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Min7en: Voices in the Dark (SMM Universe) NC-17

Title: Voices in the Dark (SMM Universe)
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17

Summary: A Min7en story after a time apart.

Parties were Changmin’s nemesis. The milling about and talking to people he didn’t know grated on his nerves and after an hour, his cheeks ached from the plastered smile he had on his face. His height made him self-conscious as he towered over older guests, their comments about how he’d grown reminding him of when he went to visit his elderly relatives. Sighing, he tried to catch sight of any of the other members but the clusters of people made it difficult to see through and Min didn’t have the energy to wade through the mess to look for anyone.

He’d dressed carefully that evening, choosing to wear an unrelieved stark black in the hopes he could drift away into a dark alcove where no one would see him. The V-necked black pullover hugged his shoulders, its loose hem falling over the thick black leather belt he’d borrowed from Jaejoong. Black slacks completed his outfit and Min was thankful he’d chosen to wear the long-sleeved shirt when they’d walked into the enormous gallery with its windows wide open to take advantage of the chilled night air.

The oddly shaped space was cluttered with panes of glass, the smoked panels separated by glossy wooden square columns. Long curves of the walls started and ended randomly through the hall, creating a dizzying maze that made it nearly impossible to tell where the entrance was. Sighing, Min snagged a long aluminum tube of soda from one of the circular bars he’d found next to a long buffet table piled high with appetizers and small bite-sized desserts. Popping open the refreshment, he leaned against one of the panes, soaking in the coolness of the glass.

Behind him, someone shadowed him on the other side of the glass, darkening the pane. The din of the crowd made it difficult to hear individual conversations and Changmin let his thoughts drift, watching the people walking by him.

An older woman caught his eye, her arm sporting a comely young man whose face was nearly as feminine as Heechul’s. He made a face, remembering what he’s seen the Suju member wearing to the event, a sparkling pink pair of pants and a brilliant floral shirt. The bright colours clashed with the singer’s current hair colour, a washed through reddish hue that fought a valiant but losing battle against the orange and yellow blooms.

The woman didn’t have that problem. Her young escort was discreet, a handsome, pleasantly-faced man who paid rapt attention to every word she said. The width of her smile was matched by his and Min decided they were in love, flaunting the differences in their ages with an aplomb he only wished he could manage.

He shifted his attention to a tall foreigner, the man’s snowy white hair coiffed back into a helmet. Min watched as a woman approached him with a glass of champagne. He was studying their body language when his phone rang, vibrating against his hip. Flipping open the cell, he answered without looking at the number, thinking it was Jaejoong calling to see where he was.

“Hello, Minku.”

Even after more than a year of their clandestine relationship, Se7en’s voice still sent his stomach into deep flutters. He rumbled around his words, pouring dark liquid velvet into each syllable and want underscored the sex promised in every sound. It was a voice that sent Min to his knees, often willingly and aching to touch every inch of the older man’s body.

Swallowing hard, Min leaned his head back against the pane, closing his eyes while he tried to catch his breath. Behind him, the person on the other side of the glass wall shifted, making tiny sounds against its smoky pebbled surface.

“Shichi,” He whispered, keeping his voice as low as possible.

“You look good tonight,” His lover said, laughing softly at Min’s gasp. “Like a long fold of dark chocolate, bittersweet and delectable.”

“You’re here?” Changmin caught himself looking around, wondering where the other man was in the crowd. “Where?”

“Behind you,” Se7en purred.

Startled, Min pulled forward, twisting around to peer at the shadowy shape on the other side of the glass. The ends of the wall were out of direct sight, winding through the crowd, a polished snake wrapping around its prey. A man’s hand, so familiar in shape, pressed against the glass, its long fingers pointing down and suddenly coming into focus.

“Lean back on the glass, Minku,” Se7en murmured in his ear. “Let me feel your warmth through it.”

Changmin edged back into place, carefully placing his shoulders against his lover’s silhouette. Meticulously, he slid his hand down until it mirrored Se7en’s and he sighed, bearing down hard against the pane. They stood there, touching through a textured panel, separated by mere millimeters.

What are you thinking? His inner voice asked. You can’t be seen with him. Not here. Not someplace so public.

“God, I miss you so much,” Changmin didn’t know who he was speaking to, Se7en or the mischievous gremlin inside of his head that goaded him into doing inane things.

It was that voice that urged him to damn the crowd and follow the wall until it curved back around to Se7en. The sin of his lover’s mouth waited for him, moist and gentle or rough and hard, depending on the other man’s mood. Changmin’s body ached for his lover’s teeth to bite into his skin. They’d been apart too long and it hurt, filling him with a throbbing want he couldn’t slake with mere words.

“I miss you too, iro.” Se7en switched to Japanese, making Min chuckle.

“Isn’t French supposed to be the language of love?” He teased the older man.

“We didn’t make love for the first time in France,” The singer replied. “But I’d be willing to take you there to see how it is between us. I can only imagine how the lights of Paris’ skyline would look in your eyes.”

Min hated his reactions to Se7en’s words. His skin tightened on his face, a flush blooming over his cheeks and spreading down his neck. If the other man could see him, he’d laugh and kiss the edge of Min’s mouth, saying he could taste the blush on the younger man’s lips.

“I want you to leave with me tonight.” The shadow behind Min shifted, Se7en’s silver bracelet jangling against the panel’s edge. “Tell me yes, Minku and I can spend the rest of the evening listening to these people chatter and think about you underneath me.”

In the past, Changmin would have fought to maintain some control over the conversation but the memory of Se7en’s hands on his hips buckled his resolve. “Yes.”

“Good.” The deep velvet was back, wrapping around Min with a delicious shiver. “You should get something to eat. You’re going to have to keep your strength up. I have a lot of very interesting things I want to do to you tonight.”

Min dipped a lumpia prito into a chile sauce, biting down into the crunchy roll. He’d circled the buffet a few times, stubbornly ignoring Se7en’s advice until his hunger got the better of him. Junsu slid past him a few minutes ago, waggling his eyebrows in sympathy at the boredom on Min’s face. The tenor was closely followed by his best friend, Hyukjae, their bubbling laughter creating a silver trail through the more serious conversations around them.

Yoochun was no where in sight but Min knew the baritone couldn’t be far. The three men were planning on club-crawling after the party, something much more to their liking. He’d declined to join them and now he was glad he did.

He’d been expecting the call, anticipating it nearly as soon as he took a bite. Letting the cell phone run through the opening refrains of his ring, he chewed carefully, watching the crowd from his perch against a column. Within moments of the phone rolling over to voice mail, Min smiled at the touch of a hand on the back of his thigh.

“Hello, Shichi,” Changmin said softly, dropping his voice low in his throat.

Short nails ran up his leg, skimming under the hem of his shirt and Min shivered when Se7en’s fingers reached the center of his back and dipped down into his waistband. The press of Se7en’s body against him hid the older man’s bold touch, his fingers cresting the cleft between of Min’s rear.

“You have no idea how much I’d like to dip down even further but if I do, I’m going to take you right here on this table,” Se7en said, stepping back from Min’s body. The rush of cold air on the younger man’s heated skin burned, the lack of his lover’s fingers nearly making him weep. “Turn and face me, Minku. Pretend like we’re having a casual conversation about something inane.”

“And if someone takes a picture of us together?” Min smiled, schooling his face to something he hoped looked like casual disinterest.

“Then I’ll have something to put on my nightstand when I lay in bed and dream of you.”

Seeing Se7en in front of him took Min’s breath, squeezing all of the air out of him and he struggled to catch his heart before it jumped out of his chest and into Se7en’s hands.

The older man’s cocky grin was a tease to Min’s nerves, crushing any control the young singer thought he’d gathered. Changmin’s fingers itches to grab onto the man’s hair, wanting to pull him into a hard kiss, bruising the smirk until they toppled onto the floor and stripping their clothes off until they lay naked against one another.

“Shichi…” Min breathed, exhaling all of his insecurities and tremours into the safety of Se7en’s presence. The older man’s smile softened, turning sensual. His hand lifted, nearly touching Min’s face before falling away, the younger man’s cheek turning to follow the motion.

They stood without speaking, nearly touching, warming the air between them with their bodies. Around them, the party faded into the background, blending back into nothingness. Min heard his heart skip, tripped into a different rhythm and he saw the pulse in Se7en’s throat stutter and slowed, matching the throb in Changmin’s chest.

“Baby, if we don’t get out of here,” Se7en hummed under his breath. “I’m going to take you right here. Right now.”

Changmin followed his lover’s trail through the crowd, weaving around people with a single-minded purpose. He caught the eye of the older woman he’d seen earlier. She nodded and smiled, laughing at something her lover whispered in her ear but Min caught the knowing look in her eyes. Here was someone who understood and embraced temptation, letting it ride through her life like a herd of wild horses. He took her approval as a compliment, nodding as he passed by.

A freight elevator was their sanctuary, dimly lit and wide. The floor squeaked when they pushed each other past its open doors, rocking against the walls as Se7en hit the button for the garage. His hands were under Min’s shirt, spanning his ribs and dipping down into his pants, fighting against the thick belt at Min’s waist. Growling, Se7en bent down, working the tang free with his teeth, sliding the leather apart until he could work his hands down his lover’s hips.

The ding of the bell announced their level and Min let out an uncharacteristic curse, biting into Se7en’s shoulder, tasting the fabric of his shirt. His lover’s fingers worked the clasp of Changmin’s pants loose, and he heard the zip of the fastener as it was lowered, nearly torn from the stitching in Se7en’s zeal.

“Damn, you taste so good.” The older man licked the length of Min’s throat, forcing the younger man to tilt his head back, allowing Se7en access to his jaw. Closing his teeth over his lover’s bottom lip, Se7en suckled hard, pulling and chewing lightly until Min writhed under his hands.

Half-dressed, Changmin stumbled out of the elevator, pulled along by Se7en’s roaming hands. Gripping at his clothes, Min pulled up his pants and laughed, trying not to trip. Slinging his lover’s body against his car, Se7en stretched Min out, capturing his wrists and holding them against the hood.

The garage lights glowed a soft gold, folding shadows over Min’s exposed skin. With his shirt pulled up off of his stomach and his pants riding low on his hips, Changmin stared up at Se7en’s face, taken away by the beauty he saw there. It amazed him that someone like Se7en could want him… love him … cherish him but with each passing moment of their bodies touching, Min felt warmth bleeding away the coldness he’d always held in his soul.

“Someone might see us,” Min protested weakly, lifting his hips when Se7en’s hands pulled at his pants, tugging them down until he could kiss the stretch of skin below Min’s belly button.

“I don’t care,” The older man said, laving the bite of skin he’d wanted to taste since he’d first spotted Min at a part long ago. Sighing, he rested his head on the thin trail of hair he’d just licked down. “Okay, I care. Get in, Minku. I’m going to take you home.”

“Home?” Min squeaked, his temper nearly lit.

“My home, baby,” Se7en smiled, unlocking the door and unarming the alarm. “Get in.”

They didn’t make it past a block before Se7en had to pull over, his sex pressing hard against the seam of his pants. Grabbing his younger lover, he laughed and tumbled both of them into the back seat of the sedan, the springs squeaking as they hit the leather.

Min worked his own pants loose, sliding them free from his body. Se7en banged his head on the roof of the car, rising up on his knees to get his shirt off. The sound of his skull hitting the metal made a hollow sound and Changmin giggled, covering his mouth when Se7en glared at him then stuck his tongue out. Rubbing at the sore spot, Se7en lay over his lover, gripping Min’s boxers and pulling them down.

Outside, a bird called out, a loll rippling over the Han’s surface. The sound of water lapped at the embankments, the scent of the clean river wafted through the partially rolled down windows. A stone wall hid them from view, low bushes casting long shadows over the grass hills rising from the river’s edge.

Se7en slid his fingers into Min’s mouth, pressing them against his lover’s tongue. “Make them wet, Minku. Really wet.”

Changmin sucked hard, then wrapped his tongue around his lover’s index finger, moistening the ridges of Se7en’s fingerprint until it ran smooth against the roof of his mouth. The older singer kissed at the bobbing edge on Min’s throat, circling the area until Min moaned and parted his legs, needing more from Se7en than the touch of his hand along the hardness of his shaft.

The older man thumbed the weep of Min’s sex, spreading out the clear drop beading there. Removing his fingers from his lover’s mouth, Se7en dipped his hand down, easing into his lover’s heat and capturing Min’s gasp of desire between his lips.

They’d not been together for long weeks, a chance encounter here or a planned secret hour there. It made their lovemaking frantic sometimes, their bodies driving against one another as if tomorrow would steal their lives away and they’d be left as dust on some far off shore. Se7en spoke of need into Min’s ear, guttural pleas of an almost language that Changmin knew intimately, his hands pressing against his lover’s back, urging him in.

Gripping himself, Se7en spread his lover’s spit over his shaft, quietly promising another chance, another moment in the privacy of his apartment. They would be together in that moment only long enough to slake off the worst of their need, their flesh overly hot with the screaming want of each other.

Se7en pushed in, carefully working himself past the tight ring of his lover’s lithe body. Min’s hips canted up, his shins resting on Se7en’s shoulders and he cried out, feeling the push of Se7en’s hard sex into his body. It stretched him, the easing of his muscles around Se7en’s width and he panted, pushing against his lover’s shoulders, silently begging for a moment to take their time.

Rocking slowly, the older man waited, twisting his hips in a slow motion until Changmin’s breath caught again, harsh and needful. The black of Min’s pupils swallowed the honey of his eyes, a slice of the moon’s light running over the young man’s face, turning his golden skin to a sleek platinum. Silver flecks danced between them, motes of dust caught in the light and turning, stars fallen from some unknown sky to rest in their universe.

The pace they chose was slower than the frenetic pounding they normally fell into. Se7en rested his weight on his palms, his hands set on either side of Min’s abdomen. Pushing up into his lover, he pressed further in, watching Changmin’s face open under him.

In the shining of his lover’s eyes, Se7en saw his salvation and his redemption. Under him was the one person who truly saw him, who knew the man he’d hidden deep inside. Buried deep into Min’s heat, Se7en found himself.

“Touch yourself, Minku,” Se7en nibbled at the corner of the other man’s mouth. “Let me see you let go. Just for me. Let me see you.”

Sweat beaded on their bellies, moisture growing until rivulets ran down the curve of Min’s hips, following the lines of the younger man’s muscles. His hand moved slowly at first, his knuckles brushing along the other man’s mons. An ache grew in Min’s groin, his moans growing with each stroke of Se7en’s thrusts. Panting, Se7en’s breaths came out in short grunts, his release building under the velvet of Min’s muscled grip.

They spilled together, Min’s seed caught between the tight seam of their joined bodies while Se7en filled his young lover’s core. Se7en reached for his lover’s shoulders, holding Changmin tight against him as they rocked one another, milking out every last drop of their joining.

In the rising moonlight, they lay against one another, Se7en cradling Min’s long, lean body against his. Changmin fit into the curve of the older man’s hips, his legs wrapping down around Se7en’s shins. The night air washed over them, cool against the hot moistness of their sweat. Beyond the shore, the river continued to flow under the moonlight, the chirrup of frogs echoing in the reeds.

“Shichi?” Min said, his chest rising and falling sporadically as he caught his breath.

“Yeah, Minku?” Se7en kissed his lover’s temple, savouring the sweetness of Min’s.

“I love being with you,” Changmin whispered, unable to meet his lover’s eyes. “I love… having you with me.”

Se7en smiled in the darkness, his mouth wide against the softness of the younger man’s hair. He heard the unspoken thoughts in his lover’s words and he rubbed his cheek against the down of Min’s cheek.

“I love you too, Minku.” He whispered back. “Very much.”
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