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Hearts' Binding: JaeHo. NC-17

Hearts' Bindings
Mirotic Request: soloscry
SETTING: The set of "Mirotic" MV filming.
PAIRING: Yunho/Jaejoong (With Yunnie on top, o'course ^^)
PROMPT: The set of their music video "Mirotic"... AU where suddenly all the staff and the other members disappear leaving Yunho and Jaejoong alone of the set

Jae hurt.

Ached really, if Jaejoong thought about it. Dangling from a harness several inches off of the ground wasn’t how he intended to spend hours of a video shoot but it seemed the director had other ideas. The sounds of people moving around behind him made him nervous, stage hands scrambling back and forth on the scaffolding behind the faux wall tugged on the ropes that bound his wrists. His hands hurt from being clenched tightly and the spread of his upper back knotted under his spine. An itch crawled over his shoulder blades, working under his skin until it drove him mad. All the while, the film crew bustled below him, shouting instructions to one another and leaving him to hang there like a piece of meat.

They’d done the long shots, moving to a shorter wall to film the rope scenes but the set designer apparently had Changmin in mind when he set the wall up for the bindings. Without the small wooden rise under Jae’s feet, he would have had to tiptoe to reach the floor… an undignified way to spend the afternoon. The video called for him to pull the bindings out, straining to be free. It wouldn’t look real if there were slack on the rope, the director told him, so a wooden plank was found and he’d been told to stand on it… like a child needing a short chair rise to reach the dining room table. They’d left the harness on him, racheting the cable up to give him a lift.

“It should be… like you are floating,” The older man directed him. “Like you are an angel.”

“Angels don’t have mouths that look nice wrapped around another man’s meat,” Yunho had murmured into Jae’s ear, making him blush furiously.

“Much longer, hyung?” Jaejoong called out to the assistant, hoping to catch the man’s attention. More sounds behind him echoed and then a shifting of the harness bucked his hip on the fake stone.

The staff member ignored him, walking away into the darkness beyond the spotlights. Sighing, Jae resigned himself to hanging there a little while longer. There were no more noises behind him and the harness ties stopped swaying. Twisting, Jae looked up at the locking mechanism, slightly surprised to see it was fixed down. Another sigh escaped him and the rumble in his stomach grew. Lunch had been hours ago and dinner seemed to be far off.

Around him, the studio’s small noises were faint, murmuring voices bouncing off of the distant walls. They grew smaller, tinier little pinpricks of sound until Jae heard nothing more than the creaking of cables and the squeak of the leather harness under his shirt. The foam-sculpted rocks scraped at his shirt, snagging the weave as he shifted to get more comfortable. Frowning, Jaejoong looked past his feet to where the cameras were clustered in a corner.

And discovered there was no one there.

“Um, hello? Hyung?” His voice echoed against the walls, bouncing happily about in the silence. No one answered. No one came out of the surrounding darkness and spoke. He was alone.

Then the world went dark and the shadows rose to swallow him.

Fear bloomed rushes of cold across Jae’s cheeks, working down to clench its icy fingers into the muscles along his spine and belly. In the darkness, the ropes around his wrists seemed tighter, the nooses twisting and holding him against the wall with no give.

That’s when Jaejoong felt something move along his belly and he fought the urge to scream.

“Hello, Boo,” Yunho whispered, nipping at Jae’s earlobe. His hands wandered under Jae’s shirt, then gripped hem of the undershirt that protected the singer’s skin from being rubbed raw by the leather harness.

“Yunnie-ah,” Heaving a breath of relief, Jae pulled at the bindings. “Help me out of here.”

His eyes were adjusting slowly, shapes beginning to emerge from the shadows as the ambient light from the outer maze slowly began to creep into the room. A flick of green shone on the sound sampling panel, the electricity powered down but not off.

“Why would I do that?” Jae’s mouth tasted of sugar and sex, Yunho decided when he lowered his lips on the other singer’s. The small piece of wood brought them to equal heights and the splay of Jae’s arms thrust his chest forward, tilting his slender hips back against the wall. Stealing another kiss, Yunho splayed his fingers over Jae’s bared navel, finding the small divot of scar tissue where his belly ring usually dangled.

“Hate that they make you take this out,” Yunho said, raking his teeth down Jae’s throat, stopping at the darkened god’s kiss under the singer’s jaw. He could find every spot on Jae’s body that made the man shiver, even in the pitch black of an unlit studio.

“Yunho…” There was a mingling of terror and warning in Jae’s voice, the deep undertones of arousal warring with the very real fear of being found by someone outside of the company. “Stop…”

They’d fought days earlier, snarling at one another in a vicious angry spat that threw up a chilled silence between them. The rest of the band members tiptoed carefully around their hyungs, waiting for the older members to make up and be friends but unlike other arguments, this one didn’t seem to pass quickly. Instead it simmered below the surface. Jaejoong spent his days hiding behind the cold, distant mask he normally only wore for people he didn’t know and Yunho’s glowering rumbles echoed throughout their apartment as he picked at any weakness or emotional scab anyone dared to let him see.

“What are …” Jae never finished the sentence. Yunho’s mouth closed over his, sealing his unspoken words into his throat.

The leader played with the singer’s navel then pulled back, sliding the tip of his finger into his mouth. There was enough light to see one another’s faces, the world washed down to muted greys and blues. Jae’s features were hard, a burbling anger setting his firm mouth into a sensual pout.

“Let me down, Jung Yunho,” He skipped through the syllables of the other’s name, his voice catching with emotion. Yunho shook his head and stepped in closer, lowering his hand until the tip of his finger slid around the curve of Jae’s navel.

“Sometimes, I think this is going to be the only way that I can get you to listen to me,” Yunho admitted, sliding his other hand over the thick ropes that bound Jae’s left wrist. He knew the skin underneath would have been rubbed raw if not for the padding underneath but it looked uncomfortable. “No one is going to come and rescue you, Boo. They’re done for the day and the staff thinks that I am playing a practical joke on you. It was an easy thing to get them to leave you like this. After all, Dong Bang Shin Ki is known for teasing one another.”

“I’m not in the mood to be teased,” Jae replied, tilting his head back when Yunho laved at his jaw.

“No, I can see that, Joongie-ah,” The leader said as he slid his finger deeper into the dip of Jae’s belly button. The sensitive nerves along Jae’s stomach jumped at the intrusion and Yunho secretly smiled when the slightly older man let out a skittering moan. “You like my finger there, Joongie? Would you like them somewhere else too?”

“We’re not doing this, Yunho.” Shaking his head, the singer tugged at his bindings, finding himself still affixed to the wall. Struggling was useless. The foamy stones yielded only slightly against his body, cradling him with their semi-softness. The smell of rubber and plastics mingled with the scratchy paint odor as he moved and Jae winced, hoping he wasn’t rubbing off the wall’s carefully applied faux surface.

“You want me to do this so badly, you can taste it, Jaejoong,” Yunho said. “Why don’t you give in to it? Why do you always fight me and run away? How many years have we played at this and then suddenly when you realize that it’s something real between us, you make me chase you? What happened to the willing whore that slid around in my arms?”

“I’m not a whore,” Jae spat at Yunho, his words sharp and biting.

Narrowing his eyes, he kicked out at the other man. Grabbing at the singer’s legs, Yunho snagged his hands under Jae’s calves, moving into the V of his crotch until he rubbed against the thickening bulge in Jae’s pants. He worked in closer, until his belly lay nearly flat against Jaejoong’s and the singer struggled harder, trying to break away from the contact of the leader’s length against his torso.

“We whore ourselves every day, Joongie. What makes you think you’re above that name? Huh?” Yunho asked. The playful side of the leader was gone, burnt away by the sheer anger he’d carried inside of him for days. Jae’s body reacted to the closeness of Yunho’s body, growing warmer with each stroke of the man’s fingers along the inside of his thighs. “And, look me in the eyes and tell me that you’re not my whore. As much as I am yours?”

The fight they had lingered, bitter melon sour on their kiss. Jae turned his head, reluctant to let Yunho into his heart or mouth. In the dim light, his eyes were dark, the blue of his contacts hidden from Yunho’s eyes. It had been years since he’d seen Jaejoong like this, taut and defensive, challenging Yunho with his fierce growls.

“You hate losing so much that you have to tie me up to win?” Jae spat, biting down his need to moan at Yunho’s touch. “Let me go and see how well you do.”

“No,” Yunho shook his head, satisfied with the fire he’d called up in his band mate. “Sometimes, Joongie, the best thing for you is to have you in one place so you can’t fight what you want. You’re always fighting me… fighting against what is good for you because it’s in your nature to. Every time I want to get near you, you run or snap, biting at me until I go away.”

“So then leave me alone,” The singer’s voice wavered, threatening to break.

“No,” The leader repeated, tapping Jae on the tip of his nose. “Because I figured something out. Every time I walk away from you, swearing I’d never sniff around you again, I find myself right back at your side. There’s something inside of me that needs you…needs to be inside of you. And God knows, I fight it because you’re not… safe. You make my mind go to places… dark places that shouldn’t be thought of. There are times when all I want to do is sink into you until you scream my name and cry blood.”

“I want you to be as crazy for me as I am for you,” Yunho continued. “I want you to lie awake and think of me… to say my name in the middle of the night and have your body itch for me. I fall asleep wanting you. I wake up hard and my hands aren’t enough for me. Not when I know your mouth is close by…not when I know that all I have to do is spread you open and find heaven inside of you.”

Yunho cupped Jae’s chin, forcing the other man to look at him. There was beauty there, a fierce feral masculinity that drew Yunho in. The set of Jae’s jaw promised a battle but the part in his mouth turned his pout into a sensual curve.

“If I kiss you, are you going to bite my tongue?” The leader asked.

“Probably,” Jae said through gritted teeth.

“Good,” Yunho replied and held Jae still, savouring the young man’s mouth before plundering past his lips with a dab of his tongue. Stars lay in the heat of Jae’s mouth. They opened under Yunho’s touch, becoming fire in the back of his throat when Jae’s teeth skimmed at the plump of his tongue, threatening to draw blood if Yunho took too much.

Unable to stop, Yunho gripped Jae’s hips, lifting him up away from the wall and sliding hands behind the trapped singer until Yunho cupped the small of Jae’s back. He pressed in harder, taking more of Jae’s mouth and forcing the kiss into darker territory. It spoke of possession, a sealing of a promise from Yunho’s desire. Jae struggled, unwilling to surrender to the wave of need that consumed it.

“Mine,” Yunho said into the echo of Jae’s mouth, forcing the word down into the singer’s guts. “No one else’s. No one can do this to you. Not like me. I can make you hard just looking at you. I can make you weak just by touching you. Deny that, Kim Jaejoong. Tell me that I can’t make you want me.”

“No.” It was a whisper, spoken between barely parted lips and Yunho wasn’t sure if Jaejoong was saying no to his advances or if he could no longer deny Yunho’s possession of his body and soul. When Jae looked up, trapping Yunho in the silken, silent darkness of his arousal, the leader smiled, knowing the other man had finally surrendered to the fight.

Yunho’s fingers quickly undid the tie of Jae’s cotton pants, sliding his hands around the waistband until the fabric pooled around Jae’s feet. He yanked them off, kissing Jae hard before the singer could protest. Sliding his fingers into Jae’s mouth, he leaned in, whispering into Jae’s ears.

“You want them as wet as you can make them,” Yunho growled. “I don’t have anything else with me.”

Jae’s eyes narrowed but his tongue worked around Yunho’s fingers, slavering around the tips while the leader worked his own jeans down with his free hand. Grabbing at one of Jae’s thighs, he hefted the slender singer’s hips up, angling Jae’s shoulder back against the wall. Yelping, Jae choked on Yunho’s fingers then nipped at their tips, warning the other man to be careful.

Yunho ignored the hard glares Jaejoong shot him, rimming his damp fingers around the rosette hidden from view. A press of his fingers spread Jae’s spit around and the singer groaned, clenching his fists tightly. The ropes creaked under the strain of his weight but the harness held him fast, suspending him high enough for him to look Yunho in the eye.

A soft burn ached through him when Yunho pressed in, sliding his wet fingers around the ring of muscle and he tightened instinctively, wanting to both push the other man out or spread himself to welcome him in. Consumed by the want crawling up from his balls, Jae pressed his shoulder back against the wall and his hips tilted up, inviting Yunho to take what was rightfully his.

“Mine,” Yunho said again, sliding his damp hand around his length. Angling himself, Yunho positioned himself against the dip in Jae’s flesh and pushed, feeling the resistance of Jae’s body close around his head. His sex tightened, the skin rolling down his shaft until Yunho shivered under the press of his want. “Relax, baby. Let me in.”

The push burned Jae’s insides and he hissed, panting through his open mouth. Yunho’s hands cradled his thighs, raising him up until he was opened wide for Yunho’s sex. Dipping his shoulders down, the leader hooked Jae’s calves up over his shoulders, pressing the singer into the wall. The paint scraped at Jae’s exposed lower back and the roughness felt like thousands of fingernails raking his skin.

Heaven had to be warm, like rain pouring from the skies during a hot day, Yunho’s thoughts scattered when he sank slowly into Jae’s body. Splayed open, Jae was easier to pierce, a satin hot glove around Yunho’s sex. When he closed his eyes at the rush of sensations, Yunho felt the pulse of Jae’s body around him, a steady beat begging to be matched. Mewling, Jae twisted, impaling himself farther down Yunho’s length. Blinking, the leader brushed away the moisture clinging to his lashes and stared at the man he held against his body.

The tips of inked wings peeked out from around Jae’s shoulders, chains wrapping around the misted black feathers. Some people thought they were rays of light shining from the group’s logo but Yunho knew better. They were symbols of the freedom that Jae finally found… in his voice and with his own soul. The chain around them were what Jae shed behind him, hurtful words and actions that scarred Jae’s inner gentle nature. Yunho knew that he’d help forge more than a few links of those chains, herding Jaejoong into a darkness he wasn’t ready to accept inside of himself.

“You’re an angel,” Yunho whispered, thrusting into Jae until he felt the rise of the other man’s rear against his groin. “I want to live inside of you, Joongie. I want you to live around me.”

They joined together, then pulled apart… swirls of starlight bursting in their hearts amid the blooming heat of their bodies. Pinned to the wall, Jaejoong writhed in Yunho’s hands, a crème-draped butterfly pierced through by his now-lover. Jae moaned, feeling his body stretch and contract around Yunho’s thrusts. The base of Yunho’s sex was thick, brushing soft against the tight ring of his core. The feel of his best friend inside of him broke away the crust of sorrow in his soul. It crumbled at first, then shattering under the push of Yunho’s width.

Sex wasn’t supposed to sound… good. Yunho knew that. It was messy and sounded like liquid being poured between two shifting flat surfaces. It was pudding squished between fingers then licked clean with a numb tongue but the resonance of Jae’s body on his was a sweet song. Jaejoong’s thighs pushed hard on Yunho’s shoulders, and the singer’s weight strained the taller man’s arms but it was a burden he never wanted to let go.

“I’d rather die than drop you, baby,” Yunho suckled on Jae’s mouth and the singer’s eyes flew open, his lips parting for his lover’s tongue.

“I don’t want to let go.” Jaejoong inhaled, swallowing Yunho’s breath into his lungs. His seed boiled inside of him, rushing forward and he ached to ease the pressure. He wanted to run his hands over Yunho’s face… to feel the other man’s bones and skin along his palms. If there was some way of taking Yunho deeper inside of him, he wanted it. He was filled but there was a part of him that remained empty… something needy and desperate.

The hot of Yunho’s seed hit then and Jaejoong sighed, releasing himself in a rush of cream. With a gushing flow, the man filled Jae, jerking at Jae’s hip and burying himself in deep, sliding the tip of his head into the flush of his lover’s core.

“There… “ Jae gasped, arching his body to fully take everything Yunho gave him. “Please… need.”

“Everything… I have,” Yunho kissed his lover, his lips hard over Jae’s face. “Everything I am…is yours.”

“Yours,” Jae echoed, nibbling on the edges of Yunho’s mouth. “Mine.”

“Definitely.” Sighing, Yunho rocked into Jae, letting their bodies ride the wave of their passion out. There was lightning under his skin, a storm of Jae’s making roiling into his blood. “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Jae said, returning Yunho’s sigh. His teeth found the end of his lover’s nose and he gripped it tightly, bringing tears to Yunho’s eyes. “And I want to do this again but someplace with a bed. I want something soft under me when you’re inside of me. Now get me down off this wall so I can beat the shit out of you.”

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