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Love Much Mine: Chapter Eighteen [FINAL CHAPTER]

Title: Love Much Mine
Chapter: 1∞teen
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Yunho and Jaejoong
Chapter Rating: R Final Chapter
Overall Rating: NC-17

Summary: A pair of lovers, their brothers in all but blood, love, confusion and hope. Probably some dancing. Definitely some smex. Not necessarily in that order.

Previous: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end. Madame De Stael

Watery stars struck the limo’s blacked out windows, the drops too fat to cling to the glass for long. They rolled quickly, dashing down to run down the long car’s sleek curves. After nearly a month of dry weather, the storms returned to Japan with a vengeance, nearly drowning the city with sheets of hard driving rain.

“They’re nearly here, sir,” The driver said, adjusting the brim on his cap. “Stay inside please. The last thing the gentlemen need is to have you make a scene at the airport.”

“Have you ever known me to make a scene?” He responded, quirking his full lips into a sardonic grin. “I’m the model of decorum.”

“You would not know decorum if it bit you on the ass, sir,” The man replied smoothly, adjusting the line of his jacket and opening the car door. “I shall be right back. Preferably with better company.”

“Bastard,” Se7en said without any heat. He had a special fondness for his driver in Japan. The man adored Changmin and could be counted on his discretion, especially considering even the sight of him near the Dong Bang boys would drive the rumour mill into overdrive.

Security parted the crowd for the Dong Bang boys to pass through, their eyes straight ahead and their faces solemn. Towering above the shorter Junsu, Changmin looked slightly melancholy, his shock of hair hidden by a rumpled ball cap. The shirt he wore was too big for him, swaddling him with fabric and Se7en smiled, recognizing the garment from his own dresser drawers.

The world shifted when Min spotted the man driving their car. A smile broader than Se7en had ever seen in countless photographs of his lover lit up the young man’s face and pushed back the grey in the day’s light. Crossing the expanse of concrete, he hurried past the crowds of fans, nearly barreling over the security to get to the curb.

Startled, Yunho glanced up from his conversation with Jaejoong and squared his shoulders. Se7en knew that look. He’d worn it himself when jostled in a crowd with Min to protect. The group’s leader was readying to go do battle for his youngest, about to launch himself into a situation with a fierce aggression Se7en was all too intimate with.

His jaw still hurt whenever he thought about Yunho’s fists, a psychological memento from their first real fight.

A skycap handled the luggage, taking Changmin’s trolley from him and unbuckling the young man’s suitcase. Winking at the driver, Min tumbled into the cool confines of the limo’s interior, his feet catching on the rug and legs tangling as he tried to reach the broadly grinning older man sitting against the long seat next to the curb. Hidden from view, they embraced, arms tightly wrapped around hips and waists, murmuring softly into one another’s hair.

Changmin smelled like the rain and soap, a brisk clove and coffee scent Se7en brought back with him from America. The shirt the younger man wore was soft, as if worn nearly to tears and stained with ink at the rolled up cuffs. Se7en’s hands knocked the cap from his head and his hair spiked forward, nearly covering his forehead.

“Oh, look what they’ve done to you!” Se7en bent his head back, studying his lover’s face. “Your hair is shorter.”

“Stop looking at my hair and kiss me,” Changmin growled, straddling his lover’s thighs.

Lowering his face, he sweetly sipped from Se7en’s pursed lips, savouring the first taste of the man on his mouth in much too long for his liking. Their tongues flirted, sliding slowly into a dance before deepening, their mouths moving slowly in an unbreakable clinch. Consumed with the sensations of their emotions, neither man noticed the limo slightly giving under the weight of new passengers, the shocks dipping slightly as each member entered.

The click of the door went unnoticed as did Yunho’s loud throat-clearing. Laughing, Yoochun grabbed Junsu and squished his face between his hands, making wet slurping noises while flamboyantly kissing the other man’s cheeks. Giving up polite as useless, Yunho followed up with a swift kick to Se7en’s shin.

“Ouch! What the hell…?” Se7en ground out between his teeth, pulling back from Min’s mouth to glare at the group’s leader. “What? Jealous? Come over here! I’ll give you a fucking kiss too.”

“Mouth on that one,” Junsu shook his head and sighed. “He’s like a grumpy old grandfather with no teeth having to gum at his jook.”

“Why the hell did I agree to pick you all up from the airport?” Se7en complained to his young lover. “I should have just had the driver grab you and take off. The others can walk home for all I care.”

“Ever the gracious host, sir,” The driver’s voice sounded over the intercom. “If you gentlemen would like to be taken somewhere other than our scheduled destination, I shall be glad to ferry you to some place other than his den of depravity.”

“The den is fine,” Changmin laughed. “It’s less depraved and more domestic now.”

“Aish, you’re going to destroy my playboy reputation,” Se7en protested loudly.

“He ruined mine.” Yoochun offered the man a shrug. “Junsu stole his angelic persona in retaliation. Now he has his sights set on Yunho’s leadership title. Pretty soon, Yunnie-ah will need a food taster to test everything he eats because Min will poison him.”

“Hah!” Junsu mocked his lover. “He’d sooner poison the hyungs’ lubricant and get them both. We’d then be too scared of him to challenge him.”

Rather than looking disturbed at the allegations, Changmin tilted his chin back and looked down at the others from his perch on Se7en’s thighs. Sniffing, he nodded once and grinned at the older man holding him. “They’re right. I would.”

“You… scare… me, Minku,” Se7en chuckled, lifting Min’s shirt to leave three kisses along his belly. “Is this what I have to look forward to if ever I cheat on you.”

“You will suffer for a very very long time if ever I catch you wandering, Shichi.” Min’s wicked smile glittered dangerously. “You will spend days praying for the quick death of a slow acting poison. I will bleed you dry drop by drop and feed your entrails to my dog.”

Se7en burst into a hearty laughter, dipping his lover down to the seat. Kissing Changmin soundly, he nuzzled against the younger man’s cheek. “God, I’ve missed you. Thanks for coming home, baby.”

“Missed you too, Dong-Wook,” Min whispered. “Now tell the driver to take us home.”


“Where’s the couch?” Yunho frowned, setting down the bags of take out food he’d brought in with him.

“What couch?” Se7en swirled the last bit of rinse water from the rice pot, holding his hand up against the lip and draining it into the sink. He turned the water on, filling the pot with enough water to reach the first joint line on his finger while loosely touching the rice. Shutting down the faucet, he set the rice cooker up and turned it on, making sure the red light came on before turning away.

“The one that was up near the windows over there. In that sitting area?” The Korean cocked his head. “You had a big red couch over there where you’ve now got those three love seats. Where did it go?”

“It’s in my… bedroom,” He replied, meeting Yunho’s hard gaze with a cocked eyebrow. “And it’s staying in my bedroom. Understood?”

“Completely,” The other man said, brushing past Se7en. “And if ever something happens between the two of you, I expect you to burn it.”

“I’ll burn in hell before I let anything happen to the two of us,” Se7en replied, stepping back to trap Yunho against the counter for a brief moment. “Then you can do anything you want to the couch.”

“Leave Shichi alone,” Changmin growled at his leader, pushing Yunho from behind and towards the sitting niche. “And take the food with you. We can set up on the low table and just help ourselves.”

“But I just made rice,” Se7en protested.

“That’s for Min to eat later,” Yoochun remarked, dodging their youngest’s wild punch to his shoulder. “Wow…. Look at the view.”

Standing at the corner of the living space, Yoochun stepped up behind Jaejoong and rested his chin on the man’s shoulder. The sheer wall of glass sparkled, letting fading daylight into the room. From where they stood, they could see the sparkle of the river cutting between two skyscrapers and the illuminated playground of the entertainment district. Further beyond, the tip of Japan’s greatest treasure, Mount Fuji, peeked up from the clouds, its tip dusted with a kiss of white. Clouds of egrets rose from the river, diving back down to feed in the dark waters.

“It’s nice,” Junsu murmured, leaning into Yoochun’s one armed hug. “But there’s something about a balcony that makes things…”

“Nicer,” Yoochun grinned, winking at his lover as he pulled away from Jaejoong’s side. “I’m starving. We better eat before Changmin sits down.”

“We better tie ourselves to the chairs before Min sits down,” Junsu corrected. “Every time he opens his mouth, it’s like a someone started up a vacuum.”

“Must be why Shichi likes him so much,” Chunnie teased then yelped when Yunho smacked him on the back of the head. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“First, for disrespecting our host,” Yunho gave the baritone a glare. “Secondly, I don’t want any sexual references to Min’s mouth in my mind before I eat. It’ll turn me off my appetite.”

“Aish,” He rubbed at the sore spot. “I can’t believe you just defended Se7en.”

“I can’t believe he hasn’t figured out Min encourages you so he has more to eat,” Jaejoong remarked quietly, settling into one of the love seats. “Yunho, come here.”

“Ah, look how he moves when the wife calls,” Se7en teased the other man then stopped short when pierced with a cold stare from Jaejoong. It unnerved him how the goofy sweetness in the singer’s face could shift to a dangerous iciness in a matter of a breath. “Shit.”

“Sometimes your tongue moves when it should stay still.” Jae said coldly. “Perhaps you should try to keep that flaw to kisses and not words?”

“Apologies,” Se7en said, puffing his cheeks out. “Really, you’re the last one I think of when I think of a woman.”

“I should be the first one you think of if ever you think of a woman,” Min replied, bumping his lover as he arranged the take out containers on the table. “Sit down and eat. Jae won’t hold your loose mouth against you. Keep it concentrated on me.”

“Can any of you have a conversation without talking about the bedroom?” Yunho complained, taking a helping of vegetable stir fry. Passing Jaejoong the hot sauce before the singer asked for it, he unwrapped a spoon to eat with. Shaking his head at Jae’s offer of rice, he relented when his lover scooped out a serving of purple rice for him to see. “Ah, thank you. Just a little.”

Se7en sat back, holding his plate steady as the men around him chattered as they passed containers back and forth. Periodically, Changmin dumped a serving on his plate, the young singer bemused at Se7en’s perplexed look. Giving his lover a watery smile, he shook his head at the noise and laughter.

“They’re loud,” He said, leaning over to whisper into Changmin’s ear.

“It’s…hard to get used to at first,” Min agreed. “Just imagine you were born with all brothers instead of sisters. Yoochun says that his family is like this and there are only he and his brother.”

“Eat,” Yoochun leaned over and nudged Se7en’s elbow. “We’ll play games afterwards.”

“I’ve heard about your games,” The soloist scoffed. “I plan on taking my clothes off for only one of you. And that one, gets pretty scary when he’s pissed off.”

“Why does everyone use me as a threat?” Changmin lifted his legs, splaying them over his lover’s. “I’m a nice boy. Everyone loves me.”

“Everyone loves Jaejoong!” Junsu laughed. “You — they think are weird.”

An hour later, there were only a few dregs left in the containers and the younger members were cheering Se7en on in a karaoke game. The English song was giving the man a few difficulties and having Yoochun as his backup singer didn’t help matters. They groaned and shouted obscenities at the television when it buzzed a failure at their attempt while Changmin and Junsu howled with laughter. Behind them, curled up in one of the love seats, Jaejoong watched them playing while Yunho cradled him from behind.

The singer fit into the V of his lover’s legs, snuggling his back up against the other man’s chest. With Yunho’s strong arms crossed over his body, Jaejoong felt safe and warm, energized despite the long hours spent traveling. Leaning his head back, he rested against the other’s shoulders, smiling at the goofy dance Yoochun was doing to throw the other team off their singing.

“I like that he’s your friend,” Jae whispered. “You need someone to tell you when you’re full of yourself.”

“That’s what I have you for, Boo,” Yunho replied, kissing the back of Jae’s head.

“No, someone you listen to,” He scoffed back. “Me you nod your head and say; yes dear, like I am a good housewife telling you to pick up your socks.”

“Didn’t we agree that you are no man’s wife?” Yunho bent down to nuzzle Jae’s throat. “You are my Joongie-ah. There is nothing wife-like about you.”

“You need a wife,” Jae snorted. “Or a maid. Maybe just a maid. You’re messy. If I’d known you were this messy, I would have chosen…”

Yunho stopped Jaejoong from saying another word, sealing their mouths together in a searing kiss. The sounds of the others’ singing and laughing faded until neither heard anything but the sound of their own breathing and the beats of their hearts. Shifting, Yunho pulled the man closer, angling Jaejoong across his lap to cradle his face and stroke at his lower back. Sighing, the singer let himself be arranged, shifting into the curve of Yunho’s lap and leaning back on the man’s arm.

“You wouldn’t have chosen anyone but me,” Yunho replied softly, leaving delicate, brushing kisses over Jaejoong’s parted lips. “From the beginning of this, despite everything we have tried to do, we have been drawn to one another. We knew that as soon as we set eyes on each other and even if it took years for us to realize it, we’ve come around to what the universe wants from us.”

“To be together,” Jaejoong whispered, closing his eyes as Yunho deepened their kiss once again. Breathless, he clung to his lover, his fingers wrapped in Yunho’s shirt. “Promise, I’m not going to love anyone but you, Yunho.”

“No one but you, baby.” Yunho murmured back, touching Jae’s forehead with his own. “Promise.”

once more.... snookies... to all of you. haato. and ah, thank you.

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