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Love Much Mine: Chapter 3 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 3
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong (With Yoosu and Min7en)
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2

What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts, and experiences otherwise than we do…? Friedrich Nietzsche

“Your leader-sshi is a wicked man. In case you didn’t know,” Se7en said, stirring a bowl of miso soup. A blackened cookie sheet lay partially in the sink, soaking in hot water and soap suds. The kitchen smelled faintly of smoke and burnt soy sauce. On the counter, white takeout containers did battle with dishes of pickled vegetables and salads. “Here, open your mouth for me, baby.”

Min leaned forward, half closing his eyes as Se7en filled a wide-bowled spoon with soup and guided it to his mouth. The salty sweet miso went down smooth, even smoother when Se7en followed it with a kiss. Their mouths met, trapping grains of miso between them. Licking his lover’s pout, Se7en wiped at the corner of Min’s lips, tucking the crumbs of his kiss back into his mouth.

“There you go, Minku,” Se7en whispered. “You’re better?”

“No, I think I might need another sip,” Min said. He caught at Se7en’s wrist when the man reached for the bowl. “Not the soup, Shichi. Another sip of you.”

Se7en’s touch was soft, a shimmering lightness over his own mouth. Changmin deepened the touch, sliding his tongue past the other man’s lips and delicately darted his tip against the roof of Se7en’s mouth, teasing at the light ridges. The older man laughed, unable to help himself. Catching the sound in his mouth, Min made a show of puffing his cheeks and swallowing, turning his head when Se7en grabbed at his hips.

“Give that back,” He growled, failing at a frown. His wide mouth burst into a smile and the struggle to reach Min’s mouth tumbled them both to the floor.

“Too late. It’s mine,” Min replied, trying to swim away from Se7en’s grip. The older man held him fast, pushing his slender hips into the thick area rug. The pile worked up under his shirt, tickling the small of his back. “Ah, let me go. I have stolen it. It’s mine. You can’t have it. All your laughter belongs to me.”

“I’ll just take some of yours,” Se7en straddled Min’s legs, laying over his lover’s long torso.

Softening his touch, he ran his hands up Min’s side, over the ticklish spot of his ribs but didn’t linger long enough to make the young man squirm. His fingers made quick work of Min’s shirt buttons, leaving Min’s belly exposed. Dipping his head down, he licked at the young man’s belly button then drew his mouth into an O before making sucking noises over Min’s stomach.

“Hey! No! That is not what I want there,” Min squirmed away, hooking his elbows on the rug in an attempt to slide out from under Se7en. Trapped firm, he writhed, twisting to loosen his legs. “No… that tickles.”

“Mine,” Se7en said, nipping at Min’s belly. “Stop wiggling. You’re making me lose my spot.”

“You’re supposed to be feeding me dinner,” Changmin looked up, lifting his head to stare down his body at his lover. “Remember?”

“Oh, I thought I having you as dinner,” He winked. “I like my idea much better.”

When he slid his fingers into Min’s waistband and used his teeth to undo the button of Changmin’s jeans, the younger man leaned back into the rug and sighed, wondering exactly when in their relationship he’d become accustomed to Se7en’s hands taking possession of his body.

The slither of cotton on his hips hardened Min’s sex. It pushed and strained against the fabric, a dampness forming in the slit when Se7en’s calloused fingertips stroked at his soft pale hip. A puff of breath on his belly button and Min closed his eyes, fisting his fingers into the rug’s plush, riding the sensations of his lover’s touch.

In the dark of his self-induced blindness, Min felt his zipper give and then heard a metallic rasp when the teeth released his trapped arousal. Held back by only the mutable cotton of his briefs, it pulsed and throbbed under Se7en’s hot breath then quivered when the older man licked along its clothed length.

He’d fallen into a murmur of thoughts, unable to separate his mewling from his words and Min panted with need when Se7en’s mouth closed over the dip in his briefs, capturing the lip of his sex’s head with strong teeth. Every nip sent shockwaves up Min’s belly and spine and his ass clenched and gave, needing to be filled or touched but Se7en’s hands never strayed from its task. Growing taut, Min’s sex steeled for the other man’s touch, every stroke was a torture and Min tautened his shoulders, trying to ride out the tingles growing across his chest.

Changmin tried to swallow, his throat working soundlessly around its dryness. His mouth was drenched, liquid filled from his desire. Parting his lips was an invitation for possession, one Se7en took with a fierceness that both thrilled and frightened Changmin. He wanted the man more and more with each passing day and when his tongue touched the flat pad of Se7en’s thumb, Min laved at it hungrily, swallowing the taste of his own skin mingled with Se7en’s as if to brand their joining to the roof of his mouth.

Se7en’s thumb pressed on the curve of his tongue and he sucked, wetting it thoroughly. The man’s free hand tugged at his briefs and he lifted his hips, falling back down only when Se7en eased his knees up to pull the underwear off. Lying loose, his sex dipped and wove, brushing on his belly. It left a sticky trail on the dark brush under his navel, capturing the wet of his arousal. Tightening the clench of his eyes, Min gasped and rocked against Se7en’s hand when the man slid his other thumb into his mouth, leaving Min’s body empty of his touch and aching.

“God, you’re so pretty like this, baby,” Se7en whispered into Min’s ear, suckling at the drop of onyx piercing his lobe. “I love seeing this in you too. I love seeing things I got you on your body. Does it remind you that you’re mine?”

Changmin opened his eyes, staring up into Se7en’s face. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder, drawing his tongue along the nails, abrading the tip. Se7en slid himself free of Min’s hot moistness and the young man groaned, reaching up to replace Se7en’s thumbs with his mouth.

They fought for air and Se7en used his shoulder to press apart Changmin’s knees, unwilling to release their kiss. He smiled when Min’s mouth parted with astonishment as he worked the tip of one thumb against the pout of muscle hidden between his cheeks. Groaning, the younger man tilted his hips up, silently begging for more and the other man complied, sliding in past the ring with a gentle push of his thumb.

Buried up to the first joint of his thumb, the older man edged in further, stretching his lover’s body slowly open. Min’s hands released the rug, clasping over Se7en’s shoulders in a tight grip. When the man’s other thumb joined the first, he let loose a shuddering whimper, hitching his breath in when Se7en’s mouth closed over his sex. When the man’s tongue traced the long vein running under his shaft, Min bit at his lower lip, holding back the scream crawling in his throat.

“We should do this on the bed,” Se7en murmured, easing in all the way. Fully engulfed by Min’s body, he wanted to plunge in deeper, held back only by his want to see the younger man writhe at his touch. They would need more moisture before he could slide himself into Min’s heat. As ready as the younger man was, Se7en felt the tightness of Min’s body on fingers. “Hold onto me, baby. I’m going to take you with me.”

Releasing Min was agony, sliding free of his lover’s clenching body nearly a torture Se7en wasn’t willing to stand but his own sex ached, pulsing and begging on its own. Dipping down, Se7en hooked one arm under Min’s knees and slid the other under his shoulders, easily lifting the long-limbed man from the floor. Changmin panted, holding on to his lover’s neck with a loop of his arms. His innate shyness took over and Min buried his face into the crook of Se7en’s neck, suddenly aware of his nudity and the bank of windows exposing them to the Tokyo skyline. More importantly, he worried at his doubts, wondering if he were pretty enough in Se7en’s eyes, manly enough to stand against the others who’d shared his lover’s bed.

The heat in Se7en’s gaze as he lowered Changmin onto the bed’s cool sheets was all Min needed. The older man shed his clothes, dropping them to the floor and bent over, kissing his way up Min’s ankle then to his calf and thigh. Changmin’s mind blanked, any lingering fears whispering away when Se7en pressed him into the mattress. Lifting his legs, he hooked his calves around the other man’s legs, holding him as tightly when Se7en’s arms wrapped around his waist.

“Need you,” Se7en murmured, kissing the length of Min’s neck. He nipped, not caring if he left a mark, almost daring Min to protest his ownership but the younger man said nothing, responding only with a roll of his hips against Se7en’s thighs.

“Want…” No longer able to fully speak, Min fell into an intimate Korean, closing any space between their hearts. He knew the casual terms — had for years but the rawness of the language seemed more shocking to him than cursing. It seemed so right to use the words, a guttural crossing of boundaries and Se7en deepened his kiss, responding to Min’s growing desire.

“Need to ask you something,” The older man tilted his head back, grabbing at air scented with arousal and Min.

“Talk less, kiss more,” Changmin frowned, his mouth turning flat. His eyes held a smile, washing away any sincerity in his growl.

“No, this is important,” Se7en shuddered when Min’s hand closed over his length. “Baby, I need to ask you…”

“What?” His breathing was heavy, laden with an effort to keep his thoughts straight. His fingers made long strokes against Se7en’s sex, stopping momentarily to grip the base before sliding back up again. Palming the shaft, he lightly touched its head, spreading the dampness of the older man’s seed around before licking his hand clean.

Watching his lover wash himself with long feline strokes of his tongue nearly made Se7en lose his mind. Growling he bit down hard into Min’s collarbone, the feel of the young man’s salty skin on his tongue giving him focus. Min yelped then laughed, knowing he’d driven the man to the brink of his self-control.

“This is important,” Se7en said softly. “Something… I’ve wanted to ask and it’s okay if you say no, because… I’d understand.”

“What is it?” Min cocked his head, concern creasing his forehead.

Se7en was so rarely serious. Other than his music, the older man usually kept his tone light and teasing, especially during sex. The time between them was usually short, a few hours spent delving into their pleasure that they devoted little to no time to discussing somber matters. The phone was an easier way to talk about troubling things, especially when hard times hit the singers while on tour.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” Se7en started, shifting so he could lie down across Min’s body. “From the beginning, I’ve wanted you but I’d never imagined… never dreamed I’d want you like this.”

“Like what?” The young man sat up slightly, resting his weight on his elbows. “What are you saying, Se7en?”

“I know… I’ve been the only one for you.” Se7en dropped his head to Min’s shoulder, exhaling hard. “God knows, now… I wish there had been… less for me, especially now that I’ve tasted something as sweet as your mouth. I can’t change the past but I can change the future, baby. And I can change the now, if you’d let me.”

Stretching out, Se7en grabbed a folded piece of paper from the night table and offered it to Min. Turning it over, the young man opened the sheet, staring at the range of numbers and stamps printed on an official looking letterhead.

“What is this?” Changmin focused, wishing he’d passed on drinking the glass of red wine Se7en poured him. The headiness of the liquor remained in his brain, fogging his senses as much as Se7en’s kisses. “It looks like a doctor’s note or something. You’re not sick, are you?”

“No, I’m not sick,” Se7en replied, smiling. “That’s the point. I took… tests to make sure I was clean of anything. I wanted to show that to you and ask you to think about… maybe having nothing between us.. when we…”

It was odd yet comforting to hear Se7en stumble over his words. The enormity of what he was asking of Min dawned on the younger man and Changmin stared up at him, his mouth partially open with understanding. Staring down at the paper, he saw the word negative in all of the columns, a simple word that meant so much to lovers sharing more than just their hearts.

“I won’t… It won’t hurt my feelings if you say no,” The older singer explained quickly, kissing Min on the temple. “Between the two of us, I’m the least trustworthy, the most…let’s face it, I’ve not been an angel. But I promise you, Minku, I’ve not been with anyone since… God, before we started even speaking on the phone. I just…”

“I believe you,” Min replied, putting his hand over Se7en’s lips to stop him. “I do, Shichi.”

“You shouldn’t,” Se7en snorted, lowering his gaze to stare at the bed. He wrapped his fingers around Min’s, keeping the young man close. Rubbing his thumb in a circle on Changmin’s arm, he traced the young man’s wrist bone. “You don’t have any reason to trust me. Not really. Not considering… everything. Everything that I was… I am…”

“You’re mine, remember?” Min asked, cupping Se7en’s chin and lifting the man’s face up. Lightly kissing the singer’s mouth, Min laughed softly. “You’re as much mine as I am yours. I believe you’re faithful to me, Dong-Wook.”

“It’s a risk, baby,” Se7en warned him, taking the paper and laying it down on the bed. “You’re saying you trust me not to touch anyone else. That’s a big thing. I can trust you… but really, can you trust me? How can you trust me? You aren’t with me and baby, between the two of us, you’re the good one. The pure one.”

“Things between us are… neither one of us wanted forever. We weren’t looking for it. We didn’t want it but here it is. I trust you as much as I trust myself not to stray which is a lot because I don’t want anyone but you.” Min replied. “I’ve looked. I’ve wondered. When I ask Jaejoong how it is between the others, he says that’s normal to… ponder about another man or even a woman but never to cross the line by giving your heart or your body to someone else. I don’t think either of us would do that. I have faith that you wouldn’t do that to me. I want to feel you inside of me. Feel you against me. I want to feel you lose everything you are in me. I don’t think that’s a risk. I think that’s a gift.”

“You’re crazy,” Se7en laughed, hugging the young man close. “I need to be certain. This is a lot to ask and it’s…”

“Shichi, shut up,” Changmin bit Se7en’s lower lip gently, releasing it with a kiss. “I love you and I’m here with you, for however long you’ll have me.”

“I could say the same, you know,” Se7en chuckled, rolling Min over until he lay on Se7en’s stomach. “I’m here for as long as you’ll have me.”

“If that’s the case, baby,” Min wrinkled his nose and stole a kiss from Se7en’s smile. “You better learn how to cook because I like to eat. We can’t have take out every time we get together and your kitchen is eventually going to run out of pots.”



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I swear I double commented only because after few rows I realized it is Min7en not Yunjae ^^

They never fail amuse me <3 My own younger-older married couple but they should go back to what my icon is about it
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Wahhhhhhh~ So good! Love the Min7en. SOO MUCH

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*spots like crazy*♥♥♥ \:D/
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Hah, I missed Min7en^^♥
And I think I recall asking myself if they were going to do it without a condom sometime when I read TA, but it never occured to me again because Se7ens reasoning was and is very good and important. So this chapter sounded like a sort of proposal to me^^♥
I love all of your pairings equally and you never fail to make me smile with them (unless its a drama-heavy chapter of course;)
Love you!!!!D
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I'm class right now... but I'm definitely reading this when I get home! =]
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awwwwww i really missed shichi and changmin >___< i love how you write them, im such a huge fan of them now even more so than Yoosu LOL
*dying to read yunjae part* kukuku *hugs*
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♥♥♥♥♥♥ snookies. promise. the yunjae part will come along. whooosh. i'm being yunnie about it... oh so not wanting to type it. ::::Grins::: ♥ heh.... :::winks::: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

glad you liked min7en. they are love.
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I LOVED THIS :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Ahh and i love when they have these deep talks they make me comfortable and feel wise about the world and filled with calmness...just the though of them lying hugged on the bed and talking about random stuff or deep world mysteries...or just joongie and yunnie mysteries or even their mysteries of who they are makes me so happy :D :D :D :D :D
Gahh~ You should be proud :D you're the best Min7en author :D there are a few more authors who write Min7en but yours...well they truly come to life ^____^ they just feel real and right and i love them <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Update Soon and loveeeeeee this chapter :D no not loveD but LOVE i LOVE this chapter :D kekeke~
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♥♥♥♥♥ smooches. and chus.

thank you. ah, min7en are just fun to write. very complex but rather simple in how they are honest.... and open. :::nods::: they are calm even in the middle of their chaos.

snookies and thank you. ♥
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I like Min7en have nothing between them now :D
And the romantic side to Changmin which prior to reading your fics, were impossible to imagine.

Nov. 4th, 2009 02:20 am (UTC)
♥♥♥♥♥♥ i figure min is a secret.... VERY secret romantic. ::::grins:::: hidden away from anyone seeing his heart. very shy. :D

snookies and chus. ♥
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Min7en is just too sweet. I've become very fond of them now. :)
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♥♥♥♥♥ i am so fond on them too. they are crack to write sometimes. ♥
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aaaaahhh min7en ooh i hope we get the smexy scene next lol don't you dare skip out on that lol
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♥♥♥♥♥ heh.... what? me? now why would i do that? :::grins evilly::: ♥ snookies. ♥
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finally had time to read all three
soo glad that your writing it keeps me sane, while this whole lawsuit and breaking up arrrg thank god fanfic is on its own world lol
loved the yoosu from the last chapter ahh
oooh i cant wait for the jaeho talk
and min7en cute as ever and for some reason i thought their talk was going to be a proposal or that he cheated ooh lol
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snookies and hugs.

i think the boys will be fine. i have faith. i think we just need to find out what the truth is. :::nods::: ♥

and well, the min7en is definitely a committment. they're making a promise to one another. :::grins::: a very serious one. ♥

snookies and thank you. ♥
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