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Stained Glass Soul: MinSu / NC-17

Stained Glass Soul
Request: bellasurus
SETTING: Apartment in Japan
PAIRING: Junsu/Changmin
PROMPT: Changmin/Junsu! Smut. Uh, Changmin takes care of a sick!junsu and then smut? 8DD Wait... Min!Su.

For you... bel!adorabel. snookies.

There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. ~ Astrid Alauda

“Miss you, a-re-ro,” Junho’s voice echoed as he spoke, the distance between them too vast to be crossed by anything but a crackling line of light connecting two phones. The swish of noise made it seem as if the ocean that separated took delight in mocking Junsu as he spoke to his twin.

They were too far, Japan is too far away… Junsu thought as he swallowed at the lump in his throat. Hearing his old nickname from Junho twisted ache into his heart. It was too much sometimes… choosing to walk away from the one person who knew him so intimately but it was something he needed to do. It was his ambition that forced him to take those leaden steps across airport floors

Wi-ro,” Junsu completed the circle between them, teasing his brother for his height. “I miss seeing parts of my face on someone else.”

“Aish, look in the mirror, dongsaeng,” His brother retorted. “Or have they made you so pretty that you only see a girl there now?”

“No,’ He said, blushing at his brother’s poking. “I’m still the same Junsu.”

“You’ll always be the same, Junsu,” Junho replied, softly rounding his words as if speaking to a child. “I have to go, little one. Are you going to take care of yourself?”

“I’m the one who should be worried about you. You’d forget to wear underwear if not reminded!” The lift in his voice was hard to manage, especially when Junsu felt like breaking down and sobbing. The right side of his body felt… empty. There was no tall shadow mimicking his moves or the touch of a lean hand on his shoulder reassuring him that there was a stronger piece of him there to protect him from the world. He’d grown up in the shelter of his brother’s affectionate possessiveness and breaking away from that stability was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

Talking on the phone did nothing but magnify the distance between them but Junsu couldn’t go a day without hearing Junho’s voice. It reassured him their hearts still beat together, as far apart as they were… they were still.. one.

“I have to go, Susu-ah. You make sure you get some food and sleep, okay?” His brother eased out of the conversation slowly, listening to his brother’s soft murmuring reassurances that yes, he would take care of himself.

If Junsu closed his eyes, he could take himself to Korea… to the home that he and his family shared. The sounds of the street would be muted, night time traffic slowing on their residential street. About the time he’d hung up, the old woman across the street would be rattling her trash can lid, locking it down to stop the neighbour’s cat from tipping it over and pawing it into the walk.

Their mother would be downstairs, either tending to her roses outside or beginning to cook dinner. In a few hours, their father would be through the door, smelling of freshly baked bread and exotic sauces. He’d kiss their mother on the cheek, probably stealing a piece of raw onion from her chopping board. Their father enjoyed the flush he could raise in his wife’s face and laugh when she slapped lightly at his hand. There would be more kissing and then whispers. He’d spent his childhood surrounded by secretive affections and overt banter, raised in the shadow of his parents’ love. It was no wonder his first love had been his brother, someone who basked alongside of him in the warmth of their family.

He and Junho would probably be upstairs, Junsu mused. His older brother would be reading, seriously immersing himself in a world outside of the one he lived in while Junsu practiced dance moves he’d seen in a video, the stereo blaring with a pop song they’d heard from America. He would stop and start the CD, trying to quicken his steps to match the music while his older brother protectively glanced over if he struck the dresser with his knee or elbow.

Sometimes they’d just talk, letting the afternoon lazily flow by. If it was a school day, they’d see streams of young girls, fresh-faced and plaid skirted, would walk past their house, their giggles streaming behind them. He and Junho used to watch them from the window, stretched out over Junsu’s neatly made bed, talking about which ones they thought were pretty, sometimes laughing about the silly things girls talked about.

He’d not had the heart to tell his brother that none of the girls interested him. Junsu reacted much stronger to the tall young post man walking his route but Junho knew. Somehow Junho knew.

His twin always knew about the furtive desires Junsu couldn’t share with words. Just as he knew Junho’s secrets when meeting his older brother’s eyes.

“Susu-ah?” Changmin peered around the hallway wall, startling the older man. They’d long since dropped the honorifics between them, Junsu feeling uncomfortable with it and Min mildly resented saying it, standing taller than the others in the group. “Are you okay?”

The apartment was quiet, a somberness that rattled with the absence of the other young men. Min preferred it but the deathly silence drove him to seek out Junsu, hunting the tenor down. He expected to find Junsu listening to music or even playing a video game but instead he lay on the living room couch, one arm thrown over his face to hide his eyes.

There were tears hidden behind Junsu’s cheerful mask. Changmin saw them despite the older man’s brave attempts to keep them secreted away behind a wide smile and playful nature. Today, they would spill, soaking into the knit of Junsu’s shirt, absorbed by uncaring fabric.

Min had a better plan for wiping away those tears.

“Susu…” Changmin hooked his hand under Junsu’s knees, pulling the other’s legs up to give himself room to sit on the couch. “Come here.”

“I’m okay, Min-ah Mouse,” Junsu teased, sitting up with a plastered brilliant grin on his face. Min saw the cracks in the plastic façade, the deadness in his friend’s eyes as he shifted about on the couch. “Did you want to lose at racing? I can put on the game.”

“Ah, no. No doing that with me.” His hands fit easily under Junsu’s arms. Working out with Jaejoong built up Changmin’s strength and his arms barely burned as he lifted the smaller man up to slide him over until his ass fit into the curve of Min’s body. Junsu’s eyes sparkled, frosting over with salty tears when Min’s long fingers stroked at the line of his back. The sorrow finally filled Junsu’s soul and the tears fell, first one then another until a stream lay wet on his cherubic cheeks.

Changmin held the singer, rocking Junsu gently in his arms. It was rare that the man let himself feel the sadness that lived inside of his core, a wailing ache unheard under Junsu’s cheerfulness. Min watched the strain of control break, crackling apart under the sheer weight of tears held back too long.

They sat together, woven together into a ribbon of skin and comfort until Junsu’s tears ran soft then finally, dry. Hiccups jerked the tenor’s chest, the echoes of his anguish refusing to give up its prey.

There was so much pain there, in his eyes… in Junsu’s face. It was like watching the sun melt from the sky, plunging a shining world into darkness. Min needed to erase the torment simmering along the surface of Junsu’s soul. Inside him, there was a need that Changmin wanted to reach and stroke until content. Something was needed, something more than a murmured word or a whispered affection.

The kiss was… accidental, mostly but it was one Changmin didn’t regret.

He tilted Junsu’s chin up, lifting the other man’s face from his chest. Changmin studied Junsu’s pretty features, the slope of the singer’s sensual lips and the set determination of his jaw. Brown eyes, sad and lonely, begged to be closed, squinted shut while Junsu’s mouth bloomed open under the press of a tongue.

Changmin found himself tasting those lips, the dab of his tongue pearling a drop of moisture between them then capturing Junsu’s mouth fully, pressing in harder until a moan fought with the small tremors along Junsu’s spine. The older man leaned back, sliding into the crook of Min’s arm.
Junsu felt… right. The taste of him soared through Min, angel wings carrying sunlight and a bit of rain, drenched grey with the ache of something dark and unfulfilled.

“What’s wrong, Susu-ah?” Min stroked and cuddled, running the back of his hand along the other man’s downy cheek. “Talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Junho.” One word and the singer broke, the tears now a storm battering at the man’s control. His teeth sunk into his lower lip and Junsu swallowed, choking on his smothered sobs.

“Something’s wrong with Junho?” Changmin’s heart stuttered. The older twin was Junsu’s world. If something happened to him, the other singer wouldn’t survive.

“No,” Junsu said, shaking his head. “Nothing’s wrong with hyung. I just…”

“You miss him,” Changmin finished Junsu’s sentence with a heavy sigh. “You miss your brother.”

The older man’s pain had finally bubbled over, his carefully constructed mask cracking under the pressure. He’d fallen apart gracefully, silently suffering in the darkness of his own misery… hiding himself from the others so he didn’t affect the group. The others were gone, scattered off into the clubs of Tokyo’s underground. Changmin stayed behind, preferring a quiet evening while Junsu begged off with a headache.

Which turned into heartache soon after he ended his call with Junho.

“It’s silly, no?” Junsu laughed, wiping at the stain of salt from his nose. “I’m not a child any more. He and I… aren’t little boys any more. I’ve come so far but every time I hear applause, I look around for Wi-ro because it’s him that should be cheered, not me.”

“You’ve earned every bit of applause you hear, Susu-ah,” Min petted at Junsu’s silken hair, brushing a kiss over the other man’s cheek. “Junho cheers along with them.”

“I know that.” Exhaling hard, he leaned back into Min’s arm, letting the other’s warm soak into his body. “My head knows that but sometimes, my heart argues and it breaks into little pieces when I’m alone. I grew with him, Min. We…came into being next to each other. When we were born, he went first, protecting me from anything that would hurt me. He’s always gone first… shielding me…defending me. And then…”

“You stepped outside without him,” Changmin nodded.

“I sometimes feel like… I shouldn’t be this, shouldn’t be who I am, without him,” It was a whisper, fraught and tight. “Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t…be…exist… without him.”

Junsu’s sigh stuttered, rocking his chest with little quakes and he struggled to regain his composure. “I feel… alone without my brother.”

“Oh, Susu,” Min brushed his lips against Junsu’s temple, murmuring soothingly to wash away the other’s pain. “We’re your brothers too. I am your brother. Let me be your brother.”

Pressing his mouth against Changmin’s, Junsu whispered into the crease of Min’s lips, hoping to wash away his pain with a single word. It was lost in the pounding of Min’s blood but Junsu’s surrender to the passion stoked between them was absolute.

Changmin savoured the candied sorrow in Junsu’s mouth, its bittersweet tang as rich as melted Parisian chocolate on his tongue. Junsu leaned into the kiss, his fingers raking through Min’s short hair. He pulled the taller man towards him, needing Min to fill his mouth… his body … perhaps even his soul. Junsu begged for Min’s kisses with tiny whimpers that remained trapped between them, soft bubbling pleas that burst with a citrus sting against the roof of Min’s mouth.

Daylight rose again, the shimmer of dawn breaking through the clouds of Junsu’s sadness with the touch of Changmin on his face. The younger man’s hands roamed over Junsu’s body, taking the time to discover the ridge of his collarbone then white teeth nibbled on the delicate skin under the tenor’s ear, making him gasp in surprise when goosebumps erupted over his chest.

The kisses were delicate, origami squares folding in to become flowers then butterflies until Junsu’s hunger for Min’s mouth caught and he opened a storm between them. Suddenly, their mouths were too far, their tongues too distant when they broke for the smallest dips of air into their lungs.

Changmin grasped the other man’s hips, maneuvering Junsu until the tenor’s legs straddled his thighs. Cupping one hand behind the crest of Junsu’s skull, he sighed into a deeper kiss, slanting his mouth to suckle on Susu’s pout. Gripping Junsu’s shirt, he lifted the hem, stopping long enough to gaze into Junsu’s burnt sunrise eyes.

“Please,” Junsu lifted his arms, exposing a stretch of his belly, his navel a cast of shadow and light against the softness of his skin. “Please…brother.”

Min didn’t hesitate. Instead, he took what Junsu offered, stripping the older man slowly. Inches of skin slowly emerged from the cocoon of cotton swathing Junsu’s body. He was familiar with how Junsu looked. How couldn’t he be considering how intimately they lived but the feel of the older man was different now… softer as Junsu looked to him for comfort.

Lifting his own body up, Changmin stretched over Junsu’s naked form, exploring with tentative hands as he hooked his shins around the other man’s legs, keeping him pinned against the soft couch cushions. He would catch hell from the others later, Min knew that for sure but Junsu’s need to be touched and stroked outweighed any yelling the hyungs would dish out. Any pleasure he was able to give the singer would be worth an eternity of torment from the older members.

“You taste… good,” Min whispered, trailing kisses down Junsu’s collarbone. The older man’s fingers played with the waistband of his pants, skimming trimmed nails along the sensitive skin of his belly. His sex responded, hardening with the gentle, erotic raking. The length of Junsu’s body tingled the nerves under his skin and Changmin shivered when Junsu’s hand brushed against his burgeoning shaft as it pressed against his briefs.

Min sucked on the small white gold cross Junsu wore, its metallic taint warm from the heat of the singer’s body. Letting it drop back onto Junsu’s chest, he shifted, letting the other man work the top button of his pants loose, sighing with exaggerated relief Junsu slid his hand down the front of his body, working limber fingers under the press of his sex.

“There, Susu-ah,” He moaned, feeling his desire flush over his face. Changmin nipped at the dark plum of Junsu’s right nipple, working the nub into a tight bud. Biting down, he groaned at the shivering taste of almost-broken skin under his sharp teeth, pleased at the startled hiss of Junsu’s breath leaving his lungs. Min moved, working his tongue on the other areole, twisting the swell of Junsu’s bitten nipple with supple fingers.

“Not going... ah, Min…” Junsu gasped, curling around Changmin’s shoulders, running his free hand along Min’s back. “Need…”

Changmin slid his pants down, using his bare feet to pull his long legs free. Wedging himself between Junsu’s legs, he captured their sexes together with his hand, sliding his palm slowing over the loose skin until he felt himself tighten against Junsu’s shaft. His tip felt tender, nearly too sensitive to touch. The cool air from the open window stung at the rawness of his head, its slit pursed and weeping.

Working his hand tight against their bodies, Min ground his hips against Junsu, working the other man into a frenzy as he bowed his head to lave and bite at the nipple he’d left unmolested. A few short seconds and the tip was as cherry ripe as the other, pouting and beckoning for Min’s kisses.

“Want to feel you,” Junsu’s panting breaths staggered his words, breaking them apart into pulses of need. “Need you, Minnie. Want you. In me. I need you in me. Now.”

“Soon, Susu-ah,” Changmin stroked harder, working the pearl cream free from their bodies. A few short jerks of their sexes and his hand filled with moisture, barely enough to slick his path into Junsu’s core. It would have to be enough, Min decided, sliding his hand under Junsu’s rear and finding the pucker hidden there. If he went any further, they both would spill and be left wanting more. He would be damned if he left Junsu’s body with a soul-twisting desire. “I promise, Susu, I’ll fill you. I’ll be one with you. Like you need.”

Junsu wiggled down until he could lift his legs up, resting his shins on Min’s shoulders. Sighing, he arched his back and relaxed, feeling the press of Min’s fingers on his insides, stretching him slowly apart to ease him. With long strokes, Changmin reached for the bundle of nerves nestled deep in Junsu’s body and then smiled when the other man shuddered suddenly, his cries rising in pitch as Min massaged at the spot.

“You’re ready now, Susu,” Changmin murmured, guiding himself to the tight ring after leaving Junsu mewling for more. “Hold onto me, brother. Let me kiss your tears away.”

Min plunged in, not giving Junsu enough time to recover from the initial onslaught of long fingers and their mingled seed. His length hit the tender spot Min stroked to a fine thrum and Junsu cried out, gripping at the couch with his hands, unable to find a purchase against Changmin’s sweat-slick hips.

The next thrust drove Changmin past Junsu’s threshold of pleasure. Shock rippled through them, their bodies rising to meet one another. Sweat dewed Junsu’s chest, soft drops begging to be licked. Min obliged, sucking the sweetness of the other man’s body. It sated him, urging Changmin to crest a wave of himself into the emptiness Junsu craved to fill.

Junsu dug his fingers in, finding the soft give of Min’s shoulder blades as they moved in time to their thrusts. He’d lost his words after a few strokes of Changmin’s sex as the pace increased, he was submerged into the primal, low screaming mewls that crawled up from his belly and slithered out of his open mouth.

“Come on,” Changmin purred, working his hips fast as he delved deeper into Junsu’s heat. “Do it with me, Susu. Let me watch you do this. Give me what you have inside of you.”

Junsu let go of his control, feeling everything he could as he curled his toes in pleasure, his inner core stretched open by Min’s body. He craved the flesh filling him and when Min’s seed gushed and hit his inner walls, he couldn’t hold back any longer. The release was sublime, starting at the edges of his cheekbones and flowing down his chest, stopping at the curl of his belly and on to the tip of his sex. The rush of his sex tightened his sac into the hollow between his legs and Junsu’s mouth went dry when Min’s thumb ran against the edge of his weeping slit, pulling apart the creamed pout until it was too much for Junsu to bear.

Gasping, they fell in onto one another, curled over the wide cushions in a damp heat. The apartment was quiet, still but for their quickened breathes and the soft creaks of the sofa springs as Min shifted to wrap his arms around Junsu’s shoulders. Resting his cheek against the singer’s temple, Changmin brushed away the damp hair from Junsu’s forehead and laid a gentle kiss on his dewed skin.

“Ah, that’s better.” Changmin leaned back, rocking the singer gently, sighing when Junsu’s smile broke through the remaining clouds of his loneliness. Grinning, Min stole another kiss and whispered into Junsu’s ear. “The sun shining for the world again.”

"Right now, only for you, Min-ah," Junsu tucked himself into the curve of Min's chest. "Some smiles are only for my brothers."
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