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Love Much Mine: Chapter 5 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 5
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

Okay NOW I’m going to skip a couple of days. Want to get something done. See you on Monday, California time.

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4

I love thee, I love but thee; With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold, And the stars grow old.
Bayard Taylor

Huddled under the blanket, they smelled the first hint of rain on the wind. A cold bite forced them under the covers, a heavy fleece comforter pulled from a linen closet becoming a shelter from the growing storm. Tokyo sat in a swell of hot winds hitting icy fronts, lightning dominating the far off mountains. Under their blanket, Yoochun and Junsu created a storm of their own, their bodies hot and slick with the movements.

“Suppose someone comes out here?” Junsu peeked out and cast a worried glance at the sliding glass door. A heavy patio chair’s legs were wedged into the door’s tracks but he still was concerned. One push from Yunho’s strong arms and the chair would go flying, he was sure of it.

“No one’s coming out,” Yoochun murmured. He blew into the short cropped shear of Junsu’s sideburns, ticking the young man’s ear. A daub of his tongue left a wet dot behind, another whistle of wind crisping Junsu’s nerves. “Relax, baby.”

They’d come far from where they’d started; unsure and teasing with lust to comfortable and secure, able to stroke one another’s bodies into a simmering heat with the touch of a finger. Yoochun’s palms were filled with Junsu’s ass, his hands spread over the young man’s full cheeks. Straddling his lover’s hips, Junsu ducked back under the blanket, hiding from the cold night.

After Jaejoong stalked back to the hyungs’ bedroom, Yoochun made an apologetic look at his boyfriend, begging forgiveness for leaving their dinner to tend to his best friend. Junsu rolled his eyes, leaning back against the couch.

“You always go to him,” Susu shook his head, unable to stop his smile from dimpling his face. “I think that’s what I love about you, even when I’m mad. You’re always looking out for the ones you love.”

They shared a bowl of noodles, keeping the lights low and the television off. The lavender bunny Yoochun brought out from their room remained on the couch when the baritone stood and held his hand out for the other man. Curious, Junsu slid his fingers into Yoochun’s palm, rising to his feet.

Night fell a few hours before, deepening the Tokyo skies to a muted blue. The clouds were afire with the city’s lights, only the brightest stars strong enough to fight the urban glow. Sheltered by an overhang, a section of the balcony patio was obscured from the living room’s sliding doors, the short end of the L furnished with an old futon couch and beaten, worn pillows.

Yoochun pushed Junsu gently towards the futon. “Wait for me there, kamo.”

He returned in less than a minute, carrying a bottle of ice cold sake and a thick fleece blanket. Jamming the door with a chair, he joining Junsu and covered them with the enormous comforter. Pulling his lover into his lap, Yoochun shivered as the cold slowly left his body, kicking off his zoris and crossing his legs under Junsu’s hips. The tenor shuddered when Yoochun’s cold hands touched his back. The icy feeling took a moment to fade away and Yoochun splayed his fingers over his spine, stroking long circles with his thumb.

“What are we doing out here?” Junsu’s teeth chattered as he spoke. Even under the fleece, the night air clung to him, a tingle of cold on his skin.

“I thought we could do something adventurous.” His lover dug into his pocket, holding up a bottle of gel. “Some place where no one could see us but…”

“Are you crazy?” Junsu squeaked, and laughed as Yoochun put the tube into his hand. “God, you’re serious!”

“Very serious, baby,” Yoochun whispered. Emptying his pockets, he located the thin LED flashlight he’d stolen from Min’s room. Although tiny, the crook necked book light illuminated the darkness under the blanket and he stared up at his lover’s face, wondering again how he’d ever managed to pull Junsu to his side.

Rarely serious, the tenor wore a somber look now, contemplating the American-influenced Korean with steady eyes. When still, Junsu’s fine, haughty features emerged from his smile. He was model-fine, a strong bone structure combined with a delicious mouth and soft skin. Classically handsome, Junsu looked… expensive, Yoochun decided, as if he would be comfortable in couture and driving exotic cars.

The flat of Yoochun’s tongue fit against the upper curve of Junsu’s mouth. A dipped movement and he traced the sweet pink bow. Slowing his possession, he licked at the corners of Junsu’s mouth, sliding the tip of his tongue past its part. Heady from the delicious torture of Yoochun’s kiss, Junsu moaned, letting his lover take him, sliding his own tongue against Yoochun’s in a seductive dance.

Junsu tasted of their dinner, smoky broth and sweet noodles. A hint of heat curled in Yoochun’s belly and he grew wilder, angling his head and cupping Junsu’s face. The other man’s hips moved, rocking against Yoochun’s thickening sex. The baritone felt every languid stroke through the thin fabric of his drawstring pants, encouraging the other man with a knead of his ass. Digging his fingers into the man’s hips, he pulled his lover forward, keeping Junsu tight against his erection.

“That’s it, baby. Keep on rocking me,” Yoochun moaned, breaking off their kiss to lean his head back. Trapped under the blanket, the air grew hot, smelling of young males and arousal. “God you feel so good.”

Junsu sighed, rubbing his own sex with the flat of his palm. Yoochun pushed his lover’s fingers away, digging into the man’s waistband. Even warmed, his fingers were much cooler than Junsu’s hot shaft and the tenor hissed at the contact. Using the flat of his thumb, Yoochun smeared the drop of pearly seed he found at the tip, rubbing it around the head. Velvet soft, it swelled, parting the pout so it wept again.

“God, I love when I can make you do that,” Yoochun said, catching the dew and sucking his thumb clean. Junsu groaned, his backside thrusting up with need. With Yoochun’s hand gone, he needed it back…needed something to hold him. Grinning with the overwhelming feel of his own power, Yoochun tucked his hand back down the front of his lover’s pants. “Get up a bit, babe. I need to get under you.”

Junsu lifted, moaning when Yoochun’s fingers slid under his sac. Rolling his lover’s balls in his palm, Yoochun used his thumb to stroke Junsu into a ready hardness, watching the flutter of his eyelashes when he brushed his fingers around the man’s entrance.

“Push into me,” Junsu lowered his mouth, digging a bite into Yoochun’s throat. He captured the man’s pulse between his teeth, feeling the beat on the tip of his tongue.

“Hold on. In a second, Susu-ah,” Yoochun promised.

Tucking the cold sake bottle between his knees, he twisted the cap off, flinging it aside. Bringing the bottle up, he offered a sip to his lover, kissing away the drop of alcohol on Junsu’s trembling mouth before taking a swallow for himself. Holding his mouth full, he passed the bottle to Junsu to hold then kissed him, sliding some of the sake past his lover’s lips. They drank slowly, warming the cold liquor between them, swallowing dribbles until their tongues were numb from the potent alcohol.

“Where’s the bottle?” Junsu asked, his voice rough.

“On the ground,” Yoochun murmured, keeping his hand busy. His fingers tested the man’s pout, pushing and teasing the rosy ring. Able to dip the tip of his finger in, he pulled down, getting a long shuddering moan from Junsu’s panting mouth.

“Not that bottle,” He growled, rumbling a warning when Yoochun pulled his fingers back. “The other one.”

“By my thigh,” Yoochun laughed when Junsu’s fingers fumbled at his leg, searching for the vial of gel. “The other leg, baby.”

A snap of a lid opening sounded in the dim cave and the blanket’s air bloomed with the scent of chocolate and raspberry. Inhaling the gel’s odor, Yoochun leaned back and held his hand up for his lover to coat but Junsu shook his head.

“No,” He murmured harshly. “You’ll just tease me. Use that hand to get your pants undone. I want you to feel me when I do this.”

Yoochun frowned, wondering what his lover was up to when Junsu tilted his hips forward and the cold slippery feel of lubricated fingers joined his at Junsu’s entrance. Working his hand down the back of his pants, Junsu arched his back, thrusting his sex into the flat of Yoochun’s belly and rocked a finger into his entrance. Thick with gel, it slid in, taking Yoochun’s fingers with them and Junsu cast his head back, nearly throwing the blanket off of them.

Groaning at the sudden contrast of heat and cold on his hand, Yoochun pushed up, flattening Junsu’s balls into the hollow of his thigh as he dug his fingers deeper into Junsu’s core. The man’s tightness resisted the intrusion then suddenly gave way, sucking him in. A few strokes and Yoochun’s wrist ached, throbbing from the unnatural angle but the discomfort was easy to stand, especially when Junsu’s mouth fell open and his eyes rolled back, glazed with sexual tension.

Yoochun tugged at his pants, freeing his erection with a pull of his loose waistband. He ached from the rigidity of his sex, its head wet and bobbing as he withdrew his hand from Junsu’s heat. Hooking his hands into Junsu’s pants, he pushed the back down until his lover’s ass was exposed, rocking the young man forward so he could get the fabric half way down Junsu’s thighs.

Shivering Junsu released his fingers, grabbing at the blanket and tucking it down over Yoochun’s head. Trapped under the fleece, the small sounds of their lovemaking grew intense, echoing in the small space. Coating himself with gel, Yoochun gripped Junsu’s hips and guided the man up, angling him until the tip of his sex brushed over the tenor’s entrance.

Sweat dappled Junsu’s shoulder blades, making his shirt stick to his back and he groaned, trying to pull his lover closer. The push of something hard against his core made him gasp and he held steady, working his fingers into Yoochun’s dark hair. He rocked with need, mewling and begging as Yoochun played with him, the baritone’s questing fingers parting his ring and applying a thick line of lubricant around his pout.

“God, need you, Chunnie-ah,” Junsu breathed, nibbling at the tip of his lover’s ear. The young man tightened his knees around Yoochun’s legs, canting his hips down until he could feel the wetness of his lover’s sex. “Push in. Now. God, please.”

The thrust of his head against Junsu’s entrance breached the first ring, and Yoochun waited for the man’s body to let him go further. Forcing himself to relax, Junsu arched when Chunnie’s fingers ran under his shirt, finding his hardened nipples and pinching them tight. Gasping, he thrust down, riding the slight pain until he found the pleasure of being filled, Yoochun’s heavy sex pushing at the insides of his core. He felt the burn of the man entering him, stretching him until he thought he would burst but Junsu needed more.

Pressing down on his lover’s shoulders, Junsu steadied himself with his hands and pushed down, engulfing Yoochun fully into his heat. The brush of silken hair against the cup of his ass was what Junsu needed, the pressure of his lover’s heft against the nearly too taut skin of his rectum spreading his nerves apart until he felt the bitter-sweet tingle he was looking for.

“Baby, you are so tight…so hot…” Yoochun mumbled, forcing himself to stay still until Junsu grew used to him. Of average width, his sex was long, nearly too much for the tenor to take all the way in but Junsu often forced the issue, needing to feel Yoochun buried deep inside of him. A ripple of stimulation against his shaft and Yoochun bit his lip, nearly drawing blood as his control was tested. Keeping his hands on Junsu’s hips, he breathed out hard, his warm exhale cooling the damp sweat on Junsu’s neck.

Raising the hem of his shirt up, Junsu hooked it over his neck and shoulders, exposing his chest to Yoochun’s mouth. Taking up the invitation, the baritone leaned forward, pushing himself further into the tight channel and with a flick of his tongue, tasted the plum nub on his lover’s pectoral. When Junsu moaned with pleasure, Yoochun licked again, swirling his tongue around the man’s chest. A nip of teeth on the areole drove Junsu’s hips into motion and the tenor began rising along the length of his lover’s sex, plunging back down with a slow glide.

Yoochun suckled, drawing the nub out until he could pull it and dug his teeth in deep, reveling in the shiver of Junsu’s warmth rippling around him. His fingers found the man’s other nipple, twisting it slowly around and scraping at it with his nails. Digging his hands into Yoochun’s shoulders, Junsu rode him, undulating forward then up with a rise of his hips backwards before drawing back down again. He let himself feel the push of his lover’s thighs against his ass before he started again, wanting to have Yoochun in as deep as he could before pulling up.

The feel of Junsu’s ass around him drove Yoochun wild. He thrust up, meeting Junsu’s hips when they lowered down on him. Dropping his hand down his lover’s ribs, he stroked the soft skin there before moving down to cup Junsu’s swell.

“Keep going, baby,” He said, biting and nipping a trail down from Junsu’s chin to his shoulder. “I’m going to make you insane.”

The heat of their bodies warmed the gel to a liquid, pooling down Yoochun’s shaft. Wiping at some of the gel, he rolled his fingers into the lubricant and reached behind his lover, pushing first one then another finger along side of his sex, driving hard into Junsu’s soft warmth.

Surprised, Junsu toppled forward, panting at the stretching. Unable to stop himself, he quivered, quickly surrendering control to the baritone as Yoochun twisted his fingers up to hit the soft bundle of nerves along Junsu’s core. Stroking hard, Yoochun pounded his hips up, hitting the base of Junsu’s body and filling him to top. Thrusting, he scoured the back of Junsu’s channel, hitting the ridge of his body over and over until Junsu’s mumbling cries grew louder with each grunting twist.

“You like that, baby?” Yoochun gasped, breathing hard. He kept up the pace, driving into his lover until Junsu could do nothing more than hold on, pushing down to grasp Yoochun’s length with tight clamp of his muscles.

They rode one another hard, feeling the pleasure build up past the shimmer of almost pain as their bodies smouldered and ached. His face shiny with the sheen of his exertions, Junsu forced himself to take the heat of their lovemaking, holding the blanket down with his hands against the back of the futon, hiding them from the world as they fought to reach their release.

A touch of Yoochun’s palm on Junsu’s too sensitive head made him jerk and then, the world spun out of control. Gushing, his sex spurted its release, a trail of spicy salt liquid hitting his chest and stomach, curling into the faint whorl of hair along Yoochun’s navel.

Yoochun quickly followed, his balls cupping tight into him and then he jerked with the feel of Junsu’s climax. Enclosing him with velvet heat, Junsu’s core drank Yoochun’s seed, pulling it from him with a roll of the man’s hips. Exploding, Yoochun thrust once and then again, pushing himself as far in as he could get while his body spilled out its heat.

The pool of hot liquid forming inside of him comforted Junsu, easing away the shuddering spasms of his muscles as his body fought for control. He twitched, unable to calm his nerves as his sex roiled with a softening he didn’t think was possible. When the head of his shaft brushed over Yoochun’s belly, he hissed, his skin too sensitive to be touched. Clamping over Yoochun’s lessening erection, he milked his lover with easy, slow rolls of his hips, watching the fire fade in Chunnie’s eyes and a languor slip into their brown depths.

“I love you.” Whispered in the dimness of a rain-speckled fleece, Yoochun’s words were soft, nearly unheard in the pounding beat of their hearts.

Leaning his head on his lover’s shoulders, Junsu panted, breathing in Yoochun’s sweaty scent and the masculine aroma of their sex. It was a comfortable position, the slender length of his lover still inside of his body and the hard form of Yoochun’s chest against his own made the world steadier and Junsu blinked, trying not to cry from the swell of emotions in his heart.

“I love you too, baby,” Junsu whispered back. He rarely called the baritone by a pet name but in their joining, he often found himself needed that intimacy, that comfort of knowing the man was truly only his. “You bring me to life, Chunnie-ah. I was dead before I had you. I don’t know how I could breathe before without you first warming the air.”

“Honey,” Chunnie covered Junsu’s mouth in a searing kiss before licking at the bruised swell of his lower lip. “Without you, there wasn’t any air for me to breathe.”
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