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Coffee and Regrets (a min7en story): Chapter Eighteen

Coffee and Regrets will be ending in two or three chapters. I will be announcing the Ji winners on my LJ after a couple of days.

Title: Coffee & Regrets ♥
Chapter: Eighteen [NC-17] LIME
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Overall Fic Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Enter the Lottery to Learn Ji's "Unobtainable's" Name

Summary: A pair of lovers, worn and faded by time, hope to recapture what they once had… or walk away after bittersweet goodbyes.

They took their time, learning one another’s habits and moods all over again. Min was more serious while Se7en more thoughtful. Battered down to the soul, they were the walking wounded, leaning on one another for support as they healed.

Dinners were spent at restaurants known for privacy. Breakfast was usually something quick and caffeinated, on the phone before they rushed off to their day. Then late night as Min shed his t-shirt and sweats, his phone chimed from the side table. Curious, he bent over and snagged the cell before it vibrated onto the floor.

“Hello?” Min juggled the phone against his shoulder.

“Hey baby,” Se7en purred into Changmin’s ear. “You heading to bed or can you talk?”

There was something in the pitch of the older man’s tone, a thrumming sound carried over the phone that made Min’s sex perk up and take notice. He was bone tired but his blood raced, fired up by Se7en’s satiny voice. Changmin trailed his thumb under the elastic of his boxers, remembering Se7en’s slow hands over his body.

“I can head to bed and can talk,” Min said, sliding onto his mattress. “What’s up?”

“Just needed to hear your voice,” He replied and Min caught something worn and tired in Se7en’s mood. “It’s been a long day.”

“Tell me about it.” The young man settled against his pillows, propping his shoulders up.

He listened to Se7en bare his soul. The older man spoke in low murmurs, long ribbons of doubt and darkness unfurling against the bright of his ambitions. He talked about his body hurting from endless hours of training and dancing, his throat hoarse from practicing nearly to the breaking point and sometimes beyond.

“You there, baby?” Se7en asked.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“I’m sorry,” He said and Min heard him exhale hard, a death rattle of exhaustion. “How was your day?”

“Better now that I’ve heard you,” Changmin whispered.

“All I did was fill your ear with my crap,” Se7en said softly. “That couldn’t have been all that great.”

“Shichi, my day became perfect as soon as I saw your number on my phone,” The young man said.

“You’re full of shit,” Se7en laughed.

“Only because you shared yours,” Changmin shot back then he softened his voice. “And that’s okay, baby. Seriously, it’s okay.”

They called before bed, enough to talk about the day or complain about the food they’d eaten at events. Plans were made for Saturday night which rolled over to Sunday when Min was forced to work late on a shoot. Sunday became Tuesday then Friday, each evening spent tired but with moments spent talking.

Changmin caught himself before he stumbled down the stairs leading from SM’s main building. The concrete was wet from the rain and his boot sole was slick. He grabbed the rail before he went down and reached out with one hand to steady himself against the wall.

Only to grab the hand reaching out to help him.

“I’ve got you, baby,” Se7en said, sliding his arm around Min’s waist.

Changmin’s hands gripped Se7en’s jacket and he slid forward, burying his face into the soft leather. The sudden cold rain kicked mist up from the hot streets, the steam smelled of black tar and waste. The side alley was packed tight with vehicles and Se7en led Min over to his sports car, popping open the lock with a chirp of his remote.

“Get in and watch your head,” Se7en said, helping Min get the end of his long brown coat into the car. “They didn’t design these for giraffes.”

When Se7en started the car up, Changmin gave him a filthy look. “Did you just call me a giraffe?”

“Yeah, you’re tall. You intimidate Ji.”

“I’ll step on him next time I see him, then,” Min grumbled then hissed. “Shit, I am a giraffe. They can’t walk down slopes or stairs. Damn it.”

“I won’t tell him.” Se7en grinned, winking at his lover as he turned on the lights. He pulled into traffic, glad for the heavy tint on the car’s windows. Glancing at Min’s wool brown coat, he said, “As much as I love seeing you in that, you might want to take that off. I’ll turn on the heater and you can get a nap. The traffic’s bad. It’ll take a while before we get home.”

“What home are we going to?” Min asked, sliding the coat off and shaking the rain drops from his bangs. His dark hair fell forward, the fringe covering his sloe eyes. He adjusted the neck of his white long sleeve t-shirt, untangling the leather thong strung with three wooden black beads captured under the collar.

“Mine since I had the keys,” Se7en said with a laugh.

“Ah,” Changmin replied with a nod. The traffic lights were a smear of red and yellow on the windshield as the wipers cleared off the rain. Reaching into his messenger bag, Min pulled out a key attached to a length of thick chain by a ring. “Here.”

“What’s this?” Se7en asked, taking the chain.

“The key to my apartment,” Min said, tucking his folded coat against the window and lay his head down. “Wake me when we get there.”

“You’re just…” A loud horn honked behind him, joined by another as the traffic light flashed green. Putting the car into gear, Se7en crossed the intersection before the light turned red again. Glancing at Changmin, he growled in frustration at the angelic-faced man sleeping next to him. “Shit. You… damn you… and I know you’re not faking.”

The short drive to Se7en’s apartment building took over an hour to get through traffic and rain. When he pulled into the parking garage and into his secluded spot, he turned off the car and took a minute to study Changmin’s sleeping face.

He’d had dark circles when they’d left the studio and now only smudges remained under the long dark lashes resting on Min’s cheekbones. The young man’s mouth bore the teeth marks, evidence of Min’s habit of chewing on his upper lip when he was nervous. Se7en shifted forward and traced Min’s mouth with his finger, sliding the tip in between the part as Min sighed and drew his lover in.

The heat of Min’s mouth enveloped Se7en and he moaned, his sex thickening immediately at the feel of the man’s tongue on his skin. Changmin licked then bit, dragging his sharp teeth on the underside of Se7en’s finger. He opened his eyes, watching Se7en’s face transform from sensual to surrendered. Craning his neck, he swallowed more of Se7en into his mouth, lapping up to trap the man’s finger against the roof of his mouth before drawing back.

“God, you are so fucking sexy,” Se7en’s voice dropped to a thick rasp. Working his hand into Min’s hair, he held the young man still and closed the distance between their mouths. Their tongues met, tentative and tasting, working around one side then the next. Min gave way, letting Se7en in as he dropped his head back and mewed. Se7en drank deeply, Min’s heady sensuality simmering up to a raging burn.

“If you don’t get me upstairs and feed me, I’m going to eat you,” Changmin threatened, ending their kiss. “I missed lunch and breakfast.”

“You’re going to kill me, you know that?” Se7en gasped, adjusting his jeans to make room for his erection. The tight denim cupped him against his leg and he groaned at the rub of fabric. “Okay, give me a second. I need to take a breath.”

“Really?” Changmin’s fingers trailed over the hard length of Se7en’s sex, clearly visible and straining. “One second?”

“Okay, maybe a minute,” Se7en admitted. “Actually, as painful as this sounds, I think we should head upstairs because if I’m trapped in this car with you for any longer, I’m just going to fuck you right here.”

The apartment was dimly lit and Min looked around curiously, working his boots off at the foyer. Removing his socks, he tucked them into a ball and shoved them into one of his shoes. Stepping around the glass dividing walls, he stopped short, his breath stolen from his chest.

Strings of tiny lights ran high above their heads from one end of the room to the other, criss-crossing under the raised ceiling. The rest of the apartment’s lights were doused, leaving only the star-sparkle canopy to illuminate the pile of thick soft pillows arranged around a low table loaded with covered plates.

“What’s this?” Min asked, walking to the table. Bending over, he lifted a lid and sniffed at the aromatic coquettes on the tray. “Oh those smell good.”

“This, my darling Minku, is a picnic,” Se7en slid his hand across the line of Min’s back. “Come on, sit down and let’s eat.”

Se7en fed him, holding up bits of food and telling him where in the city he’d gotten it. A story about an elderly man selling kimchi at a cart nearly made Min snort water out of his nose when Se7en imitated the man’s creaking voice and stern scolding. Over an hour of tidbits and tales filled Min’s belly and mind, relaxing his shoulders and taking the tension out of his body. They ended up sitting against one another, Min resting back against Se7en’s broad chest, nibbling on a chocolate covered strawberry and watching the rain wash over the city lights.

“This was a good idea,” Min whispered, leaning his head back so he could look up into Se7en’s eyes. “You’re a good idea too.”

He closed his eyes when Se7en kissed him, letting himself experience the sensations of his lover on his mouth. When Se7en’s hand ran over his belly, he shivered at the touch, arching into the man’s palm to complete their connection. His body responded to every touch, every moan from Se7en’s throat and Min sighed, deepening their kiss by turning and wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck.

“I’ve missed this,” He whispered, tilting his chin up so Se7en could roam a trail of wicked, hot kissing bites on his throat.

“I’ve missed doing this,” Se7en replied. “Take off your clothes, Minku. Let me see you.”

Changmin felt strange disrobing in front of Se7en. The man’s dark eyes were luminous, watching Min with a predatorily keen sharpness. Rising to his knees, he shed his shirt first, casting it aside then reaching for his belt buckle. When Se7en’s Adam’s apple jumped in a swallow, Min felt a thrill take over him. He held Se7en in thrall, captured by the reveal of skin and muscle before him.

Unzipping his pants, he hooked his thumbs into the back of his waistband, slowly arching his body into an S-line. Pulling the fabric down in an easy glide, he swept his clothes from his ass, taking his pants and underwear off at the same time. Bending forward, he reached back to tug his legs free when Se7en reached for him and pulled him forward.

Min landed flat on Se7en’s stomach then yelped when the stronger man flipped him over onto his back. Gripping the pants legs and boxers with one hand, he yanked them off roughly and savaged Min’s mouth with a punishing kiss.

Angling his face, Min gasped for air, trying to withstand the torrential onslaught of Se7en’s mouth. The man’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once but never long enough to satisfy. Squirming under his lover’s body, Changmin fought to match Se7en’s fierceness, sinking his teeth into the man’s collarbone and sucking up a mouthful of skin into his mouth.

“Shichi…baby…” Min mewled when Se7en’s mouth began to travel down along his chest, stopping long enough to nip at his nipples. “Gods… damn…”

They were teased into hard nubs with flicks of Se7en’s tongue and finger tips. The man’s hands remained on his ribs but Se7en’s lips roamed, touching nearly every inch on Min’s long torso. The young singer’s sex pushed up, nudging Se7en’s shoulder and the man took pity on the begging shaft, kissing its tip before gripping Min’s hips in his strong hands.

“You’re mine, baby,” Se7en said as he lifted his chin to stare into Min’s sexy eyes. He held Min’s gaze for long moment then dipped his head down, kissing the ink on his lover’s hip bone. “Yes?”

“Yes,” Changmin whispered, arching his back and tensing his legs as Se7en released his tattoo and swallowed his sex down to the root. “Please, Shichi… more.”

Se7en’s head bobbed, his mouth closing in on Min’s shaft as he gripped its base. He slowed his tongue’s motions, taking time in circling the heart-shaped head and suckling at the pearly spill in Min’s slit. The sensitive skin was nearly painfully taut and Min squirmed, panting with the anguish of needing more from his lover’s mouth.

The older man’s fingers stroked him, following the vein trailing up the underside of his shaft. Everything was new with a hint of familiarity. Se7en knew what turned him on, when to slow down and when to caress him with firmness but the sensations were overwhelmingly fresh. The man’s lips killed him, erotic and demanding while softly pressing Min closer and closer to the edge.

He tingled along each nerve of his body and Min tensed, feeling his balls climb up and fit into the hollow of his thighs. Se7en’s fingers touched him there, spreading his sac and rolling him expertly. Changmin didn’t know where Se7en hid the lubricant among the pillows but he heard the bottle’s click and smelled the familiar scent of almonds and vanilla.

A touch of Se7en’s oiled fingertip sliding into him sent Min over into release. The press of heat against his core primed Changmin’s sex and he clutched at the pillows, screaming Se7en’s name as his orgasm coiled outward and his seed gushed into Se7en’s waiting mouth.

Closed over Min’s head, Se7en milked his lover with a slow drawn sucking. He played with the vibrating slit, tonguing it carefully as Changmin’s orgasm took over his body, locking his muscles tightly and drawing him rigid. Licking Min clean, Se7en slid his finger in all the way, breaking into the younger man’s heat with a swift intrusion.

Laying a single kiss on Min’s tattoo, he licked around the area and bit gently before whispering, “Hold on to me, baby. I’m going to fill and fuck until you can’t come anymore.”
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