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Broken Glass Hearts, Part 10

this is for bardou who wanted YooSu angst.

Central: JaeChunSu
Rating: NC-17ish for this section. Just a little bit.
Genre: It's complicated.

THIS IS TOTALLY AU FROM SMM. 100% off SMM. Not in any way related to So Much Mine, Lavender Bunny or anything else. This probably will be some hardcore NC-17 or hell, maybe fluffy. I dunno.

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en (heh), Eight, Nine

“What do you want from me, Jaejoong?” Yunho asked, turning around to fully confront his ex as he adjusted his borrowed shirt.

“Right now, to get this thing off of me,” The singer was trying to extract himself from his wet shirt with little success, fighting the garment off. Sighing, Yunho tossed aside his own shirt to help him. Jaejoong tried to step away, warning Yunho off with a muttered grumble but the leader ignored him and hooked his fingers under the shirt’s hem.

“You can’t even stand up,” Yunho barked. Flinching, Jae winced and pulled away, caught short by the pull of Yunho’s fist wrapped up in his shirt “Lean on me. You’re shaking too much.”

The cold finally hit him and Jaejoong shuddered violently, unable to keep his balance. Toppling forward, he was dead weight in Yunho’s arms with barely enough energy to protest Yunho’s manhandling him. They fell backward and the leader curled himself instinctively around Jae’s body, protecting the slender man rather than trying to save himself. His shoulder struck the edge of the sink and he grunted, absorbing the bone-rattling hit.

His arm ached and felt like it was forming a bruise but Yunho did a quick roll of his shoulder to see if he was alright. Satisfied there was no lasting damage, he rolled over and straddled Jaejoong’s quaking hips, nearly tearing the shirt from the other man’s body in an attempt to get Jae warm and dry.

“Mmmm.” Jaejoong tried to speak but his words were too jumbled, a run-together mumble of sounds Yunho couldn’t understand.

“If you’re telling me to go to hell, you’re too late,” Yunho snorted back. “Having you underneath me, half naked and too pissed off to want to touch you is certainly my personal idea of hell. Nothing you can come up with can even come close.”

A knock on the door stopped Yunho from cradling Jaejoong against him and he swore lightly, reaching for one of the folded towels. Calling out to who he hoped was the woman who’d helped them into the bathroom, Yunho asked for hot tea or water to help warm Jaejoong up.

The door opened and the woman stuck her head in, concern wrinkling her face. “Husband is bringing something. It has to be lukewarm. Too hot and his insides will go into shock.”

“Are they ordering food to go?” The older man appeared behind his wife, his balding forehead beaded with sweat. “We have to close soon.”

“Hush, husband,” The woman scolded. “The little one is sick.”

“Shorter,” Jae grumbled and his body rocked with another shiver, his lips nearly bright blue from the cold. “Not little. Just… shorter.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you,” Yunho gave a short bow of his head, unwilling to let go of Jae’s shaking torso. The woman handed him a slightly steaming cup of dark tea, her worry increasing with each staggered breath Jaejoong took. “Joongie-ah, sip. Please take a sip.”

“Smells bad.” Jae turned his head, nearly upending the cup when his chin struck it.

“Your lips are blue and I can barely understand you because your teeth are chattering.” The other man scolded. “Are you so stupid and careless of the other members that you’re willing to get sick because of your pride? Drink. The. Fucking. Tea, Jaejoong.”

“Too hot. It burns,” He tried to sit up but ended up more sideways than vertical. “Can’t drink that.”

“You’re too cold inside. That’s why it feels too hot,” Yunho swore under his breath. “God, what was I thinking? Falling in love with an idiot.”

“You never fell in love with me…” Jaejoong accused. His arms trembled with the effort of pushing Yunho and suddenly his back couldn’t support his weight.

His world fuzzed then sharpened again, putting Yunho in focus. The scent of popcorn green tea lingered in his mouth and Jaejoong swallowed, wondering when he’d taken a sip. The room was bright, nearly too bright and he closed his eyes, trying to keep the image of Yunho’s strong face in his mind.

“What happened?” Jaejoong heard the words clearly in his mind but his tongue seemed reluctant to cooperate and they came out a jumble of Japanese and country Korean. Swallowing, he tried again.

“Relax, you fainted. Sort of. It made it easier to get some of the tea into you,” Yunho said. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Today,” Jaejoong tried counting the hours but the numbers rose too high and too quickly. “Maybe yesterday.”

“Yesterday from this two in the morning or yesterday from last night?” The other man’s words were too confusing for Jaejoong to comprehend so he merely shrugged. A bout of fierce swearing hit his eardrums and the singer winced.

“Too loud,” He said, trying to lift his hand up to cover Yunho’s mouth but his fingers refused to find the man’s lips, trembling over his cheek and chin. The chills hit in square in the gut and he shuddered violently. “Too cold.”

“I know, Joongie-ah,” Yunho urged him and the cup’s rim touched Jaejoong’s bottom lip. “Take another drink. We need to get you warm.”

“He’s still too cold, yes?” Jaejoong heard a woman speak, her voice rough with age and work. It held as much comfort as the tea and he leaned back into the cradle of Yunho’s arms, drifting off into a half sleep. “Can he walk? Do we need a doctor?”

“No, no doctor,” Jae mumbled, his eyes flickering open in alarm. “We’ll get into trouble. I’ll get into trouble. I already cause so much trouble…”

“For once, something you’ve said made sense,” Yunho gripped, sliding his arm under Jaejoong’s knees. The singer was surprisingly heavy, densely packed with muscle and sinew. His stomach muscles ached with the effort then further down, another throb began at the feel of the other man on his body. Ignoring the rush of blood to his groin, he bowed his head to the woman. “Thank you, auntie. I just need to get him someplace warm. There should be a hostel nearby, or something.”

“There is a room above the restaurant… out of the door and up some stairs. Very small but it has a futon. He needs to get under warm blankets,” The woman said. “Come, you two can sleep there. I will have husband bring up some noodles and hot water for him to soak in. Once he gets warm in his stomach and feet , he’ll be better.”

“We’ll pay you for the room…” Yunho protested when the woman hushed him. “Auntie, it is only fair…”

“It is our son’s room. He used to sleep there when going to the school nearby. It’s empty now.” She opened a side door, holding it open for Yunho to go though. The leader eased out of the portal, shushing Jae when he tried to fight being carried. “The stairs are steep and a bit wet. Do you think you need help carrying him? My husband…”

“Would probably get bitten for his efforts,” Yunho ruefully admitted. “He’s not known for his manners, our Jaejoong.”

“I’m very well behaved,” Jae sniped back. “You’re the fucking asshole.”

“I am so glad you’re speaking in Japanese,” He muttered, mounting the stairs with his burden. “You’re going shock the hell out of her.”

“I’m pretty sure she’ll understand us. Well you at least. I still speak too country for most people to understand me,” Jaejoong grumbled when Yunho jostled him too roughly and his sock-covered foot brushed the woman’s back as she climbed the stairs in front of them. “Her husband’s Korean.”

“No,” Yunho said, frowning. “Really? Fucking hell.” The older woman paused, her foot nearly slipping off of the top stairs and Yunho bowed when their eyes made contact. “Apologies, Auntie. He drives me… insane sometimes.”

“Too late.” Jae muttered. “You were already there.”

Aisaika-chan will be here soon,” The woman said, opening the door. “It’s not big but it is warm. Are you sure I can’t call you a doctor?”

“No, we’re fine,” Yunho insisted, lugging a struggling Jaejoong through the door. “See? He’s feeling better already. It is evident in how disagreeable he is becoming. As soon as he becomes impossible, then I’ll know he’s perfectly healthy.”

“Pay her for the food,” Jaejoong’s battle to free himself from Yunho’s arms was futile and instead he concentrated on removing the man’s wallet from his back pocket. “Here I will give her the money.”

“If your hands are going to be on my ass…” Yunho whispered into Jae’s ear, his sex hot and bothered by the other man’s touch. The sound of the woman’s lumber foot treads on the stairs emboldened Yunho and he hoisted the young man up higher. “It’s not going to so you can give a woman money.”

The older woman hadn’t been exaggerating. The room was small, barely large enough to hold the futon spread out near an electric brazier. Thick blankets were stored in an open tansu and a stack of zabaton lay at the head of the thick mattress. A light chill seeped in from outside, pushing in from the slightly open door.

Crouching carefully, Yunho lowered the young man to the fabric mattress, not liking the racking shudders breaking Jaejoong’s breathing. He slapped at Jae’s hands when the man made a feeble protest at Yunho stripping him naked.

“Hello?” The older man knocked on the semi-open door as Yunho was maneuvering a flailing Jaejoong under the covers. “Ah, that one is a handful.”

Carrying a tray of covered noodle bowls, he stepped into the room when Yunho bowed his head in welcome, thanking the man for his kindness. The shop owner answered in Korean, informal and warm towards the young men. Placing the tray on a low shelf built into one side of the room, the older man helped Yunho shake out a blanket and lay it over Jae’s shivering body.

“Are you brothers?” He made a great show of tucking the ends under Jaejoong’s feet but Yunho caught a curious angle to his phrasing. Before the leader could work out what the man meant, he clarified. “I ask because you fight like family. Usually that means…well, you are both men so… I am guessing brothers. ”

Hyung,” Yunho ducked his head, blushing hot enough to feel it burn down his spine. “It’s not…”

“It is alright, dongsaeng,” The man patted Yunho’s bent knee, whispering so Jaejoong could not hear them. “My wife drives me crazy with her arguments but my life would be empty without her. I am going to make sure she has not burned down the shop because she doesn’t remember which way the gas turns off. You both eat. Don’t worry about the bowls. I will come get them in the morning.”

“We can pay you for this, hyung,” Yunho reached for his wallet only to be stopped by the man’s hand clamped on his wrist. “Please. We are putting you out.”

“It makes the wife happy knowing she brought in two young men from the rain. She misses our son when he is away.” The owner nodded at Jaejoong dozing under the warm covers. “I think he reminds her of our Takeo.”

“God help you.” He rolled his eyes in sympathy. “Apologies. I’m too forward.”

“No,” The older man laughed. “You are right. My son is a handful. He takes after his mother.”

“Pardon me, hyung,” Yunho stood, walking with the man to the door. “Please do not mind me asking but… why did you name your son… something Japanese? Don’t you miss home?”

“My home is where my wife is,” He replied, grabbing the door frame and stepping carefully onto the wet landing outside. “When I realized I loved her, the world was different… much different than it is now. For me to love a Japanese woman was… shameful in my family’s eyes but there was no one else in my heart. I could not go home for many years and still there are people in my family who cannot look at me in the face.”

“But,” The old man winked at Yunho. “I see her smile when she scolds me and I know that she is my home.”

His eyes shimmered in the faint light coming from the street lamp nearby and Yunho turned his head to give the man room to maintain his dignity. Ducking his head, the shop owner wiped at his face as if clearing off a stray drop of rain and placed his tear-wet fingers on Yunho’s bare arm.

“Life changes around us. It is like water. Sometimes, dongsaeng,” The man said as he squeezed Yunho’s arm. “Sometimes in order to survive, you either get to choose the rock you cling to and sometimes you slam into it. Either way, just hold on. Tightly. Firmly. Because it is that rock that will keep you safe and give you shelter.”


“Cold,” Jaejoong muttered, shaking himself awake. The quilt rubbed against his skin and his eyes flew open, shocked to find his sex exposed to the soft cotton coverlet. He was hard, despite the chill in his belly and bones and he shifted under the blankets, letting his eyes adjust to the dim light coming from the shuttered lamp near by.

“Good, you’re up,” Yunho said, drawing back from the one glass window in the room. “I didn’t want to wake you but if I don’t get something warm inside of you…”

Jaejoong swallowed, his face brushed scarlet with the memory of Yunho’s hands on him, the other man’s mouth licking him slowly from tip to root. His balls tightened up into his body and his shaft ached, nearly too painful to stand the blanket’s rub.

“Soup,” Yunho said, catching the flare of heat in Jaejoong’s eyes. Cradling the bowl in his hand, Yunho spooned the rich miso broth up and held it to Jae’s mouth. “Drink it.”

“Suppose I don’t want it?” Jaejoong’s stomach grumbled in response, reminding its owner of its echoing emptiness.

“You’re pissy when you’ve not had enough food,” Yunho reminded the man. “I don’t know how anyone can forget to eat. Your belly button must be tired of talking to your spine.”

The soup was steaming and nearly burned Jae’s tongue when the spoon touched his lips. Sipping carefully, he jerked back when Yunho leaned forward and blew on the hot liquid, the leader’s mouth a mere whisper away from Jae’s pursed lips.

“Don’t… do that,” Jae said shakily. “Where are my clothes? I should…”

“You should drink the soup and get some of the noodles in you,” Yunho said, holding up another mouthful after blowing it cooler. “Once you eat enough, I can begin to tell you how much I love you and why you’re the rock I should be holding onto for the rest of my life.”
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