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Red Windmills in Moonlight: YunJae, NC-17

Title: Red Windmills in Moonlight
Pairings: YunJae
Fic For: winterbubbletea
Set in Paris for: patra86
Rating: NC-17 in this section.

Summary: Continuation of Starlight and Blood.
Jung Yunho settles in Paris, alone and dissolute, after his search for a companion turns out to be fruitless. The happiness shared by Dong-Wook and Changmin leaves him aching and he has fallen into a life of meaningless pleasures, hoping to bury his longings in sin. Yet, a chance encounter with a feral and exotic Jaejoong leads the vampire to wonder if something magical wasn’t within his reach…but if only it were that easy.

Disclaimer: Not SMM Universe. Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2B , Part 3

They didn’t move, a tentative joining of bodies as Jae’s shifted to accommodate Yunho’s girth. The older vampire trembled, the feel of the other around him nearly too much to hold back the want inside of him. Resting his weight on his hands, Yunho waited, holding his primal needs at bay while Jaejoong rested his cheek against Yunho’s shoulder, panting with the effort to take more of his lover into him.

“Wait…please,” Jae moaned, tilting his head back. His weight crushed the pillows at his shoulders, pressing back into the mattress as he hissed out the slight pain cramping his body. Yunho dipped and the pressure grew into pleasure, radiating out from Jae’s centre.

It was nearly intolerable, a too sharp keening delight raking through his nerves and spreading over the surface of his skin. Pin-prickles scored Jae’s cheeks, a rush of shame-cold-need warring with the hot want of tightening around Yunho and never letting him go.

Then his world exploded into bits of stars when his lover leaned forward and captured his mouth in a bruising kiss.

Their tongues lapped eagerly, entwining together when Yunho’s hips rocked forward, deepening his thrusts into his lover. Jae’s moans were lost in Yunho’s mouth, swallowed by the older man’s barrenness. The mewls filled Yunho, drops of golden moonlight striking the bottom of Yunho’s once-empty heart. The gloam spread, pouring into the recesses of the older vampire’s mind until he felt as if he were the one being penetrated, stretched apart by the other man’s bared-open soul.

Slowing his strokes, Yunho pulled up and watched Jaejoong’s face change. Once coloured with a faint fear, the other’s eyes were rapturous and his mouth dimpled under the bite of Jae’s teeth. A hint of fang peeked out around the pink flesh, the promise of a kiss Yunho yearned to share with his new lover.

Slick with their bodies’ joining, they moved again, slowly to match the rain hitting the window, finding the beat-beat-beat of the water against the glass setting their rhythm. A flash of electricity hit the sky, quickening their blood. Yunho responded to the thrush of power in the heavens, pushing himself deeper in the velvet cocoon of Jae’s body, stretching his arms out to capture Jae’s fingers in his, closing themselves off from the sky’s fury.

Unheard, the storm raged outside, slamming against the window while nature celebrated their joining. Flashes of light stroked the room, lashing the darkness back as the lovers fell into one another, pulling back and forth into their pleasure and slowly working at the tightness binding them. Jae arched, pushing his shoulder back and pressed up, meeting Yunho’s thrusts with unabashed wildness. Full of his lover, he gasped and mewled, needing more and wanting the long slides in and out of his body to continue, urging Yunho with every panting breath.

His insides aching for release, Yunho bit Jaejoong’s shoulder, sinking his fangs into the tender flesh. He needed to feel the other man against his teeth, reassuring himself that the pretty, feral lover he’d found in Moulin Rouge’s decadence was real. The splash of Jae’s blood in his mouth struck him hard, making him gasp around the bite. The taste of him burned Yunho’s throat, a rich sultry star bursting in the darkness of Yunho’s mouth.

Jaejoong gasped, holding Yunho to him with trembling hands. He lay open, bared to the core for the man who taught him of a world outside of the dirt and alleyways he haunted. Silken pleasures held his body apart, ties of blood and soul tying him to the man who held him. Their mingled voices became a music to his ears, a sensual concert playing along his body and touching each part of his abandoned soul.

His breaths came fast, hard short pants against Yunho’s chest. Jae lifted his knees up, hooking his shins over his lover’s hips and let the other man’s motions ride him to the edge of his control. The spill of his seed poured into the tight space between their bodies, seeping through the tiny gaps of their flesh until Jae’s release connected them together with its heat. Unable to hold back any longer, Yunho followed, sliding his length in as far as he could go into Jae’s core and rocked his pleasure deep into his lover’s core.

Jae’s teeth found a tender spot below Yunho’s collarbone and in the jerking spasm of his climax, he bit down, sealing the circle of their blood and sex. Gasping, the older man stilled and licked at the marks he’d left on Jae’s shoulder, lapping at the tiny splashes of crimson dotting Jaejoong’s pale skin.

“Mine,” Yunho growled around the mouthful of flesh he held between his fangs. The words were muted, reverberating through Jae’s body but the other man heard them clearly, soaking the sound of Yunho’s possession into his bones.

“Yours.” Jae agreed, lifting his chin up to meet Yunho’s kiss.

Moving slowly, they rocked with the last of the sensations riding their bodies, unwilling to separate. Languor claimed them, stealing over them as Yunho slid around to press against Jae’s back. His arms wrapped over his lover’s chest, one hand draping down to brush through the beads of seed on Jae’s stomach.

The storm rolled over Paris, crashing through the silence of the night. Yunho listened to nature’s rage battering the city, the sweetness of Jae’s heart beating against his forearm as the vampire fell asleep. The mingled perfume of their bodies ghosted through the room, claiming it as their safe haven against the storm and Yunho smiled, his lips pressed into Jae’s sweat dampened hair.

“Mine too,” The young man mumbled, rolling his cheek over Yunho’s bicep, placing a fang-dimpled kiss on the other’s salty, flushed skin.

“Very much so, kitten,” Yunho agreed, closing his eyes to let the storm its worst. “I am very much yours.”

Days flew by, marked by picnics and strolls by the river with an occasional foray into Paris’ museums, Jaejoong wrinkling his nose at some of the world’s famous paintings hung for viewing. Yunho did his own wrinkling, most often when confronted with the messy peasant food Jaejoong rooted out of small cafes in tucked away corners of the city.

After purchasing a roast chicken marbled with rosemary and cranberries from a woman selling cooked meats out her houseboat’s kitchen, Jaejoong climbed the river bank to where Yunho sat waiting. The older vampire’s gaze followed a V of geese as they made their way across the sky. He let his attention fall, fixing on the long-legged Korean clambering up the grassy hillside, smiling up at Jae when he reached Yunho’s side.

“I got the bread, cheese and wine,” Yunho said, waving the still-warm crusty loaf at his lover. “There’s a Stilton and a Cheddar which smell good but I can’t vouch for the grape. We could be using it to dress our vegetables if it’s gone to vinegar.”

“We could put it on Cook’s potatoes like you did the last time.” Jae grinned. “She might only hit you once this time because you’re not being wasteful.”


“Oh, the wine is…” Jae swallowed, forcing the sip down his throat. “It’s sour.”

“Really?” Yunho frowned, taking the bottle from Jae and taking a tentative sip. “Oh God, that’s terrible. Come here.”


“Because I want to see if it’ll be sweeter if I drink it from your mouth.”

“Aish,” Jae pushed at Yunho’s shoulder. “You’re horrible.”

“Only because you make me beg for kisses.”

The chicken grew cold, a forlorn sad fowl resting against forgotten cheese. Maligned, the bottle of wine lay on its side, its cloudy contents spilling when Jae’s foot nudged it aside, his attention solely on Yunho’s pursed mouth. A flock of house sparrows watched the couple, then a single brave bird fluttered down to peck at the bread, breaking through the crust and delving deep into its soft spongy interior.

The flock descended, emboldened by the pair’s disinterest. They’d nearly eating a third of the loaf when Yunho noticed the frantic peeping by his knee and then a cloud of feathers and crumbs as the sparrows took flight when he sat up.

Laying on his back, Jae turned his head, his index fingering rimming his swollen lips in a lazy circle. Yunho’s kisses were aggressive, often biting softly until Jae surrendered a sigh, pressing in with an insistent tongue. His hands were no better, exploring what skin he could reach through Jae’s clothes, bemoaning the fashionable clasps and buttons on the wool and linen.

“I think the chicken’s gone off on its own,” Jae said, lolling his head to the side. The pie tin he’d brought their lunch on was empty save a smear of juices and discarded cranberries, their juice-plumped corpses rolling about the edge as he tilted it to look inside. “Yes, all gone.”

“Well that couldn’t have been the birds.”

“Unless they’re vampire birds,” He teased Yunho. “Perhaps they’ve been waiting for weeks to feed, barely strong enough to fling themselves down from the branches, just hoping that some unwary diner would bring them the flesh of their cousins to feast on.”

“Ah, no more wine for you,” Yunho said, tweaking at Jae’s nose with his pinched fingers. “You’ve gone mad with that one sip.”

About to respond, Jae blinked as a raindrop struck his lashes. Another fell, hitting his cheek before rolling down to his warm mouth. It cooled the flush from his over-kissed lips and he laughed, angling his chin up to catch the rain on his tongue.

“We’ll worry about the plates later.” Grabbing Jae’s hand, Yunho pulled his lover to his feet, dashing back to the wrought iron fence leading to their home.

The summer storm followed them, nipping at their heels and drenching them through before they could reach the relatively safety of the yard. Grey clouds rolled by overhead, steel and pansy puffs darkening with the threat of a steady downpour. Sheets of water punctured the river, pocking the surface with deep gouges washed away by churning waves.

Their wet clothes dripped, piddling water on the main hall’s mahogany floors. Closing the back entrance, the older vampire smiled as Jae sat down on the floor, pulling at his remaining leather boot, the other already discarded and placed on the boot rack. A grin split his face when he caught Yunho staring. Lifting one foot, he motioned his lover forward, ordering him to help.

Bracing himself, Yunho tugged hard and Jae’s sodden footwear unexpectedly dislodge from his foot. Surprised, Yunho flailed his arms, trying to catch himself from falling. His slick-bottomed boot slid, intersecting a spill of rain dripped from his pants. Still clutching Jae’s single boot, Yunho went down, scowling playfully at his lover after he hit the floor.

Growling, he lunged at the sock-footed Jaejoong, scrambling to reach the long-legged man. Shrieking, Jae dodged, slipping and sliding over the floor as he tried to make it to the upstairs before Yunho caught him. Rounding the corner of the main hall, he’d nearly reached the trestle woodwork near the sweeping staircase when he chanced a glance back to see how much distance he’d gotten from Yunho. With his fingers grazing the lower banister curve, Jaejoong slammed into something fleshy and hard, knocking his breath from his lungs.

Strong arms closed over his waist, holding Jae up. Stunned, he tried to catch his breath to yell for Yunho when he heard his lover coming up behind him, the playful growl in the other vampire’s throat moving from mischievous to something darker and slightly dangerous.

“I’d thank you to unhand my lover,” Yunho said, disengaging Jaejoong from Se7en’s grasp. “You have your own, remember?”

“How can I forget?” Se7en’s grin was friendly, ignoring the flash of jealousy in his brother’s eyes. “He snores when he has too much wine and talks in his sleep. I think he’s composing a story in his dreams.”

“Yunnie-ah!” Min came through the open front door, shaking the rain off of his overcoat. His hair curled slightly from the damp, brushed his shoulder blades, once queued back for journeying but loosened from running in the rain. Crossing the threshold, he approached the older vampire with a wide grin, his open, honest face filled with delight at seeing Yunho. “We’re home!”

“I can see that, Minku,” Yunho released Jaejoong and hugged Changmin in welcome, patting at the young man’s broad shoulders and back. “Come here, I want to introduce…”

“You’ve got to be Jaejoong,” Min extracted himself from Yunho’s hug and threw his arms around the lean, smaller man, embracing the other as if he’d known Jae for years. “It’s good to finally see you. Yunho writes about you in his letters.”

“Letters?” Jae cocked an eyebrow at his lover. “You wrote letters about me?”

“Long ones,” Se7en interjected. “Long sugary sonnets of love and lust that I thought I’d never hear the end of. Min recited from them so much it was like I’d had sex with you, brother.”

“Come, let’s talk about Yunho’s letters,” Jae’s eyes narrowed and Min laughed, hooking an arm around the other’s waist. Leading Min to the sitting room, he canted his head at the younger vampire, “We’ve not eating. The birds and a cat stole our lunch I think. Are you hungry?”

“I am always hungry,” They could hear Min say as the pair disappeared into the bowels of the house. “How come you let a cat steal your lunch?”

Se7en waited until he was sure the two were out of earshot before punching Yunho on the shoulder. Growling in response, Yunho held back his fist when the couple’s driver deposited the last of their baggage into the front room. Waving Se7en off, Yunho dug into his pockets to find change for a tip, apologizing for the bills’ soggy nature. Shrugging, the driver closed the front door behind him and the house once more eased into a comfortable silence.

“You look good,” Se7en said, eyeing his brother. “Love agrees with you.”

“It does.” Yunho nodded. “Min’s happy.”

“Ecstatic.” Se7en sat down on the steps, hitching his trousers up to remove his boots. “He wanted to come meet your lover. I think he plans on being Jaejoong’s best friend. He mumbled something about solidarity and providing a united front against us. He’s a plotter, my Minku.”

“Ah, Joongie doesn’t plot. He just strikes quickly until you bleed and are left there wondering what you did and what happened.” Yunho laughed, refusing to help pull off Se7en’s boot. “Oh no, that’s how I bruised my ass to begin with. You do that yourself. I’ve my own to attend to.”

They sat together, bumping shoulders occasionally as the sound of impish laughter rang down the hall from the sitting room. Shaking his head, Se7en whistled under his breath. “The two of them will be the death of us.”

“I’ll be glad to die that way,” Yunho murmured and Se7en’s expression softened from teasing to tender. “I love him, Dong-Wook. He… completes me.”

“So it’s good between you?”

“Mostly,” He admitted. “Sometimes he infuriates me and I spend so much of my time arguing about nonsensical things until I realize that he’s teased me around to his point of view. For someone without schooling, he has a wicked labyrinth of a mind. He can turn me onto myself. I’d avoid playing chess with him if I were you. Unorthodox and brutal are the words that comes to mind.”

“Good, he and Min can tangle over the board,” Se7en sighed as he wiggled his sock-feet, his boots laying on the floor. “I can go back to cards and drinking. My ego’s taken enough of a beating from Min. I don’t need your pretty thing to mock me too.”

“He is pretty, isn’t he?” Yunho grinned boyishly, pride overcoming any sense of proprietary he should have had. “And sweet, most of the time. Funny. He makes me laugh.”

“It’s good to hear you laugh,” His brother said, hugging Yunho with one arm. “And he’s gorgeous. But don’t tell Min I said so. He’s got a wicked streak for revenge in him. I don’t want to wake up missing my eyebrows again.”

“You’ll have to tell me that story.” He bumped Dong-Wook away, dodging his brother’s punch. “Junsu told me he was heading to America but then I got a postcard from him in Venice dated from a week ago. Did you see him?”

“Ah, our little oddly lonely nine.” Se7en nodded. “We passed one another by one day. He was arriving as we were leaving. He’s taken up residence in the villa there.”

“Oh?” Yunho leaned forward, hearing Jaejoong call them to lunch. “Come on, food is ready. If we don’t hurry, they’ll eat it all. But Junsu, he’s back in Venice then? After all his talk about America?”

“Ah, you see, little brother,” Se7en tapped Yunho on the nose as they strolled towards the sitting room. Bright laughter burst free from its open door as Min finished telling a tale of a gondola and Se7en’s unfortunate encounter with a lovestruck swan. “There’s something that Venice has that America doesn’t.”

“Leftovers?” Yunho said, eyeing the remains of a pork shank on a plate set between Changmin and Jaejoong. Another lay on the serving plate, its crust lightly picked at.

“No,” Se7en replied, kissing at a dot of apple butter trembling on Min’s lower lip. “America be enticing, but I think Venice has the missing piece of our Junsu’s soul.”
Tags: rating: nc-17, red windmills, yunjae
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