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On The Red Couch (SMM Universe) YunJae: Chapter Twenty-Three

Title: On The Red Couch ♥
Pairing: YunJae (with some YooSu and Min7en)
Chapter: Twenty-Three
Chapter Rating: R
Genre: Slash/Relationship
Author: wedspawn

Please Note: I will be continuing to write on vacation but the posts WILL be irregular until September 15th.
Part One: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Se7en, 8, 9, 10, 11

Part Two: 12, 13 (Extremely Mature Content), 14, 15, 16, Comments Regarding Storyline , Se7enteen, 18, 19, 20, 21 (Lemon)

Part Three: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, Twenty-Se7en (LEMON), 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (LEMON), 33, 34, 35, 36, Thirty-Se7en, 38, 39, 40 (Final)

Summary: Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section. Final Book in SMM series.

They hid, cloaked in shadows and rain. An overhang gave the couple shelter from the rain and a stolen bottle of wine, purloined from the kitchen when Jaejoong wasn’t looking, gave them heat although their intertwined bodies went a long way to warming the chill from their bones. While one stole the wine, the other secreted out a large comforter meant for the older couple’s bed. He thought — correctly — that they would need something enormous to keep the wind from getting into their skin and a thick futon kept them off the cold cement.

“Here, baby,” Yoochun inhaled the clove and bent over to place his mouth over Junsu’s.

The younger man turned his head away, putting his hand over his face. “No, I can’t…”

Exhaling the pungent smoke, Yoochun watched the plume weave into the night. “Why not? Why not be… naughty tonight?”

“We’re already naughty,” Junsu picked through the strawberries he’d liberated from the refrigerator. Chunks of chocolate took up one side of the bowl and the succulent fruit crowded around the sweets. “We’re out here in the cold instead of inside…”

“Fucking,” Yoochun took another hit on the clove, grinning at Junsu’s look of mock-shock. Holding the smoke in, he bent over and murmured, “Come, baby.”

Junsu sighed and lay his weight on one palm, his sloe eyes hooded as he opened his mouth to receive Yoochun’s breath. The baritone’s lips hovered, a spot of moisture tickling Junsu’s lower lip. Nearly into a kiss, Yoochun breathed out as Junsu inhaled slowly, taking the taste of his lover and the smoky spice into his lungs. He fought the cough, swallowing the mingled heady flavours and holding them tight in his chest.

“I love that you hold my kisses,” Chunnie closed the distance between their lips, sealing the bond between their mouths.

Junsu gasped at the touch, releasing the spicy fog in his chest. The burn raked his throat but the sweetness of Yoochun’s tongue licking at the roof of his mouth then delving further in soothed the roughness. His tongue darted, laving under his lover’s until he pulled out a long, murmuring moan from Yoochun’s belly. His hand wandered, his fingers finding the ridge under Chunnie’s zipper. Tracing the long heat he found there, Junsu smiled against the other man’s mouth, satisfied at the stiffness his touch brought on.

“Driving me crazy, Susu-ah,” Yoochun rested his forehead against Junsu’s temple, rubbing against his lover’s hair. The clove, nearly forgotten in his hand, smoldered and sputtered, a drop of rain nearly extinguishing the cigarette. Stabbing it dead, he put out the cherry, smearing the ash on the wet cement before tossing the stub into the ashcan. Cupping the back of Junsu’s head, he pulled the other man towards him, suckling at Junsu’s full upper lip.

The frosty wind hit Junsu’s back and he shivered, a misty spray hitting their arms. Laughing, Yoochun pulled the comforter over their chests, tucking the edges under his feet after pulling Junsu’s legs over his thighs. Grabbing the wine, he worked the cork loose and the pop echoed between the building.

“Shhhh, you’re so loud,” Junsu took the bottle from Yoochun, closing his hand over the opening.

“No sense doing that. I’ve already made the noise,” Chunnie laughed. “Just take a sip and pass it back.”

The sweet plum wine slid down Junsu’s throat, syrupy thick and potent. It tasted of Yoochun, sugary and mind-numbing, leaving his tongue wanting more. He passed the bottle back, licking a stray drop from the corner of his mouth. Yoochun’s eyes followed his tongue’s path, shadows hiding the fire Junsu knew was there.

“Whoa, this stuff is…” Yoochun swallowed, wiping at his lips with his thumb. A dribble of wine glistened in the sparse light, catching the glow of the nearby traffic trees. Speckles of red then green danced on the liquid as Yoochun moved his hand closer to Junsu, offering the other man to lick it off. “Clean this off for me, baby.”

The young man closed his eyes, parting his lips for his lover. Yoochun murmured, a low deep sexual sound at the sight of the other man preparing to take him in. The flutter of Junsu’s lashes on his cheekbones made Chunnie’s heart skip a beat then seize up when his lover suckled the tip of his thumb into his delicious mouth.

Junsu’s mouth sheathed Yoochun’s thumb in hot velvet. He sucked, swallowing a bit of the liquid that tasted of plums and his Korean lover. Tipping his head back, he slid Yoochun’s thumb further down his tongue, closing this throat over its tip before pulling back. Taking one last flicking taste of Yoochun’s thumb pad, he scraped his teeth over the man’s nail and nibbled on the tip before letting go.

“God I love how your face looks when you’re like that,” Yoochun whispered hotly, adjusting his legs to make room for his stiffening sex. Its tip was plumbed to be swallowed or better yet, eased into the other man’s tight passage. “I can think of all kinds of things to do with that mouth of yours.”

“Like giving me back the wine,” Junsu retorted. Yoochun handed it back, picking through the chocolate. Holding up a piece, he fed Junsu the sweet. Chewing the chocolate with a mouthful of plum wine, Junsu shivered with pleasure and took his time swallowing.

“It’s nice out here. Even with the rain,” The baritone said. “I forget how pretty the city can be.”

“At night. In the rain. Where you can’t see the dirt,” Junsu complained. “I miss home.”

“You miss your dad’s pizza,” Yoochun accused.

“You do too. He likes you. He gives you so many toppings when you order.” Junsu made a face. “When hyung and I want some, he makes us sweep the floor before he’ll feed us.”

“That’s because he feels sorry for me,” He nodded. “I think sometimes your dad likes having me as a spare son. He can brag about me all he likes but doesn’t have to take the blame when I do something wrong.”

“None of us do anything wrong,” Junsu laughed. “Okay, well maybe Joongie-ah does but people forgive him.”

“It’s disgusting,” Yoochun agreed. “The baby says that he thinks Jaejoong could dance naked in the middle of a park then pee on children and people would say ‘Oh, how cute.’ or something like that. It’s hard being his best friend sometimes. It’s like walking next to the moon. People sigh and pet him.”

“Oh how romantic he looks,” Junsu simpered, mimicking a young girl’s voice.

“It’s scary how good you are at doing that.” Yoochun gave his lover an odd look. “I like you better as a guy.”

“Me too,” He agreed. “It’s easier to pee. I don’t think I’d want to squat. You’d get it all over your shoes.”

The large bottle was nearly empty when Yoochun slung his arm around Junsu’s shoulders, a buzz gently starting in his head. Junsu’s face glowed red, visible even in the dim light. Yoochun suppressed a giggle, nearly toppling over as he stretched to reach the bottle. Frowning, he stared at the few inches left on the bottom and sighed.

“It’s almost empty,” He mourned. “Do you think we should go get another one?”

“No,” Junsu said, stealing a peek into the living room. A light was on and he spotted a Yunho-shaped dark form coming from the hallway into the kitchen. “The Great Yunho-saurus is stomping through the living room.”

“Do you think we should warn Tokyo?” Yoochun craned his neck but could only see Junsu’s hair. Sniffing his lover, he grinned at the smell of his own shampoo and soap on the other man’s skin. “You smell good. Good enough to eat.”

His teeth nipped and nibbled at the fine downy hair at the base of Junsu’s skull, a puff of Yoochun’s breath moving the man’s fringe out of the way. Yoochun bit then suckled up the nip of skin he had between his teeth. Under the man’s hairline, the mark wouldn’t be visible but Junsu would feel it for a few days, a bruise just below the skin that declared him as Yoochun’s.

The tenor murmured, trying to pull away but the other man’s hands were on his hips, holding him in place. Wiggling away wasn’t an option. Yoochun’s teeth were firm, small snips that barely let go of the skin long enough for Junsu to pull away. He would leave a line of ownership behind, a red mark more vibrant than any tattoo.

“Chunnie,” Junsu moaned, bending forward. His belly ached, a snake of desire winding up from his groin and up to pinch his nipples into tight buds. Pinned by Yoochun’s hands, Junsu shifted, forcing the man’s fingers to slide down his hips. The baritone tightened his grip, digging into the other man’s soft skin. There would be bruises in the morning, Junsu thought, hidden kisses of Yoochun’s want.

“Need me, duck?” Yoochun’s right hand wandered, finding the curve of Junsu’s groin. The comforter hid them from the night, the shadows cloaking them from anyone in the living room. His fingers scraped over the ridge, pulling Junsu’s desire to the surface. “Something down here tells me you need it.”

“Please,” Junsu opened his eyes when a brief gust of wind crept down his bare neck. “Chunnie-ah, we should go inside.”

“Why?” Those wicked teeth moved, working down the length of his spine and even through Junsu’s thin t-shirt, he could snare small tidbits of his lover’s flesh. “Too… open?”

“Way too open,” He whispered.

A light flared on from the living room, the brightness catching the men in the face. They froze, captured in the glare. Yoochun swore and pulled Junsu back, flipping the comforter over their heads. Peeling back a corner, Junsu slapped at Yoochun’s hand when the man tried to cover them back up.

“Do you want them to see us?” Chunnie hissed.

“Who’s they? Maybe it’s Min.”

“If it’s Min then we can yell at him. He shouldn’t be up.”

“Hold on,” Junsu snuck a peek and gasped. Panicked, he shoved Yoochun’s head under the comforter. “Stay down. Damn. Damn!”

“What?” Yoochun tried to pull free of the linens only to find himself shoved back down. “Shit, Yunho?”

“Um… yeah.” Junsu lied, his eyes wide with shock. “It’s Yunho.”

The lie seemed a small one, a helpless little thing that would save him in the long run but the deep sinking feeling in his belly told Junsu something different. Silhouetted against the wall hanging, Changmin moved closer to another man. His arms were up and then around the man’s neck. They came closer, angling their heads in a practiced motion.

“Why are you here? Why did you meet him here? Why didn’t you meet him some place else?” Junsu whispered, his voice stuck in his throat. “Just go. Go on. Go outside. Oh God, you’re going to get us all killed, Minnie-ah.”

Changmin obviously didn’t hear Junsu. Instead the younger man traced Se7en’s wide mouth with his fingertip, shyly looking down when the older man canted his head to the side, pointing at his own neck. Min’s face darkened with a flush but he brought his mouth down then laved at the spot. Se7en’s face twisted with pleasure and Min continued to lick at the spot, taking a quick suckle then ducking his head back down. Buried against Se7en’s chest, he took a visible breath and came up for air, offering his mouth up for a kiss.

Their lips met and one of Se7en’s hands came up to work through Min’s hair while the other settled on the small of Changmin’s back. They kissed, holding more than a minute between them until Junsu found his lungs begging for air. Se7en’s fingers were slowly peeling Min’s shirt up and then across the waist of his low slung jeans. A band of red peek up out of Min’s pants, the underwear’s elastic emblazoned with a row of black skulls. Se7en’s index finger stole into the crease of Min’s cleft, massaging the dip in the younger man’s rear.

“Oh, I didn’t need to see that,” Junsu moaned, lowering his head. “No, no, no. Not this. Not now.”

“What? What’s going on?” His lover’s querulous cry reminded Junsu he’d left Yoochun under the blanket.

Se7en’s fingers worked at a button on Min’s shirt and the younger man said something that made Se7en chuckle. Junsu imagined he could almost hear the other man’s deep rolling laughter through the glass. Changmin tried pulling away but he was caught, held by Se7en’s fingers. The button cracked, its thread cutting through the thin plastic and it popped, arching in the air until it smacked into the glass door. The pop startled Yoochun who grabbed at Junsu’s side. The baritone’s cold fingers made Junsu yelp and in the living room, the pair turned towards the sound.

Junsu gulped when Min took a step towards the patio then breathed a sigh of relief when Se7en grabbed the young man by his wrist, dragging him to the door. With Yoochun’s breath hot on his neck. Junsu finally exhaled when they left, turning off the light and closing the front door behind them.

“Did Yunnie-ah go back to bed?” Yoochun asked.

“What?” Junsu lifted the cover, staring at his lover’s handsome face. “Yunho? Where?”

“You said it was Yunnie-ah,” The other man popped his head up, looking around Junsu’s shoulder and into the living room. “Ah, he went to bed. I’m all for doing things out here but it’s too cold. I don’t want things to break off. Come on, we can go fool around inside now that the scary thing is gone.”

“Oh no, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu murmured as his lover climbed over him. He stood then leaned over the balcony to watch a sleek sports car peel away from the curb. “I think the scary thing is still out there. And getting scarier all the time.”
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