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Love Much Mine Chapter 9 [NC-17]  

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 9
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.
Luciano de Crescenzo

A few weeks later, they scraped together enough time to relax, their schedule lightening for one of Japan’s national holidays. Their night started at a restaurant, sharing a private meal with the other members and Dong-Wook. Rare steak and grilled asparagus was accompanied by many glasses of chilled sake and a bottle of wine. Min left swaying, Se7en’s arm around his waist to hold him up and Junsu’s minute sips sent him into the giggles. Smiling, Yoochun shook his head and guided his lover out, leaving Jaejoong and Yunho to finish off the last of the sake.

The red flush in Yunho’s cheeks spread with each glass and by the time they’d left the restaurant, he’d somehow caught the giggles as well, laughing at nearly everything Jaejoong said. Smiling, the singer called a taxi and gave directions to the club, hoping the music would be enough to work the edge off of Yunho’s drunk.

Shinjuku glowed, a neon salad of colours and sound. Lean men with cigarettes or toothpicks at the corners of their mouths passed out flyer cards advertising massage palours or strip clubs. They eyed Jaejoong and Yunho as the young men walked by, ignoring the loud hawking of female skin.

The Liquid Room was loud, a hot bed of music and conversation. The uneven ceiling caught the sounds, tossing it back down on dancers. Orange-yellow lights turned the glossy black columns into flames and the stage set up for live acts swayed from a trio of pink-haired women dancing enthusiastically to the music with pounding feet and flailing arms.

Jaejoong smiled, recognizing the XJapan song playing through the speakers. Leaning over, he half-shouted over the music, “Do you want something to drink?”

“Maybe later,” Yunho grinned widely. “I want to dance.”

On the floor, the alcohol didn’t seem to seep into Yunho’s limbs. Graceful and precise, the man moved confidently through the crowd, holding his hand out to Jaejoong when the shorter man joined him. Around them, other men danced together, slipping their bodies around one another in time to the beat. Swaying, Yunho picked up the song with his body, placing his hands on Jae’s hips and telegraphing the motion into his lover’s movements.

Jae glanced around. The pressure of their situation hung over him. A chance snap of a picture could ruin them, dashing their group into scandal but the shadows around the couple were thick, their faces blackened by darkness. Slowly, he relaxed, allowing Yunho to drag him forward. Falling into the hypnotic beat, Jaejoong pressed himself into Yunho’s body, riding the other man’s movements with a circular thrust of his hips.

In their private corner, thick walls and columns blunted the music, shunting off the heavy whine of guitars and synthesizers. Daringly, Jaejoong lifted his shoulders, pulling himself up to his full height and moved his shoulders in time with Yunho, curving into the man with every rock of his torso. The leader pursed his lips, a heat enflaming his dark eyes and he ducked his head, kissing at Jae’s neck.

“Pull back, Yunnie-ah,” Jaejoong whispered into his lover’s ear.

Curious, Yunho lifted his head away from Jae’s throat. The singer guided Yunho’s chin up, exposing the lean line of his neck and a peek of a collarbone from the part in his shirt. Pressing the young man against the wall, Jaejoong spread his hands over Yunho’s chest, rubbing his palms over the erect nipples he found through the fabric of Yunho’s shirt.

“Stay put,” Jae growled, biting at the line of bone under the hollow of his lover’s throat. “I want to taste you.”

Yunho’s eyes widened and he shifted against Jae’s long legs, sliding down the wall with a bend of his knees. Straddling his lover’s thighs, Jaejoong’s mouth wandered over Yunho’s jawline, rasping his tongue against the hint of a shadow above Yunho’s lip. The tickle of hair was faint, enough to stimulate his tongue. The touch of wet on his upper lip made Yunho laugh and he pulled his head back, rubbing at the spot where Jae touched him.

“Don’t run from me,” The singer bit into the soft skin under Yunho’s ear, hard enough to mark the man. Yunho hissed when Jae’s teeth sunk in deep, the bite scraping his skin.

A thickness pressed up into Jae’s thigh, Yunho’s sex responding to the aggressive kisses and bites from his lover. Aroused, Yunho moaned when Jaejoong slipped his hands between the buttons of his shirt then gasped when the young man pulled sharply. Tiny white buttons flew everywhere, hitting the wall and floor. Filtered cold air hit Yunho’s chest and he gasped, his nipples hardening tighter and a spray of goosebumps rippled over his bared chest.

“Joongie-ah!” Attempting to grab the edges of his ruined shirt, Yunho was stopped short when Jaejoong’s strong fingers gripped his wrist.

“No,” The singer said with a single shake of his head. “I want to see you.”

It was unexpected, at least in Yunho’s mind. His young lover was demure, acquiescent when Yunho needed him. An aggressive Jaejoong was a surprise, not unwelcome but a surprise.

His skin burned with Jae’s touch, rosettes of pleasure blooming under the singer’s fingers. Jaejoong slowed his palms, rubbing the flat of his thumbs over Yunho’s ribs, caressing each ridge then skimming over to run the back of one hand on his lover’s muscled stomach. He hooked the tip of his index finger into Yunho’s belly button, rimming the flattened dip.

“Sometimes,” Jae whispered while he sucked Yunho’s earlobe, playing with one of the small diamond studs they shared. “I wish you were pierced here too. So we could be chained together when we make love.”

Yunho’s mind exploded with the image rising in his mind. Jaejoong loomed over his body, a sparkling golden chain looped between them, connecting their bodies together. He could almost feel it between his fingers, warmed from their heat and then dripping with the spill of their shafts.

“You’re making me lose my mind, Joongie-ah,” He murmured, unable to keep still. Long shadows played over them, people moving up and down the flight of stairs leading to the loft. “Baby…”

“Do you always talk this much?” Jaejoong licked, finding Yunho’s nipple and circling the tip. He felt his lover shiver and the ripple of cold on his skin when he breathed over the wet spot. The salty-sweet of the man’s skin held a hint of sake, marked by a spill in the restaurant.

“You’re…” His brain fled, running when he felt Jaejoong reached into his pants, stroking at his sex. His shaft throbbed, trapped between his lover’s hand and his briefs. “God… there are… people.”

“Forget the people,” Jaejoong skimmed his nails along Yunho’s head, playing with the velvet soft skin. He pushed the tip of his finger into the damp pout, flicking the sensitive edge until the touch became too much for Yunho to bear. “For once, Yunho, take your own advice and let go.”

“I ca…” He started to speak when the lights went black. Plunged into nearly total darkness, they rocked slowly to the growing beat. Jae rubbed under him, gripping his root and Yunho nearly lost himself in Jae’s hand.

“Shut. Up.” Jaejoong gritted his teeth, pushing his tongue past Yunho’s lips. He sealed the man’s mumbling protests, using his shoulder to pin his lover against the wall.

He reached in, stroking with his tongue. Drawing out his kiss, he covered Yunho’s mouth, angling his head so he could fully taste the man he loved. A ridge of skin on Yunho’s upper lip begged licking and Jae fell to the temptation, stroking the spot. He kept in time with his fingers, circling and biting while he explored the length in his palm.

With every touch, Yunho grew harder and wetter, leaving a damp trail on Jae’s fingers. Growling, Jaejoong bit Yunho’s lower lip, “Spread your legs. Get down a little bit lower.”

“Like this?” Yunho grinned, his teeth white in the dark.

His eyes were adjusting, focused on the fierce paleness of his lover’s face. Half hidden under a mask of shadows, Jaejoong’s beauty took on a dangerous sexuality. Gone was the playful young teen he’d met. Burned away by years and hardships, a man remained, sleek and in command of his sensuality. Captured in Jae’s hand, Yunho felt freed of his worries, half-scared and half-thrilled at the risks they were taking.

Around them, the sounds of other couples taking advantage of the shadowy cover. Their voices created a low bass line of moans and higher pitched whimpers, almost inaudible under the blasting music. Something popped open, unseen but its odor stretched out, dank and too-human. It touched Yunho’s senses and he shook his head, holding his breath until the smell passed. Jaejoong’s mouth was busy on his body, too busy for him to think clearly. It seemed as if nearly every inch of his body thrummed and he leaned his head back, coasting on the sensations filling him.

Then he clenched, feeling Jaejoong push the tip of his seed-dampened finger past the tightness of his core. Panting, Yunho gasped into Jae’s mouth, sucking in the man’s hot breath. He felt Jae’s lips, full and needy on his own, pushing and taking until Yunho couldn’t resist and he sighed, his body giving in to Jae’s insistence.

“I want this, baby,” Jae murmured. His shoulder ached with the angle of his body but the welcoming heat on his hand was delicious. Yunho’s core suckled on his finger, as lovingly pursed around his flesh as the man’s mouth was against Jaejoong’s lips. “God, please… Yunnie-ah. I want you like this so badly.”
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