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Red Windmills in Moonlight (2A) YunJae

Title: Red Windmills in Moonlight
Pairings: YunJae
Fic For: winterbubbletea
Set in Paris for: patra86
Rating: PG in this section. NC-17 in next (promise)

Summary: Continuation of Starlight and Blood.
Jung Yunho settles in Paris, alone and dissolute, after his search for a companion turns out to be fruitless. The happiness shared by Dong-Wook and Changmin leaves him aching and he has fallen into a life of meaningless pleasures, hoping to bury his longings in sin. Yet, a chance encounter with a feral and exotic Jaejoong leads the vampire to wonder if something magical wasn’t within his reach…but if only it were that easy.

Disclaimer: Not SMM Universe. This is half of Part Two. Part One can be found here. This is short but I wanted to post this before moving on to the next section. It felt like a good break here.

Dried blood formed a black lace over Jae’s slender throat, his pale skin marbled with dark bruises and cuts. A dampened wash lay draped over the hastily made bandages, soaking through the ripped fabric to make it easier to remove. Yunho tested an edge and winced when Jaejoong’s skin came up with it. Steeling himself, the older vampire checked Jae’s weak pulse and he breathed a sigh of relief at the faint thump under his fingertips.

He’d carried the lifeless vampire up from the dens, willing Jae to keep breathing as he took each step. Hailing a carriage on the main avenue, he urged the driver to hasten their journey but to keep the ride steady, promising double the fare if the carriage was handled smoothly.

When he’d arrived, the house was empty of staff and sadly, Junsu. Not for the first time since his younger brother left, Yunho wished the bubbly Korean was there waiting for him. If anyone could coax a smile from a wild cat, it would be Junsu. Not giving a second thought to the expensive linens on his bed, Yunho slid Jaejoong carefully into a nest of pillows and worried, brushing at the shock of black hair falling into the younger vampire’s face.

“God, I am sorry I have to do this,” Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s ear, an unshed tear watering a line over his lashes. Gripping the end of the bandage tightly, he jerked the cloth up, tearing it from the wound.

It bled, too much for Yunho to stop with his fingers. Instinct drove him to lower his head, a small dip of his tongue into the dark sweetness bleeding from Jae’s throat. His fangs extruded and Yunho hissed, his breath hot against the back of his throat and he inhaled the sharp copper temptation winding over the other man’s pale skin.

“Calm yourself.” Yunho pulled back, taking in lungfuls of cold air to soothe the hunger crawling through his body. Taking Jae’s blood while he lay battered and darkened by bruises was akin to rape, Yunho shook himself loose of the thrall he’d fallen into. “Keep yourself in tight, Jung.”

“Fangs,” Jae mumbled. His lashes fluttered, a weak protest against the lethargy pulling him back into unconsciousness. “Eating me?”

“No!” Tossing the bandage aside, Yunho pursed his mouth, willing his fangs to retract back into his gums. “Stay here. We need to get some blood into you.”

He left Jaejoong lying there, ignoring the mental image of the lanky beauty sprawled on vermillion bed linens. A quick trip into the kitchen secured him a chilled bottle of blood from the wine cellar. Stopping long enough to grab a clean glass and a decanted Madeira, Yunho tucked the bottles into a basket then added cheese and bread, hoping to get food into the other man’s stomach.

Jaejoong was awake when he came back, shifting uncomfortably when Yunho approached. The dark circles and puffed bags under his eyes were vivid on his face. Too weak to pull away, Jae murmured a protest as Yunho lifted him up, resting the vampire against the pillows.

“Shush,” Yunho ordered, pouring a measure of blood into the glass. Adding a good dose of wine to the blood, Yunho swirled the vessel until the fluids blended together. Cradling Jaejoong’s head, Yunho tilted the glass until the blood-wine touched the vampire’s parched lips. “You need this. You’re not going to heal if you don’t drink this. No arguments. I’ll pour it down your throat if I have to.”

There was a small struggle, more of Jae turning his head an inch to the side but Yunho’s hands were stronger than the weakened muscles in the other vampire’s neck. A drop of the blood-infused wine on Jaejoong’s pout was all it took.

His hunger did the rest.
Jaejoong’s mouth clamped over the glass rim, his throat opening to receive the rush of blood wine. Gulping, he struggled to get more into his mouth, his ravaged body taking control of his senses. His fangs lengthened, stretching his too pale gums until they were white from the increased pressure.

Yunho struggled to keep the flow even, not wanting to flood the younger vampire’s mouth but Jae pressed, his trembling hands closing over the other’s wrists and forcing the glass up. Ravenous, Jaejoong fought to take more, the beast in his blood roaring to be sated. With a deep growl, he bit down hard, his instincts driving him to seek more.

Without warning, the battered vampire’s teeth clamped down, closing over the rim. The glass shattered, breaking under the force of Jae’s hunger. Shocked, Yunho pulled back, throwing the shards to the floor. Risking his fingers, and possibly his sanity, the Korean dug his fingers past Jae’s sharp fangs. He felt around the other man’s tongue and teeth, slicing open his skin on the broken pieces of glass in Jae’s mouth.

“Merde!” Yunho yanked small shards out, throwing them on the floor. They made tiny starburst pings as they hit, leaving pockmarks on the seasoned wood. Digging his fingers in again, he forced Jae’s mouth open, praying he got all of the glass before the younger vampire swallowed any.

The soft heat of Jae’s mouth enveloped Yunho’s fingers, the younger man’s tongue laving at the small cuts on the intruding tips. Yunho’s eyelids dropped, hooding against the darkness rising in his belly. The suckle of Jae’s lips rushed blood into his sex, the flushed pink flesh pouting around his length ignited delicious, wicked thoughts in his bestial mind.

His blood, invigorated by his temper and the richness of his mistress’ embrace whispered over Jae’s face and Yunho watched as the hunger in the man’s pretty face changed to a wanton lust. Mingled with the wine already in his lean belly, Yunho’s blood was intoxicating, a powerful drug feeding the sensual embers of need in Jae’s wide eyes.

“You have to stop, bebe,” Yunho warned, reluctantly extracting himself from Jae’s sweet, wet embrace. The feel of Jae around his flesh was a tantalizing promise that he couldn’t rationally extract, not in the man’s current weakened condition.

Jae’s keening whimper shot ice into Yunho’s heart and he closed his eyes against Jae’s look of disappointment. Shaking his head with regret, Yunho rubbed his thumbpad against the other’s lip, smearing a drop of blood over the man’s plump mouth.

“Trust me, love,” He whispered softly. “It’s better that I don’t take advantage of you. As much as I want to, I think it would be better for both of us if I let you sleep. You’re not reasoning yet. Your body is too hurt.”

Watching Yunho with narrowed eyes, Jaejoong cocked his head, the bloodlust of their animal nature driven to the surface by his ravenous hunger. Simple instinct drove too much of the young man’s actions, Yunho decided, nodding to himself in resigned satisfaction when he prodded gently at raw wound at Jae’s neck. The edges were slowly closing, the younger vampire’s healing accelerated by the blood he’d taken in.

“Stay here.” Yunho said, sweeping up the broken glass into the bandages he’d removed from Jae’s body. “I’ll get you more blood but this time, little one, let’s try a pewter stein. I don’t think I could survive having your mouth around me once more today.”


The bath water ran red and black, swirling on islands of suds as Yunho gently scrubbed the streets from Jae’s body. Too weak to do anything but protest, the younger vampire snarled when the washing cloth came too close to his nose, the damp fabric nearly smothering him; or so he complained. He also griped as Yunho leaned him forward to dump cups of water down his back, his rib bones jutting out from under his skin and creating ripples in the smooth flow. A pair of Yunho’s under-breeches provided Jae some manner of modesty and gave Yunho some measure of self-control over his unreasonable lust for the skinny street urchin.

“Cold,” Jae chattered, dramatically clicking his teeth.

“Really?” Yunho responded casually, watching the steam rise from the water. “No colder than a winter night spent outside, eh?”


“You smell.” A tap of Yunho’s finger left a burst of bubbles on the end of Jae’s nose. “And I can’t see how well you’re healing under a layer of dirt and rat shit. I’m almost done. Just have your hair to do and…”

He would have to wash under the breeches, removing the wet cloth to reach the younger man’s intimate flesh. Schooling himself, he helped Jae lift himself up from the tub. The other’s arms shook with the effort of supporting some of his weight, his legs threatening to give out underneath him as Yunho worked the wet breeches off. Jae’s body was painfully thin, his enormous eyes dominating the thin pinch of his still-pretty face and Yunho felt ashamed at the rise of lust that stirred in him. Hastily scrubbing the area, Yunho nearly breathed a sigh of relief when Jae collapsed against him, unable to stand any longer.

“That’s going to have to do until you’re stronger.” Yunho nodded, pulling the plug from the tub. Dripping warm water from a carafe, he scrubbed at the filth in Jae’s hair, tsking at the black runnels of dirt flowing down around the younger man’s ears and shoulders. “Didn’t you ever bathe?”

“Cold,” He repeated, rubbing at his arms, a tinge of blue forming on the edge of his lips. The porcelain bathtub was cooling off faster than Yunho liked but Jae’s tangled hair needed another scrubbing and then a clean rinse.

Working as quickly as he could, Yunho washed the weeks of neglect from Jae’s hair, rubbing a thickened egg yolk and grooming oil mixture into the tangles before using the last of the hot water to wash it out. Grabbing a thick towel, he wrapped its radiator-warmed length around the thin vampire’s body, using his shoulders to bolster Jae up until he could lift the younger man from the tub.

“You’re as thin as a squab,” Yunho grumbled under his breath. “You even have a pigeon bone sticking up out of your chest. Lucky for you, you’re too scrawny to eat or the cook would be in here with cranberries and oranges to stuff you with.”

“If I’m going to be stuffed,” Jae’s words slithered an erotic whisper of heat into Yunho’s ear. “That’s not what I want to be stuffed with.”

Yunho’s hands trembled as he lay a dozing Jaejoong on the clean sheets. He resisted the urge to stroke the sleep from Jae’s mouth. His tongue withering against the roof of his mouth, Yunho closed the bedroom door behind him and drew a cold bath to soak in.


“It smells.” Jae pulled back from the dish, wrinkling his nose. Poking at the mess of pepper-reddened vegetables, he made a face. “Is that cabbage? And what’s that? Zucchini?”

“Yes, that’s cabbage. And no, that’s cucumber.” Yunho picked up a piece of the pickled vegetable from the banchan dish and held it up to Jae’s tightly pressed mouth. “Try it. It’s from our home. It’s what makes us…”

How did he explain to an abandoned child the concept of home when every parent Jae might have ever known disappeared? Answers about his mother shifted with each question and the young man was reticent about explaining anything about his making other than the attack. Home to Jaejoong was nothing more than a place out of the wind and within reach of a rat to drain of blood.

The lack of family made Yunho’s heart ache and not for the first time, he wished Se7en and Changmin would return from their jaunt across the continent.

Jae’s mouth closed down around the tidbit pinched between Yunho’s fingers and left a kiss of heaven behind, a burning moisture from the flat of his tongue. Without thinking, driven by something deep inside of him, Yunho placed his wet fingers into his mouth and sucked the taste of Jae’s mouth from his own skin. The sweetness he imagined burst on his tongue, mingled with the tart-hot taste of the kim chee.

“God,” Yunho murmured as he closed his throat against his swallow, wanting the flavours to linger in his mouth. “This is what home really tastes like.”


“Shit, this hurts.” Jae gritted his teeth and took another step, his legs nearly buckling under him. Arms trembling, he gripped Yunho’s forearms and stopped, panting from the effort of walking.

“Come on, just a few more,” Yunho encouraged him, taking a step back to stretch the distance between them. “We’re almost to the bed. You can do it. Almost.”

They’d begun the disheartening task of trying to regain Jae’s balance and muscle mass a few days ago, starting at the bathroom door and taking baby steps towards the bed. The first day, Jae collapsed after a few steps. Yunho caught him easily, the older vampire increasingly alarmed at the man’s bird-like weight. Jae’s steadfast refusal to drink blood hindered his recovery and Yunho was reluctant to press him, half-hoping to keep the feral vampire long enough to fatten him up.

“You just want to get rid of me,” Jaejoong joked, taking another step forward. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead, a teardrop of effort running down his cheek.

“Never,” Yunho admitted. “I’d keep you here forever if I could.”

Jae’s startled glance up bore into Yunho’s belly, the truth of his feelings laid bare in the older man’s eyes. He hesitated, visibly torn between his instinct to flee and a spark of something flaring in his face. “Monsieur...”

“I’ve seen you naked,” He reminded Jaejoong. “I think you can call me Yunho. Come on, agi. Just another step forward.”

Jaejoong did fall, his body pitching forward as his knee gave out. Yunho’s arms cradled him long before he could hit the floor. Scooping up the younger man, Yunho carried him to the bed, listening to Jae breath against his chest.

“I fell on purpose, you know,” Jae whispered into the crook of Yunho’s neck. “To see…”

“I know, byeol.” Yunho buried his face in other man’s hair and chastely kissing Jae’s temple. “I will always catch you when you fall, Jaejoong. Always.”
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