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Title: On The Red Couch ♥
Pairing: YunJae (with some YooSu and Min7en)
Chapter: Twenty-Nine
Chapter Rating: R
Genre: Slash/Relationship
Author: wedspawn

Part One: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Se7en, 8, 9, 10, 11

Part Two: 12, 13 (Extremely Mature Content), 14, 15, 16, Comments Regarding Storyline , Se7enteen, 18, 19, 20, 21 (Lemon)

Part Three: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, Twenty-Se7en (LEMON), 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (LEMON), 33, 34, 35, 36, Thirty-Se7en, 38, 39, 40 (Final)

Summary: Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section. Final Book in SMM series.

Mushrooms were never one of Yunho’s favourite foods. The offensive fungus ranked at the lower end of his food choices, right below deep fried soybeans and bitter melon. Yet standing at the patio door, he discovered there was something harder than even goya to swallow.

His own pride.

It’s not to say that he didn’t swallow his pride on a daily basis. There were times when he had to admit one of the other members was a better singer than he was or that Junsu mastered a dance quicker. But to approach someone and admit he’d been… overly prideful or arrogant, galled him.

Yunho’d waited a few days, mulling over his options and to see if the task got any more palatable. If anything, it soured the dish more and by the time he decided to act, nearly too much time had passed and he was close to losing his nerve.

But swallowing his pride was far easier than bowing to cowardice.

So while his heart was heavy and his feet dragged with each step, Yunho still forced himself to stand at the patio door and begin his inner torture.

They were so much alike, Yunho thought to himself, even down to their habits. Although alone, Yoochun echoed Jaejoong in so many ways. More open-faced than Jaejoong, it was easier to read what the baritone was feeling but other than that, they were near mirrors. If not for his broader face and thinner shoulders, Yunho would have easily mistaken Yoochun for Jaejoong.

One of the two of them dragged an old papasan chair onto the patio, its wide frame easily supporting the double-person cushion and the smaller pillows that somehow migrated outside as well. Curled up like a dragon on its treasure, Yoochun cupped his hand around a cigarette, lighting the end to draw in the first hint of smoke. The menthol scent was a bit of a surprise as both Jaejoong and Yoochun preferred the dark richness of an Indonesian clove but the minty hint wasn’t unwelcome.

Not like the stone growing bilious in the pit of Yunho’s stomach.

“Hey,” Yoochun looked up, turning his head slightly to the side as he exhaled, blowing the smoke away from Yunho’s face. “Joongie’s inside, I think.”

Skirting the rain falling from the patio overhang, Yunho edged over the wet cement, careful not to trip on Yoochun’s discarded zori. Working his own footwear off, the leader climbed onto the low divan, tucking his feet under him to keep them warm.

“I… actually wanted to talk to you,” He said.

Unlike Jaejoong, Yoochun’s expressions were raw, a visible gauge of what he was feeling. Surprise dominated the man’s amiable face the a flash of suspicion followed before being shuttered away. Tapping the ash off of his cigarette, Yoochun let it smolder, patiently waiting for Yunho to continue.

“Are you and Joongie alright?” His caring nature was never more evident than when another of the group was hurt, doubly so when that member was Jaejoong.

“You and Boo are… so much alike,” Yunho shook his head, rubbing his hands together. The air had grown colder since he’d first started his seemingly long journey onto the patio, made longer by his hesitation and now he regretted not wearing socks. “You always worry about others before yourself.”

Yoochun smiled knowingly and pulled a knitted blanket out from under him. “Here, I bring this out with me for my feet. Sometimes it’s too cold even for me.”

“Good to know,” He laughed, tucking the coverlet over his legs. “I worry we’re going to find Junsu-ah frozen into a block of ice some day.”

“I keep him warm,” Chunnie waggled his eye brows, bursting into laughter at Yunho’s slightly shocked look. “Oh, oh! Your face!”

“I have a hard time thinking about Junsu… or any of you like that,” Yunho frowned, winking at the younger man to ease the tension.

“You don’t have any trouble thinking about Joongie like that,” Yoochun teased, laughing harder when Yunho blushed. “Don’t worry, I know he thinks about you the same way. We talk about it.”

“Okay, that is nothing I want to hear,” He confessed with a wave of his hands. “You’re distracting me. I came out here to talk to you, not about Jaejoong.”

“Ah, sorry, Yunnie,” Yoochun replied, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “I’ll be serious.”

“Serious?” It was not something Yunho expected out of the baritone. Always emotional, Yoochun didn’t respond to situations with the solemn gravity Changmin exuded. He was more than likely to be passionately enthused or melancholy, his rich emotions running high. “I guess in a way it is about Jaejoong but really, it’s more… of an apology to you.”

“To me?” Yoochun rolled his amazement into a harsh scoffing noise. “An apology?”

“An apology,” Yunho asserted. “I think I’ve owed you one for a while now. I just… didn’t realize it.”

“What for?” The struggle to remember a slight was clear, especially when the younger man shook his head. “I don’t think so…”

“I’ve not… treated you well,” Yunho started. Yoochun opened his mouth but kept silent when the older man took his hands to hold. “Listen to me, Chunnie-ah.”

“Okay,” He nodded. It was difficult to speak with Yoochun’s intent gaze on his face and Yunho let his mind drift away from the patio, thinking back on how he felt about the other’s presence in Jaejoong’s life.

“When you first came to Korea… and became a part of the group,” Yunho started, “I was angry at first because I felt… threatened by your voice joining ours. Jaejoong pointed out my selfishness, reminding me that you were far from your family and I should treat you better. When you and he became close… very close, I burned with anger because Jaejoong was mine, even if I didn’t want to admit it at the time… and again, Jaejoong told me I should treat you better because you were someone he loved and were my friend.”

“Now, when I am angry at him, I throw your love with him into his face as a sign of his infidelity,” Yunho didn’t have to look at Yoochun to see the shock in his heart.

“I… we’re not…” He sputtered in protest. Squeezing the leader’s fingers in his, Yoochun leaned forward, earnestly objecting to Yunho’s words. “Yunnie-ah, you have to believe me! Jaejoong and I … we’re... brothers”

“I know,” Yunho replied, patting Yoochun’s hands. “I am… unreasonable at times. Stubborn. Arrogant.”

“Sloppy,” Yoochun offered, his eyes sparkling with humour.

“Serious, remember?” He poked back.

“I think you’re serious enough for both of us.” The baritone leaned back, studying Yunho intently. “You gave me a heart attack. I thought you believed Jaejoong and I were… are…”

“No,” Yunho replied. “I know you’re not lovers but… there are times when the two of you are more intimate than… we are and I get…”

“Angry,” Yoochun supplied.

“Yeah, angry.” The world tightened around him, cutting off his breath. It was no longer cold, not under his skin. Sitting across of him was a man he’d always partially viewed as his rival, both in the group and in the heart of a lover. It was difficult to give up an anger he’d stoked to a hot white heat, even harder still to hear his frustrations dealt with so casually. “I am sorry for being angry at you. Even more so because when Jaejoong goes to you, I should be glad he has someone he loves and trusts so much that he feels safe to talk to you. I understand that now…and I am very sorry.”

“Did Joongie-ah ask you to talk to me?” He asked softly. “Because if he did, then the apology probably isn’t want you want. Not if it was asked for.”

“No,” Yunho denied. “He doesn’t know I’m talking to you. I thought I should at least tell you how I feel. This once at least.”

“I get pissed off at you too.” A shrug of Yoochun’s shoulders dipped the baritone’s body closer to Yunho, their knees touching. “Especially when you treat Jaejoong badly. I want to punch your face in but I can’t. It’s not my relationship and Jaejoong would be pissed off. I’d rather you be pissed at me than him. He’s vicious when he’s angry.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” He said, touching the side of his face where Jaejoong struck him once. “I sometimes think he learned how to fight before he learned how to sing.”

“He had to,” Yoochun said. Noticing his cigarette had burnt down, he lit another, the lighter’s flame splashing a yellow glow on his face. “But it’s what makes Jaejoong who he is. He is fierce as much as he’s gentle. I know that about him.”

“I.. don’t think I know who he is yet,” Yunho admitted. “Or you either. I don’t think I understand either of you.”

“Me? I’m easy,” He exhaled, letting the plume flow up into the overhang. “I’m a simple kind of guy. Good music, a couple of beers, good food and company. That’s all I need. Jaejoong? He’s more complicated. He needs… stuff for his soul.”

“Eh?” Yunho cocked his head, staring at the other man. “The two of you are exactly alike! You drift off just like he does.”

“Ah, when I lose my mind, I’m thinking about music and lyrics. When he does it, he thinks about bigger things,” Yoochun corrected him. “I see dots and lines that make sound. Jaejoong… he’s looking at the universe and turning it over in his mind. He thinks about things like why onions have no seeds inside of them or why fish have no eyelids. We talk about things like that when he’s quiet…when his mind is quiet. It goes places that I didn’t even imagine until he says something. He’s deep sometimes. Like a pool of water that is black on the bottom. So many people think that it is mud but it’s not, it is depth.”

“I thought you said you don’t think about these kinds of things?” Yunho gave the other man a curious look.

“I think about Jaejoong who thinks about those things and then shares them with me,” He replied, taking another drag on his cigarette. “I admire him. I admire how far he’s come from where he started. I wish I was as strong as he was sometimes but then, I see where he is broken and I think; ‘Aish, do I want a strength that comes from being snapped apart?’ Is it possible to be as strong as you should be if you’ve been broken through? No matter how well you’ve mended?”

Picking at a loose thread on the blanket, Yunho cast his eyes down. “I don’t know. I never thought about it. I just… I’ve never thought about what Joongie has done to be here or where he’s… been. I can’t. I can’t look into the past and not wonder if there was someone else that he’s loved or had.”

“Pffts,” Yoochun dismissed the other man’s worries. “You chew on things that are old. No wonder you’re never satisfied! It’s like chewing on a rock and expecting steak. Contemplate the rock but don’t bite into it. Look at the past because it will help you understand what’s in front of you but don’t try to compare it to the present. You’re borrowing trouble that’s already passed us by!”

“You don’t think I have enough trouble? You think I’m borrowing more?”

“Yeah, I think you’re borrowing more.” Another stream of smoke argued with the rain, the water passing through the furl and spinning curlicues. “You worry and fret about loving Jaejoong. Why can’t you just love him? Why are you worried about what I see when you should be thinking about what you see?”

Yunho stammered, unable to do more than confess his fears, “I…can’t trust what I see.”

“Why?” Yoochun slapped his arm lightly. “You’ve known him longer than I have. How can you not trust what you see? He loves you. He spends all of his time taking care of you…hoping that you’re happy. What else is there for the two of you? Isn’t that what love is? If you spend time taking care of the other person, equally and fully, while being the best person you can be… isn’t that love?”

“No. No…” He shook his head, refuting Yoochun’s words. “Love isn’t that simple.”

“No, you’re that simple,” The baritone scoffed. “Jaejoong has problems trusting, that’s true but you shouldn’t. Why should you? Why should you not trust him? Has he ever cheated on you? Has he ever looked at another man?”

“Cheating on me isn’t the…” Yunho trailed off, taking a deep breath. “How did you feel when you found out you were in love with Junsu? With another man?”

“Eh? What?” Yoochun sucked in air through his teeth. “You… you’re still hung up on Jaejoong being a man?”

“No, it’s not that,” He struggled, looking for something to give to the other man to help him understand. “Maybe. Maybe not. I love Jaejoong, with everything I have and sometimes I look at him and I see… someone, a person. Not a man. Not a woman. Just… Jaejoong. And I think I’m cheating him somehow by not… acknowledging what he is. By not seeing him as a man.”

“Jaejoong isn’t one thing or another, Yunho,” Yoochun said, gently rubbing at the other man’s shoulder. His heart plunged back down to his chest, its wild beating slowing as he realized Yunho didn’t care about Jae’s gender. “Jaejoong is… Jaejoong. All of us, we’re the ones with the problems. We’re the ones who have to take things that we like or do and put them in a boy or a girl pile. I used to think that I was… effeminate because I loved music so much. My… father told me once that only women loved music as much as I did. When I fell for Junsu, I thought; ‘Ah, he was right. I am more woman than man’.”

“Do you still think that?” He gave the baritone a sidelong glance.

“No, I am just… a different type of man than what my father had in his mind.” Yoochun shrugged, dismissing the man who abandoned him and his family. “I love a man who is my friend. Someone who can make me laugh and lets me cry at sad movies without feeling ashamed. How can that be wrong? Loving without shame … a wonderful thing. Don’t carry someone else’s shame and guilt because you love. Jae told me that.”

“I wonder if… because I love a man, that I’m not as much of a man sometimes. There are times when I love Jaejoong so intensely, it hurts me inside as if there is something that needs to burst open… like a flower… but it is too tightly wrapped still.”

“Aish, you are the most man I know,” Yoochun laughed. “You are the kind of man that leads armies. One that people look to automatically when there is a decision to be made. Even when you are wrong, we immediately doubt our choices if they are against yours because you are a leader. You are the type of man that destiny gives a sword to and he carves out a path in the world. It’s just that you’ve fallen in love with… a mystery. Both man and woman but neither.”

“You are more confusing than some of Min’s books,” He grimaced at Yoochun. “How can he be both?”

“Jaejoong is… far above us in knowing who he is. He knows what type of person he is. His soul… it must be so old and so strong to take all of the battering that he’s been given. I think sometimes that he’s here for us to learn from because he does what he likes; whether it is cooking or snowboarding. It doesn’t matter to him. If he likes it, he does it. He doesn’t care what people think about the activity.”

“He is the person that I envy the most,” Yoochun admitted. “I’ve never met anyone who has lived as purely to who he is as Jaejoong. He loves who he wants and doesn’t hurt anyone to do it. I know it’s hard on the two of you because Jaejoong…and you… demand a pure honesty from the world. You expect it from yourselves as well and that’s hard when you have to hide. I feel guilty sometimes because I think you’re hiding for me…and for the others.”

“We are,” Yunho replied. “But also, for our families. We know that we can love one another without… making them deal with other people and their hatred. I don’t want my mother to be faced with someone’s hate because I love Jaejoong. It’s one thing for us to deal with it but not for someone I love to wear the mud hateful people will sling.”

“See, that’s what makes you a man,” The singer murmured, finishing his cigarette. Placing the end into a beaten up coffee can, Yoochun said, “That caring is a part of Jaejoong too. Because it’s important to you…and us… he will keep silent. Even if he wants to tell the world that he loves you, he will keep silent about it because in speaking his happiness, he’ll cause pain. And that goes both ways. It’s why he didn’t tell you about Kimura. Because if he talked about his pain, it would harm your happiness.”

“I wished he’d told me,” Yunho cursed, the words low and under his breath. “I hate knowing he… I hate knowing someone did that to him. I would have killed Kimura. I would have, Chunnie. For Jae. For the others he hurt.”

“I know,” Yoochun’s arms wrapped around his leader’s shoulders, tugging him into a fierce hug. “I do too. Or at least I would help you. Even if it’s to wash your hands when you’re done. I would do that for you, Yunho-ah.”

Yunho embraced him in return but pulled away after a moment. “This is awkward. I feel like by talking to you, I’m… trespassing on Jaejoong’s heart.”

“Don’t you have someone to talk to?” It was a gentle question, one that resonated in Yoochun’s heart. “Someone like I have in Jaejoong?”

“You think there are two Jaejoongs in this world?” Yunho whistled softly. “I don’t think the world could take it.”

“No, someone more like you,” Yoochun laughed. “Someone you can sit with who knows when you need to bitch about Jaejoong and when you need consoling?”

“No,” Yunho shook his head, his hair soft about his face. “No, not really. Guess I haven’t met someone stubborn enough yet.”

“Heh, maybe you will.” Clapping his friend’s shoulder, Yoochun smiled broadly. “Now, are the two of you going to take Gackt-san up on his offer?”

“To Okinawa? Yeah, I think so,” Yunho replied. “Did you want to go?”

“Okay, let me explain to you what it means when lovers go away to be alone for the weekend,” Yoochun said slowly. “You don’t invite other people along with you. Aish, might as well bring fishing poles.”

“Oh ho! So he told you about that,” He snorted. “Not one of my better moments.”

“No, you were just… trying to let him be a man,” Yoochun corrected. “But Yunho, you have to let Jaejoong be the man he is, not the man you think he should be. It’ll be easier that way. Guide him with your heart. Watch where he steps but don’t forget to let him wander. He’s a gypsy. In mind and spirit. You can’t tame that and if you did, it would kill him.”

“His wildness is what drew me in,” Yunho replied. “And his eyes. I look into his eyes and it’s like… I have the night sky under my kisses.”

“Pfah, and they say I’m the romantic,” He chuckled. “Go to Okinawa. I think Junsu and I are going back to Korea for the weekend. There are soccer matches that are playing and he wants to go. His mother thinks it’s time we should go visit because she needs to make sure he’s eating enough.”

“I don’t want to leave Changmin alone,” The leader in Yunho surfaced, fretting about their youngest.

“Are you kidding?” Yoochun cackled, pushing Yunho over until he fell back into the papasan’s wide cushion. “He can’t wait to be alone. I told him Susu-ah and I were going to Korea and he looked happier than when he finds a good book.”

“I just don’t want to leave him alone and he gets into trouble,” Yunho said, shaking his head.

Sliding forward, Yoochun searched for his zori, finding one turned upside down under the chair. Flipping the rubber sandal over, he looked at Yunho and grinned. “How much trouble can he get into? Really, Yunho, it’s not like he’s going to go out and have wild sex with someone. The worse that can happen is that he burns some of his food. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”



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Oooooooooh THAT trip to okinawa. YAY.
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love the yunchun talk ~ it seemed so difficult for yunho to apologize for things but actually when it comes down to it, his members make it so easy for him. they don't judge him or make him feel awkward or bad about it.

“I don’t want to leave Changmin alone,” The leader in Yunho surfaced, fretting about their youngest.

“Are you kidding?” Yoochun cackled, pushing Yunho over until he fell back into the papasan’s wide cushion. “He can’t wait to be alone. I told him Susu-ah and I were going to Korea and he looked happier than when he finds a good book.”

i need to go read TA again....i couldn't remember where the rest were when min and se7en finally consummated their relationship. LOL XD

“How much trouble can he get into? Really, Yunho, it’s not like he’s going to go out and have wild sex with someone.

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Hit Yunho
I know this is a story ,but your accurate portrayals give me an itch to hit Yunhio across the head.The child needs some serious shaking.Jae just needs to tie him down and have his way with him, then again Yunho may actually like the loss of control.Blessed Be.
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Re: Hit Yunho
heh. ♥♥♥♥♥ you are probably very right. :::nods::: yunho does just need to... well... give in sometimes. heh. but no hitting yunho. i've tortured him enough haven't i? ♥
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Yoochun does not know how right he will be LOL! Glad 2U have this heart to heart talk. They are always skirting around each other & holding themselves back (in order not to hurt Jae or being hurt by Jae XD). They need to see this other side of each other that Jae sees.
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jae's two best friends do need to learn to see one another as how he sees them. but they shall. eventually and they are working towards it. ♥ :::nods:::
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oh, yoochun if you only knew how much trouble min could get into :)

yunho's amazing for working up the courage to talk frankly to yoochun. That's the thing i like about the way you write him - when he does say something, he doesn't hide the truth of what he feels, even if someone may take it the wrong way. Although, I wonder if Yunho will ever be able to completely come to terms with being in a same-sex relationship, at least as long as they have to live in secret. It's obvious how much he loves jaejoong, and how commited he is to him, but there are always questions in his mind. And, you know, i think that's ok as long as he's always aware that they're there.
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♥♥♥ i think hiding probably is the hardest thing for him to do because he really is sincere and honest inside of his heart and soul. he needs that honesty. it defines him.

and yes, he has questions. he might always have questions but ah, he doees know he is in love. and loves deeply :::nods:::

but oh... chunnie is so clueless :::grins::: ♥
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Spot saved for Chloe and myself...^-^
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Bet your dollar that once all the big cats are out, this little 'innocent mouse' will have some his own wild times with a bigger 'rat'...^-^
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Gosh, was this chapter insightful, or what! I love chapters like that, when characters get a bit philosophical and have self reflection.

Definite kudos to Yunho for swallowing his gigantic male pride and apologising to chunnie. Knowing Yunho, that really wasn't easy. He's certainly taking steps in the right direction. And hey, maybe it will help calm his jealousy down now. ^^;;

My my, did I read the word "Okinawa" baahahah. Now that is something even more to look forward too! (And dammit, the reoccuring fishing joke is really intriguing. I gotta find that oneshot! *determination*)

And, just like everyone else, I had to LOL at how naive 2U are in regards to Min wanting to have some bum fun with Se7en. Classssic. Is this what you call dramatic irony? *tries to think back to the shakespeare days in highscool* XDDDD

Great chapter, bb! <3
(no subject) - wedspawn - Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:18 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - wedspawn - Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:13 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 22nd, 2009 03:51 am (UTC)
At last! Yunho understands something and apologizes!
I'm glad he could get that out of his chest and I'm so happy that Chun was there to be the awesome little sweetheart that he is~ ^^

How much trouble can he get into? Really, Yunho, it’s not like he’s going to go out and have wild sex with someone.
Oh Chun, you have no idea! *snickers*
Sep. 22nd, 2009 04:00 am (UTC)
chunnie is a sweetie and really he wants jaejoong to be happy and loved. :::nods::: heh...

poor boys. they have no idea ♥
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