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Love Much Mine: Chapter 14 [R]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 14
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: R
Overall Rating: NC-17

LMM ending soon. Maybe three (?) more chapters.

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

Pablo Neruda

Yoochun laid down a string of lyrics, rapping through the English as he tried words. On the bed, Junsu looked up at the odd patterns his lover beat out, trying to figure out what Yoochun was saying.

“What is that you’re saying?” Junsu sat up, putting his book on the bed. “It sounds like nonsense.”

“It is,” Chunnie said, blushing. Rubbing the hair on the back of his head, he looked down. “Sometimes I just like putting words together that sound good, even if they don’t make any sense.”

“Huh.” The tenor cocked his head and motioned for his lover to join him, waving Yoochun over. “Come here.”

“Quack quack,” Yoochun duckwalked over to the bed, hooking his arms around Junsu’s waist and falling into the pillows with him. The frame squeaked, the mattress hitting the wall. On the night stand, the lamp rocked on its base, light streaming wildly about the room as it rocked slowly in a circle. Lifting Junsu’s shirt, he blew a raspberry on the young man’s belly, making a loud wet noise with his mouth.

“Silly,” Junsu laughed, a bright sound drowning out the giggle Yoochun left on him.

“Always,” Yoochun replied. His laughter faded under the weight of his melancholy expression. “You taught me how to laugh, Susu-ah. Whenever I see you smile, I want to hold you so my heart can feel it more. You’re like my own sun.”

He stroked at the young man’s hair, holding the slender tenor to him. In the dim light of a single lightbulb, they lay in the near darkness, listening to the night outside and the sounds of each other breathing. Junsu’s heart beat skipped when Yoochun slid his hand under his t-shirt, roaming up until his fingers brushed gently over the tenor’s nipples.

Junsu shimmied the shirt over his shoulders, tossing it to the floor. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of Yoochun’s shorts, he said, “Want to fool around?”

“The hyung will be back soon.” He made a face, glancing at the open door. “They went to the movies and unlike us, they just watch the movie and come home.”

“Maybe we could…” Junsu shifted on the bed, trailing his fingers over Yoochun’s mouth.

“Close the door?” Yunho asked, poking his head into the room and grabbing the doorknob. “When you’re done screaming like alley cats, we brought home ice cream if you want some. Wash your hands first before you touch anything.”

The door closed with a firm click and Yoochun burst into a fit of giggles, falling over Junsu when the young man sat up straight, shame flushing his cheeks. Pressing his hands to his face, Junsu bowed his head, moaning soulfully at the admonishment.

“Oh… God, quit laughing,” He balled up a fist and struck Yoochun. “You’re why they call us the hyenas.”

“God,” Yoochun gasped, wiping his eyes. “They call us the hyenas because Min started it. Say it in English. It sounds like hyung, no? It’s a joke. A pun, word-play. Hy-ena.” He pronounced the word slowly.

“Changmin is an ass,” Junsu muttered, his nostrils flaring. “He mocks us.”

“He mocks everyone,” The baritone replied, leaning back into the pillows after shucking his shirt. “It’s how he shows you he loves you.”

“Then he must be ready to toss aside Se7en and marry me,” He said, staring at his belly. “Did he sneak in here in the middle of the night and get me pregnant? Because I think he loves me that much.”

“You’re just too easy to tease,” Yoochun laughed, pulling him closer. “And why are you using your mouth to talk about Changmin instead of kissing me?”

“He makes me…” Junsu narrowed his eyes. “We should put his sheets in the freezer.”

“We could,” The other man cocked his head, contemplating the idea. “But do you want to start a war with a clearly superior intelligence? The baby is smarter than the two of us combined. I don’t want to start sleeping with one eye open.”

“Jaejoong would protect you,” He sniffed. “I’m alone. No one will keep Min from retaliating.”

“I would protect you from Min,” He promised. Yoochun’s whisper tickled Junsu’s ear, his breath hot and wicked. His fingers stroked at Junsu’s sex, circling its thickening head under the soft fabric of the tenor’s shorts.

“Who’s going to protect you from me?” Junsu asked, grinning as he pushed the other man into the pillows. Straddling Yoochun’s hips, he lowered his head and licked at the young man’s peaked nipple, rolling its hard tip between his tongue and teeth. Dragging the nub out with a slow bite, he sank his teeth in deeper when Yoochun hissed with pleasure, the baritone’s hips rising to rub on Junsu’s crotch. Letting go of Yoochun’s nipple, he pressed a small kiss to the man’s neck, inhaling his spicy, musky scent.

“Too many clothes,” Junsu said, wrapping his fingers around the elastic of Yoochun’s pants.

Everything came off at once, their mouths touching with a ferocious possessiveness in between gasps of air. Hands roamed over vast stretches of bare skin, fingers stretching to touch anything within reach. Junsu found himself breathless when he skimmed his hand over his lover’s hips then down Yoochun’s thigh. Trailing down Chunnie’s leg, he teased the other man by stroking against the direction of the hair on his shin, tickling him briefly. Eventually, he touched the tattoo on his lover’s leg.

“I will never regret those,” Yoochun whispered, pushing himself up onto his elbows and capturing Junsu’s upper lip with a teasing touch of his mouth. “My angel’s feathers, giving me strength and peace.”

“I’m too scared to get one,” Junsu laughed, rubbing at his own shoulder to chase away his goosebumps. “The needles!”

“It’s more like a burn.” He teased. “And I’m the biggest coward of all of us and I get them.”

“That’s because Jaejoong is your best friend,” Junsu replied softly. “You steal his courage and wear it on you like a skin. Then you come to me and whine that it itches.”

“That’s not all that itches.” Yoochun kissed his lover softly, his hand traveling down to grip at Junsu’s sex. “I’m pretty sure this probably does too.”

“Maybe a little bit,” He replied with a cocky grin. “Maybe you can help me with that.”


“Did you tell them we have ice cream?” Jaejoong asked, unpacking the last bag of groceries he’d brought in.

“Oh I told them,” Yunho replied with a snort. “Then I closed the door on their sweaty nakedness and told them to clean up before coming back out here.”

“Aish, you walked in on them?”

“No,” He grinned at his lover, coming up behind Jaejoong and wrapping his arms around the singer’s waist. Rocking the slender man back and forth. “They still had pants on. It doesn’t count as walking in on unless pieces and parts are in mouths or other things.”

“Ai!” Jae ducked his head, the burn of embarrassment filling his cheeks. “Being around Dong-Wook is bad for your mouth.”

“Being around you is good for my mouth,” Yunho bent to kiss his lover’s neck, circling the spot under Jae’s jaw with the tip of his tongue. “How about if we grab some of the mochi ice cream and spend some time on the couch? It’s been a long time since we just sat together.”

“It’s going to be longer if we don’t do it now,” Jaejoong sighed, detaching himself from his lover’s grip. Digging a few boxes from the freezer, he held up the ice cream. “What would you like? Coffee, chocolate, green tea, mango or strawberry?”

“Leave the mango for the others,’ Yunho replied, grabbing some napkins and a plate. “I know they like that and the chocolate the most. I bought two of the chocolate. How about some of the coffee, green tea and chocolate?”

“Not the strawberry?” Jae grinned.

“Oh I have strawberry for later, Boo,” He winked at Jae then piled the cold treats onto the plate.

Stashing away the ice cream, the singer followed the taller man to the living room, carrying two water bottles. He waited until Yunho settled into the red couch before folding himself around the other man’s body. Cradled in Yunho’s curve with the other man’s hand looped around his back, Jae sighed with deep contentment.

“You good, Boo?”

“Yeah,” Jae said, nibbling on the chewy mochi around the ice cream centre. “I’m going to be sorry to get back onto the plane. We won’t be sleeping together any more. I hate that they choose our roommates for us.”

“It’s what we agreed to,” Yunho replied sadly. “All of us behave when we outside of the apartment.”

“I hate being… away from you,” Jaejoong wanted to say more.

He hated living behind a mask of friendship, unable to kiss Yunho’s tears away from his eyes when they won an award or giving the man a fierce hug during a performance. His hands itched sometimes to feel Yunho under them and he found himself living for the rare times when Yunho touched him. He couldn’t trust himself to initiate the contact or they’d end up on the floor tearing each other’s clothes off under judging and hard stares.

“It’s not raining,” Yunho murmured, taking a small bite of the treat when Jae offered it. The cold reached into his teeth and he chewed quickly, trying to warm the ice cream before it gave him a headache. “We could go out to the balcony and sit there.”

“Ah, no,” Jaejoong blushed, biting into a large piece of the treat.

Yunho lifted his eyebrows at the red in his lover’s face. “I don’t want to know. Do I?”

“No,” He said, shaking his head. “Probably not.”

“You know, they’re the reason we keep moving, I swear.” Yunho sighed. “It’s like they smear their bodies all over everything.”

“This is nice,” Jaejoong sighed, cuddling against the taller man. “Can’t we leave them in their bedroom?”

“Only if they stay in their bedroom,” Yunho growled. He bent his head, stealing the sliver of mochi from Jaejoong’s mouth. “Maybe we should take a hint from them and just do what we want out here.”

“Only if you want them to comment on the length of your…” Jaejoong smiled when Yunho’s fingers came up and pressed on his lips to close them.

Jae opened his mouth, sliding the tips of Yunho’s fingers past his lips. He sucked hard, sliding his tongue around the pads and flicking over the lines of the joints. Opening his throat, Jaejoong swallowed the first tip of Yunho’s finger, undulating the back of his tongue around. He heard his lover gasp and he slowly moved his hand over Yunho’s thigh, feeling the press of Yunho’s sex throbbed beneath his palm as he moved his hand over the man’s crotch.

“I thought we were going to cuddle and…” He swallowed hard, unable to finish his sentence when Jae’s flexible tongue licked his palm. “Keep that up and I’m going to toss the ice cream back in the freezer.”

“Why not just bring it with you?” Jaejoong’s sensual mouth curled into a quirky smile. Rising to his feet, he bent over and gave the line of Yunho’s shaft a long lick, stopping only to press the tip of his tongue against its tip before straightening. His smile wickedly seductive, he padded towards the hallway, stopping to trail his hand on the back of the love seat. “When you can walk again, why don’t you join me in the bedroom? I’ll finish what I started back there.”
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