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Coffee and Regrets (a min7en story): Chapter Nineteen

Coffee and Regrets will be ending in two chapters. I will be announcing the Ji winners on my LJ after it is finished.

Title: Coffee & Regrets ♥
Chapter: Nineteen [NC-17] LEMON
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Overall Fic Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Enter the Lottery to Learn Ji's "Unobtainable's" Name

Summary: A pair of lovers, worn and faded by time, hope to recapture what they once had… or walk away after bittersweet goodbyes.

Se7en’s mouth tasted of sex and wickedness. Moaning, Min parted his lips for Se7en’s kiss, wanting to crawl deep into the other man’s body. Breaking away from Se7en’s mouth, Min licked his lover’s collarbone, savouring the masculine flavour of his skin.

“Breathe, Minku,” Se7en whispered, plying Min’s entrance with his fingers. Teasingly, he pulled back his hand and spread Min’s legs further apart. “Keep your knees up for me, baby. I want to watch as I make you ready for me.”

Changmin hissed when Se7en kissed the crux of his thigh and he forced himself to keep his legs from closing. Hooking his hands under his knees, he held himself open, quivering from the effort. When Se7en nuzzled the wrinkled skin of his sac, he gasped, sucking in mouthfuls of air. The older man mouthed Min’s balls, sucking one then the other into his hot mouth. His teeth left a burring scrape on the sac then Min squirmed when Se7en breathed on the wet, spreading a cool rush of goosebumps along his crotch.

“You’re driving me fucking crazy,” Min growled, gritting his teeth.

“And to think, I let you kiss me with that filthy mouth,” Se7en murmured, repeating the suckling, taking the man’s sac and biting gently. Rolling the skin lightly against his teeth, he tongued the orb caught in his mouth, pulling on it until Min’s sex trembled despite his release moments ago.

Se7en worked to get the lube onto his fingers. He wanted to take his time tasting every inch of Min’s body but he knew he wouldn’t last and he wanted to be deep inside of the younger man when he spilled. The oil was slick, becoming slippery when it warmed up from his body heat. The smell of almonds and vanilla was pleasant, especially mingled with the muskiness of Min’s sex. He inhaled the earthiness of his lover’s body and the sweet candy odor of the oil. Letting go of Min’s sac, he licked at the soft head of the young man’s sex and worked his fingertip past the tight muscle ring left exposed by Min’s spread legs.

“Ooohhh…” Min panted, his voice rising. It was too much but not enough. He ached to feel something larger, especially Se7en’s heavy girth. Rationally, he knew it would take time. His body wasn’t accustomed to being breached and although he wanted Se7en so badly his teeth ached, he didn’t think Se7en could be convinced to hurry.

When the man’s oiled finger slipped all the way in, he flinched and clenched his ass muscles, straining to keep hold of his knees. He writhed, needing to have enough self-control to hold himself open but Se7en’s long finger probing at his core made it nearly impossible.

As Se7en’s finger tip touched the bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of him, Min screamed and he arched his back, unable to hold himself in any more.

“Shichi… god please,” Min begged, pushing down on the man’s invading finger. “God… can’t wait.”

“Ah, baby,” The older man murmured. Kissing Min’s belly, he withdrew, chuckling at the young singer’s disappointed mewl. “Turn over. If I can’t get you to hold yourself open, then maybe I’m going to just have to hold you down.”

Changmin’s sex instantly pulsed and began to thicken at the thought of Se7en’s strong body on him. He slid over, guided by Se7en’s hands on his legs. He lifted his stomach up, wordlessly knowing what the other man needed from him and Se7en murmured his thanks, kissing the small of Min’s back while he pulled down a pillow to support Min’s hips.

“Don’t touch yourself, baby,” Se7en bit one ass cheek then the other, digging his teeth in almost painfully. “That’s mine. You wait until I touch you before you can come again, okay?”

“Okay,” Min said, nodding. He took a deep breath, clutching the tangled sheets to keep himself grounded. His sex ached and he rested his forehead against the mattress. His sweat soaked into the fitted linens and he could smell the oil when Se7en dripped lubricant down the crease of his ass cheeks.

“Spread your feet apart, Minku,” Se7en said, hoarse with need. “I want to see you. I need to see you.”

Min complied. The pillow under him let him bend his knees slightly and the position easily opened him up for Se7en’s pliant fingers. He quivered, waiting blindly as Se7en moved around. The touch of something warm on his centre made him forget to breathe and the world spun as his lover slid a finger in to explore what was his again.

The slight burn of skin and bone inside of him spread out from his crease and Min shifted, trying to slide back to force Se7en inside him. A not-so-gentle slap on his ass cheek stilled Min’s squirming and he forced himself to relax, letting Se7en lead the way.

It was hard to surrender control. He fought it every step of the way in his own life, scrambling and clawing to wrest have power over what he could do. Everything in his life was hard-earned, first his career then the ability to guide that career. He fought with a fierceness against the babying from the other members, earning their respect and willingness to treat him as their equal.

Now, he needed to surrender that driving need to control over to a man whose heart he’d broken.

In his mind, Changmin knew Se7en wouldn’t hurt him but his soul was leery. If anyone could shatter Min, it would be the man he was afraid to love.

“Are you ready for me, baby?”

Se7en’s question seemed so innocent but it was laden with more than an acceptance of the older man’s intrusion. Changmin shuddered and exhaled, hearing his voice tremble with lust and anticipation.

“Please, Dong-Wook,” He said, barely audible over his own breathing. “Take…I want you…there. I need you to… to fill me.”

“You fill me as much as I fill you,” Se7en whispered, leaving a gentle kiss between Min’s shoulder blades. “I love you. I can’t help but love you. I can’t ever stop loving you.”

“I love you too.” Changmin wasn’t sure if the other man heard him.

He barely heard himself but he felt Se7en — moaning loudly when his lover pushed an oiled finger deep into him and then another, brushing lightly on the spot inside of him that made Min see stars. His erection pressed into the pillow, held in a prison of cotton and feathers while the older man explored Min’s body.

When a third finger joined the first two, Min started mewling, twisting around on Se7en’s intruding hand. He forced himself down, even though every cell in his body ached to ride the slender lengths inside of him. When more oil dribbled down his crease and Se7en used his fingers to spread it around his hole, he gasped, hearing the unspoken pleas in his own cries.

“Are you ready for me, Minku?” Se7en asked.

“Now,” Changmin murmured then sighed, “Please.”

Se7en slickened his shaft with the oil on his fingers, adding more until his sex glistened. He’d waited to hear the surrender in Min’s voice and see the young man’s body relax under his ministrations. It’d been too long for both of them. He wanted Min more than anything in the world and even thinking about causing his young lover pain broke his heart.

Guiding himself to the clenching rosette tucked between Min’s cheeks, Se7en rocked himself slowly against the ring, easing the breadth of his head in. Changmin breathed hard and Se7en watched the young man force himself to relax, his ring gently kissing and suckling the tip of the older man’s sex.

“You feel so good, baby,” Se7en exhaled, holding himself back.

Pushing more down than in, he gently rocked in, letting Min’s body suck him in. When his head cleared the muscled ring, he waited, letting the younger man adjust to the heft inside of him. Stroking the back of Min’s thighs and ass, Se7en felt the quiver in the man’s muscles release.

“More, please…” Min moaned.

“Wait, baby,” Se7en cautioned. “Ride the burn out. Let your body get used to me again.”

“Can’t…” Changmin’s breath hitched. He panted, straining not to rock back on the length he knew stretched out behind him. There was more of Se7en than the bulb resting right inside of his body and he badly wanted the man deeper in him.

It took longer than either of them liked but Min eventually felt his body accept Se7en’s width. His instincts took over, forcing him into a rocking motion to pull Se7en in. The older man gave in, surrendering to the primal urge of their bodies’ movements. Leaning forward, Se7en grasped Min’s wrists in his hands, lightly pinning the younger man’s arms down.

Splayed apart, Min soared, giving himself over to Se7en’s body. They moved, driving up against one another. The slap of skin dominated the room then their moans rose, a crescendo of sensual sound. They lost themselves in the sensation of their bodies.

“You feel so good, baby,” Se7en groaned. He couldn’t imagine anything that felt as good as Min surrounding him then he remembered the feel of Min plunging deep inside of him and Se7en bit his lip to stop from coming. “God, I’m going to lose it soon.”

Min felt his sac pull up, roiling against the pillows. He was close enough to feel the rush of his impending orgasm hit his spine and his skin tightened. Se7en’s grip on his wrists loosened and Min shifted, tangling their fingers together. The older man held on, joined to his lover along their arms, back to chest and deep inside of him.

“Coming,” Min panted. He needed Se7en to touch him and was about to beg when he felt one of his hands being let go. Se7en’s fingers rubbed down his ribs before working under him to grasp Min’s sex. A drop of pre-cum smeared under the older man’s thumb and Se7en teased another drop from the slit, a nearly painful prickle shooting down Min’s shaft from the contact.

“Me too, baby.” Se7en felt Min explode in his hand and the older man groaned, releasing his seed when his lover clenched around him. He thrust in several more times, letting Changmin milk him raw. Falling forward, he filled Min’s core, kissing the younger man’s neck gently as he rode the wave of their pleasure.

“Shichi,” Min murmured, trying to breathe. When Se7en shifted, the younger man voiced his displeasure, grumbling at the rush of cold air on his back.

“I’m too heavy,” Se7en said, stroking Min’s sweat-dampened hair away from the younger man’s forehead. Reaching for a tissue, he gently cleaned his lover’s body, leaving a trail of searing kisses on Min’s spine. Tossing the tissue into the trash can by the bed, he cuddled against Changmin’s long body, murmuring in pleasure when the younger man turned to face him.

“You’re never too heavy,” Changmin whispered, fitting into his lover’s body. “I’d let you lie on top of me forever if I could.”

“That would make eating kind of hard,” Se7en teased. “And we’ll smell after a while.”

“And I thought you were the romantic one of us.” Min scoffed.

“True,” Se7en said. “I have a question for you, baby.”

“Anything,” Changmin said. “What?”

“Why did you give me a key to your apartment?” Se7en asked, brushing his hand along Min’s thigh. “Not that I’m giving it back.”

“No, don’t give it back.” Min laughed then ducked his head down.

“Don’t hide from me, baby,” Se7en lifted Min’s chin up until he could see the blush over his lover’s face. “Never hide from me, Minku. Tell me about the key. Why give it to me and then fall asleep?”

“I couldn’t… I didn’t want you to not take it,” Changmin admitted. “This sounds… stupid but I thought since you already had a key to my heart…where I love, you should at least have a key to where I live.”
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