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On The Red Couch (SMM Universe) YunJae: Chapter Twenty-Se7en (LEMON)

Title: On The Red Couch ♥
Pairing: YunJae (with some YooSu and Min7en)
Chapter: Twenty-Se7en
Chapter Rating: NC-17 (LEMON)
Genre: Slash/Relationship
Author: wedspawn

Part One: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Se7en, 8, 9, 10, 11

Part Two: 12, 13 (Extremely Mature Content), 14, 15, 16, Comments Regarding Storyline , Se7enteen, 18, 19, 20, 21 (Lemon)

Part Three: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, Twenty-Se7en (LEMON), 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (LEMON), 33, 34, 35, 36, Thirty-Se7en, 38, 39, 40 (Final)

Summary: Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section. Final Book in SMM series.

There were women once. A string of women that were properly Korean, demure and sweet-voiced. They smelled of flowers and sunshine and Yunho stole kisses from the prettiest of them, smiling at their weak protests and soft hands when they pressed their palms against his chest. He’d chased after a few, broken a heart or two and thought he’d had his broken in return.

Reflecting upon the past, Yunho realized he had no idea what a broken heart felt like until he met Kim Jaejoong.

Men didn’t interest him. They were too familiar; dirty sweaty creatures that smelled like he did and were coarse in language and mannerisms. Men were for playing sports with or discussion things that offended the delicate senses of women — those mysterious, exotic creatures that invoked a man’s desires.

There were men who crossed over into the realm of being female. Simpering slender creatures that masked their masculinity with a sheen of feminine wiles. He responded instinctively to them — protective and stalwart. He’d worked with many, avoiding the demi-gender was impossible considering the industry he was in, and even became close friends with a few like Heechul.

But neither man nor demi-man ever drew in him like the sugary sweetness of a woman.

Then he’d seen Jaejoong and his stable, logical world shattered.

They’d fought. Hard. Teeth bared and with hot words, Jaejoong snarled back, biting and scratching as Yunho shook him. They’d each lost blood and tears, sacrifices to their pride and anger. Small things flared the violence between them, stoked to flames in part by their conflicting natures and sometimes, when Yunho was egged on by others. Jaejoong stood apart, aloof and catlike and Yunho hated the man’s smug arrogance, vowing to break Jae if he could.

What broke first was his resolve when he heard Jaejoong crying alone on a rooftop.

The tearful sobs were heart-wrenching, long drawn out gutful sighs Jaejoong struggled to keep silent but the wind carried the painful sounds to Yunho’s ears and then into his heart. His protective nature rose and he stomped up to demand Jaejoong say who hurt him so deep that he needed to cry out his pain.

It was a slap to the face to hear his own name whispered from the pout of the feral Korean’s luscious mouth.

More circling and then tragic dramatic battles that caught the others in the crossfire. After the smoke cleared and when they stood alone, faces sweaty and hearts dripping, Yunho discovered he needed Jaejoong more than he wanted to push him away.

The realization he needed…wanted another man was a shock. He fought it, wanting to reject the desire crippling his mind and heart until Yunho found himself bound and helpless whenever Jaejoong looked his way. He burned where Jae touched him, his resolve turning to cinders under the smoldering darkness of Jae’s eyes. When another… man or woman… let their gaze linger a bit too long on Jae’s beauty, he fought not to strike out and at the same time, wished he was blind to the other man.

Then his desire overwhelmed his self-loathing and Yunho fell from grace, giving in to the wicked sin of Jae’s love. It was a fall he’d never recovered from and one he knew would end only when his soul joined with the man he’d fallen unexpectedly and fully in love with.

Their first kiss still burned his tongue, a savoury fire he kept alive with each touch of his hands to Jae’s supple body. It lingered, always there in his memory, drawn back up when he tasted the other man’s skin.

Like he was doing right now.

Lying on his stomach, Jaejoong’s ivory body gleamed, only the dark of his hair and the black of his tattoo breaking the pale line. Spreading his palms over the young man’s shoulder blades, Yunho marveled at the differences in their skin tone, his gold against Jae’s blush white.

Jaejoong tasted of rain, Yunho thought, as he laid the flat of his tongue on the rise of the man’s buttocks and licked up his spine. Maybe a mountain’s cold stream, sweet and fresh tasting and clean. He was left… thirsty, needing more by the time he reached the man’s shoulder blades. The black ink beneath Jae’s skin was old enough to lay flush and Yunho mourned the slight rise he’d grown used to. He wondered when it finally settled and if he’d been with Jaejoong when it happened.

“Never again, my goyangi saeggi,” He murmured against the base of Jae’s skull, feeling the man tremble under him. It scared him to have so much power over someone.

And it scared him to know someone had so much power over him.

His own belly clenched and as he moved to kiss Jae’s back, his sex wept as it trailed over Jae’s tight thighs, the tip rubbing on the man’s skin, leaving a silvery sheen in its wake. Kneeling over his lover’, naked to the rain-blanched moonlight coming through the window, Yunho pressed his legs together, keeping Jae’s ass tightly clenched. With his knees depressing the mattress, Yunho held Jaejoong down with his own weight, the singer’s hands hidden under the soft pillow cradling his head.

When Yunho’s hard shaft touched Jae’s ass cheek, the singer let a slithering moan escape from his pout, his eyes closed with the pleasure of Yunho’s hands on him. The leader couldn’t help but smile, the erotic sound tightening the skin on his sex until it nearly hurt with the want of the man under him.

Yunho spread his fingers out, framing Jaejoong’s TVfXQ tattoo. In the dimness, his hands resembled feathers sprouting free from the man’s back. Bending over, Yunho fell into the temptation of Jae’s beauty and bit into the ink on Jaejoong’s back. Unerringly, his teeth closed in over small f, working at the letter’s edges until Jaejoong squirmed from the mingle of pain and pleasure.

“Yunnie-ah,” He begged and even with his hands hidden under the pillow, Yunho knew Jaejoong’s hands were tight around fistfuls of the bed sheets.

“You’re an angel to me,” He whispered, pulling back to see the tattoo swelling slightly under the bruise from his teeth. The welt followed the line of his lover’s back, stretching down in a moon crescent towards the tightness of his ass. He laved at the spot, working the spot into a heated wetness. “Sometimes I wish you could see yourself as I do, your black feather wings unfurling from your soul and spreading out to cover us. You say I am your soul but for me, you… Jaejoong… you are my hope.”

He sipped at the welt, pressing his lips on the mark and pulled at it, suckling it against the flat of his teeth as Jaejoong whimpered and pleaded for surcease. The young man’s words were fading under the primal, needful sounds coming from his throat and the circular movements of his ass under Yunho’s taut sex were a slow frantic mating dance to Yunho’s lust.

“You, my baby… my angel… my Joongie-ah,” Yunho raised his head and bit at the tip of Jae’s ear, his voice hot on the man’s pierced shell. “You are my hope. My hope to the end. You are going to be under my skin until I take my last breath.”

He slid his fingers into his mouth, wetting the length of his index and middle fingers until they were slick with his spit. Spreading his legs, Yunho lifted one and then the other into the press of Jae’s thighs, working them open until the other man was splayed open. Jaejoong’s hips rose, canting up when Yunho’s dry hand touched his hip. Mewling, he panted, his back rising and falling with each breath as he waited for Yunho’s first intrusion.

His hand spread Jaejoong open, preparing the young man for his touch. The skin hidden between the man’s firm cheeks retracted, the plum rosette tightening and shivering as Jae anticipated the hot wet of Yunho’s spit-slick stroke. Yunho moved slowly, pressing against the ridged pout until Jae relaxed, growing used to the man’s fingers caressing his entranced. Quivering, Jaejoong’s back and thigh muscles slowly unclenched while Yunho played at the opening, his voice a soft low comfort to soothe the high-tempered singer’s nerves.

No matter how many times they joined together, Jaejoong’s body refused to loosen its tightness, the warmth of his body wrapping nearly painfully around Yunho whenever they fell into lovemaking and although the leader ached to possess his lover, he refused to rush the process of opening up Jae’s body, especially when the young man seemed to need a gentler touch.

“Yunho…need….want…doum...” The tension in Jae’s voice was nearly at a breaking point but the other man’s shivers were nearly gone

It was the break Yunho was waiting for, the small crack of control in Jae’s held-in breath and he slid the tip of his finger in, working around the tight ring until the pout bloomed. Working carefully, he slid his finger in slowly, caressing and stroking at the young man’s core until he found the small ridge of Jae’s passion. Touching the knotted bundle, he unleashed the lightning of Jaejoong’s desire, clamping down on his lover’s rising hips with his free hand to hold him down.

“No, no, no…” Yunho whispered, running his tongue over the swell he’d left between Jae’s shoulder blades. “Stay still, baby. I need to get you ready and my spit isn’t going to be enough. Not for you.”

He’d left the bottle of gel open, ready for him to dribble onto his fingers. Rolling the plastic bottle in his palm, Yunho felt the chill leave the liquid inside while he worked his second finger into his panting lover. Squeezing gently, he dripped a small stream onto Jae’s cleft, watching the vanilla-scented lubricant slide down the man’s slope until it coated Yunho’s waiting fingers.

Heated by the touch of Jaejoong’s skin temperature, the gel released its odor, a sugared fragrance that blended nicely with Jae’s own masculine spiced scent. Inhaling the mingled scents, Yunho felt his sex weep anew, driven by the unique and private perfume of Jae’s readying body. It was a scent that was theirs alone, the musky sweetness of their joining and one Yunho treasured.

With his fingers deep into the depth of his lover’s tightness, Yunho spent a few minutes stroking himself with his free hand, stopping periodically to slather gel over the tip of his sex then spreading it downward to coat himself for Jaejoong’s pleasure. When the singer writhed nearly uncontrollably under his touch, Yunho shifted his knees, spreading Jaejoong’s legs further apart.

“Push up on your hands, baby,” Yunho said, his voice rough and low. Using the fingers still deep inside of Jae’s body, he guided his lover up until Jae rested his weight on his shoulders and knees with his hips fully lifted from the bed. The oiled pout greedily lapped at Yunho’s fingers, sucking him in further when the man tried to withdraw.

“Don’t worry, Joongie,” He promised, biting softly into the plump cheek of Jae’s ass. “I’ve got something better for you. Let me go.”

Reluctantly, Jaejoong relaxed and moaned in disappointment when Yunho pulled himself free. Wiping his fingers quickly on a small hand towel, Yunho guided the tip of his sex towards Jae’s entrance, playing at the rosette and grinning wickedly when Jae growled threateningly at him.

“Now, Yunnie-ah.” Guttural and coarse, Jaejoong used the rough street slang of Itaewon to urge his lover on. “I need you inside of me. Now.”

“I like hearing you beg for me,” Yunho moaned. “Nothing in the world like hearing you wanting me.”

He pressed into his lover, letting his weight drive the tip of his sex past the other man’s tightness. The velvet kiss of Jae’s body spread open, covering his head and then swallowed him. Panting, Jae bent his head forward, his dark hair masking his face as he strained to absorb the waves of shock rocking his body. Yunho poised himself, holding back as he waited for Jaejoong to recover from the pressure.

Jaejoong’s shoulder blades jutted up from his back, his weight balanced on the flat of his hands. Yunho took his time in licking at the ridge of bones framing his lover’s ink and spine. Rubbing his cheek on the smooth skin, he could feel the welt formed around the f. Tracing the raised skin with the tip of his tongue, he rocked slowly, using the tip of his sex to open his lover up.

“Yunnie…” Jaejoong gasped as he shivered, his hips beginning to pick up Yunho’s rhythm. “Please. Fuck me. Please. I need… you. Need you to… have me.”

“I have you, baby,” Yunho whispered, snicking his teeth on the already pinked flesh until it churned to purple against the black ink. “Even if I’m not inside of you, I have you.”

They rocked, joining together then pulling slightly apart. The motion slid them against one another, sweat moistening the heat between them. Hardened into a nearly painful want, Yunho slowed his thrusts when he felt the curl of his sac on his thighs. He wanted the night to last, needing to hear Jaejoong mumble his name until he was hoarse. Another dribble of gel on his shaft spread a cold numbness on his skin and he felt the rush of his orgasm pull back. Gripping Jae’s hips, Yunho held his lover still then began again.

The sounds of their sex grew wet and harsh, punctuated by Jaejoong’s exhalations when Yunho hit the kernel of nerves hidden in his channel. Held fast, he strained to meet Yunho’s thrusts, unable to do more than spread himself farther apart and drop to his shoulders, submitting to Yunho’s strokes. The sheets were wet from the sweat dripping from his chest and he ached to be filled. Every time he raised his hips in Yunho’s hands, the motion lifted him from the brush of the sheets’ folds, leaving his sex untouched and bare. His shaft’s tip cried with want, his seed dampening its slit.

Yunho kissed and bit Jae’s side, drawing up small slender welts on his ribs. As if reading his lover’s mind, he growled at Jae, “Don’t let go of the sheets. I want you to hold on as I take you. Let me touch you until you come. I want you to feel only me on and in you.”

Jaejoong could only mumble his asset then he almost screamed with relief when Yunho’s fingers closed over his sex, rubbing at the sensitive head. The satiny ridge running around his shaft was stroked and the spot beneath his pout tingled when Yunho’s thumb played with the area.

It didn’t take long before he felt the familiar clench of his stomach begin and the hardening of his sex’s sac as it prepared to spill. Needing his lover deep inside of him before he lost himself in a rush of pleasure, Jaejoong whimpered, hearing himself saying Yunho’s name over and over as if he were an answer to a prayer Jae held in his soul.

“Give me what’s inside of you, baby,” Yunho said, stroking at his lover as he took his own pleasure, thrusting hard into Jae’s deep warmth. His hand cupped, he caught Jae’s spill when the singer went over the edge of his climax, the force of the wave rocking his body with a quaking roll. The orgasm shook Jae’s muscles and the spasm clenched his centre tight around Yunho’s sex, pulling at the man until he followed Jaejoong into the swirling bliss.

“Fill…me, Yunnie-ah,” Jae gasped, holding himself tight around his lover’s sex, milking every drop he could from the other man’s release.

“Yours,” Yunho slid slowly in, filling the depths of Jae’s body. The rush of hot liquid worked into his lover, surrounding him as he fell forward to cover Jae’s prone form. Panting, the singer caught at his own breath, reveling in the feel of Yunho’s softening sex still inside of him.

“Yours,” Jae whispered, releasing the sheets when Yunho’s hands found his. Their fingers tangled, joining them as completely as their lovemaking. “Always yours. Your hope. Your angel.”

“My hope to the end,” Yunho agreed, the tremors moving through them both. “To the end, baby. To the very end.”

goyangi saeggi: kitten
doum: help
Tags: nc-17, otrc 27, yunjae
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