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Coffee and Regrets (a min7en story): Chapter Sixteen

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Title: Coffee & Regrets ♥
Chapter: Sixteen [NC-17] (LIME)
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Overall Fic Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Enter the Lottery to Learn Ji's "Unobtainable's" Name

Summary: A pair of lovers, worn and faded by time, hope to recapture what they once had… or walk away after bittersweet goodbyes.

Stars played hide and seek in the clouds above their heads. The threatening storm lurked at the far edge of the city but from their vantage point on Namsan mountain. The North Seoul tower lit up the far ridge, its banded white bright against the dark sky. With the moon roof glass in place, the couple had the sky at their beck and call but their eyes were only for each other.

“I’ve missed this,” Se7en said, swirling his fingertip into a piece of cheesecake.

He’d ordered a variety of desserts from the menu and had them packed up along with thermoses of coffee and tea. Instructing the driver to head to Namsan, he’d handed the man a few bills and asked him to take a taxi back home. Curling his lip up at Se7en as he took the money, the driver bade Min a goodbye with a cautious warning not to be molested by any wandering perverts.

Min replied that he had all the pervert he needed and that the driver should have a good night.

Se7en was not that gracious and roundly cursed the man under his breath and slammed the door when the driver left.

“He likes you,” Min said, unpacking the desserts from the bag. The restaurant included porcelain plates and silver utensils with the order and Changmin worriedly examined the fragile dishware. “Why not give us plastic?”

“Because the dessert chef is a master at sweets,” Se7en said. “He believes plastic ruins the taste of his creations so he includes proper dishware if you’re a regular customer.”

“We never ate…” Min stopped himself. He didn’t want to imagine who Se7en had shared meals with and not as intimate of a restaurant.

“My cousin is one of the assistant chefs,” The older man explained. “Our family eats there a lot to support him. You’re the first date I’ve taken there.”

“So those people there… know you?” Changmin reached for a bottle of iced water from the car’s small fridge. The icy splash on his tongue cooled down his mouth but did nothing to ease the blush on his cheeks. “They knew we were…on…”

“I told the maître d that you and I are friends and since we’re in rival companies,” Se7en said, popping open a container to investigate its contents. “I wanted something private. Especially considering my friend’s going through a rough time right now and doesn’t need people staring at him while he eats.”

“Thank you for that,” Min exhaled. “I appreciate your lying for me. I know you…”

“It wasn’t a lie, Minku,” He said, putting a hand on Min’s thigh and squeezing. “No matter what, you are my friend and you’re having to live your life under everyone’s scrutiny. If you do something or don’t do something, people work to connect it back to your group. Even having dinner with me, as innocent as it is, would lead to rumours and consequences that you shouldn’t have to deal with. That’s reason enough for privacy.”

Min lay back against the leather seats, touched at the man’s thoughtfulness. “Thank you. Really, thank you so much.”

“It’s not a problem, baby,” Se7en said, stealing a quick kiss. “I also got to kiss the burgundy sauce off of your lips. That was worth it! Now open your mouth. I’ve got something white and sticky for you to suck on.”

“Shichi!” Min gaped then choked slightly on Se7en’s cheesecake-laden finger hit his tongue. Closing his lips, he suckled it clean, running his tongue around the digit. Swallowing, he groaned with pleasure. “That’s good.”

“Yeah, he makes good cheesecake,” The other man agreed. “I’ve got a few things in here. Victorian sponge cake, crème brulee mousse and something chocolate that looks deadly.”

They shared the cheesecake, eating bits and pieces of it with their fingers. Feeding Se7en proved to be difficult as he preferred to chew on Min rather than the dessert, leaving long smears of white on his face which Min felt obligated to lick off. Se7en claimed the chocolate, passing Min the crème brulee. Digging past the sugary crust, Min licked each spoonful clean as he nestled down between his lover’s legs, resting his back against Se7en’s chest.

“This is nice,” Min sighed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d spent more than ten minutes sitting down and doing nothing. Even Se7en’s languid fingers brushing over his stomach was more comforting than erotic. The older man played with the trail of dark hair under his belly button and Min hummed with pleasure.

Se7en bent forward and gently kissed Min’s lips. Angling the younger man, he set their desserts on the credenza built into the separating wall between the front and back seat then slowly lowered Min down until he lay on the wide leather seat. He kissed Changmin slowly, sliding his tongue against his lover’s. Min lifted his hips up as Se7en’s hands roamed under him. The older man kneaded the man’s muscular backside, stroking the back of Min’s thighs.

“How about this, Minku?”

“That’s nice too.” Changmin shifted and spread his knees so Se7en could settle between them. “You feel nice.”

“How about if I make you feel nice too?” The older singer worked his hand between their bodies and reached for Min’s waistband. His fingers snapped open the button of Min’s jeans and moved down, unzipping his fly. “Just lean back, baby, and let me show you how to fly.”

“So they’re out on a date?” Junsu asked, moving his legs out of the way so Jaejoong could get around him.

The lead singer cradled a bowl of buttered popcorn against his belly, carefully stepping around the couple on the near end of the couch. Handing Yunho the bowl, he sat down and pulled himself into a ball, sighing contentedly as his lover hooked one arm over his shoulder.

“I don’t like it,” Yunho grumbled, taking a handful of popcorn before Jaejoong could take the bowl back.

“Do you think he’s going to hurt Min?” Yoochun asked, leaning over his lover and grabbing the bowl from his best friend. Pouring half of the popped kernels into a bowl he’d used for rice crackers, Yoochun put the snack between Junsu’s legs, balancing it on his thighs.

“No,” Yunho said, shaking his head. “I’m afraid Min’s going to hurt Dong-Wook.”

“Well,” Chunnie exhaled. “I don’t…know what to say about that.”

“Me neither,” Junsu frowned. “I don’t think any of us bet on that one. I didn’t.”

Jaejoong thought hard and shook his head. “No, none of us thought about that.”

“So who wins?” The tenor asked. “No one?”

“You bet on what I would think about Se7en and Min?” Yunho growled.

“We bet on what you would do,” Yoochun corrected.

“How you’d kill him exactly,” Junsu supplied, leaning forward to meet Yunho’s eyes. “Dong-Wook. Not Min.”

“Aish, you three are sick,” The leader said. “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”

“No,” Yoochun grumbled. “It was a good bet. Lots of outcomes. I choose beating. Junsu said that you were going to choke him to death. Jaejoong said you’d go get him drunk.”

“Then you owe Jaejoong money,” Yunho replied. “I got Dong-Wook drunk right after I found out about he and Min.”

“Aish,” Junsu grumbled. “I hate owing money to Jaejoong. He pesters me.”

“Then pay him quickly and you won’t hear anything.” Yoochun unfolded himself from the couch and removed the bowl from Junsu’s lap. Grabbing his lover’s hand, he pulled Junsu up. “Come on, I’ll get my wallet from my room and you can borrow money to pay him.”

“What if your mother comes home and finds us in the living room?” Yunho asked before the couple left.

“She’s out with my aunt for the weekend and my brother went with his friends.” Yoochun shrugged. Giving the older men a suspicious look, he cocked his head and warned, “Just don’t have sex on the couch. Actually, don’t have sex anywhere in the living room.”

“I think he has us confused with him and Junsu,” Jae grumbled playfully, taking away the cushion Yunho found to throw at the departing singer’s head.

Now he’s concerned about a couch,” Yunho snorted. “Our couches were nothing but his mother’s…”

“It is his mother’s couch,” The other man pointed out. “And that’s his bedroom. I know he doesn’t have any money in his wallet. He borrowed money from me to buy dinner. They’re not coming back for a while.”

“Slimy,” Yunho commented softly. “Greasy. He is a grease ball. Isn’t that what the fans call him?”

“Are you really worried about Dong-Wook?” Jae asked, tucking his feet under Yunho’s leg.

“I was,” Yunho admitted, feeding a white fluffy kernel to Harang who snapped it up quickly. “Not that I don’t love our dongsaeng but both of them were…brutal to each other, I think but Se7en needed Changmin to support him. Especially since he’s come back from America.”

“It’s hard,” Jaejoong whispered. “When you think the person you love has turned away from you.”

They’d spent the day together, hidden away behind closed doors and under sheets. A series of car rides and more hiding led them to Yoochun’s house, a movie primed on the DVD player and buttered popcorn at the ready. Yoochun’s dog was at their feet, sprawled under Yunho’s feet with his paws on the lower shelf of the coffee table.

It was a nice lazy day, spent alone as a couple and then with the other pair. It was time both young men knew they’d fought to get, especially after their earlier break.

“Do you ever think about what would have happened if you and I hadn’t tried to work things out?” Yunho asked softly.

“I didn’t want to think about it,” Jae admitted. “There were times… certain times when I looked to my left and expected to see you there and there was no one… empty space where your smile should have been. It was harder on stage… in front of people because I wanted to break down and cry but I couldn’t. I thought you would be… ashamed that I let the group down by letting the fans down and that’s what kept me going. Even in my deepest sorrow, I needed to please you… I wanted to make you proud of me.”

“I’m always proud of you, Boo,” Yunho whispered, kissing a tear from Jaejoong’s face. “Even if we disagree, I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t angry because you didn’t do what I wanted but I would be a hypocrite if I couldn’t be proud of your independence and strength. You have faith in yourself now. I have to celebrate that not condemn it because you go against me.”

“Thank you,” Jae sniffed, kissing Yunho’s fingers after they stroked his cheek. “Do you think Min and Dong-Wook will come to an understanding?”

“I think they are like us in one way,” The other man said, sucking the salty water from his fingertip. “I think they love very fiercely and sometimes, it burns a bit too hot for them to stand but they’ll learn. If you want to catch a beautiful star, you’re going to have to learn how to handle its fire.”

Se7en lowered his head down. He bit at the ridge of skin on his lover’s navel, then licking at the bronzed skin under Min’s belly button, continued down until he reached the broad elastic of Min’s underwear. Hooking a thumb under the stretch material, he nuzzled at the growing bulge under the fabric, moving the elastic aside to let Min’s tip free of its confinement.

The head already glistened with Min’s liquid, translucent white on his darker skin. Se7en scraped his teeth along the head’s ridge, reveling in the softer velvet texture compared to the steely slickness of Min’s shaft. Changmin’s seed was a salty burst on Se7en’s tongue and he sucked at the slit, drawing more of it out. He stroked the base of Min’s erection, using the underwear to roughen the arousal. Twisting the fabric around Min’s erection, he found the prominent vein running down the shaft, concentrating on following the line with his fingertips while his palm worked the surface.

“Shichi,” Min groaned, his hips moving on the slick leather.

His jeans provided little traction and he slid a bit, moving him about in Se7en’s grip. The torturous feel of the man’s hand through the fabric was driving him insane and the heat of Se7en’s tongue on the tip of his erection was nearly enough to drive him over the edge. He wanted to feel all of his lover’s mouth on him and more importantly, be thrust deep into Se7en’s throat when he came.

“Shichi what?” Se7en teased Min, stroking around the pearly head with his tongue. He parted the slit with a press of his thumb on its pout, licking at the more sensitive skin immediately inside of the opening. “Do you like this, baby? Do you want more?”

“Damn you,” Min growled. He blindly thrust his hips up to ease his erection tip past Se7en’s tongue. “Fuck me, damn it.”

“I’ll rather suck you first,” Se7en murmured. “Lift up, Minku. Let’s get these off of you so I can get all of you in my mouth.”

The jeans required a delicate removal even though Changmin was more than willing to rip them off. Se7en urged caution, reminding Min that he adored the pants and the younger man grumbled under his breath as his lover pulled his legs free. With even slower precision, Se7en pulled at Min’s underwear, slowly revealing his long stretches of muscle and skin.

Starting at Min’s left ankle bone, Se7en traced his way up the younger man’s shin muscle, over his knee and around the hard strength of his thigh. Pursing his mouth, the older singer cupped his left hand around Min’s ass cheek to hold the young man in place, intending to nuzzle and suckle at the jut of bone on Changmin’s hip.

“Um, what’s that?” Se7en stopped, staring down at the sharp black lines boldly engraved under Min’s hipbone. Resting back on his knees, Se7en cocked his head and took a closer look. Blinking didn’t erase the lines and as the clouds shifted in the sky above, the light of the moon came through the glass of the sky roof, washing Min’s skin with a silvery glow. “What the fucking hell is that? Is that a tattoo?”

“Yes,” Changmin said, biting his lower lip. “I wanted… Jaejoong took me to get it. I didn’t want it to…show but I…needed it.”

“What the hell …?” Se7en took a calming breath, looking away for a second then up into Min’s widened eyes. “What the hell does it mean? Is that … Japanese? Why the hell do you have kanji on your hip?”

“It says shichishoku, and the kanji is… wrong. I mean the kanji is… probably Changnese but I wanted those two for a reason,” Changmin whispered, lifting his hand to brush his fingertips gently over Se7en’s mouth. “And I did it for you.”

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