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Love Much Mine: Chapter 4 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 4
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

MIGHT skip a couple of days. Want to get something done.

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3

Listen to no one who tells you how to love. Your love is like no other, and that is what makes it beautiful.
Your self is your divinity… Express yourself.

Paul Williams Das Energi

It had been years since Se7en felt a raw warmth around his body. With Min tightened around him, he wondered what he’d been waiting for. When Changmin kissed his mouth, he remembered with a startling clarity.

They’d begun slow; kissing one another and stroking with slow fingers over their chests and arms. For Se7en, it was the sweetest time of lovemaking, that anticipation of the act and the build up of his lover’s experience. Changmin purred when touched, shivering and sleek under Se7en’s fingers. Loathe to be casually handled, the young man only came alive with the right contact and Se7en spent hours learning how his lover enjoyed being touched.

Odd places made Min shudder, spots on his body Se7en never would have guessed until he explored. The inside of Min’s elbow was sensitive, a soft downy spot that brought a giggle to his serious mouth. A spot to the right of his belly ground out a throaty growl and when licked at the base of his sex, Min’s breath caught with a sensual gasping moan. Responsive, Changmin slid easily in Se7en’s hands, arching and craning to be stroked, bringing a glow to his dusky gold skin.

He bore the mark of Min’s teeth under his collarbone, a deep purple heart carved from a bruising bite. At the time, Changmin’s fingers were around his shaft, playing with the tip until Se7en nearly pulled free, overly excited and stimulated. He needed…wanted to last longer than a few moments inside of his lover but the wicked-humoured young man had other plans. The rough of his tongue on Se7en’s head laved away the crème of his excitement and the older man fought his instinct to bury himself deep into Min’s willing throat. Kneeling over his lover, Se7en slid away, placing a hand on the man’s ribs and gently lifted.

“Turn over onto your stomach, baby,” Se7en’s voice was firm, a thin line of authority cloaked in satin. The young man twisted his hips, sliding over and placing one foot on either side of lover’s knees. He lowered his legs, spreading himself with the movement.

There was nothing sweeter than the sight of his lover opening for him, Se7en thought. Slender, Min’s body was lean but muscled, his arms thickening from weights and his pert ass a tight mound of milky perfection. With his legs in a V, the dimples of his ass pressed him together, not something Se7en wanted. Reaching for a pillow, the older man tapped his lover’s hip and ordered him to lift up. Min complied, a ripple of sleek power rolling up his spine as he undulated to rise in a cant. Sliding the cushion under him for support, Se7en pressed Min down, murmuring in soft satisfaction at the change in view.

The cleft on Min’s body parted, unfolding for Se7en’s eyes. Smelling of vanilla and spices from the soap they’d used in the shower, there still was the musk of a man lingering on the other’s skin. Treasuring the scent, Se7en bent over and licked from the part of the cleft to the small of Min’s back, smiling with the shaky moan he’d earned from Min’s tight throat. Trapped against the pillow, the young man’s sex twitched and Se7en rubbed his thumb over the pout. He pulled a weeping drop of seed from the tip and slid the salty treat from his finger to his tongue, savouring the taste. Sliding his hand under Min’s body, he gently freed the man’s sex from its uncomfortable prison, stroking the shaft to a high colour before laying it up against his stomach.

Prepared for the evening, Se7en opened a bottle of warming gel, letting the heat from his hand work through the plastic container before dribbling it over Min’s part. The young man hissed, his body much warmer than the lubricant but then simmered a groaning purr when it activated fully. The heat spread, sliding down his core and pooling on the rounded sac below. Carefully, Se7en coated his fingers with gel and worked two deep into his lover, finding the pearl of nerves inside.

“Shichi!” His name came quickly to Min’s lips, the young man unprepared for the breech. Adjusting to the fullness inside of him, he leaned back, needing to rub Se7en against the spot hidden in him. The tip of the man’s fingers remained tantalizingly out of reach, always nearly whispering over the bundle until Min could scream with frustration. After a few moments, he began panting, twisting his hips against the pliable cotton bring him succour.

“Almost, baby,” Se7en said, biting at Min’s ass with a brief nip. “Do you need me here?”

“Now,” Min growled, pushing back futilely at Se7en’s fingers. “Please.”

“I love hearing you beg.” He grinned, lathering more gel over his sex.

Placing his tip at the entrance to Min’s body, Se7en scissored his fingers, opening the tight ring. The kiss of Min’s body sucked him in and he pulled his hand away, letting his boyfriend’s body adjust to the heft of his sex. Trilling sensations rippled up and down his shaft. Se7en could feel every flutter of Min’s entrance around him and slowly, he pushed in, sinking deeper and deeper into the other man’s body.

Under him Changmin moaned and twisted, panting heavily as he gradually filled with the girth of Se7en’s sex. Once the head pushed through, the rest came in quickly, drawn forward by the ripple of muscles tugging and pulling to receive his lover.

Fully engulfed, Se7en paused, his chest heaving with the effort of remaining still until Min nodded to continue. The young man’s body thrummed with anticipation and want, his body taking Se7en into its grip and holding him tighter than the older man could imagine. It felt so different to be nestled in Min’s body without any barrier. It was frightening and comforting, a terrifying salve to his weary soul.

If he died in the next second, Se7en knew that his entire life would be worth that one moment… that single breath of his life when he lived inside of Changmin’s core.

Min began rocking, unable to stop the desire filling his belly and sex. Driving up, he tipped Se7en into motion until they both fell and rose into one another, deepening their connection with every slap of skin on skin. Each thrust of his hips brought a shiver to Min’s long body and a corresponding shudder to his own. Free of a thin membrane between them, he felt more alive and connected to the man he loved. Se7en forced himself to slow down, leaning his head back and closing his eyes to feel everything he could. There would be no other first time for them and he wanted it to be an experience Changmin would dream of.

Smooth as silk, Changmin’s body clenched Se7en tightly, and tucked up against his lover’s hips, Se7en lowered himself down, kissing the push of Min’s shoulder blades. A shimmer of sweat dewed the young man’s skin, their movements a slow, long dance drawing out each stroke until Min mewled and thrust against Se7en for more. Buried deep, he lingered, holding his own release back and hit the pleasure point inside of Min, a masculine pride blooming in his chest when Changmin’s breath caught and his words fractured.

Making Min lose his mind made him hard. Making Min lose his words was sublime.

“God, I want this to last,” Se7en murmured, slowly drawing out. Changmin’s ass clenched, holding him in. “Don’t worry, baby. I’m coming right back.”

They fell into a rhythm, a slow beat and push Se7en memorized. He wanted to set music to it, hearing the growl of a deep voice underlying the soft moans and cries of another’s need. Falling into Min’s heat, he rolled his hips, hitting Min’s hidden sweet centre. Changmin growled and cursed, pushing back with hard thrusts to fill himself again.

The room was hot with their scents, warmed cotton and the vanilla aroma of the candles burning around them. With their bodies golden from the light, they moved again, even slower than they’d started. The world closed in on them, existing only around them. The rush of their bodies increased and Se7en felt his sac tighten with his release. Spreading his palms on the small of Min’s back, he urged his lover into an undulating roll. Catching the angle, Min echoed the man’s hands, rising and falling as he was kneaded along his spine. He was almost there, hovering at the edge.

“Want you to fill me,” Changmin growled, biting at Se7en’s hand when the older man stroked his face. “Now, iro.”

“You’re like velvet, baby.” Se7en gasped, excited at the feel of his lover’s sharp teeth.

He rocked, holding it out until Min nearly screamed his name. Clutching the sheets, the young man wrapped his wrists in the soft cotton, anything to keep him from crawling back onto Se7en’s body. Wringing his hands, every word out of his mouth became a begging groan, reveling in the soft thrush of Se7en’s breath on his neck. Unable to stop himself, he spilled, splashing hot seed over his stomach and thighs.

Feeling Min’s release, Se7en gave in, riding the lightning growing in him. He felt himself go, spreading deep into his lover. Holding one final push, he fell forward, wrapping his arms around Min’s chest as he filled Changmin’s core.

The heat was a shock. Min panted, unable to find words for the feeling of Se7en’s release inside of him. Before he’d only felt a tingle of his lover’s spill but the intimate kiss of searing liquid tickled him deep. He wanted to hold his boyfriend, keeping him inside until they sun rose again and maybe even beyond. He wanted to remember the rush of Se7en’s release, knowing that he’d brought the other man to his knees.

“God, I love you,” Se7en murmured, kissing Min’s neck, rocking him as their bodies shivered with the intensity of their coming.

“When are you going to remember,” Min gasped, trying to find his breath. “I’m Buddhist. If you thank one, you’ve got to thank the other. Only fair.”


It was an awe-inspiring thing to watch Jaejoong’s temper. It was a raging storm, threatening to break apart the sky when invoked. When it was directed towards Yunho, his first instinct was to flee, run to find cover from the tempest.

This time, he stood his ground, ready to reap what he’d sown.

“Okay, so talk,” Jae said, crawling up onto the bed and sitting down cross-legged. He twisted open the soda bottle, first offering it to Yunho then taking a sip when the other man politely refused. “What’s so fucking important that you need to talk about it now of all times?”

“You’re not making it any easier for me being angry,” Yunho said. “I’m trying to be… trying to communicate.”

“We were communicating. Communicating just fine,” The other man replied. “You’re the one who stopped communicating to talk.”

“Baby, hear me out, okay?” Yunho rubbed at the back of his head, wondering how he was going to break open the subject. “I wanted to talk to you about how we…did things. Between us, I mean.”

“It’s not hard to figure out,” Jae snapped back. “We’ve been doing it that way for a few years now. I’d think you’d have caught on by now. Do I have to go get a book?”

“No,” Despite himself, Yunho’s annoyance spiked. “Look, I know you’re pissed off…”

“Good word. Keep going.”

“Shut up for a moment and listen,” Yunho said then winced when he caught the sharp look Jae threw at him. “I didn’t mean… shut up. I meant… shit, just listen to me. Do you think this makes things any easier?”

“Makes what any easier?” Anger fled under Jaejoong’s worry. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing happened,” He said, taking the soda from his lover’s hands and placing it on the floor. “I just wanted to talk to you about us. I felt like I owed it to you to try to… even things out between us.”

“What do you mean even?” Jae crooked an eyebrow and leaned over, bringing himself nose to nose with Yunho. “We’re even. I’m shorter but heavier.”

“Focus, baby,” Yunho tapped the other’s forehead. “I’m talking about in bed. I thought I needed to speak to you about… what you needed.”

“What I needed was for you to be inside of me about half an hour ago but right now I’m sitting in the middle of our bed wearing pants instead of you,” Jae reminded him. “So yeah, I’m a bit confused.”

“Okay, so I was talking to Dong-Wook…”

“Never a good sign,” Jae mumbled.

“Be quiet. Now I know where Min picked up his bad habits,” Yunho shushed him. “I was talking to Dong-Wook about something that’s been bugging me for a while.”

“It’s been bugging you for a while and you went to talk to Min’s Shichi,” Jae said. Yunho didn’t like the timbre in his lover’s voice, liking it less when Jae continued with a cold flatness. “What was so important that you had to stop what we were doing and talk about something you and Dong-Wook spoke about? What the fuck could be so damned important but not so important that you couldn’t come to me first?”

“Shit,” Yunho sighed, rubbing his face. Looking up at Jaejoong, he replied. “I needed to ask him how it felt to have another man inside of him. I needed to talk to someone I didn’t love because if I asked you and found out it hurt, it would break me apart. I would die if my loving you caused you pain at all, baby. And I know you, you’d lie to my face and smile…”

Cupping Jae’s face, Yunho kissed his lover deeply, savouring the surprise on the other man’s mouth. “You’d lie because you love me. And nothing would make you happier than to bring me pleasure…no matter how much pain you’re in.”
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