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Love Much Mine: Chapter 1 (Yunho and Jaejoong)

Title: Love Much Mine
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

When love is not madness, it is not love. Pedro Calderon de la Barca

“Did you ever wonder what it would be like…” Yunho trailed off, staring past his reflection caught in the window and into the city beyond. High above Tokyo, he was still dwarfed by other buildings, tall steely fingers reaching up past the bank of windows.

“Wonder what was like?” From the kitchen, Se7en asked absently as he tasted the sauce with his fingers. In a few hours, Changmin would come by for dinner and the older man hoped he’d gotten the teriyaki mixture correct. “Come taste this. Is this too salty?”

Padding over to the counter, Yunho sipped at the end of a metal spoon, making a face at the bland sauce. “It doesn’t taste like Joongie’s.”

“I’m making teriyaki, not bulgogi,” Se7en complained, staring at the bottle of soy sauce and then the recipe he’d printed out. “It’s supposed to thicken.”

“You sure that’s not just your dick talking?” The other man sipped at his beer, answering Se7en’s sneer with one of his own. “And no, that sucks. Why don’t you just take him out to eat?”

“Because I want him to have something special,” He said with a frown. “He cooked for me once… well twice but you fucked us up the first time. I want to return the gesture. It’s romantic.”

“Romantic for Jaejoong is me saying I’ll wash the dishes,” Yunho commented, swinging up to sit on the bar chair. The leather squeaked as he moved across the cushion.

“It’s cute what you’ll do for your wife,” Se7en said, laughing when Yunho flipped him off.

“I keep daring you to say that to his face but you’re too much of a coward to do so.” The beer numbed his shoulders and Yunho stretched, grateful for their Japanese manager, Shizu.

The man relaxed their schedules at times, giving them hours off at a stretch. Juggling the members’ activities, the group stretched over the city, doing interviews and then joining up to sing on shows. Changmin and Junsu were currently out doing a promotion while Jaejoong and Yoochun used some studio time to hammer out a melody they’d been working on. At loose ends, Yunho found himself at Se7en’s apartment tasting horrible teriyaki sauce and complaining about nothing at all.

“Add sugar or something,” He finally suggested, pushing the bag over to Se7en. “Min really likes bulgogi. Making him teriyaki is okay but he prefers his meat Korean.”

“Oh, you don’t have to tell me that,” Se7en winked at his sometimes-friend. “I am more than happy to give Min all the Korean meat he needs.”

“God, you’re an asshole,” Yunho said, shaking his head and tipping his beer back for another sip. “Why the hell does Min even come near you?”

“Because he likes assholes,” The other man replied, tapping a cupful of sugar into the mix. He swirled it in slowly, breaking the crystals up with circular movements. “Minku…”

“Don’t call him that.” Wrinkling his nose, Yunho rubbed at his face. “I overheard him talking to Je Je about how it leaves his mouth open so it’s wide enough to slide something wet in. I don’t want that image in my mind. I shouldn’t have that image in my mind.”

“You’ve got to stop eavesdropping then, hyung,” Se7en teased.

“Hyung my ass,” Yunho sniped back. “Just call him Changmin if you have to talk about him.”

“Minku,” Se7en slurred a seductive emphasis on Changmin’s nickname. “He likes complicated things. He’s a thinker. I like that about him. He likes me because I have a wicked streak in me that matches his. Your youngest is a naughty, wicked young man.”

“He’s a boy,” Yunho groused, laughing into his beer when Se7en rolled his eyes. “No, I know he’s a man now. You’ve made him one.”

“Sex doesn’t make a man,” The other disagreed softly. “Anyone can stick themselves into something hot and wet. It takes a man to make it pleasurable. You should know that by now, Yunnie-ah and if you don’t, then your kitten needs someone new to love him.”

“No one but me needs to love my kitten. I’d kill anyone who touched him, including you.”

“If I touched him, you don’t have to worry about killing me.” Se7en snorted as he blended sesame seed oil into his sauce. “You’ll find small pieces of me on the floor with Min picking at his teeth with my bones.”

“True,” Yunho agreed. The smell of food poked his hunger. With his lover wrapped up in music, it would be several hours before he was fed, more if Yoochun and Junsu made them wait. Maybe he’d listen to his own advice and take Jaejoong out for food. But then, he reasoned, anything tasted better when he stole kisses and bites of noodles from Jae’s succulent mouth.

“What were you asking me?” Se7en looked up. “Before when you were staring out of the window.”

“Um.” Yunho’s face stained red and he ducked his head down. It was easier when he was looking away from Dong-Wook but with the other man so close, he wasn’t sure he could get the words out of his mouth.

“I won’t tell anyone,” Se7en promised. “Are you having a difficult time getting it up? Do you need to shove a chopstick down there to hold you stiff so you can have sex?”

This is why I don’t want you to see Minnie-ah.” Yunho stabbed an accusatory finger at his friend’s chest, poking the other man hard. “I need you to be serious and you mock my manhood.”

“Ho, you’re serious,” Se7en said, stepping back. “Really? I mean…it’s not that is it?”

“No, it’s not that,” Yunho said. He took a deep breath and glanced up at Se7en’s earnest face.

The other man was a good friend and an even better enemy. They drove one another on, sometimes wringing out every last ounce of patience and energy from their bodies until they collapsed from dancing or arguing. It was a balance he’d needed for a long time. Wrapped up too tight in the role of leader, he couldn’t reach out to the others for a friendship like the one Jaejoong shared with Yoochun. He could see the awakenings of a relationship with Se7en, however odd it might seem to the outside world. The other man understood Yunho, and best of all, could keep a secret.

Putting the spoon down, Se7en gave the man his full attention. “What is it then?”

“I think Jaejoong needs…something more,” Yunho whispered, turning the beer bottle around in his hand. The glass scraped over the counter, a chalky sound on the stone. “I think he needs to be… or wants to… be inside of me and I don’t know if I can do that. I just don’t know.”

“Honey, I am home!” Junsu called out into the apartment, flinging his jacket onto the couch.

Changmin shuffled in behind him, working his sneakers off and leaving them in the rack by the door. Shrugging off his hoodie, the young man stretched, cracking the knot between his shoulder blades. The promotion took longer than expected and his face hurt from smiling too much.

He’d groaned when he heard the others wouldn’t be going with them, especially Jaejoong who could tease his way out of any tight situation. When they’d arrived at the radio station, he could almost taste the hostess’ disappointment when their lanky, volatile singer wasn’t with them but her smile didn’t slip and she greeted the Korean men with a deep respectful bow. The box of chocolates she handed him smelled delicious and she’d murmured in delight at the elaborately wrapped cookies he’d brought as omiyage.

The chocolates would be something he brought to Se7en. Feeding the older man’s sweet tooth was a delight, especially when Se7en bit into a truffle and slid his mouth over Min’s to share. They’d taken two hours to eat four chocolates once. With ten in the box, Min hoped he could occupy his lover for the entire night.

“You’re home!” Yoochun bounced out of the hyungs bedroom, capturing Junsu in his arms. The baritone spun his lover around, planting butterfly kisses along the other man’s throat. Sucking noises crept down the hall, making Changmin curl his lip in disgust.

“Go do that in your room,” He said, pushing the two men towards the end of the hall.

“I can think of better things to do in our room,” Junsu laughed. Hooking his legs up, he curled himself around Yoochun’s thin body. “Giddy up. I shall be the cowboy. You can be the horse.”

“I don’t want to know about that either,” Changmin cursed, wiping his face with his palm. “Great, now I have that image in my head.”

“You sound like Yunho,” Jaejoong laughed. Leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom, the older man looked relaxed, the worry lines around his eyes were gone and his skin shone porcelain clear. “He’s always grumbling about them.”

“Yunnie-ah is right,” Min said, flopping onto the large bed dominating the room. His body stretched out, he nearly reached from the headboard to the foot of the mattress. “Ah, this feels good. I like your bed. It reminds me of Shichi’s.”

“I think Yunho would definitely not want to hear that,” Jae teased, falling on his stomach near Min. His fingers stroked at the younger man’s hair, swiping strands of golden silk from the other’s eyes. “Are you heading over there tonight?”

“Yeah,” Min nodded, letting his eyes drift nearly closed. He watched the light fracture into stars on his eyelashes and the spots reminded him of the bursts of pleasure Se7en could draw from his body. Hardening quickly, Min swallowed and tried to think of other things, trapping his mind in a curl of mathematics before his want for his lover slackened. “He drives me insane. I just think of him and…”

“You need him,” Jae sighed, lying with his chin on his hands. Beyond the open door, giggles erupted from the other room, its thick wood door doing little to mute the couple behind it. “Just like they need each other.”

“But with less silliness,” Min said with a roll of his eyes. “Or at least mature silliness. If that’s possible. I think it is. We don’t… do whatever it is those two do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more ridiculous than Yoochun and Junsu. It’s like they’re children.”

“Children don’t do what they’re doing in there,” Jae reminded him. “And silly for them is good. They lighten their hearts with it. Without that, Yoochun would be too dark and Junsu would burst apart from holding it in. Think of Yoochun feeding off of it to make him brighter.”

“Chunnie, the giggle vampire,” Min laughed. “Sucking Junsu’s laughter into his soul so he can walk through the daylight.”

“Our Chunnie barely wakes up during the day,” Jae replied, pretending to think hard. “You might be right, Minnie-ah. What shall we do?”

“Ah, I’m too sour for him to eat off of so I’m safe,” Changmin said, leaning into Jaejoong’s hand to feel the other man’s warmth. “You and Yunho are too strong together so he won’t have a chance there. No, he’s only allowed to feed on Junsu.”

“Good thinking.” The older man nodded. Turning over, he lay still as Min shuffled around to lean into the crook of his arm. Lying against one another, they stared up at the ceiling, watching the overhand fan’s arms spin soft shadows about the room. “Did you have fun at the radio station?”

“Aish, no work,” Min shoved the subject off. “She gave me chocolates. We gave her the cookies. I think she liked them. Junsu got chocolates too and there are boxes for the three of you even though you didn’t come. I told her I would give you a kiss for her.”

“Do it now before Yunho comes home,” Jae laughed when Min kisses his arm. “Ah, good place for it. He’ll never see it there.”

“Would he even look?” He yawned, wondering if he had time for a nap before meeting up with Se7en. “Does he get jealous still?”

“Not as much,” Jaejoong replied, hooking his arm around Min’s shoulders. “Although I think he still gets angry about Dong-Wook.”

“I think he just likes being angry about Dong-Wook,” Changmin fought off another yawn. “He wouldn’t know what to do if he was actually friends with my Shichi. Aish, I’m tired.”

“Me too,” The singer admitted. Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, he set a timer notice and lay the mobile down on the night stand. “Let’s take a nap. We have a couple of hours before you have to leave and I can make a quick dinner for Yunho to eat. I think we’ve seen the last of Junsu and Yoochun for the night.”

“A nap sounds good,” Changmin said around his open mouth. He laughed, wiping at the cobra-spit thread that shot from under his tongue. “Aish, I’m a snake.”

“No, silly,” Jaejoong corrected sleepily. “You’re a Minku but it’s okay, you can be a snake for a little while. I like snakes.”

“Do you think Yunho will make those noises again if he sees us like this?” The young man murmured, a wicked thought forming in his mind. “He said that seeing us together makes him hot.”

“Heh, good then,” Jaejoong’s voice rumbled in his chest. “We’ll sleep like this and you’ll head off to your Shichi. Then I can take care of Yunho’s hot all by myself.”
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