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The Pirate and the Kitten: YunJae Birthday Present [Part Two] NC-17

Title: The Pirate and the Kitten
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17 this section
Author: wedspawn

Birthday promise for kuro_jashin

Yunho is the captain of a Pirate ship and Jaejoong is the price paid to bring the roving captain to shore.
Yunjae Pirate fic. Totally AU in every way.
Section One (PG-13) can be found here.

Jaejoong ached.

There were places on his body that keened at the lack of Yunho’s touch on his skin. The constant beat of the ocean waves against the wooden sides of the ship were an auditory reminder of the guttural sounds he’d often heard from the servants’ quarters. As the planks moved and rubbed against one another, the soft moaning whispered into his subconscious, reminding him of the feral noises that came from his own throat when the pirate took pleasures with his mouth.

Of course the last time he’d been fully touched was that fateful night when he’d come aboard and the captain spent a good half an hour washing the salt clean from his pale body. Since then, Yunho had kept his distance, making certain a polite space remained between him and Jae’s oversensitive body.

The aloofness was driving Jaejoong mad. He found himself longing to brush his hips against Yunho’s, making any excuse he could to shorten the span between them. There were times when Yunho’s fingers would casually touch his wrist or bared elbow and the fire in his loins would flare until Jaejoong was certain the ship would be consumed in the flames. But with a cool smile, Yunho gave a nod of apology for touching the young Korean and then be on his way, striding towards the ship’s rudders or shouting orders to the sailors tightening the ship’s lines.

It was more than enough to make Jaejoong insane. And still, he spent much of his time onboard maneuvering to be closer to the charismatic pirate captain.

The Sea Phoenix laid down her anchors in the pristine blue waters of an island off of Southeast Asia’s shores. Tropical winds picked up the warmth of the sun and carried a scented breeze over Jae’s upturned face. He’d still not gained much more than a blush of colour on his cheeks, his skin too porcelain fine to bronze to Yunho’s golden darkness and he rubbed at the ginger scented lotion the cook slathered over his face, working the cream into his cheekbones to prevent them from burning.

“Come on,” Yunho said behind him, startling a barefooted Jae from his thoughts. “We’re going ashore.”

“Now?” He nearly yelped when the pirate grasped his hand, dragging him over to the side of the ship. Yunho’s touch burned hotter than the sun, tingling a draconian sensation over Jae’s spine and straight to the thickening sex he fought to keep hidden in his pants. “It’s… late.”

“We’re staying on the island tonight,” Yunho replied, grasping the young man about the waist and easily hoisting him over the side and onto the rope ladder dangling over the deck’s runner. Below, a rowboat bobbed on the soft tide, empty save for a few bulging knapsacks. “Quit daydreaming, boojae. There’s food waiting for us there.”

“You know people here?” Jae asked, trying to find a rung in the ladder with his foot. Scrambling down, he hit the rowboat with a thud, rocking the small craft. Yunho landed besides him, gracefully sliding into the rocking motion of the boat.

“Yes, most of my crew have family here,” He said, picking up the oars and settling down against a wooden seat. “Sit down. It won’t take me that long to get to shore. You’ll have to help me drag the boat up the sands. Can’t do that if you’ve fallen off the boat.”

“You wouldn’t stop to get me?” Jae asked, glancing up through his lashes at Yunho’s wicked grin.

“I’d have to think about it. They’re roasting a pig,” He replied with a wink. “I might be the captain on the ship but on shore, we all have to fight for the ear.”

The man rowing them to shore was a mystery to Jaejoong. Everything about him was brutal and hard, from his tight muscular body with its hard won scars to the fierce spirit that goaded the sailors to their tasks. He ran the ship with a keen eye and strong hand, barely taking time to speak with his captive… his possession… much less seduce him.

But the man who stopped in to check on Jaejoong before the ship turned over to the night watch was a protective one, his brown eyes alert for any sign of burnt skin on Jae’s face or shoulders, taking time to span his hands over Jaejoong’s neck and back to check for sun blisters.

Jaejoong had grown so used to the nightly visits he lay awake in the room he’d been given next to Yunho’s quarters, listening carefully for the sound of Yunho’s boots nearing his door. Often, the pirate would slip in without a word, soundlessly lifting Jaejoong up from the bed linens then pressing a single light kiss between Jae’s shoulder blades before bidding him a good night.

The kiss would be all that carried Jaejoong into his dreams, the feel of Yunho’s lips on his tender skin barely enough to bring him to the edge as he palmed himself in the middle of the night. A drop of pearly cream on the head of his shaft and then a few strokes would leave him unsatisfied but the burn of Yunho’s mouth on his night-cooled skin could make him lose control in the cup of his hands before the man left his room.

He’d bitten his lip more than once trying to control the keening wail lingering in his throat when Yunho’s touch skirted over his back and he’d bled into his own mouth when his teeth sank through his tongue as his sex jerked and spilled into his palms, the sensitive head peeling back the skin protecting it and begging for a touch of Yunho’s mouth on its slit.

Jaejoong lay awake at night tasting his own salt, pinching his nipples with his own fingernails and imagining the sharp edged sting came from Yunho’s white teeth. The tightness of his fist at the root of his sex wasn’t enough, not hard enough to quell the mewling desires raking his belly and tightening his sac into the hollow of his thighs.

Now as they rowed towards crystalline sands, Jaejoong wondered if they would enact the same nightly ritual or would something change under the island’s moonlit heavens .

People greeted them before they could make the beach, laughing and smiling as they dragged the rowboat to the sands with Yunho and Jaejoong still onboard. The first mate, a tall Korean man, clasped his captain on the shoulder before introducing Yunho to the drooling infant his shy wife carried at her hip. Jaejoong’s heart clutched at the sight of the terrible scourge taking the little boy from his mother and hitching the baby against his ribs. Teasing a smile out of the infant, Yunho spoke tenderly to the woman, admiring the health and beauty of her first child. Passing the infant back to his parents, the pirate sat on a fallen coconut tree and tugged the boots off of his feet, rolling off his damp socks before shoving them into his footwear.

A pack of children clamored over him, their sun-browned bodies nearly burying all sign of the fierce captain. He fell back, landing in the grassy knoll with a thump and howled, tickling any rib or foot he could reach to leverage his attackers off of him. They danced about his body, staying just out of reach as one then another darted in to pinch his nose or tug at his hair, bursting into giggles when Yunho growled at them with a low bear sound and pretended to clumsily try to catch them as they ran by.

“Come on, leave off of the man.” One of the enormous British sailors pulled at a pair of blond, almond eyed children from Yunho’s legs, their bright blue eyes a near match for the man dislodging them. They laughed as he swung them up over his shoulders, calling out for Yunho to save them from their father before he made soup out of them.

“Hah, like he’d make soup out of something as stringy and scrawny as the two of you!” Yunho shouted playfully after them, shaking sand out of his long hair. The other children sighed and moaned as other parents gathered them up, urging them back towards the township set away from the beach. Resting his arms on his upraised knees, Yunho looked up at Jaejoong, holding his hand out for the young courtier to help him up.

Jae took Yunho’s hand, bracing as the heavier man leveraged himself up. He stood, sliding up against the length of Jae’s body until they stood shoulder to shoulder, Yunho’s greater height making Jae tilt his head back to stare up at the man’s deep brown eyes.

“They like you,” Jae whispered, barely audible over the rush of the waves and the crying of the gulls circling over head.

“Who? The crew?” Yunho winked at him, the white of his smile stark against his tanned skin. His eyes crinkled then Yunho bent forward to capture Jaejoong’s nose tip with his teeth. The nip stung briefly before Yunho disengaged to grab his discarded boots. “They like me. I like them. And their families. We’re safe here and people respect us. We protect the island and keep the peace. It’s a safe place for their children to grow up. There’s even a teacher here now. The world is open to them. It’s far better than where most of us came from.”

“I like you,” Jaejoong said, softer than before. He thought his voice would be lost under the sound of the ocean but Yunho stilled, lowering his head until their foreheads touched.

“I like you too,” He growled deep in his throat. “Really, more than like.”

Their mouths met, tangling into a fierce kiss. Around them, the sun turned to fall towards the horizon but neither noticed or care. Yunho’s hands were full, stroking at the small of Jaejoong’s back as the young courtier murmured soft kittenish noises in his throat, urging the other man to reach in deeper with his tongue. A part of Jae longed to be touched, to feel the rough tips of Yunho’s fingers against his softer skin but his mind stuttered with the want, unable to form the words he needed.

A tug on his hands broke Jae’s dreamlike state and the sand suddenly felt rough on his face where Yunho’s palms left a gritty trail. The afternoon clouds were pinking with the start of night and he could see the flicker of torch lights beginning to flare beyond the tree line. Although he’d not eaten in hours, his stomach growled not for the fill of food but for the touch of the man pulling him away from the village. Picking his way clear of the grassy dunes, Jaejoong fell into step behind the pirate, trying to keep up with Yunho’s longer pace.

“Yunho,” He gasped, his breath hitching a jerk of pain into his ribs. “I can’t keep…”

Jaejoong didn’t have a chance to finish what he was saying before Yunho’s arms reached under and behind him, lifting him clear of the miring sands. Yelping in surprise, he clutched at the captain’s shoulder, flailing as he tried to balance himself in the other man’s cradling arms.

“Relax, baby,” Yunho whispered, nipping at Jae’s ear. “Stop fighting me and let me take you where you need to be.”

The single wall plantation house was a bright yellow splash against the deep green rain forest that grew up to the sea shore line. Raised up a few feet from the ground, wide steps led up to a covered verandah that ran around the house. Sea shells strung on jute dangled from one of the beams, ringing with a gentle lolling sound as the flat shells caught the wind and jostled one another. Yunho ducked around the long strands, hooking his thumb into the wooden handle of a door lined with threaded screen.

Inside, the air was cold on Jae’s exposed skin, sending ripples of goosebumps over his arms and face. Yunho set him down, lowering Jae carefully until the other man’s feet touched the sanded wooden floor. Able to get a better look at the bungalow, Jaejoong peeked around with interest as Yunho lit a tin kerosene lamp.

It was larger than he expected, furnished with rattan and bamboo furniture, a careless wealth of pillows gaily tossed about on the two davenports and a chair in what looked like a living room. A nearby connecting room was probably meant to be a more formal dining room but shelves ran from ceiling to floor and were overflowing with books and other items. It would take Jaejoong nearly a year or so to poke into each crevice and nook and longer to read all of the carefully stacked books Yunho had taken care to keep out of moisture.

Through an archway, Jaejoong spotted a kitchen area, the encroaching shadows keeping him from fully seeing into the room. He was about to investigate further when Yunho grabbed his wrist, tugging him along as he led the way, holding the flickering lamp in front of them.

“Come here, baby,” Yunho whispered into Jae’s ear. “I’ve got better things for you to be curious about.”
The enormous bed dominated the room, taking Jaejoong’s breath away. Nervous, he started to edge back away from the four poster frame with its fine ivory mosquito netting and cool white cotton linens. Set against one wing of the house, windows on three walls were screened off to keep out bugs but were open to the cool island breeze. Cradled by the shadows of the forest canopy, the room was almost chilly, a brisk breeze picking up the moist green scent outside and carrying it indoors.

“It’s so…” Jaejoong whispered, feeling Yunho’s arms reach up under his shirt and grip the hem. “Big.”

The cotton shirt rasped over his head before he could protest. The cold air hit Jae’s bare chest and his nipples pebbled to hard nubs. Murmuring, Yunho licked the back of Jae’s neck as his hands roamed over the other man’s flat belly before finding the tight plum tips with his fingers.

“I’ve waited too long for this, kitten,” Yunho’s teeth pressed half moons into Jae’s pale skin and the other man arched under the pleasurable pain, his fingers digging into the fabric of Yunho’s pants. “Tell me to stop and I’ll walk away but no matter what you say now, I’m going to keep coming back until one day you’ll be begging me to be deep inside of you. I promise you that, lover. I will make you mute because you’ve screamed my name that loudly.”

“No,” Jae whispered, reaching up to tangle his fingers into Yunho’s shaggy mane, holding the man against his bitten skin. “I don’t want you to stop. I want to feel you… I want you to teach me...everything.”

Yunho pushed Jae down onto the bed, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of the man’s loose cotton pants and slowly pulling them down his long legs. Barren of smallclothes, Jae’s lust for Yunho thickened his sex, a pearly droplet dampening his slit.

With his eyes fixed on Jaejoong’s expressive face, Yunho lengthened his tongue out as he nuzzled his cheek on Jae’s exposed hip bone and lapped slowly at the salty-sweet moisture, tasting the secrets of his lover for the first time.

The feel of Yunho’s tongue on his sex drove Jae’s hips up, his legs straining to press himself against the warm velvet of the man’s mouth. Mewling, he lost his grip on Yunho’s shoulders when the man took another taste, a longer, drawn out caress of Jae’s weeping sex. The spicy sweet taste grew musky, darkening to a salted plum richness as Jae curled around him, nonsensical sounds purring from his throat. Biting his bottom lip, Jaejoong tried to keep himself under control but the languid tonguing soon turned to an enveloping rush of heat around his shaft when Yunho slid Jae into his mouth.

When Yunho’s fingers cradled and caressed the tightening sac between Jae’s legs, the sensation of the pirate touching him became too much for him. Lightning coursed through him, riding over his skin in waves as Yunho suckled and pulled at his sex, burying Jae as far down into his throat as he could reach.

Yunho’s throat muscles closing over his sex drove Jae over the edge and Jae’s lust roared through his groin, bunching his sac up tight into his hollow until the twist became too much to withstand. With a shout, Jae grabbed at anything he could hold onto and rode out the storm that rocked his flesh from his bones. Gushing heat poured from his sex, streams of milked seed flowing out from inside of him until he lay weak on the soft mattress, listening to the pound of his own heart in his ears.

Crawling up Jae’s quivering body, Yunho straddled the young man as he worked off his own clothes until he pressed his naked body against Jae’s smaller frame. Bronzed gold against porcelain white, Jae marveled at their differences, his own sculpted slender frame compared to the pirate’s thicker muscular form. His breath was barely softening from gasps when he felt the damp tip of Yunho’s sex on the inside of his thigh and then his own shaft reacting to the imminent pressing of their bodies.

“I like that you’re ready for more so soon, pretty cat,” Yunho licked at Jae’s mouth, nibbling and biting at the corners until the young man opened his lips for Yunho’s tongue. The pirate delved deep into his lover’s mouth, taking his time in kissing Jaejoong senseless. By the time Yunho pulled back from his still shaking lover, Jae was hard again and pressing up against Yunho’s stomach.

“Hold on, baby,” Yunho said, reaching for something on the side table. An aromatic perfume filled the air, ginger and almonds joined the forest’s earthy fragrance and the musk of Jae’s spilled seed. Drawing back down, Yunho reached down between Jae’s legs and nudged his thighs apart with a push of his elbow. “Raise your knees, honey. It’s time I made you mine.”

The feel of Yunho’s fingers surprised Jaejoong. They were slick with something slippery and cold. As Jae’s body heat warmed the sweet-smelling paste, the scent grew stronger between them. A flicker of something against the muscles of his core startled him and he gasped, eyes widening when he met Yunho’s gaze.

“Touch me, Jaejoong,” Yunho said.

With his free hand, he guided Jaejoong’s nerveless fingers to the thick, heavy sex that swung up from Yunho’s crotch. Gripping the pirate lightly, Jae felt a small thrill of power when Yunho moaned. Increasing the pressure, Jaejoong ran his palm over the other man’s head, smearing the clear liquid he found at the tip. Curious, Jae almost raised his fingers to his mouth to taste Yunho on his tongue but the pirate growled at him, shaking his head.

“If I have to watch you suck me off of you, I’m not going to have the patience to do this right. Just keep your hand there, baby and relax. I need to make you ready for me.”

Slick and rigid with need, Yunho concentrated instead of preparing the other man for his first lovemaking. Easing the tip of his index finger into the tight circle of Jae’s heat, he swallowed the scared gasp that escaped Jae’s open mouth and captured the length of Jae’s sex in his palm. Stroking carefully with just enough pressure to give a warm burr of pleasure, Yunho eased his first joint in, pushing past the resistance and into the hot slick passage his body ached to explore.

“Too much, Yunnie,” Jaejoong gasped, his fingers still on Yunho’s shaft. “I can’t…”

“You can, baby,” Yunho whispered. “Take a breath and relax. Let me do this. I’ll show you how good it is.”

The burn grew in Jae’s body and the ache began to stretch over his belly. His sex softened under the rushing tingle and he almost jerked himself free from Yunho’s touch when suddenly the pirate touched a spot inside of him that sent a rolling thunder of desire into the base of his brain.

“Oh…” Jae panted, unable to stop his lungs from hitching. “Yun…oh.. Gods…”

Another finger joined the first, stretching him out further and the pain disappeared under the press of Yunho’s fingers touching that one sweet spot again and again until he writhed on his lover’s hand, his hips driving down to push what he could of Yunho into his body.

“Slow, baby, slow,” Yunho urged Jaejoong to breathe, taking his time in stroking at the trembling young man. His fingers were buried deep into Jae’s hot flesh and his other hand ran long caresses up and down Jae’s now thickening shaft, his arousal more apparent as the burn faded and pleasure took over. A third finger breached through the resistance of Jae’s body and the young courtier’s mewls turned into feral growls, unable to control his writhing.

“Need,” Jae begged. “Yunho… baby….”

Closing his mouth over Jae’s, Yunho swallowed the endearment, carrying it to his soul to rest along side of the smiles he’d coaxed out of Jae on the long journey. Every moment of laughter was collected and stored, safe from the pain of being forgotten or discarded. All that Jaejoong was, from the tempestuous fiery young man to the hesitant but erotically responsive lover lay in Yunho’s heart, polished with affection until each memory gleamed.

“Hold onto me,” Yunho whispered, sliding his fingers free. Jae murmured a protest, left empty and wanting but the press of Yunho’s questing tip silenced him. Hooking his hands under Jae’s thighs, Yunho lifted the other man’s legs until Jae’s calves rested on his shoulder. Looking down into his lover’s lust-darkened eyes, Yunho smeared more paste onto his shaft before carefully guiding himself to the core of his desire and gently pushed in.

And found Nirvana.

A single stroke pressed him against the soft sweetness of Jae’s passion and the young man arched to meet Yunho’s thrusts. Digging his finger nails into the pirate’s shoulders. Jae pushed and pulled at the man thrusting into him, urging him deeper, uncaring of the guttural sounds coming from his throat and mouth.

Seeing Jaejoong in the throes of passion, Yunho strained not to lose control, giving himself over to the rhythm of Jae’s body, settling each stroke with an up thrust to slide the length of his sex against the sweet spot. He hit it, time and time again until Jae’s fingers clenched painfully into Yunho’s skin, his fingernails breaking through until drops of blood spilled onto the white linens under them.

The lightning in their bodies returned, bringing a storm neither could deny and they cried out one another’s name, screaming into the heavens for release. They came together, a spill of hot seed filling Jaejoong until he could almost taste Yunho in the back of his throat. Jae’s own climax spread between their joined bodies, trapped between their heaving chests and abdomens. Panting, Jae tilted his head back and offered his mouth up to Yunho’s lips, silently begging for another kiss.

Yunho obliged, gently stroking his lover’s temples as he took his final, slow strokes, releasing the last of his heat into Jae’s centre. The kiss was tender, as thickly sweet as melted sugar on a cold day, and Jae sighed, releasing the last of his breath into Yunho’s waiting mouth.

He mourned when Yunho pulled free then stretched, feeling the tenderness of sore muscles and his loved core. His lover returned, lovingly washing their lovemaking from Jae’s body with a damp cloth. Turning onto his side, Jae reached up as Yunho slowly ran the cloth over Jae’s hip. Touching the half moon marks scoring Yunho’s shoulder, Jae hissed in sympathy, deepening the noise when he noticed the tiny specks of blood marring the bed linens.

“Oh, I shouldn’t have…” Jaejoong exhaled. “I hurt you.”

“No, baby. It was nice,” Yunho replied with a grin. Stealing another kiss, he stretched out against Jae’s naked body, pulling the other man closer. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Jae said, suddenly bashful. Dropping his eyes, he could feel a blush creep over his cheeks, spreading down to stain his whole face. “Thank you. I’m glad you… I’m glad I could give you myself. No one’s ever…I mean, you were the first one to ever touch me. To ever love me. Thank you.”

“Ah, kitten,” Yunho said, gripping Jae’s chin in his fingers and pulling the young man’s face up until he could stare into the mahogany eyes he’d grown to love. “I’ll tell you something… the truth of things. You… were the first for me. The first man I’ve ever lain with. The first and only man… no, the only soul, that I’ve ever loved. I am in love with you, Kim Jaejoong, and I will be in love with you until the stars have burnt black in the sky. I shall love you beyond then.”

Stuck momentarily speechless, Jae leaned forward, placing his lips on Yunho’s and whispered, “My heart and soul are yours, Jung Yunho, Pirate Captain of the Sea Phoenix. I shall love you beyond then as well.”

“Good,” Yunho growled, turning Jae over until the young man lay on his back. “Now, I’ve noticed that you still have your voice. I think I promised you that I would take care of that the first time we lay together.” Plunging himself into a deep kiss, Yunho ravaged Jaejoong’s mouth until the other man whimpered for more. “Let’s see how hoarse I can make you before our hunger.. for food… drives us out of this bed.”
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