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Love Much Mine: Chapter Se7enteen [NC-17]

Title: Love Much Mine
Chapter: Se7enteen
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: NC-17 LEMON
Overall Rating: NC-17

I lied. Sneaking in ONE more chapter. Final Chapter next

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life. Federico Fellini

It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it. Christian Nevell Bovee

Tokyo’s skyscape provided the only light to the room, a brilliant blue-hued softness barely enough to see by. Neon shone in the distance, advertising Pocari sweat, music groups and electronics. A line of blinking lights streamed up the edge of a nearby building, its white light catching on the tiny drops of sweat on Min’s chest.

With one hand curved over the back of the couch, digging into the cushions, Changmin trailed his fingers along Se7en’s naked stomach, teasing the curl of black hair under his navel. Enveloped in the niche’s darkness, he felt daringly exposed, throwing back his head and lifting his hips forward. Damp strands of hair clung to Min’s face, plastered to his cheek. Se7en’s hands spanned his hips, his thumbs pressing into the bone and his fingers stroking along his back.

Spread wide, his legs curled around his lover’s legs and Min shuddered with pleasure when he rose slowly from Se7en’s sex. His nipples were tight with need and his entrance stretched apart with the other man’s shaft, Changmin took his time in riding Se7en with long leisurely strokes of his body. Lifting his sweat-dampened hand to his mouth, he sucked Se7en’s moisture from his fingers, moaning with the taste of the man he loved hitting his wine-infused tongue.

“God, baby,” Se7en whispered, his voice filled with awe at the beauty of the slender singer straddling him. Min’s body seemed endless, a lean sculpture of golden skin and hard muscle with the barest shimmer of downy hair tipped wet from their lovemaking.

“Right… there…” Changmin gasped. “Gods….”

“Don’t stop, honey,” Se7en grunted. “Baby, damn…just… don’t …. Stop.”

Slowing his thrusts, Se7en drew himself out, listening with pleasure to the whimpering moan of his young lover’s desire. Mouth pursed and eyes closed halfway, Changmin looked made for sin, a delectable study in erotic temptation. Guiding his lover up with a gentle push of his hands, Se7en watched under hooded eyes as the muscles of Min’s stomach clenched and released as he slithered along his sex. The tight grip of Min’s body on his shaft twisted with each sensual roll of Min’s hips.

The years of dancing cut long lines of muscles in the young man’s legs and arms, a balance of graceful beauty stamped hard with a pretty masculinity but it was Changmin’s face that kept Se7en entranced.

Photographs of his lover singing could make him hard with a glance, especially when the young man was caught in mid-lyric, his erotic mouth captured in a pout moistened with his tongue. It was the face he saw when they made love. It was the expression Changmin wore when immersed deep into the pleasure of his body and mind, forgetting the world around him.

Body-shy and insecure about his looks, the group’s youngest was reluctant to shed his clothing or wear something revealing, at odds with the seemingly exhibitionist tendencies of the other members. Changmin’s boldness fought with his inner shyness, the solemn thoughtful young man unwittingly projecting a sexual innocence that drove Se7en wild. Min’s responses to his lover’s touch were uninhibited and sensual, often pushing the limits of Se7en’s imagination.

And Min was exactly what Se7en needed in his life.

“Move for me, Minku baby,” He murmured, enraptured at the sight of his gleaming lover. “God you feel so fucking good on me.”

“Like this, Shichi?” The brat rolled his hips hard and slow, circling down until Se7en gasped at being swallowed whole into the grip of Min’s tightness. A smirking cocky grin grew on Changmin’s face when Se7en moaned loudly. Grinding up, he completed the circle up, rising nearly to the end of Se7en’s sex then spiraled his hips down again, legs muscles bulging with the smooth effort of controlling his body.

“God, yeah,” Se7en shifted, hitching his shoulders up an inch against the couch arm. Sliding his hand up Min’s back, he pulled the man forward, driving him down again. “Come here. I need that mouth of yours.”

“I’ll be there in a second,” Changmin grinned and reached for his wine glass, tipping a mouthful of the strong red past his lips.

Bending over, he kissed Se7en hard, dribbling the kiss-warmed wine into his lover’s mouth. Sipping, Se7en drank deep, drunk more on the feel of Min than the alcohol. The sting of the red blurred the line between the numb headiness of Min’s mouth and the seep of wine. Swallowing, he deepened their kiss, dragging his fingers into the Min’s hair and pulling the man down closer until they lay chest to chest.

The position slid Se7en partially out of Min, leaving only a whispering touch of his sex against the throbbing ache in Min’s passage. Growling, Changmin thrust his hips back, rocking slowly against Se7en’s tip, needing more and more of the man’s touch but his lover held him fast, taking his time with his kisses.

“The journey,” Se7en punctuated each word with a searing kiss, keeping his fingers tangled in his young lover’s hair to control him. “It is about… the time spent… getting to where we need to be.”

“I like the journey,” Min snarled, gasping when Se7en’s fingers tightened and he arched his back, a cresting wave of pleasure at the slight pain. “I just like getting there often.”

Tipping his lover’s head back, Se7en moved his mouth down Min’s throat and the young man arched his shoulders back, thrusting his chest forward. A stiff nipple brushed on Se7en’s lips and the singer took it into his mouth, suckling the salty tip with a fevered hunger. Guiding Min back slightly, Se7en laved at the nipple, curling his tongue around it until the young man tightened his body around the older man’s sex, his body suckling at Se7en’s tip.

“Need…” Min gasped, his hands moving over Se7en’s broad chest and clinging to the man’s shoulders. “God, need… you.”

Toying at the nipple, Se7en gave it a tweak with his teeth, hard enough to press it against his tongue and flick it quickly with the tip. Moaning, Min’s hips moved on their own accord, caught up in the sensation of his body being played with.

Se7en moved his hips up in small jerking motions, sliding in and out of Changmin’s damp body. Held tight by the older man’s strong arms, Min could do nothing but moan and twist against his lover, aching to push the man’s sex deep into him. Se7en kept his thrusts shallow, slowing then quickening the pace when Min’s writhing slowed.

“Bastard,” Min swore hard, needing more than what Se7en was willing to give him. He retaliated, sinking his teeth into the man’s shoulder. Se7en laughed, a dark sensual pleased sound, shortening his thrusts so his tip barely brushed the inside of Min’s entrance. The younger man swore again, “Fucking… son… of a… bitch.”

“Such a filthy mouth,” Se7en murmured, capturing Min’s mouth again, swallowing the man’s heated words. He toyed and teased the younger man with his tongue, coaxing out the fiery passion he knew Min kept hidden inside of him.

Changmin responded, an inferno of hot sensuality that burned up and down Se7en’s body. Pushing the heels of his hands down on Se7en’s collarbones, he dug the man back into the couch and broke free of the man’s confining embrace. A plunge of his hips drove the older man in deep, and he clenched down on Se7en’s sex, trapping his lover’s legs between his thighs.

“No… more…” Min began to move, pressing Se7en down, his fingers digging into the man’s shoulders. He undulated his body, rolling out an S curve that would make his members proud. Lyrical, his spine moved and shivered, canting his hips up and rubbing his sex against Se7en’s stomach. His sac rolled over the faint dusting of silken strands under his lover’s navel, the hair slickened with spit and sweat.

“Yeah… baby,” Se7en gasped, pushing his shoulders back under Min’s hands.

They joined then broke apart, sweat from Min’s chest welling to a drop then falling, splashing salt on Se7en’s nipple. Bent over his lover, the younger man kept his head down, eyes closed and rode the man hard, taking control of the beat of their bodies. Their grunting grew, a slithering whispering moan from Min’s parted lips punctuating a deep thrust.

Changmin’s face was curtained with his damp hair, his keen eyes hooded and shadowed. His teeth bit down into his lower lip, he sighed and released the plump flesh only to lick it clean of sweat with the tip of his tongue. Cheeks flushed and breath heavy, Min’s eyes were unfocused, staring down at Se7en’s prostrated body with a predatory intensity.

Se7en couldn’t think of a time when his young lover looked more beautiful.

“Mine…” Min growled, turning his head to fill Se7en’s palm with his cheek when the man cupped his face. “Nobody…else….”

“No,” Se7en murmured in agreement, lost in the deep burn of Changmin’s honeyed eyes. “No…one… else.”

Their world tightened in, a rectangle of deep red fabric and cushions. Only the two men existed, breathing in one another and tasting of their love. The perfume of spilled wine ran hot on their sweaty bodies, purpling bruises blooming in dark poppies on their pale skin. Long red welts rose on Se7en’s shoulders where Min’s fingers claimed him and similar marks ran across Changmin’s hips, deepening now with the older man’s hands held his lover’s lower back to drive him down on his sex.

Se7en arched his spine, trying to hold himself back but the tight glove of Min’s squeezed him and he lost reason. The lightning neon of Tokyo’s skyline seemed to pour into him, starting to well into his sac and rushing up his shaft. Every nerve in his body came alive, starting with the small tingle of his spill and working outward until Se7en swore he saw stars glistening under his skin.

Min cast his head back, tossing the hair back from his cheekbones. With his face turned to the sky, the young man’s mouth dropped open as he tried to reach his climax, quickening the pace of his ride with short, hard thrusts. Se7en fell into a primal rhythm, driven on by Changmin’s gutteral pleas.

“Almost…” Min mewled, unwilling to lose contact with Se7en’s hard length in him. The man seemed to hit every spot he needed touching and then thrusting in deeper, found the tangle of stars in him. “There… Dong-Wook… please… more.”

Changmin clenched, his body going rigid and the pleasurable tightness in his gut released, spilling up from his shaft. Caught between their bodies and rubbed to a peak from their lovemaking, his sex shivered with the prickling stimulation. Another long lingering brush of Se7en’s shaft along his passage and Changmin’s body crested, falling over to drown in the sensual waves he’d been wading in.

His neck tightened, muscles rigid with the ride of release when his climax hit. Spurting once then again, his sex spilled hot into the tangle of hair on Se7en’s belly and he clasped his fingers over his length to bring himself the rest of the way. Se7en’s hand joined his and they rode the tide together, working Min’s release to Se7en’s increasingly harder thrusts.

Casting his shoulders back, Min shouted, an unintelligible sound lost in the frantic beating of their hearts. His ass closed in on Se7en and the depth of his spasms touched the older man’s sex, milking him to his peak. Se7en groaned between his clenched teeth, pulling in sharp breaths and pushed up, one hand firm on Min’s hips while the other slowly rubbed along Min’s softening sex.

Min’s gentle kiss on his mouth drove Se7en the rest of the way. Bending down, the young man delicately played with Se7en’s full lips, leaving searing affectionate kisses along the already swollen flesh. Pushing his tongue briefly into the older man’s mouth, Min pulled out and closed a kiss over Se7en’s lips and breathed a whisper into the singer’s throat.

“I love you, Dong-Wook,” Min rode the man faster, pulling him into a frenzy. “You make me… dream.”

Se7en came, hard and fast. Lifting his arms up, he wrapped a tight embrace around his lover’s torso, clinging to Min fiercely as he filled the younger man with his seed. The rush of his release surged and poured, going deep into Min’s tightness until Se7en wondered if he would ever stop. An eternity sang before his sex lessened, pumping strands of his heat into Changmin’s body and Se7en gasped, trying to find enough air around him.

Every breathe he took in tasted of Changmin, a sweet, sultry poet with serious eyes and a wandering imagination. His body ached and burned from bites and sweat but Se7en refused to let the younger man go, rocking him against his chest, falling in love with the beat-beat-beat of his heart. The rhythm was slowing as they caught their wind.

“I love you too, Minku,” Se7en whispered into Changmin’s hair. Closing his eyes, he tried to trap the hot tears burning his lashes but he couldn’t stop the rush of joy and pain in his heart. “Maybe I love you too much, baby because you’re still around me and I miss you already.”

“That’s not loving me too much,” Changmin whispered, lifting his head to kiss away Se7en’s fallen tears. Brushing the man’s lashes with his lips, he then kissed his lover, sharing the salt of their seed and sorrow between them. “That’s loving me just as much as I love you. I miss you too. I will miss you until I have your arms around me again.”

“All you have to do is close your eyes, Changmin,” Se7en murmured, kissing his lover deeply. “I’ll come find you in your dreams. No matter what, I shall always come to you when you need me. You are…forever my Minku. Forever my love.”
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