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Love Much Mine: Chapter 16 [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine
Chapter: 16
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17 LEMON
Overall Rating: NC-17

One Chapter More till the End

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. Henry Van Dyke

It was a lover’s revenge. They’d spent years fighting, pulling at one another until the other screamed with frustration. Blows exchanged drew blood and tears were shed in private, both vowing to never let the other touch his body or mind again. Words were sharpened with fierce anger then thrown like knives into one another’s hearts, hurting deeper than they intended. No joy was gained in the battle, both men slinking away to nurse his wounds, licking at the tears in their souls as they curled around a love they nursed in the secrecy of their hearts.

The most difficult thing to do is love in secret. It was a truth both men knew to be a truth but being apart was more painful than living in a broken glass cage and despite the anguish of being apart, it was preferable to being without one another.

Kneeling on the bed, Yunho stared down at the length of his lover’s body loosely wrapped in soft crimson sheets. They’d spent a long time laughing and touching, culminating their arousal in a frenzied coupling and Jae dozed, belly full and mouth swollen with kisses.

The singer’s young form wore scars, reminders of the battles Jaejoong fought to get to the bed he now lay on. Several Yunho was ashamed to admit he probably had a hand in causing. A peek of a knee showed small gashes where arthroscopic cameras led surgeons in to repair extensive joint damage.

Driven to attain a perfection beyond his capabilities, Jaejoong broke, his knees snapping when extended beyond the singer’s remarkably flexible body. Yunho knew he was responsible for the injuries. He’d driven the others, a rigid taskmaster that demanded all members matched his physical prowess. The beauty lying mostly asleep before him struggled and fought to make Yunho proud of him, shattering his legs in the process.

A stain of black ink along Jaejoong’s shoulder blades was also Yunho’s fault. The man disliked tattoos but Jaejoong’s stubbornness won him over. With his hips twisted and his arms curled over his chest, the letters on Jae’s shoulders were partially visible, a T vivid in black on the man’s pale skin.

He’d been angered when Jaejoong sauntered in bearing the name of their group on his back and even angrier when he’d seen Micky’s matching script. His rage was volatile and he simmered even after the initial fight, enraged that there was now a visible link between the two young men. When Jaejoong finally got around to telling him the SOUL in his tattoo wasn’t for Yoochun but for Yunho, the leader was humbled and he choked on the ashes of his rage, unable to swallow around the dry grit of his shame.

Jaejoong could bring him to down to earth, fiercely independent but searching for someone to love him as he was… a someone who would defend his oddness and love him for the scattered focus that dominated Jaejoong’s thoughts. Mercurial and unpredictable, Kim Jaejoong shook Yunho’s world apart with ever step he took into it and the man felt powerless to stop the seductive, wicked tempest forcing his way into Yunho’s heart.

Yunho hoped Jaejoong would never stop pounding at his rigidity and traditional ways. His life would fade to a dull grey if Jaejoong left. In loving Jae, Yunho discovered that a storm was needed in order to cleanse the skies of smudge and to make rainbows.

Placing his hands on either side of Jaejoong’s turned torso, Yunho bent his head down and kissed the man’s shoulder lightly. Shifting so his knees straddled the other man’s thighs, he kissed again, pressing his lips down and tasting the night on his lover’s skin. Murmuring, Jaejoong shifted in his half-sleep, unwilling to surface completely out of his slumber but drawn to the heat of Yunho’s love like a flower turning to the sun after a hard rain.

“You taste soooo good,” Yunho whispered. His words were soft, barely audible over Jaejoong’s slow steady breathing. Flattening his tongue against the meat of Jae’s arm, he took a long slow lick, savouring the musky sweetness. Opening his mouth wider, he took a bite of the man’s bicep, sucking hard on the mouthful.

Jaejoong woke with a gasp, long lashes fluttering as his smoky brown eyes flew open. Turning, he caught his breath and parted his lips, his hips rubbing against Yunho’s knees and calves. The sheets slid partially off his stomach, his muscles clenched with the shock of the slight pain.

“Yun?” He mumbled, rubbing at the sleep in eyes. “What…?”

“Want you,” Yunho replied, canting his head and capturing Jaejoong’s full mouth.

Possessiveness surged in Yunho’s heart, thickening his sex. The beauty lying under him was his. No one could take Jaejoong away from him. The beat of Jae’s pulse was his, coursing through the heart he possessed fully. The flush of pink under Jae’s pale skin was from the touch of his fingers and Yunho nuzzled his lover’s neck, inhaling the faint scent of their sex lingering there.

He’d touched Jaejoong, cupping the man’s delicate jaw with his hand after they lay together. Driving Jaejoong to a peak, he’d held the man’s spill in his palm, licking the liquid from his hand. They cuddled, a bittersweetness in their languid touches and Yunho watched his lover slowly give in to sleep.

“Don’t,” Yunho stopped Jaejoong from shifting. “Let me unwrap you.”

Tangled loose in the sheets, Jae’s body played a seductive game of peek-a-boo with long stretches of skin and shadow. He lay still, reposed on his side with his shoulder turned down, hiding his chest and most of his stomach. A hip was fully bared, his back side lying flat on the bed. With his arms up and loosely crossed over his torso, Jaejoong turned his head to look up at his lover looming over him, the light from the street lamp outside reflecting in the depths of his dark, hooded eyes.

Yunho slid his hand under the linens, running his palm over Jae’s thigh and up over his hip. Pushing the sheets slowly aside, he unveiled his lover’s torso. Enraptured by the tightness of muscles pulling Jae’s shoulders, Yunho took his time studying the young man breathing quietly under his hands.

His fingers roamed, tracing each bump of Jae’s spine before running over the black ink baring Jae’s heart for the world to see. The skin was healed flat but Yunho imagined he could still taste the grit of the tattoo when it was new. It gave Jaejoong an earthy pungency as the ink slaked off in tiny flakes of skin. As Jae’s skin sloughed, Yunho gave in to his macabre curiosity and dabbed a shred on his tongue and was rocked by the visceral explosion of his senses.

Consuming his lover’s release in the darkness of their love was one thing but by taking in the stain of black and skin into his body, Yunho finally held a part of Jaejoong no one else ever had.

It both thrilled and scared him.

“You’re my addiction, Joongie-ah,” Yunho whispered. He pushed Jaejoong onto his back, gently guiding the man down. A flip of the sheet remained along Jae’s groin and Yunho left it there, knowing the wet daub soaking into the cotton and the rigid line of Jae’s sex was from his touch. “Every time I taste you, I break apart and want to bury myself into your soul. Loving you reminds me that I’m not indestructible. You drop me to my knees with a single glance and when your mouth touches my body, I want to cry because you take away any pain I’ve ever felt.”

Yunho rested his weight on one palm and his knees, leaning over to whisper into Jaejoong’s heavily pierced ear. “When I’m inside of you, I feel like God touches my heart because he’s let me make love to one of his angels. And the only thing I want to do most is to tear out your wings so you’ll stay with me forever.”

“Death won’t take me from you,” Jaejoong whispered, closing his eyes and arching his back when Yunho’s fingers rubbed a line across his hidden sex. “I will be with you always. Until forever fades.”

Yunho bit into the young man’s earlobe, reveling in the feeling of Jae’s hips rising to grind into his. Licking the reddened spot, he moved to Jae’s mouth, teasing out a pout with light nibbles. Shifting to lay on his elbow, he lowered his body down to cover Jaejoong’s long torso and thighs, caging the singer in with his legs.

“I love to do this to you,” Yunho said. “I like making you shake under me. I love having you trapped against me, pinned like a captured angel.”

He sucked at the man’s mouth, shoving his tongue deep into Jae when the man parted his mouth for him. He took as much as he gave, laving along the inside of Jae’s teeth and sliding around the other’s tongue. Yunho lapped at his lover’s mouth, drawing out long kisses as he rolled his hips into a slow circular push. Jae shuddered, crying out and pushing his thighs up off the bed, stroking his bare skin against Yunho’s legs. The other man’s calves were dusted with a fine hair and the rough silken feel of Yunho’s masculinity on his smoothness drove Jaejoong wild.

He lifted away, reluctantly leaving Jaejoong’s mouth behind. A plum taut nipple took the place of the man’s swollen lips, plump turgid when Yunho kissed first one and then the other. He licked at the tiny gold stud piercing Jaejoong’s navel, the balled loop barely visible in the curve of the man’s belly. They’d spent some time choosing the piece, wanting something simple in Jae’s piercing. Preferring gold over silver, Yunho selected a barbell that would fit snugly into the piercing but be large enough for him to find quickly when he skimmed his hand over Jae’s stomach.

“Mine,” Yunho looked up the span of Jae’s stomach and chest, meeting the man’s downturned gaze. Licking the piercing, he grasped the man’s rigid sex and stroked up to pull at the velvety head. “Mine too.”

Jaejoong moaned, grunting unintelligibly as Yunho’s fingers worked his length. Rigid from the pleasure, he strained to keep himself under control. Yunho pushed away the rest of the sheet from Jaejoong’s taut body, spreading the wetness of Jae’s pearling head with his thumb.

Sucking off the drops of Jae he’d coaxed clear of the man’s body, Yunho dipped his head down to taste the spiced pout he’d made ready for his mouth. Jaejoong’s pants grew shorter, heaving breaths jerking his chest up and down with each touch of Yunho’s lips and tongue to his sex.

Yunho mixed his warm, wet kisses with long licks around Jae’s shaft, stopping periodically to nip at the warm, musky skin of his sac. Taking his time, he prolonged his suckling, drawing back to leave a searing trail of kisses on the inside of Jae’s thighs. Turned on, Jaejoong reached to thread his fingers into Yunho’s hair but the other man shoved the searching hands aside, pinning Jae’s arms down with a firm grasp on his wrists.

“Not yet, baby,” Yunho promised. “Maybe soon.” Nipping at the tender sac, roiling one ball into the hot wet of his mouth, he sucked hard, closing his lips tightly around Jae’s smooth ball before suckling at the other. “Or maybe not.”

“I want you, Yunnie,” Jaejoong whispered, arching his body when Yunho swallowed him down to his root. With his arms spread apart, he pushed his shoulders back, his stomach and chest muscles trembling. He writhed, gasping and pleading for Yunho’s touch. “Please…baby… please.”

“I like hearing that too,” Yunho said, his voice rough and low with desire. He moved lower, licking at the man’s entrance. A couple of scattered foil packets were within reach and he grabbed one, tearing it open with his teeth, not caring what flavour he chose. A burst of rich chocolate hit the roof of his mouth and Yunho murmured in pleasure. Next to Jaejoong, chocolate was one of his favourites.

“Get on your hands and knees, Boo,” Yunho said, giving Jaejoong’s sex a final kiss before placing his hands on Jae’s hips.

The young man was slender in his grasp, wiry and flexible. Jaejoong let himself be arranged to Yunho’s pleasure. Yunho’s hands were deliberate, his mouth hot and mobile over the singer’s tender skin. Pressing the heels of his hands against Jae’s shoulders, he worked his lover down until his chest touched the bed. Tucking a pillow under Jae’s head, Yunho kissed him, whispering for the young man to hold on. Cradling the pillow, Jaejoong closed his eyes and waited, letting his imagination take him to the dark erotic places only Yunho seemed to know lurked inside of him.

He kissed the three beauty spots at the base of Jae’s spine, small hidden angelic spots. Jaejoong reached up behind his hips and stroked Yunho’s thigh, running his fingertips up and down the man’s leg. A tilt of his hips brought the cleft of his ass cradling Yunho’s thick sex and the man groaned, hoping he had enough control and patience not to plunge deep into Jae before the other man was ready.

Pinching Jae’s left cheek, Yunho followed up with a sharp quick bite, laughing at his lover’s outraged mewl. “Stop that before I lose myself before I even touch you.”

The lubricant was cold and Jaejoong hissed with slight displeasure when it hit his warm skin. A delicate sweet aroma of chocolate coaxed his desire and Yunho’s tongue along the crease of his backside startled him. Clenching his body tightly at first, Jaejoong forced himself to relax. The tickle of a sheet corner played havoc on his nipples and the slow drawn out prodding of Yunho’s thumb at the ridge of his entrance dried the moisture in his mouth.

Swallowing, Jae tried to moisten his tongue, failing miserably when Yunho’s lips briefly brushed through the sheen of oil spread over his entrance. A sharp quick burst of pain followed the kiss, the other man’s teeth scraping along the outer muscles. Huffing air through his open mouth, Jaejoong gulped once then yelped at the touch of Yunho’s broad thumb entering him.

Sliding into Jae with a single push of his thumb, Yunho turned his hand slowly, pulling at the ring gently. Hooking his other thumb at the man’s entrance, he eased it in, slowly filling Jaejoong with barely enough rigid hot flesh to drive him insane. Yunho knew his thumbs could whisper over the sweet spot in Jaejoong’s passage, not long enough to fully rub the man into a frenzy but easily brushing at the edges with a deep thrust in.

Parting Jae’s entrance, Yunho stretched him open and leaned in close, blowing a kiss into Jae’s core. The man yelped then giggled into the pillow, his laughter rich and sultry. The sound broke the darkness of the night with its brightness, stars falling down on Yunho’s shoulders. Jae smelled of their time together; first the crisp green tea soap they used to shower with and the whisper of vanilla and sex over that mingling in with the spiced exotic otherness Yunho always associated with his lover.

“Yunnie,” Jaejoong whispered, frantic and needful. “Please!”

His hips moved in slow time with Yunho’s fingers, his sex brushing the sheets as he dipped and curled. Already damp from Yunho’s mouth, Jae’s erection glistened as his longing welled along his head’s slit. The seed Yunho licked away earlier was already replenished with a soft dewy drop.

“Anything you want, baby,” Yunho promised, bending down to kiss the space between his lover’s shoulder blades. Slathering his own erection with a heavy slick of lubricant, Yunho raised his hips from the bed and guided himself to his lover’s entrance.

Their bodies honed firm from endless hours of dance and lean from eating on the run, Jaejoong felt blisteringly tight every time Yunho pressed into him. Savouring the feel of his lover’s velvety entrance, he moved slowly, lingering at the almost virginal feel of Jaejoong’s resistance giving way to his insistent pressure. The soft kiss of Jae’s body enveloped him, the sensation sliding down Yunho’s shaft and tickling the sensitive skin along his head.

He knew he hit the spot Jaejoong craved for him to touch when the other man keened with pleasure, his rear twisting in tight and his hips rose to meet Yunho’s heft. Drawing out, Yunho waited until the shuddering reflex of Jae’s body subsided before he thrust back in. Moistened from their prior coupling, Jaejoong was ready for him, fully engulfing his length with a push back of his thighs. Swallowed up to the hilt in the hot turmoil of Jae’s body, Yunho lay forward, resting in the comfort and spread kisses over Jae’s back and shoulders, catching his breath before he started moving.

Pulling out with a cant of his hips, Yunho sank back in, going in deep. Wrapping his arms around Jae’s shoulders, he cradled the slender man to his chest. His breath ruffled Jae’s dark hair with each of his grunts, his stomach and back working hard to thrust his length into his lover’s core. The muscled ring barely gave with each stroke, holding Yunho in an almost painful grip while whipping pleasure tendrils around his erection with each clench of Jae’s ass.

A whimpering kittenish noise fell from Jae’s open mouth, his head turned against the pillow and his lips parted, gasps escaping between his moans when Yunho thrust into him. The man’s heavier body covered nearly all of him, weighing him down into the mattress. Dominating and possessive, the curl of Yunho’s sweat-glistening skin against his felt good, a sanctuary against the harshness in the world. Yunho’s body was his shield, their joining was a time he shared everything he had inside of him with the other man, letting his lover have him completely.

Tomorrow he would move and hiss in pain when the bruises on his hips ached but the pounding Yunho gave him spread Jae apart and held him as a treasure. He closed his eyes when Yunho bit down on his tattoo, marking him around the ink. He wore his soul along his blades for Yunho to hold onto when they made love. The other man rode him with a hard ease, their bodies barely breaking apart as they moved together.

The sting of Yunho’s teeth grew and then a sharp give of pleasure jerked Jae’s erection nearly to spilling. He smelled the faint watery scent of his skin breaking, peeled slightly from Yunho’s bite. Growling at the release of his mouthful, Yunho turned his head and bit again, coming at the spot from another angle.

Heat from Yunho’s breath burned the broken skin now captured in the new bite but Jaejoong kept his head bent, needing his lover to continue. He could no longer feel his body as separate from the other man’s. They moved too close together, hips roiling and plunging back and forth. With the mouthful of his flesh captured by Yunho’s mouth, Jaejoong felt himself on his lover’s lips, the roll of skin pushing in and out with each thrust.

Jaejoong came first, drawn out by the grip of Yunho’s powerful fingers over the head of his sex. Shouting, he went rigid, trembling as he gushed out his pleasure. The hot liquid poured from him, surging with the force of a storm moon’s tide. Unable to hold back, he rode the sensation out, feeling his face and hands tingle then go numb as his sex emptied itself into Yunho’s hand.

Yunho felt the hot on his fingers and let go, jerking in once then again until he felt the tip of his shaft brush the too tight crush of Jae’s body. His seed welled up from his sac, the skin tight along his orbs and his base swelled with the rush of his release. Holding Jae in a crushing hug, he came, filling every crevice of the man’s passage until he felt as if he were swimming in the warm waters of a tropical bay, his lessening sex held by his lover’s spasms.

Caught in the undertow of their lovemaking, they sank down, holding one another tightly. Stretching out behind Jaejoong’s slack body, Yunho cradled his lover closer, unwilling to pull free from Jaejoong until absolutely necessary. The singer shifted back, laying on his side and curling into Yunho’s hips. He held his lover with the clench of his body, the rippling sensations of his climax still rolling through him.

Sweaty and tired, Yunho kissed the top of Jaejoong’s ear, licking along the ridge and down to his earlobe. Nuzzling his cheek against Jae’s damp temple, he whispered softly. “You are everything to me, Kim Jaejoong. I know I’m a coward when I say I want you to live longer than me but I… can’t imagine what would happen to my soul if you weren’t here. I don’t think I’m strong enough to stand that kind of pain. Can you forgive me for that, baby? Can you forgive me for wanting to always have you in my arms when I wake up?”

“Yes,” Jae murmured, his voice sleepy as a satisfied languor took him. “See, I don’t mind you dying first if it’s okay that I die a day later.”

“A day? Not the same day?” Yunho laughed, teasing a soft smile from his lover. “Maybe even that afternoon.”

“No, it has to be a full day,” Jaejoong replied, stifling a tiny yawn. “That way, you get to Heaven first and then, I’ll have you waiting there for me. Too soon and you’ll think I couldn’t live without you. That would just feed your ego even more. And any longer, I wouldn’t be able to stand.”

“Why’s that, my baby?” He asked, lulled by the lilting song of Jaejoong’s country accented Korean.

“Because I don’t think I’m strong enough to live without you either,” He said, kissing Yunho’s arms where they crossed over his chest in front of him. “I don’t think I could go much longer than a day without telling you that I loved you. And I don’t want you to go a day without hearing it.”
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