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Red Windmills in Moonlight: Yunjae Part 2B

Title: Red Windmills in Moonlight
Pairings: YunJae
Fic For: winterbubbletea
Set in Paris for: patra86
Rating: R in this section.
NC-17 in next section (promise) Next section being Part Three.

Summary: Continuation of Starlight and Blood.
Jung Yunho settles in Paris, alone and dissolute, after his search for a companion turns out to be fruitless. The happiness shared by Dong-Wook and Changmin leaves him aching and he has fallen into a life of meaningless pleasures, hoping to bury his longings in sin. Yet, a chance encounter with a feral and exotic Jaejoong leads the vampire to wonder if something magical wasn’t within his reach…but if only it were that easy.

Disclaimer: Not SMM Universe. This is second half of Part Two. Part One can be found here. Part 2A is here.

Lightning threads stitched through Paris’ night sky, punching holes in the darkness and staining stars into Jae’s stare. The apartment was eerily silent, each shift in the rafters echoing in the empty bedchambers, the building groaning loudly as it adjusted its bones. He refused to sit in the front room, pretending to be an old woman’s dog waiting for its mistress to come home.

Grumbling to himself, he tried not to start when he heard Yunho’s footsteps on the stoop, and when his stomach tingled at the other man’s calling out that he was home, Jaejoong told himself that was merely hunger that twisted his guts tightly under his heart.

“Ah, there you are,” Yunho said, shrugging off his coat and loosening his cravat ties. “Did you spend the whole evening here in the bedroom? The rest of the house is yours to explore if you feel up to it.”

“I can see the storm from here.” Scowling at his reflection in the window pane, Jae growled. He’d promised himself he would be sullen and pout at being left behind but Yunho’s smile snuck under his skin, spreading until it warmed his insides. “The French Folly keeps getting hit. I am wondering if it will melt from the lightning.”

“Huh, that’s a good question.” The older vampire came up behind Jae, wrapping his arms around the young man’s shoulders. Grasping his hands loosely over Jae’s chest, he rested his chin against on Jae’s collarbone and listened to the shush-shush of the other man’s heart. “How do you feel? Better?”

“Better.” He nodded and leaned back into the man’s embrace, smelling the night air clinging to Yunho’s fine linen shirt. “I tried going downstairs but the steps made me dizzy.”

“Ah,” Yunho sighed, finally understanding the pout on Jae’s temper. The young man’s fiercely independent nature rebelled at the slightest hint of being caged and the slow recovery from his wounds tested Jae’s already thin patience. “I would have stayed in but you need to feed.”

“I don’t …” Jae scowled past Yunho’s finger when the vampire shushed him. “Pig blood is fine.”

“Pig blood is not fine,” He corrected the younger vampire. “Not for how weak your body is. And I don’t mind doing this. It’s something your sire should have done when he made you.”

“He’s a pig that should be fed on,” Jae took Yunho’s offered hand, rising from the window seat. “Rats should have eaten through his skin and nested in his guts.”

“Good to see you’re so forgiving and compassionate,” Yunho teased, cupping his other hand under Jae’s elbow, ready to catch the man if he stumbled. They’d argued before Yunho left and with Jae in a high temper, it had been difficult for the older vampire to concentrate on what he needed to do while hunting. “Come on, bebe. Let’s make you stronger so you can go out with me soon.”

The bed waited for them, pillows propped up against the ornate wooden headboard his mistress had imported from Bombay. A bottle of dark red wine sat uncanted, breathing in preparation for their evening. Jaejoong trembled in Yunho’s hands, his skin prickled with anticipation. Settling the younger man down onto the bed, Yunho turned off the luminescent globes wired through the room and lit a trio of thick candles, the sky’s lightning providing him with enough light to move about the dark interior.

His hand supported much of his weight as Yunho rested on the edge of the bed, dimpling the pulled back covers. He tried not to hiss when Jae’s cold fingers undid his buttons, the backs of the other’s hands sending a chill over Yunho’s chest where they brushed on his warm skin. With more care than he needed to, Jae pushed the fabric from Yunho’s muscled shoulders, catching on the cuffs still holding his sleeves closed.

Laughing softly, Yunho removed the ebony fastenings, tossing them on the night stand. They clattered, coming to a rest against the ridge of a crystal dish, dancing another step before rolling to a stop. The shirt fell to the floor, a whispering ghostly scrap on the Persian rug. It fluttered momentarily to life as Yunho pushed it aside with his bare feet then lay in the darkness, a stark white slash amid the shadows trembling under the candlelight.

“Are you sure about this?” Yunho asked, his voice soft and pleading despite his efforts to sound in charge. Being around Jaejoong made him tender, driven with the need to protect the feral young vampire. They’d spent days together, Yunho reading from his favourite books and teaching Jaejoong to form words from the scribble of black ink across the page. The younger man learned quickly, far quicker than Yunho had, his busy mind only confined by the amount of strength he’d mustered that day.

Their evenings were often spent playing cards and Yunho was fairly certain that Jaejoong cheated with each hand, he’d yet to catch him. Jae accused him each night of being unwilling to accept that he was a better card player but was willing to let Yunho deduct the costs of his staying at the apartment from his winnings.

They both knew it was a concession to Jae’s pride, one Yunho was more than willing to make if it meant the younger man’s angelic face would be there when he woke in the morning.

“Come here, agi,” Yunho’s voice rumbled, a low purr as he nested against the pillows. Lightly gripping Jae’s wrist, he drew the vampire to him, turning Jaejoong around on the thick mattress until the other man’s back was resting against his chest.

Reaching over, Yunho poured out a glass of wine and brought the beaded rim to Jae’s waiting mouth. The younger vampire’s hands closed over Yunho’s, tilting the goblet up until the rich scarlet liquid poured forward into his waiting mouth.

He gulped and then choked a bit, swallowing too much at once. Yunho waited, patiently holding the glass steady until Jae relaxed against him then he lifted it again, letting Jaejoong sip from it. Passing it back to Yunho, Jaejoong let his head fall back and felt the lethargic pull of the wine’s seduction creep into his bones. Everything around him faded, softened under the butterscotch kiss of the candlelight. Yunho’s skin glowed with strength

“Your skin’s like gold velvet,” Jae murmured, watching Yunho’s face through the ruby fire in the glass. “It makes my tongue itch.”

“That’s because you’re hungry, agi.” Yunho offered Jae another sip, reveling in the feel of the other man’s hands on his thighs as he drank. The press of Jae’s body on his made it hard to hide the thickening of his sex and he shifted deeper into the pillows, laying Jaejoong back until the younger man’s head was comfortably resting on his chest. “I’ll take care of that. I promise.”

With only a few drops left, Yunho placed the rim against his lips, licking at the spot Jae’s mouth suckled on. He drained the glass slowly, letting the taste of the vampire wash down his throat. Bending his head, he moved until Jae was curved into the hollow of his shoulder. The man’s eyes were hooded, sensually heavy from the effects of the wine and Yunho’s control came undone when a peek of Jae’s tongue darted out to dab at a stray drop on the corner of his mouth.

Groaning, he inhaled sharply and held Jae close, sinking himself into the pleasure of the man’s hands on his hips and naked back. The scratch of Jae’s nails into his skin felt good, even better when the air hit the abrasions, sending a smarting tingle across his shoulders.

“Are you ready for me?” Yunho whispered, brushing his mouth against Jae’s cheekbone. A trio of dark stars shone on the young man’s pale skin, a dapple of kisses left from a god’s mouth. He’d traced those stars as the vampire slept besides him, studying their movement when Jae smiled or bit down on his lower lip in deep concentration. He tasted them now, savouring the slight ridges on the tip of his tongue, nonpareils on Jae’s wine-flushed skin. “Are you hungry, agi?”


Jae’s whisper was Yunho’s undoing. It held promises, dark sweet promises flavoured with midnight kisses and soft moans as hands clenched tightly into fine linens. A drunken moon rose in that single word, wobbling through the shadowed sky as it hunted for a dawn that would never come. Swallowing hard, Yunho pulled Jaejoong close and offered himself to the other man’s mouth.

Jae started slowly, as Yunho taught him, a lick of his tongue against the satiny soft skin of Yunho’s wrist. The older vampire’s thumb pressed back, he sought out the pulse beneath the man’s mons, finding the thump with his tongue. With Yunho’s recent feeding, the beat was strong, reverberating against Jae’s lower teeth. Reluctant to end the sensation of want crawling under his skin, Jae licked again, using the flat of his tongue to lave Yunho’s scent from his skin.

The sensation of Jaejoong’s teeth skittering across his wrist made Yunho gulp air into his lungs, the need to wash cold into his body increasing as he felt the skin on his shaft roil around with need. The press of his head against the seam of his undergarments was an unwanted friction, much less desirable than the promise of Jae’s mouth around him.

“Suck on me, agi,” Yunho commanded roughly and hissed when Jae’s mouth closed over his pulse. The vampire’s suction pulled a mound of skin and flesh in and the feel of Jae’s fangs extruding into him tightened Yunho’s skin. “That’s it, bebe. Bite into me. Take what you need.”

He was always ill-prepared for the slice of teeth into him, despite the years of feeding his brothers and his mistress. Yunho hissed at the sharp pain, its spidery talons hooking into his nerves and pulling hard until his cheekbones ached with the press of anguish.

Needle sharp, Jae’s teeth pushed in deeper, finding the long artery that ran below the rise of Yunho’s thumb. No amount of skill could deny the incessant pushing away of flesh under the brunt of a vampire’s hard teeth until the rush of Jae’s salvia hit Yunho’s blood stream and the pain was replaced with a euphoria that rivaled the lightning breaking the night’s hold on the sky.

Jae suckled, pushing in as much of himself as he took out of Yunho. Absinthe kisses sent butterflies into Yunho’s blood, numbing the area and curving a wanton heat into the hard shaft pressing up through Yunho’s trousers.

The blood hit his throat, gushing from the piercings he’d placed in Yunho’s skin. Closing his mouth over the wounds, Jae swallowed and pulled for more, closing his eyes against the pleasure of his hunger being satiated by Yunho’s blood. With his arm wrapped around Jae’s shoulders, Yunho edged the younger vampire closer, letting him feed with a wanton abandon Jae rarely expressed.

Lost in the lull of Yunho’s blood, Jae sighed and slowed his suckling, swallowing sips as if drinking wine. Stroking at the younger man’s hair, Yunho watched in envy as his wrist provided succor for the hungry vampire. Murmuring with encouragement, Yunho let Jae feed, trusting the other man to stop when he was full.

They’d fought long and hard against the feeding, Jae insistent on refusing human blood until Yunho pressed him against a wall, demanding answers. Shaking the younger man until his teeth rattled, Yunho finally got his answers, a tearful confession of a hunger that drove Jaejoong insane and broke his heart.


An old man once spent his evenings feeding the stray cats under a bridge, parceling out scraps of fish he’d saved from the morning’s takings. A head was a particular prize, its spongy eyes a treat for the stubborn kittens who fought viciously over the carcasses. He’d spotted a different type of hungry cat in the shadows, calling out to a hidden Jaejoong. Unable to coax the boy from the bridge’s underbelly, the old man gathered up the choices of the fish scraps and stretched to place them too high for the cats to reach.

The ritual continued for nearly seven weeks until one day Jaejoong found himself waiting for the old man long past the time he should have shown. Worried, he untangled himself from the beams and ventured out, searching for the scent of the elderly man along the waterfront. Cries drew Jae down a dark alley and the scent of blood made him stop short in his tracks.

Three men, large and menacing, stood over the old man’s too-still form. One man’s hand dripped with blood, the splash of drops hitting the Parisian cobblestones with a steady beat. The smell of it drew Jaejoong in and a rage covered his eyes with a red that was darker than the blood seeping from the cut across the old man’s forehead.

He didn’t remember slashing open their throats. Nor did Jaejoong recall tearing apart their faces in his maniacal anger. The first clear memory he had was the old man’s look of horror at the monster he found crouching over him. His terrified scream echoed in Jae’s nightmares and the pleas for mercy hid in each toll of Notre Dame’s bells.

Words of explanation were lost in Jaejoong’s shame. Horrified at the carnage around him and the man’s repulsion, Jae fled the area, his tears running through the blood on his face until all he could taste was the salt of the dead and the sorrow of his own tortured soul.


“Their deaths weren’t on you, little one,” Yunho murmured. He knew Jaejoong couldn’t hear him under the ecstasy of the feed but he knew the other man could feel his concern and affection. “You were helping him, repaying him for his kindness. God knows of your soul. You are not the monster that man saw. You could never be that horror.”

The feeding slowed and Jae licked the spot, urging the skin to close. Yunho sighed, partially satiated of his desire and half-inflamed by the kitten licks of Jae’s tongue. The rough texture tugged and pulled on Yunho’s shaft as it twitched and twisted beneath his clothes.

Jae pulled away, his breath whispering a chill over the vampire’s damp wrist and he kissed Yunho’s palm, tracing the lines of his fortune with the curve of his lips. A flick of his tongue marked the long life line cresting over Yunho’s mons and he matched his hand against Yunho’s, entwining their fingers as he sat up.

“I need more,” Jae whispered, crawling up Yunho’s chest until the tip of his nose brushed against Yunho’s lips.

“You stopped,” Yunho said, confused. “You could have kept drinking, baby. Especially if you need more…”

“No, Yunho. I don’t need more blood,” He said, shaking his head. His mouth found Yunho’s lips, tasting of blood, sugar and lightning when Jae’s tongue slid into the other’s warmth. “I need more of you. Give me more of you.”
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