wedspawn ♥ (wedspawn) wrote,
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Snookies and Thank You

I was very overwhelmed at the response to the raffle. Thank you. Can I say that enough? I really don't feel like I can. Really.

Some people have asked me to give them the link to the publisher where they can purchase the SMM Universe Books. You can find them on Lulu at the Wedspawn Site

The books are made to order. The publisher has the files on the server and when one is ordered, it immediately goes into the queue to be published. Once again, if you do place an order, please know that I'm not making any profit from the books. They are being produced at the cost of their creation and nothing goes to me at all.

I will be placing the order for the books at the same time probably late next week. I'm waiting for the last of the winners to contact me and for a couple of other people to get back to me. Thank you for your patience... mostly it's the publisher that's going to take a bit.

It does take up to two to three weeks to get the books delivered... sometimes more if it's in Asia. I believe they have a publishing site in Spain so Europe is faster. Canada for some reason takes a long time too. I'm not sure why.

The PDFs for the SMM Universe are always live. I encourage people that if they want a copy, please take the PDF. They are free and please, feel comfortable distributing them if you want.

So Much Mine PDF

Lavender Bunny PDF

Tarnished Angels PDF

Select SMM Universe One Shots

Drawn Passions PDF

Lastly, besides THANK YOU... because I really can't say that enough...I say that the SMM universe really belongs to all of you. It's yours. I just write in it... but you all bring it to life.

Snookies and Much Love,
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