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Love Much Mine: Chapter 15 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine ♥
Chapter: 15
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17
Overall Rating: NC-17

LMM ending soon.

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. Zora Neale Hurston

Yoochun tasted of mint and laughter. Kissing the baritone’s mouth was like taking a sip from his soul. Chunnie held nothing back, letting his thoughts warm his tongue nearly as quickly as they flew to life in his mind. His lover reminded him of summer.

At least Yoochun’s kisses did.

The young man’s lips left star bursts along Junsu’s shoulder and he moaned when the tenor’s dominating mouth captured his in a hungry kiss. Lying naked over Yoochun’s body, he covered as much of his lover’s skin as he could, rubbing along the length of his slender torso with slow strokes of his hands.

There were spaces on Yoochun’s body that Junsu loved to taste the most. A salty sweetness lingered in the cup of the young man’s collarbone. He grew sweeter towards the V of his throat and Junsu swore he was sipping from a pluck of nectar when he found Yoochun’s mouth. The man’s perfect bow held a candy sweeter than anyone could make.

If he didn’t believe in God before, Junsu would have found the presence of a higher power in Yoochun’s kiss.

Tearing himself from Yoochun’s mouth, he roamed, flicking a nipple with his tongue. He played with the potent musky of Yoochun’s chest, finding the other nub with his fingers. Tweaking it roughly, he grinned slyly when Yoochun groaned and twisted his hips under Junsu’s thighs. A wetness already tippled across Junsu’s hip as Yoochun’s sex left a silver trail on the smaller man’s skin.

Unable to wait, Junsu blindly searched for the small bottle of lubricant he’d tossed on the bed. The plan to seduce his lover was a long one but his patience was at an end. Nearly desperate to be buried in the hot snugness of Yoochun’s cheeks, Junsu flicked open the top and poured some into his hand. Licking at Yoochun’s belly button, he tracked the shiver of goose bumps across the man’s hip bone with a swipe of his tongue.

“Spread your legs, Chunnie,” Junsu shushed his lover’s creeping moan, nudging the man’s leg with his shoulder as he moved aside. “Let me see you.”

“Susu…” Yoochun turned his head, his dark eyes hooded and hot. “It’s…”

“It’s mine, no?” The tenor nudged again. He teased Chun’s sex with a nip of his teeth, licking at the damp slit until he coaxed out a drop of the man’s salty musk. “Let me see what is mine, baby. Let me have what you’ve given only to me.”

Nestled between Yoochun’s legs was the sweetest scent of all. A mingle of masculinity and crispness, Yoochun’s body exhaled an erotic storm of flavours, each bursting in Junsu’s mouth like the bite of a snowflake caught on his tongue. Parting the soft skin around Yoochun’s head, he teased and licked at the sensitive spot until the other man writhed. Unable to pull away from Junsu’s incessant tonguing, Yoochun raised his knees, anything to stop the delicious torture of his sex.

“Ah, much better, Chunnie,” Junsu’s chuckle was as satyr-dark as his eyes and he dipped his hand down, the warmed lubricant spilling down the crease of his lover’s body. Spreading the aromatic around, he flicked his finger tip around the other man’s opening, stroking the velvet skin crimping.

A reticent shyness sometimes rose in Yoochun, a shimmering self-doubt that turned his expressive eyes sad. When the man’s melancholy hit, Junsu wished he had the moon to pull down to fill his lover’s heart with silver light. In the dimness of their room, he did what he could to chase away the bruised ghosts lingering in the air.

“Junsu,” Yoochun crawled slightly back into the bed, pushing his shoulders into the soft pillows. Splayed, he felt vulnerable as if the world could see straight through the cracks of his smile and into his imperfect soul. When Junsu swallowed the length of his hard sex into the hot cradle of his mouth, he gasped and crooned, closing his eyes to ride the sensation.

Hot was the only way to describe Junsu’s mouth. No, Yoochun stopped his thoughts before he fell into the wantonness of his lover’s daring ways. Wicked. Sinful, even. Then with a flickering touch of Junsu’s tongue on his slickened entrance, he damned Junsu to soul-breaking.

Fully exposed, Yoochun let go of his control, falling easily into the feel of Junsu’s mouth and tongue moving over his crotch. Fingers splayed his sac, then the man’s mouth suckled first one orb then the other, pulling them out before letting them drop back with a wet slurp. His teasing continued, licking up and down Yoochun’s shaft, following the ridges along the top and across the shiny, slick skin.

The vein on his cock throbbed, pulsing with each butterfly kiss Junsu left along its length. A deep kiss left his head puckering on Junsu’s tongue and the ripple of need rocking Yoochun made him swoon. Catching his breath, he was ill-prepared for the thrust of a finger into his depths. Rocking Yoochun in his mouth, he dug in deep, stroking at the tender heat inside until he found the spot he was looking for.

A flick of his nail against the burl in Yoochun’s channel drove the baritone up onto his toes, his hips rising with the shock of Junsu’s touch. His panting breaths became cries, loud mewling begging noises that made as much sense as his rap but the noise was a welcome one. As melodic as his patchwork of words, Yoochun’s cries were music to Junsu’s ears. The sounds rose and fell, peaking then numbing to a whimper when Junsu pulled away.

The splash of seed on the back of his throat warned Junsu that his lover was close and he wanted to feel the baritone’s spill on his belly as he made love to him.

Clutching the sheets, Yoochun gasped and moaned, “Why did you stop? God, why? Driving me crazy.”

“Because I’m going to be inside of you when you come,” Junsu whispered, rising up to his knees. Leaning over to give Yoochun a fierce kiss, he slid another finger into his lover’s warmth, stretching him out with a twisting motion. He knew how Yoochun would feel when he slid into him. The world would explode and come together time and time again. It was how Junsu felt whenever Yoochun entered him.

He wanted to give his lover the same bliss Yoochun gave him.

“Love you,” Yoochun murmured into Junsu’s mouth, laving the man’s mouth until the tenor parted his lips and let him in. “Want you inside of me.”

“You have no patience, Chunnie-ah,” He teased. His fingers fluttered around Yoochun’s entrance and he exhaled hard when Yoochun rubbed his thighs against Junsu’s sides. “Silly.”

“Silly?” Yoochun growled and lifted his head, biting into Junsu’s earlobe. Pulling hard, he guided his lover down with a twist of his jaw.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Junsu howled and laughed, sliding his fingers along his hard length to cover himself with lubricant. “Let go.”

“Get in,” Yoochun said, releasing him and kissing the spot wetly before Junsu pulled away.

“Yes, hyung,” Susu murmured and tipped his head into the pout of Yoochun’s body. He pushed in gently, rocking his hips as Yoochun’s entrance sucked at his sex.

Holding Chunnie’s hips, Junsu braced himself steady when the young man hooked his hands under his own thighs to hold them apart for Junsu’s penetration. Leaning against the pillows, Yoochun’s deep brown hair covered his eyes as he tilted his body, straining to feel his lover in him.

Junsu went slowly, pushing in and letting the drag of Yoochun’s tight body close over him. Pulling out slightly, he roiled his hips, clenching his own ass in tight to withdraw. His shoulders dipped, hooking Yoochun’s knees over his arms and he pushed down, spreading the baritone further apart. Plunging in, he rocked and pushed, cradling Chunnie’s neck with one of his hands.

“Love you,” Susu whispered, giving Yoochun a hard kiss. “Hold onto me, baby.”

They surged against one another, sweat beading on their foreheads. There was a quiet frantic pulse to their movements, a quiet slap of reality at their backs as their free hours were ticking off to an end.

Yoochun pushed his hips up, needing to have Junsu buried deep inside of him and he called out when the other man buried his shaft in deep. Feeling the slap of Junsu’s sac against his thighs, Yoochun cried out and rose, slamming his lover’s sex against the tingle inside of him.

Junsu kissed him again and Yoochun felt the swell of their kisses chafing their lips. Junsu’s skin glowed, shining under the scant light where the sweat glistened on his shoulders and pooled into dew along his chest.

Licking at the drops, Yoochun swallowed his lover’s scent, a sweet male musk that hardened his sex until it was almost painfully stretching up to his belly. His heart racing, he dove in to suckle at Junsu’s nipple, then lapped at the length of his collarbone, tightening his ass muscles to bury the other man deep into him.

With their bare skin slippery and heat flushed, they moved, undulating and rolling their hips in time with one another. They danced this way on stage, separated by too much fabric and too many eyes but Yoochun always felt the skim of his lover’s hands on his back when Junsu passed him. He’d burned his own fingers on the succulence of Junsu’s ass more times than he could count but he kept going back for more.

“Love doing this with you,” Junsu gasped, feeling the rush of his release gathering at the base of his erection. He would lose himself soon, unable to stand much more of Yoochun’s hot tightness. Gripping his lover’s sex, Junsu tugged, sliding his palm up and over Yoochun’s sex until his head pinked and throbbed.

“Love you doing this to me,” Yoochun struggled to catch his breath, gasping as his body burned from Junsu’s touch. “God, baby. Keep… doing…”

“Yeah,” Junsu grunted, falling into a rhythm as he stroked his lover off.

The pressure between them was building and his own sac coiled up, hard and full. He needed to spill into Yoochun soon and the thought of his seed around him, coursing hot into Yoochun’s guts was all Junsu needed to drive him over the edge.

His release was long, an intense flood gushing from his body and into Yoochun’s hollow. The other man arched his back, sliding Junsu in to the hilt, sealing himself with the thickness of his lover’s erection. Yoochun wanted to hold as much of Junsu as he could inside of him, unwilling to let even a single drop of Junsu’s desire for him leave his body.

His sex had other plans. Junsu’s fingers tightened once more on his root and pulled up, fusing heat along the shaft and down into the core of his belly. When Junsu’s wicked, tempting mouth touched his lips, Yoochun felt himself surrender to the other man’s sweetness and came, filling Junsu’s hand with his hot cum.

They lay against one another, vibrating and sighing. Neither wanted to let go and the bed creaked with the movements of their tired bodies rocking slowly against one another. Hearts pounding and the rush of their sex ebbing away, they kissed, lingering in the taste of each other.

“I wish I had a better word for love,” Yoochun whispered, saddened when Junsu pulled free of his body and cleaned them both of their sticky releases. He lay on his side, letting the tenor bathe him with a warm washcloth, smiling when Junsu hooked the balled up cloth over his head like a basketball, landing it in the laundry basket by the door. “This feels too good just for the word love.”

“This,” Junsu climbed onto the bed, curling up against his lover’s long, warm body. Stroking at Yoochun’s bare belly, he leaned in and gave the man a gentle, sweet kiss that left them both breathless. “This, my Chunnie, this is YooSu. That is a word greater than love. Greater than anything. And it is something that is truly, only ours.”
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