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Love Much Mine: Chapter 2 (Yunho and Jaejoong)

Title: Love Much Mine
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17 (LIME)
Overall Rating: NC-17

Previous: 1

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Other men said they have seen angels, But I have seen thee ...And thou art enough.
G. Moore

“Aish, the two of you are killing me,” Yunho sighed, resting his forehead against the door frame. Both exasperated and turned on by his body’s reaction to the men tangled up on his bed, he drew out his cell phone and snapped a picture of the singers. Framing the shot carefully, he cropped it and sent it to Se7en with a clear firm text to come get his boyfriend.

His phone blipped a moment later and he growled at the other man’s response. Why don’t you keep them warm for me. And leave the door unlocked. I’ll be right there to take care of it.

“Ass,” He muttered, taking a final longing glance at the men. The bed was big enough for five. God knew they’d all piled into it during a thunderstorm to watch lightning crackle across the black night sky. He was about to fall onto the covers himself when the door behind him opened and chaos poured out.

“Yunnie!” Junsu bounced from the bedroom, his hair damp and hanging into his face. Behind him, a sloe-eyed Yoochun padded out on bare feet, wearing nothing but low-slung cotton pants and a smile. A dark purple bite mark shone on the baritone’s chest, a few inches from his collarbone. Unprepared for the younger man’s assault, Yunho tumbled to the floor when Junsu tackled him in a full hug.

They hit the wood floor with a hard smack. Yunho’s cheek smarted from the contact and the air in his lungs flew from his mouth, pushing a soft whoosh from his lips. Turning, he pounded a fist into Junsu’s round ass, shoving at the younger man.

“Get off,” He grunted, unable to gain enough leverage to remove Junsu’s weight from his ribs. “You’re heavy.”

“Not heavy when he’s sitting in my lap,” Yoochun smirked, grabbing his lover’s wrists when Junsu held his hands up for the other man to grab. “Maybe you’re just getting weak in your old age.”

“Probably not used to anyone being on top of him,” Junsu teased. “Poor Jaejoong is probably always on his back or belly.”

“Hey!” Yunho scrambled to his feet, quick with a slap to Junsu’s bare shoulder. He left a handprint, a pink mark that Yoochun quickly kissed away. “What is it with all of you? Talking about what we do in the bedroom?”

“Sure,” Yoochun shrugged, nodding his head to the sleepy voiced Jaejoong waking up to the noise in the hallway. “Not like you two are exactly quiet.”

“You should talk,” Changmin murmured, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes. His lashes tangled, making him uncomfortable. Unable to shake his nap off quickly, he yawned and stretched his arms out, nearly smacking Jaejoong in the forehead. “Ah, sorry, Joongie-ah.”

“You better get ready, no?” Yunho growled at their youngest. “Don’t you have plans tonight?”

“Shit,” Min scrambled off the bed, hunting for his shoes before he recalled leaving them at the door. “Shichi should be here soon. I need a shower. Someone open the door for him. Just not Junsu. Someone else. Someone sane.”

“I’m sane!” Junsu grumbled, flaring his nostrils and lifting his chin up. “He’s just old.”

Their youngest sprinted off of the bed, elbowing Yunho as he passed. The other two followed him down the hall, either to torment Changmin or in search of food. Yunho didn’t care which they chose, as long as he was left alone with Jaejoong. Carefully closing the door, he twisted the lock with a quiet snick and stared at the long-legged man sprawled out on the bed.

His hair shone a rich sable, secretly Yunho’s favourite colour for Jaejoong’s soft mane, and his eyes were naked of their customary contacts, their warm deep honey brown soulful and open as the singer looked up at him through hooded lids. The young man’s mouth sang with temptation and sin, a siren song Yunho could rarely ignore. It was his downfall and it drew him forward before Yunho was even aware he’d taken a step. Pale against the blood red linens, Jaejoong stretched out and welcomed Yunho’s weight as the man lay over him. Resting his weight on his knees and elbows, Yunho stared down into his lover’s face, studying every mark and minute scar on the man’s skin. The flaws were tiny, adding character to the heartbreaking beauty. Without the tiny mole under Jae’s eye or the curve of a thin scar on his cheek, Jaejoong would be too perfect to touch, too sacred to kiss.

He bent forward, taking a subtle sip of his lover’s waiting mouth. Their bodies warmed to one another, fitting in comfortably where they could and sliding in to spaces they instinctively knew were there. Yunho’s hands slid under Jae’s shirt, lifting it up and over his head. He left it tangled around Jaejoong’s arms, holding his lover firmly tied in the fabric’s folds. Pushing up with his thumb, Yunho turned Jae’s chin until the other man’s head was thrown back and the soft skin under his jaw was exposed to Yunho’s questing mouth.

Trailing a long slithering kiss down Jae’s cheek, he stopped long enough to nip affectionately at the blush birthmark on the man’s neck before tracing a heart with his tongue below it. His teeth snicked at the skin, bringing up tiny red rosettes that faded quickly. He longed to leave a more permanent mark, something that would glow dark against Jae’s paleness but they needed to be careful… always so careful. It chafed at him. Yunho’s traditional demeanor fought with his raging need to mark and claim the other man as his. Anything to show the world Jaejoong lay splayed open for no one but him.

“Yunnie-ah,” Jaejoong’s moan was a deep keen of want and need. He writhed under Yunho’s devastating kisses, twisting his hips up in a primal dance. “Need you…”

“Here, baby,” Yunho replied.

They danced this way often, sometimes spending an hour rubbing against one another until their skin burned and sang, too sensitive to touch but the mewling need inside of them ached for fulfillment. Already primed for his fingers, Jaejoong churned and arched, trying to press himself into the flat of Yunho’s palms. A skim of his hands brought Yunho’s fingers to Jae’s hip and he hooked his thumb on the man’s waistband, pulling it down one side until the top of his thigh was exposed. Lowering his head, Yunho laved at the jut of Jae’s hipbone, holding the man’s waistband down with one hand with the other roamed under Jaejoong’s shirt. He found the hard arousal of Jae’s nipple with his nails, scraping over the nub until Jaejoong’s cries became senseless noises.

He missed the ring Jaejoong wore once. The gold hoop was something to play with, a nice cool slick ring he could twist and work with his fingers. Naked now, the nipple was more responsive than the other, its nerves bared open for the other man’s touch. He moved over, flicking over the other until it hardened as well, pearling up in his palm. Below, he felt Jae’s arousal thickening and pressing into his chest. Moving his shoulders, Yunho rubbed against the man’s sex, trapping it between the fabric and rolling over its sensitive head. Moaning louder now, Jaejoong’s hands twisted in his shirt and he began to pant, lifting his hips to get friction against Yunho’s body.

“Let… me,” Jaejoong gasped, his eyes flying open when Yunho left off kissing his hip and moved to the plump heart shaped heat of his sex. The wet of Yunho’s mouth soaked through Jaejoong’s thin clothes and the other man’s teeth unerringly finding the weeping tip, nibbling at the edge until Jaejoong couldn’t stand it any longer. “Need… you. Please Yunho. Now.”

“Are you sure, baby?” Yunho asked, looking up at his lover’s flushed face.

Sitting back on his haunches, Yunho stared down at the heated body of the man under his hands. Jaejoong’s chest glistened with a sheen of sweat, his skin hot from Yunho’s questing fingers and mouth. Suddenly cold, Jae caught his breath and tried to sit up, taking a moment to disentangle himself from his shirt. Tossing it aside, he righted himself, reaching out to Yunho with a hand on the other’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Yunnie-ah?” The other man’s curious expression alarmed Jaejoong, a detached and thoughtful look out of place with the simmering desire they’d shared a moment before. “Did I do something?”

“No, baby,” Yunho shook his head. “It isn’t what you did. It’s what I haven’t…done.”


“Do you think they ever… switch?” Junsu asked as he wiped down the kitchen counter. Forgoing an evening out, he cleaned up after the mess he and Yoochun created while making dinner. Simple noodles seemed to grow into a production as the baritone found things to add to the broth until the ramen was weighted down with various meats and steamed vegetables. The microwave dinged and Yoochun reached into grab a plate of won-ton, puffing his cheeks when the hot dish scalded his fingertips.

“Ouch! Why so hot?” He slid the plate onto the counter and blew on his hand. Flicking on the faucet, he held the pinked tips under the cold water, washing away the pain. “Who switches? Min and his Shichi?”

Yoochun’s moon-eyed look made Junsu burst into an uncontrollable laughter. He googled his eyes back at the baritone, serving up steaming noodles into large bowls. A skimmer made taking out the toppings easier and he chased a chunk of char siu around in the broth.

“Not Changmin and Dong-Wook,” Junsu replied, holding his tongue between his lips as he concentrated on his fishing. “The hyungs. Do you think they… you know… trade off?”

“Didn’t you hear Yunho say he didn’t want to hear about those kinds of things?” Yoochun teased, poking a finger into Junsu’s ticklish spot.

“He didn’t want to hear us talk about it. He’s not here so we can talk about it.” Junsu yelped and edged away. “Stop that. I keep missing the green onions.”

“Pour the broth in and the rest of it will come,” Yoochun said, resting his chin on the shorter man’s shoulder. “It’ll be faster.”

“There’s too much broth for that.” Junsu slapped Chunnie’s hand away from his butt. “Go put the movie in so it’ll be ready when I bring the bowls in. Oh, and maybe get us something to drink?”

“Do you want beer or soda?” Yoochun reluctantly drew away but not before giving the man’s ripe ass a pinch.

Junsu made noises about a soft drink and he retrieved to tall bottles of cola from the ice box. Grabbing utensils, he headed into the living room and arranged place settings on the coffee table. Humming, he popped in the drifting movie Junsu chose and turned to study the room. A few plumps of pillows made the place look homier but something was missing. Lighting candle pillars added to the feeling of the room but their dinner wasn’t quite ready yet.

Vaulting over the loveseat, he ran to their room, his feet stomping loudly over the wood floor. Approaching the bedrooms, he slowed, not wanting to disturb the others. In a moment he found what he was looking for, retrieving it from its spot on their pillows. Stealing back into the living room, he rearranged the pillows, placing his prize facing the television.

“Isn’t this movie kind of violent for our son?” Junsu asked, nodding his head towards the lavender bunny sitting up on the end of the couch. “And it’s almost past his bedtime.”

“Aish, you are a horrible father,” Yoochun arranged the plushie’s ears, patting it on the head before sitting down. Patting the seat next to him, he leered at Junsu. “Come here, baby.”

“That can wait until I put this down,” He replied, maneuvering around the table and setting a laden dinner tray down. Steam rose from the noodles’ broth, a fragrant seafood aroma that woke up Yoochun’s hunger. Sitting down, he moved one bowl over for Chunnie and placed the other in front of him, cracking apart a pair of take out chopsticks. “Go easy. It’s hot. You always burn yourself.”

“What?” Yoochun said around a mouthful of steaming noodles. The heat hit the roof of his mouth and he gaped, sucking in cold air. “Ouch. Hot.”

“You never learn,” Junsu shook his head, plucking a won ton from the bowl. Blowing on it to cool, he amused himself by watching Yoochun sip soda to cool down his mouth. Holding the won ton out with his chopsticks, he offered it to Yoochun. “Here. This is cool enough to eat, piggie.”

“Nom,” Yoochun opened his mouth wide and closed his lips over the dumpling, grinning as he pulled away. “It’s missing something.”

“What?” Junsu looked down into his bowl. He’d gathered up everything he thought he could get away with and put the ingredients into the broth. Even the pink swirl of fishcake that Yoochun loved floated somewhere in the nest of goodies.

“This,” Yoochun captured the back Junsu’s neck with his hand, pulling the man towards him for a kiss. Suckling at the fullness of Junsu’s upper lip, he moaned in appreciation as Junsu shifted his body against him. They shared the taste of one another, licking at their mouths and holding the other’s breath in their lungs before exhaling for another sip. When Junsu’s mouth felt hot and swollen from Yoochun’s kisses, the baritone sighed and left a small nip on the tip of his lover’s nose. “There, that’s what it needed.”

“We’re not going to get much eating done,” Junsu murmured, rolling his mouth over his lover’s in a sensuous kiss.

“I’m pretty sure we’re not going to watch the movie,” Yoochun replied, cupping Junsu’s face in his hands. His fingers cradled the other man’s head, sliding one down to stroke at the sensitive skin on his neck. Junsu shivered under the touch. “God, you’re gorgeous, baby. So fucking beautiful.”

“That mouth is bad,” He whispered, catching his breath when Yoochun bent him back into the cushions and pulled his shirt off. “Come and let me fill it with something else, Chunnie-ah. Something hotter than your naughty words.”


“What you haven’t done?” Jaejoong propped himself up on his elbows and looked towards the bathroom. “What? The laundry? Isn’t it my turn?”

“Not the laundry,” Yunho sighed, cursing his lover’s random thoughts. “I’m talking about… us. Between us.”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve covered all of the basics,” Jaejoong smiled, tucking his hand under his head and leaned back into the mattress. Playing with the hoop in his belly button, he pursed his lips as if in thought. “Yep, pretty sure. What did we forget?”

“You…inside of me,” Yunho said, crossing his legs under him.

“Oh, that.” Jae puffed his cheeks out and blew out slowly. “Now you bring this up? In the middle of… that?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.” He bent his head back, closing his eyes. His body was still hard from touching Jaejoong’s smooth skin and the last thing he wanted was to talk but the nibbling voice in the back of his mind prodded him on. “I thought we should… talk about it.”

“Now?” He shifted on the bed. Plucking at the damp spot on his pants, Jaejoong exhaled hard. “Okay…now. I can do now. Give me a second.”

He left Yunho on the bed, unlocking the door and paced to the kitchen with his hands knotted into his hair. Passing the couple spread on the couch, Jae made a half-hearted murmur against them having sex in the living room before throwing open the refrigerator door. Staring at its contents, he let the cold air wash over his sex-heated chest and belly. The chill hit the wet spot from Yunho’s mouth and he winced, feeling the ache in his sex subside with a grumble.

“What’s wrong?” Yoochun appeared behind him. In the living room, Junsu gritted his teeth and plucked the bunny up from the cushions. “Junsu, hold on. They’re having problems.”

“They’re always having problems. They are one big problem.” He grumbled from the living room. “I just don’t understand why their problems always become our problems. Why can’t they just have their own problems and not share them? Why do they always have to share?”

“It’s okay, Chunnie-ah,” Jaejoong cupped his best friend’s cheek, patting at his face. “I’m okay.”

“Then why are you standing in front of the refrigerator?” Chunnie’s eyebrows came together in confusion.

“I am getting a soda,” Jae said, grabbing a cold bottle from the back. “You go back to Susu and continue… well, doing what I was doing but no, now I can’t.”

“What? Why not?” Junsu joined Yoochun, wrapping his arms around the baritone’s stomach and peering over his shoulder. “Is everything okay? I mean… everything’s working right?”

“Everything seems to work fine,” Jaejoong muttered as he stalked back down the hallway. “It’s Yunho. He’s decided he wants to talk instead.”
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