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Coffee and Regrets (a min7en story): Chapter Twenty

Coffee and Regrets will be ending after the next chapter. I will be announcing the Ji winners on my LJ after it is finished.

Title: Coffee & Regrets ♥
Chapter: Twenty [NC-17] LEMON
Author: wedspawn
Pairing: Min7en
Overall Fic Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Enter the Lottery to Learn Ji's "Unobtainable's" Name

Summary: A pair of lovers, worn and faded by time, hope to recapture what they once had… or walk away after bittersweet goodbyes.

When Min woke up, the bed next to him was empty. He’d rolled over, reaching for the warm body of his lover and found only cold sheets crumpled up against the pillows. Frowning, he lifted his head, blinking away the sleep in his mind and eyes. Focusing on the blurry numbers on his cell phone, he sighed heavily. It was three in the morning and Se7en was no where to be seen. Stumbling from the mattress, he reached for a pair of cotton drawstrings Se7en left lying on a chaise, pulling them up over his narrow hips and tying them off tightly so they wouldn’t fall.

The bathroom was empty and dark and the living area proved to be as well. Curious, Min turned around, wondering if his lover was in his often used studio-office when he spotted the broad-shouldered singer leaning against the outside balcony railing. His ankles were crossed and Se7en rested his weight on his forearms, looking out at the city. Wearing only a pair of loose, white sweat pants, Se7en seemed oblivious to the cold although Min knew it was chilly. A howling wind whistled furiously at the slightly parted French doors, trying to get in past the glass walls.

He pulled on Se7en’s discarded shirt and stepped around the remains of their picnic, reminding himself to come back in and clean up before he went back to bed. Pushing the door open, he padded out on bare feet, thankful for the other man’s garment when the night air cut into his skin. Coming up behind Se7en, he wrapped his arms around the man’s slender waist, hugging him tightly as he kissed his shoulder.

“I’m glad it’s dark,” Changmin whispered. “Some fan of yours probably watches you through a telescope and would spot me otherwise.”

“I don’t think I have that kind of fan,” Se7en murmured.

Min pulled away from his lover’s cold, bare back and slid his hands down to the older man’s hips, turning a reluctant Se7en around. The man didn’t meet Min’s gaze, his eyes dropping to the ground, sliding away to avoid the younger man’s scrutiny. “What’s wrong, Shichi? Aren’t you happy?”

“With you, yes,” Se7en nodded and reached for Changmin’s warmer body. The young man resisted, refusing to be pulled into an embrace he knew Se7en was using to avoid the question.

“Talk to me,” Changmin insisted. “We promised one another we would.”

“I’m just turning things over in my mind,” He exhaled sharply. “Thinking about where I failed…what I could have done differently in America.”

“You didn’t fail in America, baby.” Min frowned, lowering his face to try to get Se7en to look at him. “How did you fail?”

“I had one single,” He said. Leaning his head back, he stared up at the sky still swollen with rainclouds. “And a video. I should have done..”

“Why are you beating yourself up about this?” The young man asked. “You’re back home now. Things here are different.”

“Are they?” Se7en shivered and his skin rippled bumps under Min’s hands. “I’ve never… failed before. Not like that. The drama was different. I didn’t try my best. I was a kid and thought it was something I could walk through. I fell on my face but I learned a lot from it. I learned that nothing is easy and no one is going to hand me anything. I have to work for everything I want. Just like I worked for you.”

“You have me,” Min said, pulling on Se7en’s hands. “Let’s talk about this inside. You’re cold and I can hear your teeth chattering. Let me make you some tea and we can talk.”

Once in the apartment, Changmin led Se7en to the couch, leaving the older man there with a stern order to wrap himself up in the blanket he was given. Turning on one of the kitchen sconces, he debating using the microwave over the tea kettle then remembered the hot water dispenser on the coffee maker. He filled two mugs with steaming water then dropped in chai tea bags in. Carrying the mugs and sugar cubes over on a tray, he placed them on the table and settled in next to his lover, shoving his chilled bare feet up against Se7en’s covered legs.

“Warm me up.” He ordered, handing Se7en a mug before taking his own. The soft ambient glow from the kitchen turned his lover’s face golden, hiding the shadows under Se7en’s eyes. Warming his fingers on the hot ceramic cup, Min shoved his cold feet further under Se7en’s ass. “And talk to me. What woke you up?”

Se7en sipped at the aromatic tea and contemplated the serious young man whose toes were moving underneath his legs. “When I came back here, it felt like I was licking my wounds… like I was a dog that lost a fight. Do you know what that’s like?”

“Yeah,” Min said, nodding. “Like someone’s punched holes out of your soul.”

“I cried on the plane home,” He whispered, staring down into the tea. He set it down on the table and ran one hand over his face. “Did you know that? I left my sunglasses on so everyone would think I was just playing it cool but it was because I didn’t want them to see me crying. It hurt so much, Minku. I’d never… failed like that before. I’ve never done everything in my power to be successful only to have the people around me toss me out. I’ve never fallen so far before.”

“You didn’t fall, Shichi,” Min moved closer, holding his hands out to Se7en. The other man took them, knitting their fingers together.

“Yeah, baby, I did.” He opened his hand, cupping the man’s face when Min’s lips touched the pulse at his wrist. “I let a lot of people down. I just wasn’t expecting people to…celebrate my downfall.”

“What do you mean? At the company?” Changmin looked puzzled.

“Some.” Se7en nodded. “A couple of the other singers and some people… a lot of people on the forums. It hurt to see… to hear people talk about how arrogant I was; believing I could make something of myself.”

“Not your friends,” Min said. “Not people like Ji.”

“No, not Ji or the others,” He admitted, “But some people who I thought were supportive of me. I guess they’re right when they say you find out who your real friends are when you’re down.”

“I’m sorry…” He laid his cheek on Se7en’s forearm, swallowing hard. “I should have been there for you, baby.”

“You had your own problems,” The older man said, kissing Min’s ear and biting down into the plump lobe. “We’re past that, remember?”

“Are you going to go back to the studio? You’ll feel better if you’re working on something.”

“If they’ll let me,” He shrugged. “I don’t know yet. I told them I needed some time to deal with things and they agreed. My manager thinks it’s time to redo my image. Again.”

“Again,” Min laughed. “What are you going to be this time?”

“I don’t know,” Se7en said, making a face. “Sometimes I wonder why can’t I just be me? Then I remember, I don’t really have a me left.”

“There’s a lot of you,” Min teased, shifting his legs. “I can still feel you…”

“Oh that’s bad,” The older man laughed. He grabbed at Min, pulling the younger singer on top of him. They stretched out their legs, matched chest to chest and looked into one another’s eyes. Changmin smiled, looking at the shine in his lover’s face. “I love you, Minku.”

“Yeah, I love you too,” Changmin sighed dramatically. “It’s a terrible burden. Having to look at you… taste you. Sometimes, I even have to have sex with you. It’s horrible.”

“Horrible?” His eyebrows lifted and he gasped, bringing his palm to rest on his heart. “Oh you wound me.”

“I can kiss and make it better,” Changmin grinned. He wiggled his hips, rubbing up against the bulge pressing into his belly. “Or I can kiss that and make it better.”

“You could,” Se7en murmured, shifting when Min’s hand stroked at him through his sweats. “I guess we’re done talking about… what were we talking about?”

“Things that made you cry,” The younger man stretched and kissed his lover firmly, stealing his breath. “How about if we do things that make you cry out my name?”

Min moved against Se7en’s lean body, reveling in the sinewy strength under him. He’d laid Se7en back onto the pillows, pushing the man back and ordering him to stay. Reaching for the end table, he pulled open a drawer, pulling out something Se7en couldn’t see.

“What are you doing?” He craned his neck to peer around Min’s shoulder.

“Lay back,” Changmin growled, baring his teeth. “Don’t move.

“So bossy,” Se7en teased then yelped when Min slapped his leg. “Ouch! You’re strong, you know. Go easy.”

“I know you,” The younger man said. “You don’t want me to go easy.”

He looped a dark red silk tie around Se7en’s wrist, the neckwear bright against the man’s pale skin. The older man watched, bemused when Changmin knotted one end around the headboard. A black dotted blue tie took care of the other and Min tugged at the binding, making sure Se7en couldn’t get loose unless he tried.

“This is…different,” Se7en eyed the ties holding him to the headboard.

“Are you complaining?” Min asked.

“No,” His lover said with a grin. “I wished I thought about first.”

Min nodded. “That’s me. Always thinking.”

Changmin bent over Se7en’s torso and licked at the man’s pert nipple. The dark brown nub curled on the younger man’s tongue and Se7en moaned when Min’s teeth nipped and tugged from one side to the other. Lifting his head, Min gazed at the erotic image of Se7en tied to the bed with his head thrown back into the pillows. No matter what happened in his life, Min would always carry the memory of his lover giving himself over to him.

He slid his fingers into the waist of Se7en’s sweats, working them down his lover’s thighs and tossing them on the floor. Sitting back on his haunches, he gazed down at Se7en’s taut, mouth-watering body, trailing his fingers along the inside of the man’s thigh and smiling when he started at the touch.

Hours of dancing honed Se7en’s muscles, tight long stretches of muscles and tanned skin. The swirls of black ink on his arm teased the eye, drawing Min’s attention. He bent to lick the wings of the man’s tattoo, flattening his tongue so he could taste all of the angel from his lover. Cupping Se7en’s sex, he tugged at the man’s head, teasing his wet slit with coy fingertips. Kissing down Se7en’s side, Min made sure to touch each rib, moving back slowly when Se7en arched with pleasure.

Changmin spent his days surrounded by beautiful and lithe men but the rough, tumble of Se7en’s mouth and blunt-ended long fingers hardened him more than any other he’d seen. He intimately knew every inch of the man’s body; starting from the cowlick at the back of his head down to the curl of his right toe folding nearly in half over its neighbour. Min knew the taste of Se7en’s sweat when licked from the line of silken hair under his belly button and his mouth watered whenever he thought of the tart salted plum of his lover’s sex when it began to pearl with cum.

Tied to the headboard and with his arms spread, Se7en never looked sexier. His hooded, sensual eyes caught the lights of the city coming through the enormous windows, dancing spots of blue and white on the man’s deep, dark gaze. His skin shone pale against the coffee coloured sheets, his black hair tufted up on the pillows holding his head up.

“Like what you see, Minku?” The man’s voice was cocky, sure of Min’s lust.

The younger singer licked his lips and leaned forward, placing his hands on the bed on either side of Se7en’s spread thighs. Bending his head down, he pursed his lips and suckled at the turgid tip arching up towards Se7en’s hard abdomen.

“I not only like what I see, baby,” Changmin purred. “What I see is mine.”

He swallowed Se7en’s length, trapping the head of the shaft against the back of his throat and convulsed his tongue until the other man swore. Se7en hissed wordless begging sounds as Min caught the heart-shape head on the back of his teeth. Changmin left his lover wet with spit and the older man’s erection trembled, needing more of the Min’s mouth.

“You’re driving me insane, Minku,” Se7en panted. His chest heaved with the effort of talking and breathing. Straining against the ties, he lifted his head, slinking his tongue over Min’s collarbone and throat before the younger man pulled away. “Come back here.”

“I will,” Changmin promised. Sliding from the bed, he shed the pants he’d taken from the chair, kicking them to the side. Picking up a bottle of lubricant from the table, he crawled over until he sat between Se7en’s legs. Popping the cap, he sniffed at the aromatic oil. “I like this. Chocolate. I love chocolate.”

“You’re still too far away,” Se7en said then gasped when Min’s fingers dipped down between his legs, coated with oil and sliding along the crease of his cheeks. Clenching his ass, he hissed and lifted his knees apart. Changmin took advantage of the display and pressed in, “God, there…”

Changmin drove one finger into his lover’s heat. Se7en was tight, nearly too tight to be believed and Min wondered if he would even fit inside of Se7en’s body. When he hit the older man’s nerve centre, he purred nearly as loud as Se7en did, the satisfaction of bringing such pleasure to his lover hardening his sex. The other man was lovely to watch, straining muscles beaded with sweat and his lips swollen from kisses and biting. Se7en’s control astounded Min, especially when the man kept his legs apart for Min’s exploration.

The young man left Se7en’s shaft untouched. He wanted to hear the older singer beg to be stroked as he thrust into him. Using the thumb on his other hand, he spread Se7en apart, working the muscle ring slowly around and ticking the man’s sensitive nerves.

He removed his finger, leaving his thumb breaching Se7en’s writhing body. A dribble of oil on his fingers and Min was ready to push in further, reaching deep past his lover’s entrance. His own sex thrummed, dripping with a salty dew. Se7en shoved his hips down, meeting Min’s exploring fingers. He took the man’s digits easily, using his muscles to clasp Min tightly.

“Minku, I need you inside of me,” Se7en gasped, straining to keep his orgasm from rocking him over the edge.

“I need to be inside of you,” Changmin murmured, withdrawing from the heat of his lover’s entrance. He poured a swirl of oil over his shaft, rubbing it over the head and down to the root. Positioning himself, he carefully thrust in and struggled not to come when Se7en wrapped around him. Panting, he dropped his head, his hair a dark fall across his strong cheekbones and sloe eyes.

“God, baby,” Se7en huffed, holding still as Min’s length stretched up into him. “More. Now.”

Changmin slid further in, inching into his lover’s velvety heat. Se7en fit him, cradling him in the softness of his core. When the older man began to move, Min fell into a rhythm, matching the man’s hips with long strokes. They rode one another, slowing when one or the other begged to hold off. Neither wanted it to end and the nerves on Min’s shaft tingled when Se7en’s balls rose up, cupping up under his sex.

Min’s balls slapped against Se7en’s damp skin and the younger man gripped the other’s hips tightly, cupping under the man’s ass to lift him slightly. The angle of his thrusts changed and he went deeper, running his shaft against Se7en’s centre with each long slide. Gritting his teeth, Min grunted and thrust hard, slamming into his lover.

“Do yourself for me, baby,” Min said, moaning as he kept up the rhythm. “I want to watch you come.”

“Hands…” Se7en gasped.

Changmin chuckled, reluctantly letting go of his lover’s hips to pull the ties off the headboard posts. He ran his hands down Se7en’s ribs and hitched his hands under Se7en’s ass, squeezing the man’s cheeks together, cupping himself in warmth. “There. Do it.”

“So bossy,” He laughed but his hand wrapped around his erection, a red silk tie dragging from his wrist. Se7en covered the wet head of his sex with his palm, remembering the feel of Min’s mouth on him. He nearly came from the memory of the younger man’s sweet lips folded around him. “So close, baby.”

“Me too,” Changmin purred. “Need to finish you. Want to make you scream.”

Se7en caught his lower lip between his teeth and clamped down on Min. The younger man shouted, his orgasm stiffening his body and his thrusts grew primal, digging deeper into the other man. Stretched open by Min’s girth, Se7en shouted and came, splattering his seed over his lover’s bare stomach and chest. Reaching up, he smeared his release on his young love’s skin, working himself into Min’s pores. Changmin’s nostrils flared at the scent of Se7en’s sex on him and came hard, filling Se7en to the hilt, a small spray of white liquid curled around his shaft as he moved in and out of the man’s body.

Panting, he collapsed, pulling out of Se7en and rolling over. They lay on the bed, trying to catch their breaths and thoughts. Se7en reached over and fit his hand into his lover’s, hearing his heart beat falling into time with Changmin’s. They edged closer, shoulders and hips touching as their bodies’ quivering slowed.

“Love you, Minku.” Turning his head, Se7en stared into Min’s eyes, his fingers trembling as he brushed the hair from his lover’s face. “I am so lost without you. Don’t ever leave me, baby.”

“I can’t leave you, baby,” Changmin murmured, sucking Se7en’s finger into his mouth then drawing back. “I love you. I’m in this forever. No matter what I told you in the beginning of this, I’m in this forever.”

“Good,” The man craned his neck and brushed a kiss over Min’s succulent mouth. “I wanted a forever with you ever since I saw you on that balcony.”
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