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Love Much Mine Chapter 7 [R]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 7
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Love is a friendship set to music. E. Joseph Cossman

Jaejoong took the glass of wine from Camui’s hand, taking a light sip of the potent zinfandel as the older man moved around his kitchen, unpacking a take-out order from one of his favourite restaurants. A cold case steamed with dry ice fumes when Gackt cracked open its lid. The mist smelled clean, a fresh rush of winter in the warm summer of the Japanese singer’s house.

Rain pounded at the long picture window in the living room, furiously reaching with wet fingers at the two men inside. Jaejoong shivered, his body chilled from standing out in the storm before Gackt retrieved him from the entertainment building’s side entrance.

“Here, we’ll start with dessert.” The older man walked to the long couch set in front of the roaring fire. Jaejoong followed, barefooted and silent. Setting two white plates down, Gackt handed his friend a chilled spoon and slide a napkin over Jae’s lap.

“It’s an apple,” Jaejoong said, studying the fruit.

“Mostly,” Gackt laughed, removing the top of the sliced open apple with a graceful flourish. “This is my favourite thing to eat. The fruit is sweet and highly prized. When it is at its ripest, the chef prepares the inside of the apple as a sorbet and fills the hollow. The apple and its sorbet is then chilled until the meat is nearly brittle crystal from its sugar.”

“So it’s like… apple sauce?”

“No spices. Just the fruit at its best.” Gackt motioned to the spoon. “Try it, Je-san. I think you’ll like it. It’s complexity simplified. Much like you. Close your eyes and take a taste.”

Jaejoong let his world go dark, guiding a little taste of frozen apple sorbet into his mouth. The perfume of the fruit hit him first, filling his nose with a scent that drowned out the rain’s winter. He expected mush or the starchy bite of a taro cube but the frozen shards melted on his tongue like cotton floss.

“It tastes…more than an apple.” Jae’s eyes flew open. “Are you sure there’s only apple in this? It’s so… strong.”

“Very sure, Je-san.” Gackt laughed, a deep rumbling darkness.

“It’s good. Really good.” Jae took another bite, letting the cold wash down his throat. “It’s like a kiss.”

“Try it with the wine. I paired it with the same one they serve at the restaurant.” Gackt retrieved the wine bottle from the kitchen and topped off Jae’s glass. After a few spoonfuls of frozen apple, he leaned back and cocked his head, sipping at his own wine. “Tell me what’s troubling your pretty little soul?”

“Yunho,” Jae parted his lips to warm his tongue.

“Your lover? I thought you’d worked out all of your… kinks,” The older man smiled when Jaejoong choked on his own spit. “Or maybe you need to work on some?”

“No, please,” Jae shook his head. “Let’s concentrate on one thing at a time. You have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“Who would I tell, Je-san?” Gackt asked. “Besides, I’m sure whatever secret you want me to keep will be nothing compared what I already have under my tongue.”

“Not for me,” Jaejoong smiled. “For Yunho. He’d be… embarrassed.”

“For your teddy bear then,” Gackt said, bowing his head.

“He…aish, he’d kill me if he heard me talking about this but I need some guidance,” Jae started. He picked up the apple top and nibbled at its edges. Swallowing the bits of skin, he continued. “In our relationship, he… is usually the one who…initiates, not that is the wrong word. He is the one who is… the intrusion.”

Jaejoong’s face coloured, his eyes dropping to stare at the glass table. Gackt let the man’s shame leave his cheeks then reached forward to tuck Jae’s hair behind his ear. Patting the back of his young friend’s head, he smiled and urged Jae to continue.

“Yunho needs to be dominant. It is a part of who he is.” Jaejoong shrugged. “Now, he is worrying that it’s not enough.”

“Is it enough?” Gackt asked softly.

“Yes,” Jae stammered. A cocked eyebrow ground out the truth. “No. I want… more. I want to feel Yunho around me. I want to feel him like he feels me.”


“He needs more,” Yunho said, palming his face. “I know it. I know him. He says he can wait. He says he doesn’t need it but I know him. He loves to feel… needs to feel… and I’m denying him that pleasure.”

“It’s not like you to deny him anything,” Se7en said, handing the other man a beer. “So, I guess the problem is on you.”

“It is,” Yunho agreed. Taking a mouthful of the yeasty brew, he swallowed. “I want to be able to give him that…part of me. But I’ve got to tell you, it scares the hell out of me.”

Se7en nodded, sliding onto the couch. Crossing his legs under him, the Korean gathered his thoughts before speaking. “Are you scared of the pain or the loss of control?”

“You go straight for the gut, don’t you?” Yunho asked bitterly.

“You wouldn’t be here if you wanted someone to jerk you off,” Se7en replied with a shrug. “Answer the question, Yunho.”

“I think the loss of control. The pain, I think I can take,” Yunho’s jaw set tight. “I would be giving up a lot of…”

“Control,” Se7en finished for him. “You ask Jae to give up that control every time you stick yourself inside of him. What makes you so special that you ask him to take what you won’t?”

“You don’t hold back, do you?”

“Hell, no. You didn’t think twice about punching my face in when this was about Min.”

Yunho winced. “I paid for that. You have no idea how much I’ve paid for that.”

“Changmin can be a brutal and slow-acting avenger.”

“He and Jaejoong both,” Yunho replied. “So what do I do then? Just lie on my stomach and say; Sure baby, Go ahead?”

“Well no,” He laughed then grew serious. “If that’s how you did Jaejoong the first time, then you deserve to be scared. I hope he puts on a sandpaper condom to fuck you with.”

“Ouch.” Yunho shifted on the couch. “If this is how you treat friends…”

“Is that what we are now, Yunnie-ah?” Se7en asked. “Friends?”

“Fuck you.” Yunho said without any heat. “I helped sneak Min into the apartment when you got him too drunk to walk. If Jae saw that, I’d be sitting here talking to your corpse.”

“True enough. Friends it is.” He laughed. “Well then, Jung Yunho. I think you need a teacher then. Someone to guide you through all of the ego-breaking and to teach you how pleasurable it can be to have someone make love to you for a change.”

“You are not getting a hold of my ass,” Yunho snorted, taking a sip of beer.

“Oh, not me, Yunnie-ah,” Se7en grinned wickedly. “Well not just me. I was thinking now would be a great time for you to bond with your youngest. Changmin would be the perfect person to help you overcome your fears.”
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