min scowled, annoyed at the gremlin that seemed to inhabit the back of his mind. “Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The pen found its way into his mouth again and his bottom teeth gnawed out a ridge along the soft end. Scribbling, Changmin tried out another phrase, turning it over on his tongue to test the feel of it in the air. “Sabishigaru, to miss someone. Pfah, that doesn’t hit it.”

“I am zettou, a lonely desolate island.” He wrote out the phrase, adding extra emphasis to the sweeping down strokes until the paper practically bled blue ink. “Desolation, barren. I am barren and lonely.”

Now you’re being melodramatic. The voice’s censure darkened. What are you? A character from a J-drama? Pffts.

“Life was a lot easier when I was sane,” He frowned, squishing the pout of his mouth to one side. Sending his mind-gremlin a fierce growl, he warned off any snarky comments from the back of his mind, “And you shut up back there. No more talking! Or I’ll go get a bowl of ice cream and eat it too fast.”

His skin felt too tight on him, cutting into his nerves until Min wanted to stand on the rooftop and scream in frustration. The rain outside made him lonely, touching something deep inside of him that only Se7en ever seemed to touch. It spread its cold fingers through his heart, icing over the happy memories he kept there.

“Not going to cry,” Min ordered himself, his eyes laughing at his commands and filling with a sting that threatened to course down his cheeks. “Gods damn me.”

He almost didn’t hear the singsong tone of his cell phone merrily announcing a call from the side of the bed. After finding himself staring at the screen, willing for a certain number to light up, Changmin had banished it off into the depths of his messenger bag, cursing its treacherous nature.

Sniffing, he wiped at his face, both angry at himself for falling into the doldrums and pissy at the caller for pulling him out of what would have been a good cleansing sob. Flipping the phone open, he barked a hello into it.

“Ah, a grumpy Minku. My favourite kind.”

It was so damned good to hear his voice. Min swallowed, not trusting his words to come out from his tightened throat. His tongue felt heavy with all of the things he wanted to say; all of the things he should say. Starting with how much he missed his Shichi to how he longed to just have Se7en touch his face to help him sleep. Opening his mouth, his heart poured forward, a rush of sounds that he was horrified to hear.

“Do you know what time it is?”

Se7en’s laughter fought with the thunder outside, booming loud and as crackling dangerous to Min’s nerves. In Changmin’s mind, his inner voice threw up its hands and stomped off into the darkness, disgusted by the question. Everything was silent in Min’s thoughts, his heart blooming open under the sunlight in Se7en’s voice.

“What are you wearing, little mink?”

“So fast into a dirty phone call. Are you in a hurry? Is that what happens when you get old? You can’t wait?”


“Old man.” Min chewed on his lower lip, shocked at the boldness he found on his tongue. Unable to help himself, he added softly, “Hyung.”

Hyung yourself,” Se7en teased. “I’m serious, what are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt. I wasn’t planning on a slutty phone call. Do you want me to take them off?” The hiss of Se7en’s breath in his ear made Min smile. He intimately knew that explosion of sound and the grunting discomfort that followed. Daringly, he teased the older man. “I’m wearing red briefs. Blood red. You like that against my belly, no?”

“Minku, you have no idea what you’re doing to me,” Se7en’s dark velvet voice purred, a rough promise in the undercurrent. “But I need you to keep your clothes on.”

“Oh?” Min raised his eyebrows, surprised then muttered, half serious, “You really are done then?”

“You just wait until I see you. My hand is going to make your ass as red as your underwear,” He threatened. “No, I need you to come down to the alley.”

“Why?” Curious, Changmin poked at the words he heard. “Wait, you said come.”

“Yes,” Se7en drawled.

“Not go to the alley, come down.” Nearly toppling from the side of the bed, Min grabbed at a pair of socks, shoving his feet hurriedly into their openings. “When did you get back from Korea? You’re downstairs!”

“Hurry it up, Minku,” His lover said. “It’s late and you know how we old men have to be in bed early. Wouldn’t want you to find me asleep in the car because it’s past my bedtime.”

He flew down the hall, slamming into Jaejoong. The eldest juggled a cup of soup in his hands, raising it up high and turning to avoid the flail of Min’s long limbs. Mumbling a brief apology to the singer, Changmin fumbled with his sneakers in the foyer, cursing the laces as they knotted under his fingers.

Jae shook his head at their youngest, walking into the living room to hand Yunho the steaming cup. Frowning, the leader craned his neck to stare at the oblivious Changmin.

“Where is he going?” Yunho glanced at the clock, his frown deepening. “It’s late. Where can he go this late?”

“It’s not that late,” Jae shrugged, settling into the cushions besides his lover. Shoving his cold feet under the pillows, he leaned against Yunho’s shoulders and reached for the book he’d left on the coffee table. “I’m guessing Dong-Wook is back.”

“He didn’t even come up?” Bending over, he placed a small kiss on the white of Jae’s neck, licking at the spot and laughing when he got a husky laugh in return. “Aish, what kind of boyfriend doesn’t at least come up to get you?”

“One that works for another company,” Jae reminded him, reaching up to slap at Yunho’s mouth. He decided against it, choosing to turn his head and capture the other’s mouth with his own. The burr of Yunho’s unshaven mustache tickled at him, leaving a slight red burn over his plump upper lip. “Ah, you need to shave. You leave marks.”

“You like it when I leave marks.” Yunho complained, rubbing at his face.

“Not on my face,” Jae turned back to his reading. “Manager doesn’t like it. Says it looks obvious.”

Yunho rolled his eyes and sipped his soup, wondering who their manager was fooling. They touched each other too often in public to hide their relationship. Jae was constantly reprimanding him for his wandering hands. Calling out to their youngest, Yunho said, “Do you have your house key? Or are you going to wake us up at three in the morning?”

“Once! I forget once!” Min shouted from the depths of the hallway, his shoes finally on and tied. “Don’t wait up!”

“Don’t wait up, hyung,” Yunho muttered after him. “Japan makes him rude.”

“He’s always been rude,” Jae replied, turning the page and falling into the author’s words again. “But if you notice, we’re home alone now. Yoochun and Junsu won’t be back for a long time and Min is now gone. Drink your soup. I have other things I want your mouth to do instead.”

The back of the apartment building was cold and Min fought with the heavy steel door leading to the side alley. He had fond memories of that alley, most notably when tucked into the tight darkness of Se7en’s sports car. Flinging open the door, he stopped short when he saw the gleaming black town car beading water under the pouring skies and the driver standing by stairs holding an open grey umbrella. The stern look on the man’s face soften when he spotted Changmin and he mounted the cement steps, angling the umbrella to protect Min’s head from the rain.

“This way, sir,” He spoke in Korean, soft familiar words that nearly made Min cry with the sympathy in them. “You must not get wet or you’ll catch a cold. That won’t do.”

“No, the other members would kill me,” Min flashed him a smile and bounded down the steps towards the car. The rear passenger door was open and a strong hand reached for him, grabbing his arm and pulling him in.

A burst of Se7en filled Min’s mind, the other man’s mouth slanting over his. It was an assault on his senses, the sweet anise and coffee scent of the other man’s soap warring with the spicy hot of cinnamon from his tongue. Se7en’s long fingers caressed over Min’s jaw, tracing the strong bones of the younger man’s face as if to burn them into his memory. Their mouths fought, searching both for dominance and surrender. Then Min sighed and gave in, tumbling down into the crook of Se7en’s lap and let himself be kissed into submission.

Fingers were under Min’s shirt, stroking at the soft down of hair at the base of his back. He purred in response, arching against Se7en to fill himself with the feel of the other man’s skin on his. Se7en’s buttons dug into his neck, leaving small round kiss-indents behind. They were made hot when Se7en bent his head and licked at the trail with his tongue, filling each with the moist tip before moving on to the next.

Want flowed over them, a flush working over Min’s face and over his shoulders. He heard a husky moan and then blushed redder when he realized it was coming from him. Se7en’s laugh embarrassed him and he buried his face into his lover’s neck, hoping the chill of the rain outside would wash away the heat. Min ached, wanting to feel Se7en around him, the heat of his fingers closing over his hardness. He missed the feel of the man, and his belly crawled with the need of him.

“You unmake me,” Se7en whispered, hot into the shell of Min’s ear. His teeth found an earlobe, sucking on it until Changmin couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled away with a shudder. “God, I dissolve like sugar in water when I’m around you.”

“You’re letting the rain in, sir. And the young man’s jeans are getting wet. I thought the purpose of the umbrella was to avoid that.” The driver made a tsking noise and waited patiently until Min pulled in his long legs. “As usual, sir, your disregard of the young man is notable.”

“That man hates you,” Min whispered, shaking the water from his sneakers. The shame struck hard and he covers his face with his hands. “Oh Gods, he heard me. When I was… oh Gods.”

“I am a deaf man, young sir,” The driver leaned forward, tucking the hem of Min’s pants into the cab.

“I thought you were blind?” Min looked at Se7en. “Wasn’t he blind last time?”

“Deaf and blind, young sir. It comes and goes. Usually when he’s around,” He said with a smile. “Keep warm please. There’s a blanket on the seat if he’s not thoughtful enough to cover you with it.”

“Where are we going?” Min settled against the seat, his legs still looped over Se7en’s lap.

“I have plans,” Se7en promised with a wink.

They sat, quiet and satisfied to be with one another. Se7en’s hands were filled with the feel of Changmin, rubbing over the other man’s wrist, feeling the slender strength of his bones. He observed Min’s face as the younger man watched Tokyo fly past the window, the evening sky bleached out from the city’s lights. Clouds hugged the tall buildings, pushing back the night’s black to bounce the shimmer back onto the streets.

“What do you see when you stare out of the window, Changmin?”

The teasing, seductive lilt was gone from Se7en’s voice and Min turned, staring at the older man, curious at the change in his tone. Serious was never one of Se7en’s moods, not outside of the bedroom. There was always a smile lurking at the edge of his full mouth and a twinkle hidden in his dark eyes. Those were gone now, replaced by an oh-so-solemn man bereft of simple dreams.

“I see…” Min pondered his answer, sliding back to rest against Se7en’s body. The older man wrapped his arms around Changmin’s chest, cradling him close. “I guess I see.. lives.”


“Lives, hyung.” He whispered. “Behind all of those blinking lights are people. Some of them are loving one another and others aren’t talking, hoping the other will reach out to bridge the silence. Maybe someone is sitting against a window watching a long black car cut through the rain and wondering; who is in there? Not knowing that I’m lying against you and wanting more than anything to have you inside of me.”

“You talk like that and I forget I want to hear you speak.” Se7en laid a gentle kiss on the ridge of Min’s brow.

“I miss you when you’re not here,” Changmin replied, losing himself in the sea of lights outside of the steam-frosted window. “When I have time, I sit and think about where you are and what you’re doing.”

“And when you’re with me, you sit and think about what other people are doing,” He laughed, his breath ruffling Min’s long hair.

“When I’m with you, I think about other things,” Min hushed him with a bite under the chin. “And bad things happen. Horrible wonderful things that make me hurt when you’re not here.”

“Good,” Se7en mumbled, his jaw captured by Min’s teeth. “Ouch, let go.”

“Hah, surrender,” Min challenged, biting harder. His Japanese slurred with the roll of his lover’s skin on his tongue.

“I surrender,” The older man laughed.

“Call me hyung.”

“Oh no, not that game from you,” Se7en growled, pulling free of Min’s teeth. He hissed when his skin scraped out from the bite and he turned the younger man around, pressing him against the seat. “Hyung my ass.”

“I like your ass. I can call your ass hyung,” Min burst into laughter, husky and raw. Se7en raised his shirt and bit, finding the ridges of Min’s ribs. “Hey, we’ve stopped.”

“I guess we’re here,” Se7en said, sitting up. A knock sounded on the door and Min slid slightly away from Se7en’s intimate touch, pulling his shirt back down. Slapping at his lover’s arm, he kept his face hidden, trying to fade into the darkness of the back of the car. Se7en laughed at him and rolled down the window, turning his face when the rain sprinkled through.

The Sumida river flowed outside of the car window, reflecting the lights in its moving surface. Min grinned then pursed his mouth before he made some silly noise that would betray the tenderness in his heart. They’d parked there before, safely tucked away on an expanse of lawn away from prying eyes. His body recalled the spot perfectly, his sex tightening at the memory of Se7en’s mouth touching him for the first time and the tsunami of sensation he rode that night.

“Here you are, sir,” The driver passed a stacked cloth bundle through the open window. “Please keep the young man warm and dry. Or perhaps you’d enjoy a walk home in the rain.”

“Oh, food!” Changmin reached for the furoshiki. Dinner had been a sad affair for him, his food tasteless in his mouth as Yunho and Jaejoong murmured small love bird cooing at one another from across the table. Nodding his head in thanks to the driver, he thanked him formally. “Are you going to eat with us?”

“No, he’s not going to eat with us,” Se7en grumbled, shoving Min back from the window with a gentle push of his hand. “Go sit over there. This is our dinner.”

“Thank you, sir but I’m going to have noodles and tea,” The driver pointed to a neon splash of colour visible through the misty rain. “Please have a good time and if he gets too frisky, Min-chan, ring me and I shall take you home.”

“He likes me frisky.” Se7en shooed the driver away, scoffing at the man’s clicking tongue. “Go eat somewhere else. Come back in a few hours.”

“Thank you!” Min shouted before the window closed fully. “Hey, rude. I was still thanking him.”

“He takes too much an interest in you.” Se7en snarled playfully. “And not enough in me. I’m his boss.”

“Hah, you’re his cargo. And a frisky one too,” Changmin said, yelping when Se7en tugged at the waistband of his briefs, grabbing at the elastic peeking up the back of his jeans. “No grabbing. Or I’m shoving an ume in your mouth.”

“That’s not the plum I want.” He made a face when the sour red flesh hit his tongue. “Ack, god that’s…”

“I like them,” Min popped a bright yellow slice of daikon into his mouth. “And these too.”

“Here, let me feed you.” Se7en picked up an onigiri with his fingers, holding it out for his lover to bite into. Min closed his eyes, feeling the crunch of the salty nori between his teeth. The older man bent forward, following the bite of rice with a kiss flavoured with the tart ume. “Come closer.”

Min scooted forward, edging his thighs over Se7en’s lap until they nested together face to face. Crossing his legs behind his lover’s back, Changmin let himself be leaned back into the soft cushioned sides of the town car, Se7en pressed up against him with the bento between them.

He let himself be fed, alternating food with kisses. Se7en’s fingers were sucked clean by Min’s tongue, made wet enough to make the older man shiver. Unable to resist, Se7en licked his fingers dry, taking the taste of Min into his throat.

“Not hungry now,” Min whispered, the black of his pupils swallowing the reason in his gaze. “Put the food down, Shichi.”

“Yes, hyung,” He grinned when the young man narrowed his eyes to slits. Se7en set the bento carefully on the floor of the car then thought twice about it, thinking of Min’s long legs. “Hold on. If we get rice in the carpet, he’s going to kill us.”

“He’ll kill you. Me, he loves,” Snorting, Changmin slapped at his lover’s shoulder. “I could rub all of the rice into the seats and carpet and blame it on you. He would forgive me.”

“That is too close to the truth for me,” Se7en frowned. The partition between the driver’s front seats slid down smoothly with a push of a button and he reached up, placing the bento out of reach of Min’s lean body. The glass slide back up, its mirrored tint hiding them from view. “There, now I’ll live.”

“Not if we knock them over,” Min growled, sliding his arms around Se7en’s neck, sinking his teeth into tanned skin.

“It’ll take a lot for us to knock those over,” Se7en mused, a soft heat roaring down his chest and along the brush of hair arrowing down the flat of his stomach. “This is a very heavy car. We’ll have to really work at it.”

“Come on then, Shichi.” Min pulled his t-shirt off, laying himself bare to Se7en’s eyes. “See if you can rock me enough to move the car.”

“Baby, forget the rice,” Se7en cupped at the rise of Min’s ass, filling his palms with his lover. “I’m going to rock you so hard the stars are going to fall.”
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