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Coffee and Regrets (a min7en story): Chapter 6 [LIME]

Title: Coffee & Regrets ♥
Chapter: 6 [NC-17] LIME
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Overall Fic Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Summary: A pair of lovers, worn and faded by time, hope to recapture what they once had… or walk away after bittersweet goodbyes.

When the door opened, Changmin stood at the threshold, nervous jitters rumbling in his stomach. He’d dressed carefully, choosing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. He’d almost left his long black pea coat at home but in the cold of the building lobby, he was grateful for its warmth.

He thought it gave him an insouciance air about him. Or at least he hoped it did.

“Hey.” The man stepped back, leaving Changmin room to go past him and into the apartment. The space was wide enough to be an invitation but not enough to seem as if he needed distance between the long-legged singer. If anything, Min would have to brush up against the lean, muscled body to go past.

Changmin wasn’t entirely certain he was ready to do that.

“Are you coming in?” The tone was familiar but cautious.

It had been too long since they’d seen one another. Even longer since they’d been civil but Min’s phone call had ached with need and want. Those emotions alone would have opened the apartment up for the youngest Dong Bang member. If it hadn’t, the sight of his body clothed in stark black was more than enough to crack open a locked door.

“Yeah,” Min replied, nodding curtly.

There were hot words unspoken between them. The past hung as heavy and low as Min’s dark sadness draped over his soul. They’d first touched a few feet from where they were standing right now and Changmin wondered if he would have told his younger self to run from that touch if he could take the time back.

Taking in the beauty of the man’s toned body, Min wondered why he waited so long for his senses to be set on fire and why he thought he could run away from the flames that were going to consume him.

Changmin was taller than the other singer but he felt more like a little boy than a man when he ducked past. Their bodies brushed, masculine and unyielding and for a moment, Changmin wondered if the other man would grab him but he stayed perfectly still. When they touched, Min’s skin crackled with anticipation and an erotic shiver began to creep up from his sex. Min’s breath shortened as his hand made contact with the other’s shoulder and he swallowed, wondering if he’d made a mistake in coming.

“You look good but then you always look good.”

The man’s dark eyes followed him. Min could practically feel them on his back. Unbuttoning his coat, he was surprised to find the man’s hands on his shoulders, lifting the heavy fabric away from him. The coat was tossed on a nearby sofa and the man’s hands returned to Min’s body, slowly roaming down his arms and up his rib cage.

“You look damned good,” He murmured against Min’s neck, letting his lips press against the downy skin below the younger man’s ear.

“You do too.” He replied, feeling the rough silk of the man’s lips. Changmin caught himself from moaning in disappointment when the singer pulled away and the need to chase down another kiss nearly overwhelmed him.

“I’m glad you came. I thought…where we left things… it wasn’t right,” The man admitted. “I wanted to say… I’m sorry. I’ve always been…sorry about everything but I didn’t know how to say it.”

“I…” Changmin took a breath in, exhaling to steady his nerves. “It’s been too… long. We should have spoken sooner…done this sooner.”

“Yeah, I agree.” The singer stepped back, contemplating Min’s tense shoulders as the younger man turned around to face him. “You called me, remember? You said you needed me. And after… everything that happened, I kind of find that hard to believe but here you are, looking good enough to eat and damn if I don’t want you. Still. Again.”

“I need to..” Min couldn’t finish his thought. Not when the other man took a step forward and they were standing nearly close enough to touch. Their heat mingled, turning Changmin on despite his desire to talk things through. He raised his hand to push the man back but when he placed his palm over the other’s broad chest, he lingered, unable to move.

“Am I confusing you, Changmin?” The words were whispered but they boomed in the silence of the apartment. Min’s heart skipped then picked up the beat, heavy and pounding with excitement. “After the last time…”

“I don’t want to talk about the last time,” He said, dropping his gaze to focus on the other man’s sensual mouth. Min wondered how they would taste. If they would seem any different than they had the last time he’d touched them. For once the voices in his head were silent and he missed the raging storm of advice as his thoughts lay stagnant. “It was…”

“My fault,” He admitted to the younger man. “Maybe I moved too quickly or you were just too young or… something.”

“Or something.” Changmin agreed, parting his lips when the man’s fingers caressed his chin. “There was always something… and someone…”

“Then everything blew up and… other people…”

“Other people,” Min repeated, closing his eyes as the singer’s hands dropped down to his hips

When the man’s strong fingers cupped his ass to pull Changmin in tight against him, Min gasped in surprise. The sound was lost under the savage press of the other man’s mouth on his and Min moaned, fitting into the curve of the man’s muscular body. Slender and lithe under the other singer’s touch, Min slid into his arms, fitting into the other’s embrace. He found himself walking backwards, his knees suddenly pushed into the arm of a couch. Flinging a hand out, he caught the back of the sofa before he tumbled over the arm and into the cushions.

The singer eased up, slowing his kiss until Changmin melted under him. Pushing his tongue against Min’s lower lip, he coaxed the younger man into parting his mouth. Leisurely invading the young man’s mouth, the singer tasted and teased Min’s tongue, lapping at the roof of his mouth. His teeth caught at Changmin’s lips, tugging and nibbling before deepening the kiss again, sucking on the tip of the younger man’s tongue.

“Do you like this, baby?” He asked, curving one hand into the small of Changmin’s back. His fingers reached under the hem of Min’s shirt, skimming the few inches of bared spine before tugging the material up more to stroke at Min’s shoulder blades. His kisses grew more aggressive, hungry butterfly nips on the edges of Min’s mouth and jaw.

“Hyung!” Changmin panted, letting his head drop back as the man pushed gently on his shoulders, guiding the younger man onto the couch. Min parted his legs, instinctively needed to feel the weight of the other man on his belly and groin.

“I like this,” The singer murmured, lifting Min’s shirt all the way up and hooking the hem around the back of his neck. “We have all night, baby. I want to take my time with you.”

When the older man’s thumb brushed over Min’s nipple, he arched, unable to stop himself from pushing up between the other man’s legs. He could feel the press of the man’s erection against his thigh and the heft of his arousal both thrilled and frightened him. When the man’s mouth closed over the other nipple and suckled him to a peak, Changmin bit his lip to keep a whimper from escaping. It had been too long for his body and the man’s touch was nearly more than he could take.

“I…” Changmin knew they should slow down. Rushing things between them would complicate things. He knew they should talk but his body felt on fire and the man’s skillful hands seem to find every sensitive stretch of skin on his body. “We…need…”

“All we need is this, yes?” Rough with emotion, the other singer’s voice rasped as he spoke. Looking up through his dark hair, he stared up into Min’s flushed face. “Maybe we should start here? Where it’s good and then later… if we need to, we can talk?”

“I just think…” Changmin felt the man’s fingers on the waistband of his jeans and then the pop of a button give way.

Parting the slightly open waist of Min’s pants, the singer slid his nails back and forth under Changmin’s belly button. He stroked roughly at the young man’s taut skin as he lifted his face up to steal a kiss from Min’s mouth, teasing out another whimper from Min’s throat.

“You think too much, baby,” He whispered into the depths of Min’s mouth, taking a kiss before returning to lave once at Min’s perked up nipple. “Why don’t you just let go? Why don’t you just fall into this and see where it takes us? After all, didn’t you say you needed this? That you needed me?”

“Yes, hyung,” Changmin returned the man’s whisper, forcing himself to relax and experience the rush of conflicting sensations his body was struggling to absorb.

“Don’t you think that we’re past the point of you calling me hyung?” He laughed, chuckling against Min’s exposed belly. Tracing the younger man’s belly button with the tip of his tongue, he continued down, nipping at the silken hair trailing down past the elastic of Min’s underwear. “Say my name, baby. Let me hear you call my name out while I see how you taste.”

His jeans were laid open, the snick-snick-snick of his zipper gradually being lowered gave Min the shivers. When the other man’s mouth found the bulge of his hard sex in the pouch of his underwear, Changmin thrust his hips up, letting the singer push his black jeans down from his hips. Min was lost in the hot touch of the man’s tongue on his thighs and then gasped when his kiss again found his erection, teeth scoring the shaft through the cotton fabric, wetting it until a dark circle spread over the light blue material.

“Tell me you want this, Min-baby,” He murmured, finding the salty head of Min’s sex under the dampened fabric. He could taste the younger man’s essence, an earthy musk more sensually dark than any chocolate he’d ever had on his tongue. “Tell me you want me here, baby. Tell me this isn’t a mistake.”

“No mistake, hyung,” Changmin cried out when the man’s teeth bit lightly down on the tip of his sex, a heavy reminder to drop the formality between them. Tangling his fingers into the singer’s lush black man, he moaned, needing more of the man’s mouth on his body. “I… want this. I …need this. Please, make me…forget…everything. Let me feel… you, Bi. I want only you right now.”
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