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Love Much Mine: Chapter 13 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 13
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
A. A. Milne

Se7en’s breath froze in his lungs. The wintergreen lozenge on his tongue seared a mint cloud into his brain, wiping out most of his senses. Changmin slid the mint into his mouth with a kiss, telling him to suck on it while he filled his own mouth with several more.

Then Se7en lost his mind.

Min’s breath on his sex was a mingle of hot and cold. The hit of mint in his own nostrils flared, driving down into his throat and streaming through his face. Se7en lay his head back, his shoulders propped up against the bed’s numerous pillows so he could watch his lover consume him but when Min’s lower lip caught on the ridge of velvet skin along his head, his eyelids fluttered and he gulped, nearly passing out when he forgot to inhale.

Se7en ran strong hands over Min’s shoulders, enjoying the feel of the man’s strength on his palms. Wiry, the younger man’s body ran lean with muscle, a long expanse of bone and sinew seemingly designed to drive Se7en wild. Fisting one hand in Min’s hair, he let his lover roam over his sex, panting when Min’s tongue circled his head and exhaled a frosted breath into its slit.

The icy puff worked down into his sac, pulling it up in response. His shaft tingled, hardening until the loose satin skin grew taut over his length, unable to expand any more to contain his desire. Min gripped him at the root, burying the side of his hand into the wealth of silken hair under Se7en’s belly and ran his tongue over the twin grooves leading down to his tip. Stopping just short of the head, Min circled Se7en again, licking at the vein pulsating beneath the shaft, transferring the minty shock of his mouth to Se7en’s sensitive skin.

“Don’t know if I can hold it, baby,” He murmured, spreading his knees apart when Min nudged at his thighs with an authoritative push with his chin. “God, you are beautiful.”

The sweet innocence of Min’s features and the wicked intelligence in his dark sultry eyes turned Se7en on. Combined with the sexy quirk of his mouth, the younger man hit every single one of Se7en’s desires, from his long legged lean body to the deep throaty laugh and macabre sense of humour.

Min’s sinful lips, usually used for a smile or a smirk, wrapped around Se7en’s sex and sealed him into a long succulent kiss. A single strong stroke slid the older man’s length down Min’s throat and Se7en gasped, lifting his hips up to touch his tip against the roof of Min’s mouth. His softness cradled the pearling slit, then he drew back, dragging the older man’s tip across the ridges of his palate.

The group’s stylists left Min’s hair a deep rich brown, thrilling Se7en. It was shorter than he’d like and his fingers reached the end of the young man’s fringe and kept going, mostly out of habit. It was a match for the lush mink cowl of his leather jacket, a favourite now that the colour reminded him of Changmin. As soft as the luxurious fur, Min’s hair tickled Se7en’s hand, escaping from between his fingers when he tried to clench his fist as his body tightened.

“Like that?” Min gave Se7en a naughty glance, long lashes barely hiding the gleaming sparkle in his brown eyes. He took another long lick, tauntingly working Se7en down his throat again. He held him there, gripping the man’s sex tightly and swallowed, enclosing him in a mint-frosted silken tightness.

The chill of Min’s mouth spread over Se7en’s sex. With a quick inhale, the younger man sent shivers down the shaft, leaving a sea of goosebumps over Se7en’s thighs and stomach. Sliding the tip of his finger briefly in his mouth, Changmin left it wet then reached for the tin, haphazardly picking up what he could of the dust along the bottom.

Se7en opened his eyes and his breathing hitched, transfixed by the cunning smile on his lover’s mouth. “What are …you up to… Minku?”

“You’ll see,” He grinned up at the older man, cupping under his sac and rolling the man’s globes in his palm. “Or maybe, I’ll just show you.”

Se7en yelped when Min slid the tip of a mint-dusted finger past his tight ring. The heat exploded outward, running along his nerve endings and he cried out, nearly losing control in the spiced cool of Min’s mouth. A flip of Min’s tongue burrowing into him followed, chasing the cool past the rim and deeper towards the delicate spiral knot hidden inside of him. Dampened, his entrance opened and Min slid his finger in, caressing the sensitive flesh with long, passionate strokes.

“Killing me,” Se7en choked out. He forced himself back down onto the bed, pushing into the mattress. His knees rose, cradling the young man between his legs. When his lover stretched in deeper, he called out, almost screaming Min’s name with a hoarse shout.

“Yeah, I think you like that,” Min murmured, returning to the tin to dip his tongue into the mints. Picking up several on the wet from his mouth, he held them against the roof of his mouth, tucking Se7en’s sex into the hollow of his cheek.

The renewed sting of cool-hot enflamed the older man and Se7en gripped Changmin’s hair tightly, filling his hands with soft brown silk. When the young man’s tongue lapped at his head, he growled and pulled, yanking Min up from his perch across Se7en’s hips.

“Hey, not done,” Changmin complained softly then gasped when Se7en flipped him onto his back.

Growling even deeper, the older man fell forward to cover him, tangling his legs into Min’s and forcing them apart. Grabbing Min’s wrists, he leaned into a kiss, coaxing a sucked on lozenge from the other man’s mouth. “You’re teasing me too much.”

“Really?” Cockily, the younger man smirked. “I thought I hadn’t teased you enough.”

Se7en descended, claiming Min’s mouth. The younger man surrendered, parting his lips and sighed, cupping the back of his lover’s head with a trembling hand. Se7en squeezed Min’s thigh then reached for the gel they’d left open on the night. Grazing the underside of Min’s sac with one hand, he warmed the bottle in his palm, heating the chill from the lubricant as he sucked on the mint in his mouth.

Changmin’s legs fell open and his tongue darted out to lick at Se7en’s mouth, tracing the man’s lower lip. Groaning with the need to be buried deep inside of his young lover, Se7en trailed a line of gel on his fingers stroking Min’s sex and balls, working the warmed lube around until it flowed down and over the entrance to his body.

His finger slid in easily, a long and supple stroke into the heat beyond Min’s muscled rind. The younger man cried out, lifting his hips to meet each movement of his lover’s hand, clamping down tightly when Se7en withdrew his finger out to tease him with its tip.

“Want more, baby?” He asked softly, biting into the length of Min’s neck, small nibbles barely hard enough to leave a red trail along the young man’s tanned skin. “Want more of me?”

“Yesssss.” Min’s hips thrashed and he lay his feet flat on the bed, rising and mewling when Se7en withdrew again. “Keep… inside.”

“I’ve got a better idea, baby,” Se7en flicked his tongue over Min’s earlobe, drawing his teeth against the tender bit and tugging gently on the downy skin on his lover’s cheek. “Get on your knees and turn around. I’m going to show you what happens to teasing, naughty young men.”

Changmin rose, turning around as he got to his knees. Reaching up to grip the headboard, he gasped when Se7en clamped his teeth down on his shoulder, biting hard enough to dimple the skin. Releasing Min, he licked at the spot, drawing up the welts with a pass from his thumb.

“Hold onto the headboard, Minku,” Se7en’s voice was rough, gravel-harsh and thick with lust. “Don’t make me have to tie you to it.”

“Maybe I want…” He hissed as Se7en’s hand left a red print across the flat of his ass.

“Later,” Se7en promised. “Right now, I don’t want to take the time to get off of the bed. Hold on for now and do not let go.”

Guiding Min’s hips back, Se7en leaned over to kiss the small of his lover’s back. Licking at the crest of Min’s cleft, he bit him at the shallow dip of his ass then kissed the spot again. A dribble of gel along Min’s crack seeped slowly into the valley, flowing in when Se7en pushed Min’s shoulder’s forward to cant his hips up. Using his fingers, he stroked the gel along the seam of Min’s sac and then up into his core, parting the entrance with an forceful thumb.

Exhaling sharply, Se7en slid the half-dissolved mint from his mouth and pinched it between his fingers. Licking the edge of Min’s ear, he whispered, “Remember this the next time you decide to tease me, Minku. Turnabout’s fair play.”

The lozenge sliver slipped easily past Min’s entrance, trembling at the ring’s edge. Changmin’s gasp shuddered through his body, rocking him forward until his chest pressed up against the padded headboard.

Se7en parted his lover’s ass cheeks and slid forward, pushing the heat of his erection deep into the gel-slick channel beyond, forcing the icy burst of mint in besides him. Gleaming with the remnants of the tin’s dusty leavenings, Se7en’s sex parted Min’s core and reached the curl of his sexual knot, slamming his body into overdrive.

Changmin was velvet around his hard shaft, cloyingly tight around Se7en as he began to rock his hips. Snowflake fireworks expanded within the young man, leaving trails of heat that Se7en chased down with every thrust. Cocking his hips, the older man hooked himself in, barely drawing out before slamming in again.

The mint burst inside of Changmin, filling him and pushing outwards as Se7en pressed in again and again until he ached with the need to release. Needing to grip himself, he almost moved his hand from the headboard, stopping when his lover growled a warning.

“This,” Se7en said, cupping Min’s dripping sex. “This is mine. I’ll be bringing you off. No one else. Not even you.”

His erection was tight, nearly painful but Se7en held on, working his hand around Min’s shaft. He used his thumb to part the head’s slit, rubbing his fingernail along the pout and drawing out the creamy pre-cum Min built up. Changmin’s body twisted around him as the younger man tilted his ass, straining to hit the sweet spot with Se7en’s length and the older man obliged, drawing himself against the nub he knew lay deep inside.

Gripping Min’s shaft, he slowly pulled up, closing his fingers over tight around the slender tip and then down to the thicker root, taking his time with each stroke. Dripping gel from the bottle with his free hand, Se7en slickened Min’s erection, slipping his fingers around the lubricant until he could move smoothly. Tossing the bottle to the side, he flattened his hand on Min’s lower back, pushing the young man down until he arched his hips and thrust his shoulders back.

Falling into a deep rocking rhythm, Se7en heard the slap of his sac hitting Min’s body, their skin sticky with sweat as the young man writhed and craned his body, driven to a frenzy by Se7en’s thrusts. Unable to do more than hold on, he cried out, pleading at first then guttural moans filled the air. Se7en’s grip on his sex lessened when the goosebumps hit Min’s back, the remaining shoots of ice from the buried mint working over his skin.

The bed rocked and creaked, slamming the frame against the wall. Shifting his hands, Min spread his fingers over the padding, holding onto the fabric as Se7en thrust and groaned against him. Paint chipped from the plaster, revealing the white gypsum board beneath but the older man kept on, amused at the fine white dust covering his lover’s fingers.

“That’s right,” He said, purring. “That ice inside of you. That’s probably what you left on me, no? How does it feel, baby? Cold enough to make you hot?”

“Shichi,” He moaned, dropping his head forward. Unable to do more than quiver in Se7en’s grip, he pushed back, thrusting harder and tightening his muscles to hold his lover in deep. “It’s cold… inside of me. Oh God, but it burns. Need you. More.”

“Want me, Minku?” Se7en murmured, licking away the sheen forming over Min’s shoulders. He could feel the stretch of the younger man’s ring around him, pulling him in further and further as spasms began to filter up from Min’s tight sac. A flick of his fingers down Min’s erection confirmed his suspicions. The coil of his body fit up against the root of Min’s sex and his balls roiled, barely able to part between Se7en’s fingers. “Good because I want you too.”

Possessing Min fully was all Se7en needed and the jump of the young man’s cock in his hand told him Min was close to the edge. The older man bit, holding on tightly to the back of Min’s neck and pushed in deep, working his hips around in a tight circle to stretch his lover apart.

Grasping Min’s root, he palmed up his length and over the head, Changmin drawing back from the touch as his glans tingled, too taut to be stroked but Se7en persisted. A thumb press against the slit was all Min needed to release and the young man’s body went rigid, his head cast back as he screamed up into the ceiling.

Se7en heard the rush of his lover then felt the heat of his spill on his hand. Stroking quicker, he held Min’s shaft as it jerked and spat, thrusting his hips quicker and deeper to spread the gel-mingled mint around. Unable to stand the icy kiss working over his sex, he closed his eyes and squeezed one final time, unwilling to let Min go as he gushed a release into the depths of Changmin’s body.

The final tremors of their coming rocked their bodies as they sank down to the mattress, Se7en still fully engulfed by Min’s tightness. The older man held him close, wrapping his arms about Min’s slender torso and stroked at his deep brown nipples, using his other hand to milk the last drops from Min’s softening sex. Running his fingers into the trail of dark hair around Min’s navel, he played with the slippery release of his lover’s body, spreading it over Min’s skin and then his own as they touched each other with wandering hands.

“Love you, Minku,” Se7en whispered, rubbing his cheek against the soft hair on Min’s sweaty temple. “Always be mine, baby. Promise me that.”

“Always your love, Shichi,” Min leaned his head back, rocking his hips gently against the length of Se7en’s body he still possessed. “Even when we are apart, I’ll feel you in me. I promise you that. I am always yours like you will always be mine.”
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