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Kame x YamaPi x Jin: Shock Me Kisses

Title: Shock Me Kisses
Request from: x_shock_me_x
Threesome - Full names: Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi), Kamenashi Kazuya (Kame), Akanishi Jin (Jin)
Prompt: Kame as overall bottom, Yamapi topping Kame and Jin overall top
Rating: NC-17
Plot: Absolutely None. Totally Pr0n without Plot.

Note: I threw up a "help me with a mission" post on my LJ and a number of people were kind enough to do so. I'd told them that I was going to pull a name out and give a 1000 word fic to the winner. Thing is, everyone who replied was going to be a winner. :::grins::: All of the people who helped me were told to give me a pairing (or even a threesome) and a prompt. It didn't matter who it was... didn't matter the prompt. It could be in or out of the SMM universe. Anything. Really.

So... always be careful what I wish for... and May I live in interesting times... because oh boy did I get some prompts and... um pairings. :::grins:::

This is the first. J-Pop/Rock. This is for... Kittie. Who is ALWAYS how i will think of her. :D I hope you like it.

And yes, it did come out rather smutty. Forgive me for that. :::grins:::

“When were you going to tell him?” Tomohisa tilted his head back, scraping at the line of his jaw with his razor. Tapping the plastic throwaway against the sink, he shook off a rise of shaving cream from the blade. The smell of green tea and methol filled the bathroom, carried on the steam coursing over the glass shower door.

Tomohisa glanced up at the mirror, staring at Jin’s lean body through the foggy glass. The young man was nearly obscured in the warm mists but YamaPi could still see the thick waves of suds sliding down Jin’s arms as he rinsed himself under the shower’s spray. Rapping the glass, he startled Jin, earning himself a round of swearing and a splash of water over the shower door.

“Tsk, are you trying to scare me to death?” The other grumbled, ducking his head under the water and scrubbing at the back of his ears.

“Did you hear me, Jin-chan?” YamaPi shouted to be heard over the water. “Erojijii, are you listening to me? Or have you gotten too old?”

“You’re not that much younger than me, Momoiro.” Jin opened the shower door to stick his head out, flicking soap suds as his best friend. “And no, I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”

“When are you going to tell, Kame-chan?” YamaPi hitched himself up onto the bathroom counter, letting the towel he’d wrapped around his slender hips to fall open. He’d purposely enticed Jin, offering the other man a peek of his long body under the damp towel. The terry cloth was thin, clinging to his thighs and plumped with a hint of his sex. YamaPi hid a secret smile at the glazed over lust in Jin’s eyes.

“He knows about us,” Jin murmured, pulling himself back into the shower. Despite the lust Tomohisa raked in his belly, dried soap made his skin itchy, something he learned the hard way.

“Kame knows we’re friends.” YamaPi hissed under his breath, running his hands through his damp auburn-streaked hair. “Does he know we fuck each other?”

“Don’t put it like that,” The older man stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel. YamaPi reached out with his right foot, tweaking at the other’s thigh with his toes., narrowly missing the dangle of Jin’s sex. Yelping, he skipped carefully out of the way, shaking off the excess water as he stood on the bathroom rug, drying himself briskly. “He knows I sleep with other people.”

“He just doesn’t know it’s me?” He asked, poking at his friend’s rump when Jin bent over. “Are you scared that if he finds out, he’ll want to share?”

“You don’t have a chance in hell of Kame even looking at you,” Jin snorted, snapping his towel at YamaPi’s bare calf.

“Tell me you haven’t thought about having Kame between us?” Cocking his head, YamaPi craned to see Jin’s face, satisfied at the swell of the other man’s pupils. “Hah, you have. I know that look! You’ve thought about it!”

“Who wouldn’t?” Jin kept out of YamaPi’s reach and pulled on a pair of loose cotton pants, tying the cords at his waist. Looping the towel over his neck, he sauntered towards his friend, nestling himself between the other’s legs. “Kame’s… innocent. We’d shock him.”

“Sometimes, a little shock is what someone needs,” YamaPi said, cupping Jin’s ass in his hands. He leaned forward, suckling the other man’s lower lip into his mouth. He bit down, rolling the singer’s lip between his teeth. Jin moaned, a soft crooning sound that echoed into YamaPi’s mouth, sending shiver down their spines. “And how innocent can Kame-chan be? He’s known you for years.”
“Jin?” Kame’s call carried through the apartment. “Jin-san? Are you in the bedroom?”

The pair froze in mid-kiss, their tongues still tasting of one another. YamaPi gripped Jin’s hips as the other man tried to pull away.

“Don’t,” He held Jin tighter. “What’s wrong with him seeing us?”

“Hey, don’t you know you should close the bathroom door when…” Kame’s voice trailed off when he spotted the men framed in doorway. Jin’s lean form curved into YamaPi’s arms, his bare back shadowed along his spine and pinpricked from the cold air.

The young singer stopped short, his breath caught up in his throat. Nested into one another, the men looked… born to hold one another; their bodies unconsciously drawn into a singe fluid form until the air between them cracked with the heat of their sensuality. Kame ached at the sight of Jin’s kiss-swollen mouth, the small divots on his lip recent evidence of YamaPi’s ravaging teeth.

“Jin-chan?” He remembered to let go of the air in his lungs and Kame exhaled hard, the pain in his chest punching down into his guts. “Uh… I just…”

The young man went no further, turning on his heel and ducking his head down to head to the front door. Kame knew he had no claim over the older singer. They both agreed to see… to sleep… with other people but the reality of Jin’s relationship with YamaPi was too hard to see…too difficult to swallow when their affection was so clearly written on their faces.

There was love there in their eyes and the way they held one another; Kame admitted to himself. His unshed tears blurred the living room and he banged his knee into the coffee table, a half-expressed sob tightening his throat.

“Did you think that look was only for you?” Kame scolded himself softly. His heart whispered yes and his mind laughed at his foolishness. The pain along his leg forced his tears down his face, leaking from the corners of his dark eyes. Blinking, his lashes tangled in the salty water and a drop made it down to his lips, the moisture of his anguish harsh on his tongue.

“Itooshii,” Jin was behind him, hooking hands under Kame’s arms and cradling him close. The younger singer instinctively leaned back into his friend, feeling the rush of Jin’s heartbeat against the length of his back. They’d stood that way so many times before, often quietly holding one another’s hearts in their souls as the world passed them by. “Don’t run from me.”

“Don’t run from us,” YamaPi said, coming around the pair until he stood in front of Kame.

The young man blushed, turning his face away at the sight of his lover’s best friend. Yamashita Tomohisa would always be a haunting refrain of what he wanted to be; successful and daring, a masculine, charismatic force that bowed to no one. And now, he was also someone who could give Jin that sated smile that Kame thought only he could bring to his lover’s full mouth.

“Us?” Kame gulped, shivering when Jin’s best friend slid damp hands under his shirt. Wet from Jin’s towel, YamaPi’s skin left a trail of moisture on Kame’s belly, the cold air from the open living room windows fighting the whisper of lust crawling up from his groin. “Jin?”

“Trust me, Kame. Just….trust me.” Jin’s fingers tangled into Kame’s hair, pulling the younger man’s head back to expose his throat, inviting his friend to taste his lover’s skin. YamaPi took up the offer, slithering his tongue along the column of Kame’s neck, stopping long enough to suckle at the pulsing beat under Kame’s skin.

Kame’s moan set them on fire, the erotic, mewling growl stoking the embers of lust Jin and YamaPi simmered between them. His hands reached up, gripping at Jin’s neck then clenched, filling with wet towel. The towel fell, trapped between Kame and his bandmate’s hard body.
“Lift his shirt for me, baby,” YamaPi whispered against Kame’s collarbone. “Show me where he tastes the best.”

Kame’s clothes joined Jin’s towel on the floor, his t-shirt shed quickly with a tearing grasp of Jin’s hands. YamaPi worked the younger man’s jeans free, tugging the worn denim down the jut of his hips. The older man’s mouth found the swell of Kame’s arousal under his briefs, sucking at the drop of moisture darkening the red fabric. The singer’s breath hitched, jerking him back against Jin. Encouraged, YamaPi continued his assault, licking at the dip of Kame’s belly and finding his navel with his tongue. Laving around the swirl of fine hair he found there, YamaPi smiled, looking up through his dark lashes as Jin’s mouth roamed down Kame’s neck and over finding the rise of his shoulder.

“God, he tastes good,” YamaPi groaned, purring at the clench of Kame’s stomach muscles as his teeth skimmed down and snagged at the other’s elastic waistband. “Let’s get this off of you.”

The rush of air hit Kame, cold and bruising then as quickly, the icy touch melted away under YamaPi’s mouth. He panted when the older man’s mouth brushed on his sex, Pi’s hot tongue skimming around the blush of his head. Screaming inside, he leaned into Jin, only to find his bandmate’s mouth waiting for him, Kame’s lips captured in a ravaging kiss. Naked, he felt pinned, a silken butterfly with an urge for the sharp bite of a needle through his body.

Jin’s fingers cupped his sex, fondling Kame’s sac and holding them up for YamaPi’s exploring mouth. He took Kame fully, rolling him over his tongue until he suckled out a long string of wanton mewlings from Kame’s tortured throat. Jin chuckled, his fingertips stroking and pinching Kame’s nipples, tugging them until they were as hard as the weeping sex in YamaPi’s mouth.

“God, I want inside of you so bad,” YamaPi growled, sliding his fingers into his own mouth. The slurping sounds both frightened and excited Kame, his legs buckling under the rush of heat along his spine making him dizzy. Jin nudged his knee between Kame’s thighs, spreading him apart for YamaPi’s touch.

The couch was soft under them, its chenille upholstery cradling them as Jin pulled Kame down. YamaPi followed, stretching up to share a kiss between the two bandmates, Kneeling between Kame’s legs, YamaPi narrowed his eyes and watched Jin sit on the couch’s arm, straddling Kame’s shoulder. Jin hooked his thumb into the waistband of his pants, sliding them down. Kicking himself free of the binding fabric, Jin turned the younger man’s head until Kame’s cheek rested on his naked thigh and slid the tip of his sex between the singer’s parted lips.

The taste of Jin was a familiar comfort, cotton candy sweet against the sharp dark bitter of YamaPi’s unfamiliar touch. Kame wasn’t sure why he let himself be led down to this point of danger that hovered between the three of them. It felt delicious…wicked… something he never dared to dream of. Gasping, he breathed in deeply and hollowed his throat, accepting Jin into the tightness of his mouth and beyond. His tongue fluttered, aching for the taste of Jin’s spill while his body clenched, twisting in on itself as YamaPi’s fingers danced around the edge of his opening.

Then suddenly, with a press of hot fingers, YamaPi was inside of him and the world shattered into a sea of stars.

“Pi,” Kame murmured, humming along Jin’s length and the older man sighed in response, hearing his best friend’s name down into his soul. Encouraged, the young singer pulled back, lashing his tongue around the plump head and pushing at the lip of foreskin that curled down Jin’s shaft. YamaPi continued his gentle assault, stretching the young man apart with two fingers before sliding another in.

Jin stroked at Kame’s temple, reassuring him that YamaPi would take care of him… would be gentle with Kame while his best friend softly invaded his lover. His soft murmurs blended with the sounds of Kame’s whispering moans, the youngest’s tongue swirling slowly down Jin’s length until his mouth was saturated with the sweetness of vanilla soap and masculine musk.

“Don’t know how you leave him, Jin,” YamaPi whispered to Jin, his eyes hooded and dark. “I’d die in his heat before I left him.”

“I leave him to come to you,” Jin replied softly. Kame’s skin felt silken on the back of his hand, the younger man’s cheek plumped with his arousal. Sliding down, he nested against the rise of the couch, hooking his leg up over Kame’s shoulder. The younger man’s skillful mouth set him on edge and he feared he would lose himself in the sensations running through him.

YamaPi ran his hand up over Kame’s ribs, sliding his body against the younger man. His tongue joined the younger man’s around Jin’s length, sharing a kiss over his best friend’s sex before nudging Kame’s hips up and carefully working into him. Jin yelped as his bandmate’s teeth scored down his shaft, the shock of YamaPi’s entrance startling him. Panting with short hissing breaths, Kame pressed his fingers against YamaPi’s hip bone, silently asking for time to adjust to the intrusion.

Jin moved his hands down Kame’s chest, stroking at the slender man’s belly until he relaxed then met YamaPi’s eyes. The beat of his heart overwhelmed him, falling into pace with Kame’s as they joined into a sensual rhythm. He slowly rocked his hips, pressing himself further past Kame’s pursed mouth, feeling the suckled tightness along his length. YamaPi waited, letting himself stretch the other out and then smoothly inched forward when Kame let up the pressure on his hip, sinking slowly into the young man’s heat.

They moved, carefully angling against one another and YamaPi joined with Kame again to lick and nibble along Jin’s length, stroking at the young man’s sex until it hardened in his hand. Running his fingernails along the ruching of skin along Kame’s head, YamaPi pressed in further, rocking Kame up onto his shoulders as he plunged deeper still.

The motion slid Jin further into Kame’s throat and he swallowed around the older man, gulping down the taste of Jin into his belly. He’d needed this release, to finally share in the special bond Jin and Pi had between them. Something was always missing… a heartbeat in the darkness that he needed to hear when he lay down on the bed and fell asleep to the sound of Jin’s voice. It was the teasing lilt of YamaPi’s laughter and the touch of his calloused hands on the smooth skin of Kame’s thighs that the younger man ached for. Something… indefinable… clicked between them… mysterious unknown pieces of their souls shifting until they fit into one another and the universe finally bloomed in Kame’s mind.

“Going to fill you,” Pi gasped, kissing Kame with a punishing need to possess him. His fingers stroked at the younger man’s delicate jaw line, as careful with his touch as he’d been with his penetration. The last thing he wanted was to bruise Kame’s porcelain skin but the temptation of the man’s cherubic mouth was too great and he sank his teeth into Kame’s lower lip, sucking at the tip of his tongue until Kame moaned and gasped. YamaPi heard Jin’s mild protest at having Kame’s mouth pulled away and he released the younger man, nipping at Kame’s throat with sharp teeth. “Bring Jin over for me. I want to taste him in your mouth.”

Jin gripped at the couch, his fingers digging into the cushions when he heard YamaPi coax Kame along. The younger man increased his suckling, moving quicker and then daringly touching at the pucker between his clenched cheeks. The light brushing held a promise, something base and still gentle and Jin exploded, his vision going dark as he tilted his head back and filled Kame’s mouth with his release.

YamaPi followed soon after, driven crazy from Kame’s body clenching around him when the older man milked him until he spilled. Kame cried out loudly, his face marbled with Jin’s seed and he jerked around YamaPi, sliding himself into the grip of the older man’s hand.

The rush of fingers on Kame’s length rocked him, then the too sensitive touch of his sex swallowed his thoughts, and he fell into the liquid darkness that rose from his groin, spreading out over his belly and drowning him. The taste of Jin mingling with the sparkle of his nerves were too much for Kame and he nearly blacked out under the tidal wave of emotions, his core run hot with Pi’s sex pouring into him.

Sighing, Kame pressed himself against YamaPi, his finger languidly stroking at Jin’s softening length. They were spread into one another, carried from one mouth to the next with kisses and the scents of their bodies’ release. Panting, they curled into one another, Jin sliding down from the crux of the couch until he cradled Kame against his belly and YamaPi nestled his leanness between Kame’s sweat-dappled legs.

Resting his chin on the youngest’s belly, Pi lapped at a bead of moisture on Kame’s skin, pleasantly surprised to find it tasted of Jin’s sex. The perfume of them filled him, and he smiled, sated for the time being. Reaching up, he worked his fingers into Kame’s then smiled wider when Jin’s hand crept down from the young singer’s chest to tangle into their tentative embrace.

“That was….nice,” Jin finally said, his voice thick with emotion. YamaPi nodded, stealing another kiss from Kame’s belly, tickling the young singer with his tongue. Kame laughed, a rising giggle of pure joy, the incandescent sound’s bubbling over. Grinning, he leaned in to savour the edge of Kame’s mouth then muttered wickedly into the younger singer’s ear. “Rest up, baby. In a few minutes, Pi and I are going to be switching places. I want to see if I can make you scream louder than you screamed for him. Because I’ll be damned if I ever let him win at anything…including you.”
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