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Love Much Mine Chapter 8 [R]  

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 8
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place. Ice T

“I am not going to talk to Changmin about my relationship with Jaejoong,” Yunho said. His tone flat, the man glared at Se7en, wondering when the other man had lost his mind. “There is no way I am ever going to discuss anything of a sexual nature with Min. Ever.”

“But you will with me?” Se7en scoffed. “What’s the difference?”

“I don’t love you.” He pointed out caustically. “Changmin is one of the members. I don’t…”

“See, this is what I’m talking about,” The other man said, stretching back. “You build up walls around you…”

“You’re one to talk,” Yunho snorted.

“What I’m saying is that Min has a good insight on things. A bit odd but good.” Se7en shrugged. “I was offering you my best advice. If you won’t take that, I can give you my second best advice.”

“What’s that?”

“Talking to me,” Se7en wiggled his eyebrows with a leer. “But you’re going to be talking about having sex with Jaejoong. You sure you want to share that kind of information with me?”

“You… I don’t care. You could be temporary for all I know,” Yunho said. “Min is permanent. He is Dong Bang Shin Ki.”

“Wow, you couldn’t have hurt me more if you tried,” Se7en winced. “Let’s get one thing straight, Leader-sshi. I’m not temporary.”

“You’re not one of us,” The other man replied. “I’m not saying that you aren’t a part of Min’s life but I… don’t see the relationship. Not like I see the others. We live with each other. We know everything about each other. You’re not there. You’re not there when we’re rubbing each others’ feet or popping blisters. You don’t know what it’s like to try to walk off stage so tired you’re dizzy and feel one of them put their arm around you to hold you up so you look strong. You don’t have that with us, Se7en. You won’t understand.”

“No, I don’t have that,” Se7en admitted. “But that doesn’t mean I love him less. If anything I feel like punching the shit out of you now for making Min’s love for me something you can scrape off your foot. You don’t have the right to do that, Yunnie-ah. Any more than I have the right to tell you that you don’t deserve Jaejoong.”

I don’t deserve Jaejoong?” Yunho gasped. “I’ve given everything to be with Je Je.”

“You’ve given up shit,” The other man said. “You have everything your way. The relationship is secret and don’t give me any crap about how you want it to be open. You’re too traditional for that, Yunho. Even if Jaejoong looked at you one day and said, yes, love me openly, you would come up with something to keep him in the shadows. Your parents, your sister… your family wouldn’t have an easy time of it and he’d nod and step back behind you. You’re the leader of your group because you are the traditional face of our country. Everything you do is filial and discreet.”

“Jaejoong would be too much of a shock for anyone to handle and the group wouldn’t have been accepted as readily.” Se7en put down his bottle, watching the tightness in Yunho’s face increase. “Even in Japan, he looks to you and it appears as if you are the traditional family type. You’ve given up nothing you didn’t already have. He’s given up ever being seen as anything other than a pretty boy with a gorgeous face… a pretty boy that spends most of his time on his stomach or back instead of being an equal in a relationship he can’t even talk about.”

He braced for the punch, steeling himself with a stern reminder that he wasn’t going to take it from Yunho this time. Se7en swore he’d come out fighting, giving as many bruises as he got if the other man attacked him. Pursing his mouth, Yunho contemplated the other man, cocking his head to one side and letting the anger fill his eyes but he remained against the end of the couch, simply watching Se7en.

“You’ve got something to say?” Se7en challenged. “Or are you just waiting for me to shut up so you can knock my teeth back into my throat.”

“No.” Yunho exhaled slowly. “You’re right.”

Se7en swallowed, refusing to relax until he was certain he wasn’t being tricked. Being around Changmin for any length of time meant keeping on his toes and he wasn’t going to get sucked in by the group’s leader. Min would never let him forget it. “I’m right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” The other man nodded. “I haven’t given Jaejoong anything. Hell, he still doesn’t think he’s worthy of being loved. I want to give him that. That’s why I want to do this. For him. To show him I love him and trust him. It scares the hell out of me for some stupid reason but I want to give him this. I want to give him me.”


“Are the two of you fighting again?” Min asked softly. He peered into the bag of take out, glumly looking at the white boxes.

“Why do you ask that?” Jae pulled at the hem of his jacket, trying to get his arm loose.

“Because you brought home take out food. That usually means you’re not cooking,” Changmin explained slowly, as if talking to a child. “You have the rest of today and all of tomorrow off but you’re not cooking for us. That usually means Yunho has pissed you off and you don’t want to risk giving us burnt food just because you’re mad at him.”

“I gave you burnt food once,” Jae said, making a face. Finally shaking the jacket loose, he stretched his arms out. “And no, we’re not fighting. I went to see Gakkun and he had food. He told me to bring home the leftovers so the rest of you could eat it. He orders too much. I think sometimes he’s lonely but doesn’t want to say anything. He spends too much time alone.”

“Ah,” Min replied, sniffing at a seafood stew in one of the containers. “I would agree with you. He’s intimidating. I can’t believe you talk to him like you’re talking to one of us.”

“He’s not that… scary,” Jaejoong shrugged. “I like him. I was thinking of inviting him over the next time we do shabu-shabu. I think he’d like it.”

“You’re crazy,” The younger man said, chewing on a piece of taro. “But sure, ask him over. Maybe he’ll scare Junsu into shutting up.”

“Knowing our Susu, he would take Gakkun’s stoic nature as a challenge to get him to laugh.” Jaejoong reflected on the quality of Junsu’s gags. “On second thought, maybe inviting him over here to be in the middle of us is a bad idea. I want Gakkun to keep liking me. One night of Junsu could change that.”

“Why did you go over to talk to him?” Min asked, sliding onto the couch. Lifting his long legs up, he looped them over the arm and picked at the containers with a pair of chopsticks, finding a plump piece of unagi and rice.

“Yunho and I… we’ve been talking about trying something new.”

“Yunho’s finally going to let you have him?” Min asked, casually guiding another piece of eel into his mouth.

“Dongsaeng!” Jae slapped at Min’s knee. “God, you’re horrible.”

“No, I’m right,” He pointed out, snicking a pinch of Jaejoong’s arm with the chopsticks. “He should bite his pillow for you. Se7en does for me and we both know the hyenas are constantly going at each other like a pair of Danish building blocks. Why should he be the only one to have that fun?”

“You’re crazy,” Jaejoong said, puffing out his cheeks.

“I might be crazy but I get to top my boyfriend.” Min chewed. “You don’t.”

“He’s got issues with it,” The older man admitted. “Gakkun thinks that Yunnie-ah might need some control, even if he’s…”

“The fuckee?” Min winced at another of Jae’s punches. “Quit hitting me. What else do I call him?”

“Uke,” Jaejoong made a face. “Never mind, I hate that word. It’s stupid.”

“What did Camui-san suggest?”

“He suggested getting Yunho drunk.” Jae sniffed. “And then seducing him.”

“Drunk works,” Changmin agreed. “Have you played with him? Or has it only been him touching you there and not the other way around?”

“How can you talk about…” Jae turned his head, breathing with his mouth open to relieve the heat on his face. “Changmin!”

“Look, it’s a natural thing,” Min grinned, resting his head back. “Well talking to you is natural. I still blush when I talk to Dong-Wook but that’s because I do things with him. I can imagine doing things with him while we’re talking about it. I don’t even think about you and Yunho that way so it’s more scientific.”

“Life is not always science,” The older man reminded him.

“No, but sex is,” Min replied, waving with his chopsticks. “It’s mechanics and lubrication. The emotions attached to it comes from your heart, not your body. That’s what turns it into love-making.”

“You make it sound simple.”

“It is simple,” The young man shrugged. “Either he feels comfortable with you touching him inside or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t then it’s not fair for you to push him on that. If he likes it, then you know you can try. It’s not hard to figure out.”

“He… likes it,” Jae admitted slowly. “I’ve… slid my finger inside of him while…”

“Sucking on him?” Min finished, reaching for another container. Finding noodles, he murmured with pleasure and dug in. “Okay so that’s good.”

“Do you have to slurp while we’re talking about this?” Jae rolled his shoulders, pulling himself back into the couch.

“You have two choices, listening to me slurp or waiting until I am done. I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten all day and I want to grab something fast before I shower and head over to Dong-Wook’s. We’re going to see a car show.”

“I’m surprised you two even make it outside of the apartment.” Jae teased.

“Unlike the two of you, we don’t have to live inside of each other,” Min shot back. “We can actually go outside without crawling back into one another. It’s called… living.”

“Funny,” The singer sneered. “We go out.”

“Rarely,” Changmin responded. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Um, I don’t know. We haven’t planned anything.”

“There? You see? You should plan something,” Min replied. “Maybe go out and see a sex show or go to a club. Have a date then come home and screw his brains out.”

“Too soon,” Jae said, shaking his head. “We just started talking about this. I can’t just…we can’t…”

“Sure you can.” Changmin wiped at his mouth with a napkin and flattened the take out containers he’d emptied. Standing, he covered his lips to burp and then rubbed his stomach appreciatively. “Yunho needs to have control and you want to be inside of him so lay on your back and let him ride you. That way, he can take in as much as he needs or wants and you can have him around you. No one says that the receiving lover can’t call the shots. Hell, most of the time, that’s the one that’s really in charge.”
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