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So Much Mine: Section Nineteen

Section Nineteen

I was not planning to do this today. I was not lying to you. Thursday was not supposed to have a post. Ignore it until tomorrow if you wish (and are following the story)

Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: Overall NC-17. This section has sexual content. Please be advised to move along if you are underage and/or do not wish to read further.
All lavender bunnies and white hoodies are to be inspected by: ranalore
Summary: The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

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Changmin’s body fell under the wave of head colds pushing its way through South Korea, his thin-framed body wracked from bouts of coughing, his lungs pressed from lack of air. The others hovered near, each taking turns in fetching the youngest singer hot soups and teas, cupping their hands in small rapid beats on his back and chest to loosen the cold. Yunho returned to his bed, sleeping between Min and Jaejoong, his sleepless nights spent listening to the others breathe, the tortured rattle of Changmin’s throat coupled with Jae’s restless slumber.

They’d turned the heat up, a concession to Changmin’s cold…even Yoochun closing their bedroom window tight to prevent a draft. Pairs of socks periodically were pulled out of the dryer, the warm fluffy tubes a delightful toasty feeling for Min’s chilled toes. The room smelled of Tiger Balm, a familiar cloves and cinnamon scent rubbed over the youngest’s chest and over his temples, his nose red from sniffles.

The group was reluctant to leave him alone, sometimes going to practice in shifts, always one of them sitting in the apartment, checking on the sleeping boy and making sure he drank enough liquids to sustain his body. Jaejoong worked at boiling down chickens, spicing the broth with fresh sage and garlic, adding just enough soy sauce to bring the stock a rich fullness but not too much that would leech the salts from Min’s tired body.

Two weeks of Min’s illness wore them all down, frazzled with worry and the sheer exhaustion of caring for their youngest member. Changmin’s mother spent time at the apartment, trying to balance her son’s needs with the rest of the family, leaving in the afternoon assured that the group would spend the evening at Min’s beck and call.

Within a few days of the cold leaving Min’s system, Jaejoong heard the dripping sparkle of ice melting off of the tree branches outside of their apartment. The singer enjoyed listening to the crackle of icicles falling, a wind chime shattering of frozen lace against the hard, wet cement below. Closing his eyes, Jae listened to the beat of the music the world hummed, from the fresh aria of ice drops to the bass thrum of cars lilting through the city streets.

Today was the first day of practice with all of them present, a new choreographer stepping in to alter the complicated dance routine that troubled Jaejoong’s feet. The new setup was easier, if only for the pleasant coaxing of the instructor, her soft voice and pleasant mannerisms an easy guide to follow along to. She often stopped, making certain that Changmin wasn’t overtaxed, sliding her hands onto Jae’s thighs and moving his supple body into the proper position. Yunho’s stirs of jealousy rankled in his gut, a firm set to his jaw each time the dancer handled Jaejoong in front of him. A quick smile from the singer usually set his ruffled temper to rights, the flash of white teeth coyly sweet.

Yoochun sidled up to Jaejoong’s side, the singer braced against the far wall of the studio, resting after completing a turn of his section. The tall, slender young man leaned against his friend when Micky stood next to him, offering his shoulder as support for his head, their eyes following the other three breaking down the more complicated pieces of their steps.

“I’m glad Changmin is better but…” Jaejoong groaned softly, a gentle reproach of longing. “my life has been on hold. And listen to me, I sound like a whining child.“

“Just because you’re the elder doesn’t mean you are any wiser than the rest of us.” The other singer scoffed. “Changmin seems to have a better grasp of the world than the four of us combined.”

“I miss having time with Yunho.” Jaejoong watched the young man who captured his heart, the leader’s eyes meeting his in the reflection of the mirror. A quick wink caught a smile on Jaejoong’s mobile face. “I’ve… we’ve not had any time alone. Except for that trip to the grocer to get noodles for Min.”

“Time with Yunho?” Micky spent hours perfecting his look of wicked innocence, a sidelong glance he now tossed at Jaejoong’s frustration. “I can’t imagine why you would want time with Yunho.”

“Oh, you are funny, Chunnie-ah.” The lead singer bared his teeth in a wild snarl, mocking a threat.

“Especially since that trip to the grocer took you forty-five minutes and you came back covering your mouth because it was swollen from being kissed.” Micky easily absorbed the light fist Jaejoong shot to his stomach. “And the grocer is just downstairs off the main lobby.”

“We wanted the very best noodles the shop had to offer.” Jaejoong replied, remembering the nearly-frantic bout of kisses he shared with Yunho in the stairwell, ducking out only when the old woman from the floor above snuck into the upper level to have a cigarette. “It took time to sort it all out.”

“You are a bad liar, Kim Jaejoong.” Micky shook his head, watching Junsu dive down to the floor, his sweat pants pulled down underneath his legs.

“I think Yunho is forgetting how I taste.” Jaejoong dug another jab at Yoochun’s belly as the other singer rolled his eyes back in disbelief. “Just a little time, that’s all I’m asking.”

“Besides, you will have plenty of time, today after practice.” Yoochun said quietly, keeping his face schooled in a faint innocence. “I’m going to take Changmin and Junsu to watch the Lord of the Rings at the Dongsung Cinematheque. It’s a special event…uncut and subbed, lettering on the side instead of on the bottom like English. I already have the tickets and told them we are going to celebrate Minnie-ah’s recovery.”

Jaejoong’s head lifted from Yoochun’s shoulder, the implications of what his friend was saying slowly dawning in the recesses of his mind. “I am in love with you. What little space is left in my heart after Yunho fills it, belongs to you, Chunnie-ah.”

“Joongie!” Yunho opened the front door to their apartment, his hair damp from the shower he took at the studio. He was surprised and rather hurt when Yoochun told him he, Changmin and Junsu were going to the movies, an American film that none of them had seen before… a theatrical event he would have loved to attend. That is until Micky told him Jaejoong was at home waiting for him…and had been for nearly an hour.

His jacket flew, a cast off shred of civility stitched into a strait jacket he could barely work free from. Yunho checked the kitchen first, the smell of food wafting through the apartment. There were signs the singer spent some time in the kitchen, the dish drainer packed with drying bowls. Tiny circles of light shone down on the granite counters, splashes of yellow melon kisses on cold stone. An echoing rejoinder sounded from the inside of their bedroom, Yunho’s nose drawing him through the lit main hall.

The door to their bedroom was open, a cracked sliver of a dream forged from wood and metal. The overhead light was off, the interior lit by candles, resurrected from an evening of angry words and rose petals, given a new life under the guise of seduction. A tea pot steamed hot over an extinguished sterno burner, the water bubbling above a sweet pink flame, a gentle heat working through the liquid. There were bowls of food on a low table by Changmin’s bed, laid out in a balance of rice, meat and vegetables, a delectable offering to a starving young man but not what captured Yunho’s hunger.

Yunho came to a skidding halt, his breath taken away at the heaven inside of his bedroom.

White flimsy crepe draped over the lamps, softening the light brushing gentle strokes over Jaejoong’s face, the young man standing besides their beds, abutted up against one another, the mattresses covered with soft faux furs, rich chinchilla blankets spread with downy pillows. The singer hooked his thumbs into the belt loops on his jeans, the denim worn nearly white in the thighs. A tear along the knee winked a pale swath of skin, a blood-red t-shirt riding up over Jae’s stomach, giving Yunho a nice long look at the singer’s rippled abdomen.

“God.” A sweet prayer escaped from Yunho’s gaping mouth, the leader’s breath taken away as he drank in the vista laid out before him. His fingers reached out, trembling when he reached the span of flesh, dipped black with the curve of Jae’s belly button, a ring of gold strung through the skin above his navel. His own green tea based cologne ran fragrant fingers over Jaejoong’s bared neck, an enticement made erotic at finding his own scent on the singer’s hot flesh.

“You need to go talk to Scarlet more often.” Yunho whistled under his breath, hot air rushing over his clenched lips.

Moving towards Jaejoong, the leader cupped the singer’s face, feeling the velvet of Jae’s skin on his palms. The soft downy black near the singer’s ears ran silk under Yunho’s thumbs, the singer’s mouth parting at the pressure on his jaw. A sip of sugared sex burst under Yunho’s tongue, Jae’s lips sucking at the tip, pulling the leader into his own moistness. Supple and loose-boned, Jae wrapped one leg over Yunho’s shin, wanting to devour as much of the leader as he could into his being…into his very soul.

Yunho’s breath came back to him, big gulping spasms of air leaping into his body, energizing the blood running hot along the inside of his legs. A step closer brought Jaejoong into Yunho’s arms, the singer pouring into the crook of Yunho’s neck, a press of a full-bodied mouth nipping on the soft skin under Yunho’s chin.

A dark moan crested in Yunho’s throat, one hand wrapped tight in the singer’s lush hair, a rich black satin Yunho knew no fur could rival in softness. Honey sat just beyond the promise of Jae’s mouth, plumbed when Yunho drove Jaejoong down onto the bed, the singer’s knees buckling at the edge of the mattress. Woofs of air burst from the feather pillows, Jae’s raw giggle burst into stars of laughter against Yunho’s throat, the singer’s tongue lapping at the juncture of the sinewed column.

“You look nice.” Sharp teeth bit down into Jae’s shoulder, dimpling his golden skin. Strong hands yanked the singer in close, digging into the curve under his rib cage. A sheaf of streaked brown hair rasped Jae’s collarbone, a tongue laving the spot just bitten. “Taste nice too.”

Yunho licked at the wet spot he’d left, trying to swallow the taste of the singer and roll it around the moistness of his mouth. The leader let his palms spread across the singer’s stomach, feeling his strong pulse along the lifelines slipping up between his fingers.

The hem of Yunho’s soft t-shirt gaped free from his pants, stretches of sun-darkened skin peeking out. Strong abdominal muscles were hinted in the rippling shadows, fitting the curve of Jae’s body into the furrow below his diaphragm. Jaejoong tilted his head back, staring up at the handsome face, seductive with crinkled smiling cinnamon eyes and wide grin. Yunho’s hand reached out, snagging the golden ring piercing Jae’s navel between pinched fingers. Crooning lightly, Yunho held the singer closer, bending down to capture the young man’s mouth with his own.

“Tell me you like this.” Yunho husked, urging the singer to give into the inferno building between them.

“You feel… so good. So much like sin and temptation. And fire. You make me feel as if I am plunging into the fires at the centre of the world…and not caring because it is you.” Jae gasped, finding Yunho ’s mouth again and suckling the breath from it. “I want the taste of you to erase everything…the world… the moon. I want the feel of you… the thickness of you inside of me until I can’t feel anything but you any more. I want to take every bit of my body that has been untouched…every single inch of it and rub it so all that is left of me is you…the taste of you. The feel of you. Everything about you.”

Another kiss, deeper and hitting something primal inside of Jae he didn’t even realize lay beneath the churning surface of his thoughts. He wanted this man…this entrancement… in ways that made him ache and Yunho’s answering rake of teeth over Jae’s exposed nipple enflamed the uncontrollable tempest scorching its way through his bones.

“Say you want this.” Working his hands into his Jae’s long silken mane, Yunho muttered against Jaejoong’s chest, working his way back up to the singer’s shoulder. Jae writhed under Yunho’s desire-darkened eyes, peering up at the leader from under thick sooty lashes, head bowed and intent on the hammering pulse working under his own skin. Yunho gripped Jae’s biceps, digging into the flesh until it dimpled beneath his intensity. “I want to hear you say…something…say that you need me.”

“I want this.” Jae’s husky smoke of a whisper flared. Swallowing, he looked deep into Yunho’s face, a sigh of relief slipping past the desire threatening to choke him, he said it again, slowly to let the words sink into Yunho’s heart. “I’ve wanted this. Every time you touch me, I die inside because I’m afraid that it will be the last time you touch me…the last time you kiss me. And …that would kill me, Yunho.”

“Let me…show you how I feel…what I want.” Jaejoong worked his way down Yunho’s body. “We promised we would take this slowly. I want to do things to make you… want. Make you cry my name.”

“I don’t…want to hurt you. It would kill me to hurt you, BooJae.” Yunho stroked at Jae’s cheek, rubbing at the scallop of a scar on his face. Some of the things Scarlet conveyed to the attentive Jaejoong worried Yunho, the leader barely reassured when the singer told him it would be alright if they took their experimentation slowly. Save for a few dark overhangs filled with passion and his fingers working themselves over Jae’s partially nude body, Yunho’s chances to explore Jaejoong had been limited.

“Let me do this first.” Jaejoong broke free of Yunho’s embrace, crawling back on his knees until he straddled the leader’s thighs. A quick pull of a drawstring loosened Yunho’s waistband, the young man urged with a press of Jae’s hands to lift up his hips. The cotton pants fell quickly to the floor, Jae’s mouth laving at the elastic band of Yunho’s boxers.

“Joongie…” Yunho held Jaejoong’s shoulders, lifting him slightly from his intent. “I don’t know…”

“I do.” Jae nodded solemnly, laying a single kiss on the other’s stomach. He gathered his will to push forward, facing the unknown of what he was about to do. His guts broiled with fear, mostly for his concern that Yunho wouldn’t find pleasure in his mouth. “I want to taste you. I want to taste everything from you. Please. Let me.”

Yunho made no further protest when Jaejoong slipped his fingers into the elastic, pulling it down until Yunho’s hardened flesh revealed itself. Jae stroked at the skin below the leader’s belly, watching the skin curl down over the long blue vein wrapped around Yunho’s shaft. Intimidated by the girth lengthening under his probing fingers, Jae bent his head down, taking an experimental lick with the top of his tongue.

The taste surprised him, a musky roll of flavours more exotic than anything Jae had ever had on his tongue. With a shocked look, he glanced up at Yunho’s face, the other’s slit-shut eyes and parted lips urging Jae to continue with a gruff command, the leader’s hand gripping the back of Jaejoong’s head.

“Don’t stop.” Yunho’s voice broke, his control wavering under Jae’s mouth dropping down, his full mouth stretched to cover the spongy flesh of Yunho’s shaft. Jaejoong’s innate curiosity driving him forward, led by the guiding hand tangled in his long hair.

A ridge ran along Yunho’s glans, Jaejoong lightly brushing his teeth over the delicate flesh, feeling Yunho’s shaft jump in response. Delighted at the power he had over the other, Jaejoong licked again, a stronger push of his tongue over the head. His fingers fondled at the plum-tight sack under Yunho’s cock, stroking at the wiry hair barely lisping over the wrinkled flesh. A sweet pungency permeated Jaejoong’s senses, the intimate scent of a lover now ingrained into his heart.

“Careful…” Yunho hissed, his body jerking sharp when Jae’s teeth grazed too hard on the sensitive nub, a shivering nerve shuddering in his spine. Jaejoong opened his mouth wider, running his tongue down the shaft and then sucked once, pulling up to curve his lips around the weeping bulb.

Jae’s free hand worked at the buttons on his jeans, splaying the fly open so he could reach his own sex. Yunho lifted his head, trying to reach at the young man’s body, fingers roaming to find anything he could touch, the nub of a nipple… the curve of a strong chin… the brushing sweep of a delicate earlobe run through with silver.

“Come here. Let me at least touch you.” Yunho begged, satiation filling him as Jaejoong angled his body, jeans pulled off with a twist of his hips. His shirt lay in near shreds, torn at the collar by Yunho’s questing, impatient hands. Naked, Jae lay on his side, his hard flesh cupped in Yunho’s hand, the young leader’s palm made wet from the leaking fluid of Jae’s seed.

The suckling continued, Jaejoong reaching the back of his mouth with a thrust of Yunho’s hips. Jae nearly gagged when the tip hit his soft palate, a harsh breath through his nose working the influx until the sensation dropped off. Throwing a thankful prayer to Scarlet, Jae continued, exploring every inch of Yunho’s hard flesh, taking his time with his tongue and fingers.

Quickening, the tempo of Jae’s strokes beat a hasty shiver over Yunho’s shaft. Within the soft moistness of heat, Yunho clenched at the singer’s flesh, working him between his fingers until Jae cried out, his body aching from holding himself back. In a rush, Jae laved apart the crease on the shaft head, sucking the salted pearl from its depths and over his tongue, marveling at the guttural hissings crawling out of Yunho’s tortured throat.

Jae felt the hot seed pouring out, a fountain of need spraying a delicate mist of Yunho’s first spurt. Wanting to take everything into him, Jae wrapped his mouth around the other man’s shaft, holding the tip between his pout, his tongue working the sensitive velvet underneath. Yunho’s hips thrust upwards, driving deeper in Jae’s heat, searching for the moistness he knew lay in Jae’s depths.

“Jaejoong.” A single word, carried everything inside of it. Crawling up from the depths of Yunho’s heart, it filled Jaejoong nearly as much as the length of Yunho’s body. Tingles built on each wave of sensation, the sounds of Yunho’s breathing mingled with his won and then the night stretched out before them, minutes bleeding away beneath them. Their bodies melded, sweat binding them as their souls reached out and wrapped around one another.

It took them both by surprise, the losing of their control. For the longest time, neither of them wanted to give in to that sensation…the building and cresting of their bodies’ seed spilling loose. Gritting his teeth, Yunho watched what he could of Jaejoong’s face, his hands roaming over the young singer’s shoulders and gripping tightly, cupping Jae’s head to match each thrust of his hips.

Unable to take the overwhelming tide of emotions, Jaejoong’s fists clenched, working fistfuls of sheets under his fingers and cried out, taking his lover over the edge of reason. The singer’s body responded to the taste of the other in him, his own seed bursting against the roughness of Yunho’s palm, filling the leader’s hand and running through his fingers.

Yunho stared down at the milky fluid, grateful for the release. He’d come as close as he could to holding Jaejoong’s insides just by cupping his hand and catching the spent of the singer’s body… a treasure he never imagined he would ever hold. Yunho sighed, reluctant to wipe his hand clean, wanting to absorb Jae’s soul through his skin until the other lived inside of him. A moan brought him back to the now of their tangled bodies, Jae licking Yunho’s thighs with a skilled, supple tongue.

Working his hands under Jae’s arms, the leader pulled the young man up, lifting him around until they faced one another. Yunho’s mouth found Jaejoong’s, drawing out one final kiss as he suddenly released again, finding the taste of himself in Jae’s sexy mouth more than he could handle. Cradling his lover close to his body as they shuddered inside each other’s arms.

Panting, hair beaded with sweat, Jaejoong pressed his face into the crook of Yunho’s neck, licking the salt away from his lover’s skin with a gentle press of his lips. His body convulsed as Yunho’s hands slid free from Jae’s shoulders, leaving behind an emptiness that filled immediately with the tender love from Yunho’s kiss on his nose. The flat of Jaejoong’s hand rested on Yunho’s stomach, lifting with each breath the leader took, listening to Yunho’s heart, finding the music in a beat that matched his own.

Jae heard it when Yunho dropped off past the threshold of sleep, his body easing into a gentle slumber. Held tight by the leader’s strong arms, Jaejoong closed his eyes, trying to fight the sleep that threatened to claim him. A whisper of a moan, the remains of Yunho’s sensuality escaped through the young man’s dreams, a sweet candied kiss of a sound warming Jae’s heart.

Tucking his head into the nook below Yunho’s collarbone, Jae gave in to the wandering, languid sensation working through his bones, the night finally claiming him to rest. Mumbling an apology to Changmin for the mess they made, Jaejoong lay one final kiss above Yunho’s nipple, hoping that the young man’s heart would feel the affection it contained.

“I love you, Yunnie-ah.” Jae sighed, closing his eyes and drifting off. “I am glad you held that kiss for me. You still hold my heart.”
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