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Love Much Mine: Chapter 11 (NC-17 / LEMON)

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 11
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17 LEMON
Overall Rating: NC-17

NOW I’m taking off until Monday. No updates until then. California Time.

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Everyone is searching for a place, That can take away the sorrow and loneliness
So… for you, that place is here. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you.
Dong Bang Shin Ki

For Yunho, everything began with a kiss. The taste of Jaejoong in the rain, captured on his tongue by an accidental brush of their lips. When they were trainees, not yet debuted — before Dong Bang Shin Ki existed, groups of them would race from the studio back to the dorms where they lived. Athletic and long-legged, Yunho would easily outdistance the others until the day Jaejoong cheated.

A dig in his ribs by a sharp elbow threw Yunho off his stride, and they tumbled to the grass, arms flailing and legs tangling. Spring hit Seoul hard and they’d not seen the sun in days so the momentum of their failing hydroplaned them across the sodden lawn, digging a long groove into the stalks and mud. They skidded to a stop against a tree, slamming into the trunk and shaking a rain of leaves down on their mud-soaked heads.

Yunho’s anger flared. The country born, gutter raised street rat annoyed him and his friends. They spent hours teasing Jaejoong or mocking him. Straddling the skinny teen, Yunho balled up his fists, ready to strike at the pretty faced singer.

Until Jaejoong began to laugh.

It was an infectious sound. Yunho felt the edges of his mouth tug and then his belly convulse with a giggle. Covered in mud and lawn, they looked like rice grass demons ready to be burnt for good luck in the fields. His laughter was deeper than Jaejoong’s, a counter melody to his higher pitch.

They moved at the same time, dipping their heads together and skidded again, unable to get traction on the slippery grass. Laughing didn’t help them get to their feet and when Yunho leaned forward to balance his weight on his hands just as Jaejoong shifted under him.

And the moon bloomed on Yunho’s lips.

He carried Jaejoong’s taste in his mouth for years, unsure about the sweetness of another man until they’d kissed in the heat of their complex beginning.

He’d found his moon again in that kiss. Now he wanted to go looking for his stars.

Jaejoong knelt on the bed, naked and slim. They kissed, a slow simmering meet of their lips. Yunho moved his mouth over Jae’s, reveling in the soft feel of the skin. The singer reached for Yunho, pulling him closer. Resting his hands on Yunho’s hips, he guided the other man to the bed, silently urging him to join him. Stepping over the white filmy bedspread lying on the floor, Yunho slid on his knees towards his waiting lover.

“I love your hair,” Jae murmured, working his fingers across the back of Yunho’s head. He played with the strands, luxuriating in the feel of it on his hand and wrist. “I like how it smells.”

“You should,” Yunho teased. “You picked out the shampoo.”

“I liked how it smelled,” Jaejoong said, wrinkling his nose. Yunho’s hand touched his sex and he hissed, thrusting his hips forward. “I like when you do that.”

“I don’t do that enough,” He admitted. “Lay back, baby. Let me take a look at you.”

“Still in charge?” The singer teased as he lowered himself back into the pillows.

“I was thinking,” Yunho said softly. “I want to have you in me and you want the same. How we get there is our own business. I’m bossy. We both know that. Why can’t we be who we are and still make love the way we want?”

“So just let you be bossy then?” Jae grinned, stretching his legs out onto the bed in a V. “What do I get out of it?”

“You, baby,” The taller man whispered, sliding his hand up Jae’s toned leg. “You’ll get yourself buried inside of me for the first time.”

The differences in their bodies was distinct. Jaejoong was smooth beneath Yunho’s hands, his legs barren of thick hair. Leaning over, Yunho licked at Jae’s ankle, using his tongue to circle the bone before following the line of his calf muscle. Jaejoong laughed and tried to pull his leg free of his lover’s grip but Yunho was insistent.

“Let me explore you, Boo,” Yunho said, looking up at his lover through his long lashes. “Let me look at you like you look at me.”

Jaejoong nodded silently, laying out under his lover’s gaze. He lifted a hand to Yunho’s broad shoulders, running his fingers over the bump of bone at the joint then on the soft satin skin of Yunho’s back. Lightly, he played with the soft downy trail on Yunho’s neck, hidden under the man’s hair.

They’d left on a radio, turning the channel to something soft and heavy. An R&B beat played in the background, a one-two punch of a bass line guiding Yunho on his journey. Somewhere in the tune, a woman sang, her words indistinct but the thread of sound stitched through the air, melancholy and lovelorn.

Yunho licked and tasted Jaejoong’s skin, a faint salt and green tea shimmer of heaven on his tongue. He stopped suddenly when he felt the smoothness of a scar under his touch, shiny and metallic to the taste. Tracing the long keloid, he explored the area Jaejoong kept hidden. Whimpering a protest, the singer tried to push Yunho away with a light shove of his shoulders but he refused to be moved, taking his time to lave Jaejoong’s damaged knee.

“Yunnie-ah…” Jaejoong murmured. “Not there…it’s ugly.”

“It’s not ugly, baby,” Yunho kissed the spot, then another, finding each torn and shattered line of skin with his mouth. “You wear us on your skin. When you got hurt, it was the scariest thing for us. We were so afraid to lose you. This is your strength. Your determination. How can something so strong be ugly?”

He’d wiped away Jaejoong’s tears when the young man woke from his surgery, tasting the tight pain in Jae’s body on his fingertips. Now, he covered the area with butterfly kisses, teasing the puckered skin with his tongue. Wandering inward, Yunho pushed at Jaejoong’s thighs, parting them for his exploration.

“Aren’t I supposed to be doing this?” Jae asked, languidly stroking Yunho’s cheek and neck.

“Nope, I’m in control,” Yunho grinned, winking at his lover. “Let me take care of you, baby. Just lie there and enjoy.”

Jaejoong convulsed on the sheets when Yunho took long swipes along his inner thighs. Avoiding the trembling shaft shifting on Jae’s leg, Yunho dipped his head down and inhaled the soft powdery scent of his lover’s skin. The V of Jae’s body was soft, nearly as bare of hair as his legs and Yunho licked along the curling sac tucked into Jae’s hollow, savouring the musky heat of a man.

There was something intimately passionate about exploring another man, Yunho thought, especially a man as beautiful as his Jaejoong. The singer was still relaxed, his sac filled with two hanging globes. One rolled when Yunho touched it, tightening slightly up in response. Intrigued, he bent in, sucking one into his mouth and licking at it with the flat of his tongue. The loose skin shimmied against his lips and Jaejoong hissed, lifting his legs and parting his knees when Yunho suckled harder.

Pulling slightly, Yunho released the first and took in the second one, rolling the mouthful around. Panting with the effort to keep his body under control, Jaejoong fisted the sheets, holding his arms out. Yunho murmured in pleasure, alternating his sucking and release until Jae’s shaft pearled at its tip.

“Sometimes, Boo,” Yunho whispered. “I can’t tell where sin ends and love begins.”

Jaejoong curled up and to the side, laying one of his bent legs down against the bed. He took in a deep breath, exhaling it slowly when Yunho blew softly on his wet balls, tightening his thigh muscles to stave off the rush of his arousal. Chuckling, Yunho glanced up, entranced by his lover’s mouth as Jaejoong bit into his lower lip, his teeth white on his kiss-swollen pout.
Following the ridged line running up Jae’s sac, Yunho reached the root of his lover’s sex. Gripping its base, he slid a circle of his fingers up and down the first inch, marveling at the differences between them. He was thicker and longer than Jaejoong, an echo of their bodies but Jae’s sex was a graceful swoop of satin and velvet. Lean and pale, the ridges of his shaft stood out, elongating his erection and parting to the sides as they approached the tumescent head.

Curious, Yunho took his time in tasting the different textures of Jae’s shaft, starting with the wrinkled root where his sac joined the crux of Jae’s body. A prickle of hair teased and taunted Yunho’s tongue, scraping lightly on his lips. He continued up, releasing his fingers from their grip on Jae’s sex so he could lave at the skin beneath.

It was smoother, silk to the roughness under it and when Yunho circled up to the brighter blush under Jae’s head, he was surprised to find it slick, a satiny flush turning to a velvet at the ridge. The helm was shiny, Yunho’s explorations rubbing drops of seed into the hardening head. He dabbed his tongue along the part in the head’s tip, feeling with the tip at the smoothness hidden in the velvet.

“Baby, turn a bit,” Jaejoong murmured, lifting his head up. “I need to touch you.”

“You need to get me ready, Boo,” Yunho kissed Jae’s shaft, longingly cradling its head into the cup of his tongue. “Make me ready for you while I make you ready for me.”

They’d found lubricant in the nightstand, individual packets in varying flavours. Jaejoong laughed at the selection, tempted to crack open one of each until Yunho stopped him. He chose several chocolate and some strawberry, making a face when Yunho suggested the mint.

“Mint is for toothpaste,” Jae said with a shake of his head. “I don’t want to think of you and toothpaste.”

“How about the banana?” Yunho wiggled his eyebrows, leering at his lover. Jaejoong grabbed a pillow from the bed and smacked him across the head. Yunho laughed and put the banana flavour away, teasing Jaejoong that the smell would make him wish he were longer. Another pillow smack to them both down onto the bed and the discarded packets slid to the floor.

The foil packet twisted to open and Jaejoong hesitatingly tasted the lubricant. Overpowering, the sugar sweetness gagged him and he made a face, offering his fingers out to Yunho to try. Smiling, Yunho hooded his eyes and slanted his mouth, sliding his lover’s fingers into his mouth. A long slither of his tongue reached down the man’s hand, brushing on his palm’s mons.

“I’m supposed to use it on you,” Jaejoong said, his breath catching in his chest. Watching Yunho lick his hand clean hardened him, the erotic image burning a fevered course from his brain down to his erection. “God, you look so… hot doing that.”

“Give me the other one,” Yunho reached for the packet, shaking the lube down into the corner with quick flicks of his wrist.

Tearing off a corner, he smiled at the burst of strawberry spurting into his mouth. His lips savoured the flavour, too sweet for the other man but just right for him. Drizzling a line of pink gel over his lover’s hard shaft, Yunho licked at a stray drop on the man’s tip, closing his eyes in pleasure when Jae’s salt-pearly seed mingled with the sweet-tart strawberry.

“Now I know why it’s too sweet,” Yunho murmured, grinning up at his lover as he eased Jaejoong’s head past his parted lips. “You taste so damned good with this on you. Good enough to make me want to swallow you whole.”

He breathed in through his nose and slid down his lover’s length, puffing in his breath when the tip of Jae’s shaft hit the back of his throat. Unable to push down any further, he fluttered his tongue up, skipping the tip around the base of Jae’s sex. The other man’s hips moved slowly and he moved his arm to cup one hand against the round of Yunho’s head, letting Yunho guide the pace.

The chill of lubricant at the opening of his body stiffened Yunho’s spine and the man took a breath, pulling back up on Jae’s sex. The other man’s fingers stilled, unsure if he should continue but Yunho nodded, catching Jae’s head against the roof of his mouth and scoring a light bite with his sharp teeth along the head’s ridge. Taking another breath, Yunho uttered a low hum, feeling the vibrations of his deep voice rumble down his lover’s hard sex. The man’s head tightened and his sac roiled in Yunho’s hand, the leader’s fingers pulling down on the soft flesh until Jaejoong cried out from the pleasurable pain.

“Relax, Yunnie,” Jaejoong murmured as he trailed his fingers around Yunho’s entrance. The pucker twitched with each pass and the young man pressed around the rosette slowly. He smeared a drip of gel into the minute folds, working the tip of his finger in with a circular motion. “This should feel good. It helps me… relax. It makes my stress go away.”

Lying forward on his chest, Yunho lifted his hips up and spread his knees on the bed. Keeping Jaejoong’s shaft in his grip, he concentrated on suckling the velvet head in, leaving his breathing natural and even. The initial push was a surprise, more from the pressure against the soft channel of his body. He fought pushing against Jaejoong’s tip, forcing himself to push out rather than down. His body accepted the man’s finger, almost gratefully pulling it in further when he took his next breath.

Another application of lubricant slickened Yunho’s entrance, the oil leaving a sheen on the man’s untanned skin. Clenching his butt muscles, he found himself playing with Jaejoong’s intrusion, willfully coy as the other man worked to slid his finger in. A brush of Jae’s index tip hit a nodule inside of him and Yunho yelped, unable to control the shock to his nerves when Jae struck his erogenous spot.

“Oh God, that… Jae!” Yunho said, unable to do more than pant heavily as Jaejoong circled his finger once more. The shaking tremour returned and Yunho shuddered, moving his hips in a jerking motion, unable to stop himself from trying to bury Jae inside of him. Arching his back, Yunho pushed back, his mouth poised over Jaejoong’s erection. Steadying himself, Yunho tried to take Jae into his mouth but the other man moved his hips away, murmuring over Yunho’s hard breathing.

“I’m too close, Yunnie-ah,” Jae sat up, licking the back of Yunho’s thigh. “Too… too close. Let me do this. Let me make you ready for me.”

Nodding, Yunho stretched out on the bed, hooking one leg up. Cradling a pillow to his cheek, he closed his eyes and forced himself to relax again, trying to ignore the trembling of his muscles when Jaejoong’s hand skimmed over his ass. Jaejoong’s mouth rode the rise of his butt, kissing him gently while at the same time, probing along the cleft.

Yunho felt Jaejoong dribble more lubricant down the crease of his body and he shifted, spreading his legs farther apart. The other man’s fingers ran down the shallow dip on his back, circling around and down until once again, the tip of his index finger tantalized his opening.

The sheets’ folds against his erection felt good, a rough tug on his shaft as Yunho shifted his hips. Jaejoong nibbled on nipped at his thigh and slid in the rest of the way, searching for the small rise in Yunho’s tightness. With a curve of his hand, Jae rubbed on the crinkled mound and purred in satisfaction as Yunho’s legs jerked in response. Moaning, the other man twisted against the bed, using the sheets to massage his rigid length.

“Joongie-ah,” Yunho whimpered his lover’s name. “God, how do… stand this?”

“Almost baby,” Jae worked a second finger into Yunho, carefully moving his hand up until his palm lay flat against Yunho’s cheeks. Cradling his lover’s ass in the curve of his hand, he lay a long kiss on the small of Yunho’s back, working up the man’s sweat-dewed spine. Under him, Yunho trembled with the effort to remain in control of his body.

That control shattered when Jaejoong twisted his hand and pressed up into Yunho’s heat, stroking and fluttering his fingertips on the sensitive spot near Yunho’s entrance. The other man shook, shouting into the pillow he held against his face. Biting down into the fabric case, Yunho growled, raising his hips up and sliding hard on Jaejoong’s fingers.

“Now!” Yunho snarled, working to force Jaejoong’s questing touch in deeper. “Need you, Boo. Now.”

“Lift up,” Jae said, sliding free from Yunho’s tightness.

Empty, Yunho rose onto his knees, panting with the effort. His spine ached and his legs were rubbery, nearly unable to support his weight. Resting on his elbows, he reached down and stroked at himself, amazed at the wetness of his sex’s pout. He thumbed over his head, rubbing and stretching himself out as Jaejoong ran a gelled hand over his own shaft. Turning his head, he watched his graceful lover prepare himself, taking his time to coat his erection. Any other time, Yunho would feel touched at the man’s care but in the grip of his need, he only could shift impatiently and stroke under himself, reaching down to caress his sac as it rolled up tight against the root of his shaft.

“I’m here, baby,” Jaejoong said. “Are you sure you want to be like this?”

“If you don’t make love to me now, I’m going to go insane,” Yunho reached behind himself and hooked his fingers on the back of Jae’s thighs. “Now, honey. I can’t get any more ready than I already am.”

“I’m going to go slow, baby,” Jaejoong whispered, leaning forward to kiss between Yunho’s shoulder blades. “Trust me, okay?”

“I do,” He murmured, shivering again when Jaejoong guided the tip of his sex to Yunho’s entrance. “Just relax and push out. Like you did before.”

The emptiness left inside of him after Jaejoong pulled away brought Yunho to tears but the press of his lover’s slender sex entering him made the man gasp and he inhaled sharply, puffing to stand the pressure. Jaejoong rubbed at the small of Yunho’s back, soft nonsensical sounds.

“Let me know when you want more of me,” Jaejoong said gently. “Or if it’s too much…”

“No, just…” Yunho panted. “Give me a second.”

He shifted, pulling up and then moving his hips down. Slathered with lube, Jae’s head slid further in, parting Yunho’s opening. Taking a deep breath, he canted his body and took his lover in. The fill of another man’s body in his left Yunho breathless and he struggled to find air, dropping his head down until his forehead rested on the pillow case.

The feeling was sharp, nearly pain but not quite pleasure. A slow burn stretched out from the piercing of his entrance. Yunho pulled himself up onto his hands, keeping his head down as he controlled his breathing. A change of angle and Jaejoong’s sex tilted out, nearly escaping the grip of his body. When he felt the head catch on his opening, Yunho moved in a small circle, feeling the shiver of Jaejoong’s arousal vibrate up the man’s sex and into Yunho’s body.

Another tilt and Yunho moaned, lifting his shoulders up and lowering his belly until the head of his shaft brushed against the bed. Jae’s fingers found him, stroking at his length until its hardness returned. Murmuring encouragement, Jaejoong lay still against Yunho’s back, one hand on his lover’s sex and the other moving back and forth over Yunho’s shoulders.

“Move, baby,” Yunho breathed, letting himself go. Filling Jaejoong’s hand, his sex pulsed, needing more of the other man to drive him over the edge. The tingle of their joining began to crawl up Yunho’s spine and he shivered, sliding further down Jae’s length. “Please.”

“Just… let me know if…” Jaejoong closed his eyes, savouring the feeling of his lover around him.

The tight velvet grip of Yunho’s channel made Jaejoong tremble. Buried inside of a man for the first time in his life, he stretched himself as far as he could to dip deep against Yunho’s pleasure centre. Yunho groaned, grunting for more and moving his hips, throwing them into a hard rhythm. Holding Yunho’s hip, Jaejoong tried to time his strokes with the roll of his fingers, passing his hand over the other man’s sac, covering it with slick gel so it moved easily with his caress.

Yunho covered Jae’s hand with his fingers, tightening the other man’s hold and tangling himself into the grip. They slid up and down Yunho’s sex, its satiny skin rolling over the shaft in time with the thrusts of Jae’s hips. Catching himself into the beat of their bodies, Yunho drove up to meet Jae with each stroke. Pushing his lover in, Yunho felt his control loosen and Jaejoong’s sex slid further in until the other man was buried up to his root.

“Can’t last… baby,” Jaejoong shuddered, trying to slow his own spill. The hold the other man had on him was beyond heavenly, encompassing every inch of his sex in a spiraled clench. Looking down, he watched Yunho’s body taking him in, pulling him in with a pout and release. Quickening, he flicked his thumb over Yunho’s entrance, running the spread of lube around the rosette. The rough feel of his finger against Yunho’s smoothness drove Jaejoong wild and he lost himself in the feel of his lover’s body.

“Give it to me, Joongie,” Yunho panted.

Covering himself with his hand, Yunho pulled his sex hard, jerking his palm over the head in a simple motion, trying to match the pleasure growing inside of him with the tremours building up along his erection. Nearly painfully hard, his sex throbbed and spurted, a thin trail of white spreading over his fingers. Shouting Jaejoong’s name, Yunho lunged forward, dropping his shoulders and pushing back into the other man, driving Jaejoong as far in as he could take him.

Yunho cried out, inarticulate and needy. Jae rocked in time to the man’s encouraging grunts, spreading his knees further apart. Digging his fingers into the small of Yunho’s back, he regained his control long enough to hold on, slapping their bodies together in a wet slide of skin on skin. The room filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and the rough slap of their bodies meeting.

A spark lit in Yunho’s core, spreading a numb fire through his limbs. Unable to stop, he crested, shouting and crying out, unable to stop his body from clenching down hard around Jaejoong’s hot shaft. Pulled in by the man’s contractions, Jae bunched his muscles, sweat dappling his shoulders, back and stomach with the effort of bringing Yunho to release.

Desire built between them, growing hotter and burning through their skin. It erupted through Yunho first. The man jerked, his body stiffening tightly as his body gave up its release. A cloud of creamy liquid spilled from his shaft, covering his palm and dripping down into the pale sheets below.

Dipping in, Jaejoong thrust into his lover’s channel, once then again until he felt the tight sac under his erection give, curling up into his body and filling Yunho. The hot spill bloomed into the man’s hot crevices, working a flood of sexual desire through the space and Yunho cried out again, his climax running endlessly up and down his limbs. The feel of his lover’s seed in him brought him to the edge and he jerked around Jaejoong’s releasing shaft, holding his lover tighter and tighter as Jae nearly screamed Yunho’s name.

Jaejoong dropped down, covering Yunho’s back and they lay against one another, Jae’s softening erection held captive by Yunho’s rippling entrance. Bound by sweat and seed, they rubbed hands on what they could reach, wet skin slick under their palms and the smell of musky sex blended with an aromatic strawberry fragrance. Their hearts fell into pace, pounding blood into their ears and gently settling, giving their lungs room to breathe in their air-deprived chests.

“God,” Yunho said softly, mournfully letting a soft Jaejoong slip from his body. “God I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jaejoong whispered, kissing the space between Yunho’s shoulder blades. “Thank you. For this. For everything.”

“No need to thank me, baby. Hell, you… I can’t even find words for how you made me feel.” Yunho turned, facing his lover. His fingers were wet with his own release and Jaejoong lifted Yunho’s hand to his face, licking the man’s fingers clean. Stirring, Yunho’s aching sex reacted to the sight of Jae’s sinful mouth frosted with the creamy salt from his spill. “Keep doing that and you’re going to find yourself on your stomach again. Watching you do that is making me crazy, Boo.”

“I don’t mind. We’ve got all night.” Jaejoong’s dark eyes twinkled with mischief. Holding up sone of the unopened packets, he shook it under Yunho’s nose. He sealed Yunho’s murmuring protests with a hard kiss, keeping his lips on his lover’s mouth. “And I really like the taste of you and chocolate.”
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