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Broken Glass Hearts, Part 9 (LEMON-LIME)

this is for bardou who wanted YooSu angst.

Central: JaeChunSu
Rating: NC-17ish for this section. Just a little bit.
Genre: It's complicated.

THIS IS TOTALLY AU FROM SMM. 100% off SMM. Not in any way related to So Much Mine, Lavender Bunny or anything else. This probably will be some hardcore NC-17 or hell, maybe fluffy. I dunno.

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en (heh), Eight

Jaejoong seemed oblivious to the storm, walking a few paces ahead of Yunho, empty-eyed and a bleak expression on his pretty face. Other people hurrying by, heads ducked under umbrellas or soaked through newspaper sheaves, caught sight of the icy numbness on Jaejoong’s face and then their attention flicked over to Yunho steadfastly following the other man and their expressions changed from curious to sympathetic. Yunho nearly broke when an older woman reached out and touched his shoulder, whispering condolences for their family’s loss.

They’re right, Yunho thought. It’s as if someone died… as if we five died.. and we’re all nothing more than ghosts haunting each other’s lives. How can I expect Jaejoong to carry this when I can’t bear our ghosts’ weights myself?

They walked for one mile then five until Yunho was no longer sure where in the city they were. The quiet grounds of the expensive hotel had fallen away to a raucous district of lights, noodle houses and clubs. It became harder to keep the other man in his line of vision so Yunho shortened the distance between them, his attention moving to catch the eye of a man dressed in an older-style polyester suit with wide lapels. The pock-faced man sneered back around his cigarette but continued on his way.

“How long are you going to follow me?” Jaejoong asked. Couched in formal Korean, Yunho felt slapped by the other man’s hard tone.

“How long are you going to walk?” He asked in reply, wiping at his face and ignoring the trail of his warm tears intermingled with cold rain water.

“I don’t know.”

“Then I don’t know either.”

Half an hour later and more than a few turns around Tokyo’s long blocks, he sighed with relief when Jaejoong stopped in front of a small noodle shop, an awning sheltering the corner from rain. Its many shoji screen window coverings were slid open exposing its brightly lit interior. An older couple working behind the counter, the grey-haired woman lightly scolding her partner when he nearly spilled steaming broth while ladling out a portion of udon into a take out container. He grinned back at her, obviously used to hearing her reproach him every day. Covering the Styrofoam cup with a lid, she packaged it quickly, handing it over to a waiting customer. Bidding the waiting young woman a good night, she bowed deeply and playfully scolded her husband again when his hands reached for her ample waist.

“That could have been us.”

“I don’t see myself working in a noodle shop when I’m that old,” Yunho said, trying to lighten the darkness in Jae’s voice. “But if that’s what you want.”

“I don’t know what I want,” Jae admitted, stepping under the noren hung over the open door. “I’m not even sure if I want you.”

He bowed when the woman greeted him, maternally tsking at the sight of Jae’s soaked clothes. Her tsking became a gasp of alarm when Yunho joined Jaejoong inside, her hands fluttering as she hurried them towards the restroom, ordering her husband to bring spare towels from the back for the young men to use to dry off. The older man returned with an armful of cloths and two black t-shirts with the shop’s logo on the back.

“Here,” She said, shoving them both inside of the tiny bathroom after refusing to hear their polite refusals. “Change and I will see if we can dry your clothes. You will get sick being so cold and wet.”

Thanking her with a deep bow, Yunho closed the door behind her when she left. Stripping off his shirt, Yunho wrung it out into the sink, trying to get as much of the rainwater out as possible. Besides him, Jaejoong shivered and wrapped his arms around his waist, watching the other man with enormous, anguish-stained eyes.

“Take off your shirt, Joongie-ah,” Yunho ordered softly. “I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Did you fuck Se7en?”

The question was as cold as the water squeezing out between Yunho’s fingers and the leader winced, frozen in place in pain. Calming himself with a few breaths, he continued to twist the shirt, unfolding it then doubling it again to get a better wringing angle.

“Did you?” Jaejoong pressed, shuddering violently from the cold in his bones and heart. “Answer me, Yunho. Did you?”

“What does it matter if I did, hyung?” Yunho matched Jaejoong’s hard tone with one as edged as a new razor. “You’d already left me, remember?”


The lightning storm struggled to illuminate the sky, its flashes muted by the torrential rains it flung at the city below. Safe behind a thick pane of glass and buried under heavy covers, Changmin sighed, wishing his body didn’t fit so comfortably into Se7en’s. His sex was semi-hard from the scent of the other man and every time Se7en shifted against him, his erection stiffened in response, unfurling reluctantly when no further stimulation was forthcoming.

“Relax and watch the light show, Minku,” Se7en whispered into his ear and Min’s shaft answered with a throbbing want that made the younger man suspect that his sex was his gremlin’s actual home instead of the back of his head as he always assumed. “Why are you so tense?”

“I don’t know,” Min snarked, trying to punch at the pillow he’d shoved in front of him to cover his arousal. “Because you’re hugging me and I don’t want you touching me.”

“You don’t want me touching you?” Se7en slid back and the space between them grew. The inch felt like a chasm to Min, a chillingly glacial separation that made him hurt in places he’d only known pleasure. Instinctively, he whimpered as if in pain and bent his shoulders back until he felt Se7en’s bare chest on his skin again. Silently, Se7en moved in, tucking Min against him again.

“No gloating,” Min growled.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“I can feel you smiling. Gloating silently! Stop it!”

“I shall think of only sad things, like how lonely my Changmin is without his puppy.”

“I am not your Changmin.”

“Then whose are you?” Se7en asked, moving his hand up to rest on Min’s stomach. His abdomen jumped in response, the skin heating up under the man’s roving fingertips. “If not mine, then who do you belong to, Minku?”

Changmin turned over onto his back, intending to give Se7en a piece of his mind but his words turned to ash when a stroke of lightning on the sky’s belly illuminated the other man’s face and he could see the tears in Se7en’s dark eyes.

“You’re serious,” Min whispered, wiping at Se7en’s damp lashes with his thumb pad.

“I’ve always been serious.” Se7en grinned despite his tears. “Except when I’m not.”

“You can’t joke out of this, Dong Wook,” Changmin scolded. “Not this. Never this.”

Se7en’s taste was suddenly in Min’s mouth and the younger man realized he’d been the one who moved, pushing the other man back onto the bed and straddling him. Another pillow separated their bodies from touching fully and Min struggled to remove it, yanking it free with an exuberant shout. Flinging it aside, he lowered his head and seared a hot kiss onto Se7en’s mouth, emboldened by the feel of Se7en’s hard sex under his underwear.

His own shaft was nearly painfully stiff and his hips rolled, needing the stimulation. Se7en whimpered into Min’s mouth and his hands finally lifted up to cup Min’s ass, squeezing the muscled globes tightly. Shoving one hand between them, Changmin freed Se7en’s sex, rubbing at the tip until it wept under his touch.

“Don’t tease me like this, Minku.” Se7en couldn’t stop from begging. “Don’t do me like this…don’t touch me like this and then shove me away.”

“I’m…” Changmin lifted up, resting on his hands. Se7en took his weight, bearing it up easily with a flex of muscular shoulders. Staring down into the older man’s face, Changmin studied him carefully, watching Se7en’s expression go from pain to a wondering cautious look.

Choi Dong Wook drove him insane, a type of madness he’d never experienced before and since. There were parts of his heart he’d not known existed then discovered they could be broken by the sight and rumours of Se7en touching another man. Everything he’d stood on as a foundation for who he was shaken when Se7en entered his life and when the older man was around, Min’s environment was enveloped in a chaos storm of sensations he couldn’t absorb. The noise and sensations were loud and brilliant, too much for the steady, logical, functional world Min liked to live in.

But without him — without Choi Dong Wook — the silence was deafening and the greyness a blinding numbness he couldn’t shake off no matter how hard he tried.

“You…bring me lightning,” Min whispered, stunned by the truth in his words. “You bring everything I want… to me…even things… that I don’t know I want.”

“I’ll bring you anything you ask for, baby,” Se7en reassured him. “All you have to do is ask.”

“What I want the most…” Changmin exhaled, “Is you.”

Their kiss was tentative, a gentle exploration of insane and darker things. It possessed a sweetness familiar to Min, the burnt caramel feeling of Se7en’s tongue on his mouth then a soft flicker against his upper lip, as if asking permission to go deeper.

Parting his lips, Min gave Se7en his silent permission and rode the storm that followed.

Se7en peeled off his own underwear, urging the other man to do the same with soft whispers and hot promises. Lifting his hips, Changmin lifted one knee then the other, kicking his briefs off and covered Se7en with his body, rubbing against the man’s sensual, muscular form.

“You feel so good on me, Minku,” Se7en moaned, reaching down between them. “God, I wish we had…”

“Had what?” Changmin arched his back, mewling when Se7en gripped him tightly with firm, experienced fingers. “Ah, Shichi!”

Se7en rolled them over until they lay side by side, cupping Min in his hand. Loosening his fingers, he slid himself into the sleeve he’d made of his palm, using his free hand to grab at Min’s wrist. Guiding the younger man’s hand over, he bit and nibbled on Min’s long neck, murmuring for the other to hold onto both of them as he was doing. When Changmin’s trembling fingers touched him, Se7en nearly exploded into the man’s hand, rocking his hips slowly to increase the friction.

“This is how you feel to me, baby,” Se7en murmured, closing his hand over Min’s sex. “So warm… so tight… so good.”

Changmin’s words became primal mutterings when Se7en pulled away, leaving Min’s hand empty. The singer slid down Changmin’s body, kissing ridges of bone and muscle until he reached Min’s sex, rubbing his lips over its seed moistened head. Grunting, Changmin thrust his hips up when Se7en’s lips closed over the tip and the older man began playing with the painfully sensitive slit with a thrust of his tongue.

“Turn around,” Min growled, leaning forward to grab at one of Se7en’s thighs, pulling the man with all of his strength. “I’m not going to do this without getting a taste of you in my mouth.”

“Minku, let me…”

“Turn around!” The younger man ordered, not wanting to listen to another of Se7en’s romantic musings. “I want you, Dong Wook. Now.”

Changmin nearly lost himself when Se7en shifted and his hips moved into place near Min’s head. Scooting further down the bed, the younger man bent his head down, inhaling the sharp musky scent of Se7en’s body; reveling in the fresh soap smell and the richness of masculine skin. He knew he should have been terrified or at least, have trepidations about taking Se7en into his mouth… much less taking Se7en at all but having the other man against him felt right. Changmin knew having the other man inside of him would feel… sublime.

I told you A part of him whispered.

“Shut up,” Min countered back. “I’ll deal with you later.”

All thoughts of internal revenge were lost when Se7en’s mouth began to suck on Min’s head. The older man’s tongue caught on the ridge of his glans, tracing the line with a practiced ease. Changmin tried to respond in kind, but found himself drawn instead to the taste of velvet on the roof of his mouth when he eased the head of Se7en’s shaft past his lips.

The flavour was surprising, a nearly green tea aromatic with a hint of salt and heat. He played with the skin on Se7en’s shaft, moving it up and down the man’s length, enjoying the feel of it shifting around the taut muscle and loving the animalistic noises the other man made as he explored. Fisting the base of Se7en’s sex, Changmin tentatively slid as much of it past his lips and into his mouth, nearly choking when the head hit the back of his throat. Easing back, he tried again, stopping only when Se7en’s hands touched his shoulder.

“It’s okay baby,” The other man whispered. “You don’t need to take it all. Not now. Not there. Just… lay back and relax. You’ve got a taste of me. Now let me have a taste of you.”

Changmin grunted, trying to catch his breath when the older man rolled him onto his back. Se7en’s hands were firm, stroking at his hips before sliding between his thighs and parting them. He shifted, lifting his knees and whimpered in his throat when the man lifted one of his legs up, hooking it over his shoulder. Spread apart, Changmin felt vulnerable and open, exposed to Se7en’s scrutiny despite the blue-washed dimness engulfing them.

When Se7en’s tongue returned to his groin, Min lost all thought of shame and shyness. A bold lick of the man’s tongue against his balls and he nearly lost control, shouting so loudly he was sure the people in the next room could hear him. Taking one into his mouth, Se7en rolled it around on his tongue before moving to the next, alternating between Min’s globes and the base of the younger man’s sex. His hand remained on the upper part of Changmin’s shaft, rubbing carefully at the head as it leapt about in response to the attentions Se7en paid to Min’s sac.

When the ball in Se7en’s mouth tightened up and pulled away from his lips, he knew it was nearly time for Min’s release. The bucking of the younger man’s hips were growing frantic, his sex stabbing up through the hold Se7en had on him. When Se7en lifted his shoulders, Min’s legs were parted further and the tug on his balls increased, held taut between Se7en’s fingertips.

Damp from sweat and spit, Se7en ran a finger around Min’s sac, pausing long enough to flick a fingertip over the other man’s entrance. Drawing Min deep into his mouth, he played and teased, pulling back and then plunging back down, keeping the strokes uneven so the younger man couldn’t get used to a rhythm. Finally frustrated beyond his control, Changmin placed his hands on Se7en’s shoulders and held him in place, rocking his hips to slowly fuck Se7en’s mouth.

Se7en smiled around the length of his lover, feeling the satisfaction of breaking through the younger man’s infamous self-control and then losing himself in the touch and taste of Min’s delectable body. Sliding the tip of his finger around the pucker nearly hidden between Min’s ass cheeks, Se7en worked slowly around the tight rim, letting Min decide how much contact he wanted. A downward stroke of Min’s hips pulled Se7en nearly off of Min’s sex and the younger man cried out, begging his lover to please him.

“Do you want this, Minku?” Se7en asked, simultaneously licking at the seed-moistened head and plunging the barest tip of his finger over the muscled ring of Min’s core. “Do you want me here?”

“Yes,” Changmin sobbed, clenching Se7en tighter. “God, don’t… stop. Need… more.”

“I will always give you anything you want, baby,” Se7en replied, wetting his finger in their fluids before easing the tip into Min’s heat. “Anything, Minku…especially me.”

A long strong stroke of Se7en’s tongue proved to be Min’s undoing and when the man’s skillful and long finger breeched his interior, Changmin felt his mind explode into stars. The rolling sensations filled him, driven further when Se7en touched something inside of him that set his nerves aflame. Shivering, he tried to tamp down the fire but it kept churning inside of him, demanding to be fed.

“Let go, baby,” Se7en coaxed. “You asked me for a storm. Let me give it to you.”

The kiss of Se7en’s lips on his head was enough and he felt himself let go, his muscles tightening in response to the wickedness of his impending climax. It felt to good to be anything but sinful, Min thought as he was hit with the first wave of his release. When the second cataclysmic pounding struck, he decided he would fully embrace any wickedness Se7en had to offer, especially any that including the other man’s mouth and hands.

Rocking his finger deep into Min’s heat, Se7en swallowed the man’s sex, letting the blast of Min’s climax hit the roof of his mouth. The young man emptied everything he had into Se7en’s throat and still, he wanted more, swallowing each wave as it hit.

They moved together, their bodies riding the tangle of limbs, fingers and mouths until Changmin could no longer think. Boneless and fatigued, he barely murmured a protest when Se7en pulled away, giving a half-hearted no when the other man returned from the bathroom with a wet washcloth to clean them both off. When Se7en joined him in bed, Changmin sleepily wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist, hooking a leg over Se7en’s legs before snuggling in close.

“Still mad at you,” Changmin grumbled under his breath.

“After all that?” Se7en laughed. “What do I have to do to get you to forgive me?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t forgive you,” Min yawned, closing his eyes and drifting off. “I said I was still mad at you. I like being mad at you. It keeps my mind off of how much I love you.”
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